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  1. Do you have the wargaming launcher? I kept having crashes mid-game, make sure to close out of the wargaming launcher as you are loading the game and I haven't had any crashes since.
  2. I for one hope it gets repair party, it will make it unique to all other tier 7 ships with Radar, I will agree Radar is useful, but if I want to blast out destroyers and make people pay with rate of fire and damage behind islands, I am just going to play my Atlanta. Repair party will give it some gameplay perks which I am looking forward to.
  3. What to do with Victor Znamenskiy?

    Some might be wanting to make him a Zombie Battleship build for when the Russian BBs come in like me. The more they will kill me the more powerful the build becomes.
  4. Balance changes to Cossack and Asashio

    I think Asashio might be a precursor to a change for the japanese DDs. If performance with the deepwater torpedos is not broken they might make it so that the japanese have a choice of running with normal or deepwater torpedos with the deepwater having stats to pre-nerf japanese torpedos in the game. Thats my guess.
  5. I have played this game since the Alpha, I can definitely say that I am hooked on this game, and still play every other day minimum.
  6. We now have two confirmed Nikolais, that is not me.
  7. I have been choosing try your luck since it started, I have opened over 100 crates and so far I have recieved Nikolai and 10pt Captain 250 Speed Flags Fujin and 10pt Captain 50,000 Free XP So i can say my luck has been pretty decent so far.
  8. 105 Containers Opened

    I had a dry spell not receiving anything throughout my first 140 crates, then I won 250 speed flags, then immediately followed by a Nikolai. I'm going to assume that I will now have a dry spell again.
  9. What's the history of your username?

    Mine is a mixture of my two favorite game types, Military RTS and Roller Coaster Tycoon games.
  10. I'm in the same boat. I feel your pain. Work is taking too long.
  11. No longer a tester?

  12. This is wonderful news. Thanks for the update Gunlion.