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  1. Giving one well drawn large foreign ship won't save the game, some time ago we had Super Dreadnought here playing an event in order to get Warspite just to fall back in retirement soon afterwards. And actually characters' popularity appears to have little to do with displacement, Kashima is an excellent example. About E1, I can confirm that wikia is accurate for this map, I've used Abukuma, Tone, Chikuma, Satsuki, Kasumi and Akitsumaru for unlocking the second starting point, I've removed the Tone class aviation cruisers and inserted Nachi and Ashigara for the kill. Abukuma carried one midget and sonar+DC (OASW capable), both destroyers were also OASW capable (Kasumi carried also No.22 Model 4 radar for recon/LOS purposes), the LBAS was filled with fighters and sent to the pre-boss node, in this way it was quite difficult to get taihed en-route (you face only ASW and AA nodes), boss node support and the two cruisers were enough firepower to sink the boss. I wouldn't go low with the levels of your shipgirls given the recon/LOS requirement in this map. This was my fleet for the second phase. Instead in E2 there's a minimum requirement of 2 destroyers in order to branch Q>K which is not mentioned on wikia at the time of writing, but I've tested it myself with Abukuma, Ashigara, Nachi, Chikuma, Tone, Kasumi (four Shima fleet units and only one destroyer, it routed me Q>I). Alternatively there's a cap on the cruisers (CA+CAV), I'm not sure about it.
  2. They've already announced that Winter event is going to be part 2 of this event (this one has literally 前篇, "part 1", between parenthesis in the title). EDIT: It looks like you can get multiple Tsushima drops, I just got the second one. RE-EDIT: Cleared E-2H, I'm wrapping it up for today.
  3. Tsushima get! Kaibokancollection banzai! Dropped at E2H while clearing the bar. Notable duplicates so far include Shimushu (E1) and Hayasui (E2). EDIT: PSA, if you're clearing E2 check out the new quests that they've implemented, after the composition quest there's one requiring multiple E2 boss A+ victories.
  4. Suzu!!! Damaged (stern view) and base arts
  5. I'm doing it for Suzutsuki. Personally I think this would have been a good chance to implement the Matsu class, Ozawa's fleet, which is featured in E3, included four of them (DesDiv 43: Maki, Kiri, Kuwa and Sugi). Two kaibokan of the same class is really a bit difficult to understand, if anything else they could have implemented the Mikura class... Tsushima is cute, though.
  6. So many gimmicks even in E1, I'm feeling bad about it...
  7. And maintenance has been extended to 23:50, who could have expected it?! Adding to what Jinxed said, it looks like the mysterious "ship larger than a destroyer/kaibokan" is an E-3 drop. Have a thoughtful Suzuya in the meanwhile
  8. Kind of late, but whatever E2 reward is the kaibokan Sado ("kaibokan lost with her sister off Luzon") and... there's going to be one unspecified new ship larger than a destroyer/kaibokan.
  9. I think it's more plausible that it could be used for an eventual K2, considering also the case of Shimushu, which became escort EK-31 in the Russian navy. On another note, I've finally watched Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni recently, I didn't know/notice that it had been already released in Britain (today it should come out in the US too, still no word of an Italian release, as far as I can see), I strongly recommend it, best film that I've watched in quite a while. Now I'm reading the manga as well. EDIT: Just in case it sounds too unrelated to people who didn't read anything about it before, the anime is set at Kure during WWII, it depicts the impact of the war on regular folks... and it shows some glimpses of boats too, quite obviously given the setting. So I think that it's at least tangentially related to the interests of most people here.
  10. It looks like the event might be related to the Formosa Air Battle as well, according to people who checked out the full interview in the new Comptiq issue. Also, today they've increased the ASW cap during the live update, apparently the new cap is 150 (it was 100). Additionally the update implemented Mogami's seasonal art, a bunch of seasonal lines (both related to the "Eve of Battle" theme) and a slightly changed Sagiri seasonal art ("late fall").
  11. I think people who went to the event said British destroyer (イギリスの駆逐艦), the previous Comptiq issue didn't say anything about it (Tanaka talked about ASDIC but there was nothing about the "owner" of said ASDIC, curiously enough) and to the best of my knowledge nothing emerged from the bits of the new issue that have popped up so far... An Australian destroyer would make sense insofar there was one at Surigao Strait, HMAS Arunta, but as everyone knows new ships aren't necessarily directly related to the event. Urakaze causing me a slight heart attack: Make a seasonal like this, please~~~
  12. There's only one Prinz Eugen for me But probably this particular artist begs to disagree. BTW, in a few more days it's going to be exactly two years since the implementation of the last German ship, Graf Zeppelin on 18 November 2015...
  13. I can understand some like the Cranes, but most appear to be kind of forced... For instance it's bizarre that Soryu isn't dragonesque, now that you mention it. A remix from some time ago of my old favourite Kancolle track ( モドレナイノ)
  14. Are we still friends?

  15. To begin with I would like to understand what's up with those nekomimi everywhere, initially I thought that it was some kind of Strike Witches rip-off, then I've noticed that only Japanese ship(girl)s have them, but it looks like there are some exceptions like Akatsuki. Mah, anyway it's that time of the year Also, Isokaze's treat (or trick?) And some SuzuKuma on the same theme