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  1. Balance changes to Cossack and Asashio

    I think Asashio might be a precursor to a change for the japanese DDs. If performance with the deepwater torpedos is not broken they might make it so that the japanese have a choice of running with normal or deepwater torpedos with the deepwater having stats to pre-nerf japanese torpedos in the game. Thats my guess.
  2. I have played this game since the Alpha, I can definitely say that I am hooked on this game, and still play every other day minimum.
  3. We now have two confirmed Nikolais, that is not me.
  4. I have been choosing try your luck since it started, I have opened over 100 crates and so far I have recieved Nikolai and 10pt Captain 250 Speed Flags Fujin and 10pt Captain 50,000 Free XP So i can say my luck has been pretty decent so far.
  5. 105 Containers Opened

    I had a dry spell not receiving anything throughout my first 140 crates, then I won 250 speed flags, then immediately followed by a Nikolai. I'm going to assume that I will now have a dry spell again.
  6. What's the history of your username?

    Mine is a mixture of my two favorite game types, Military RTS and Roller Coaster Tycoon games.
  7. I'm in the same boat. I feel your pain. Work is taking too long.
  8. No longer a tester?

  9. This is wonderful news. Thanks for the update Gunlion.