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  1. FatBrownRat

    Best T6 for a friend

    I would say warspite big and accurate guns for its tier and cruiser damcon
  2. FatBrownRat

    Graf Zeppelin OP?

    Cya next week
  3. FatBrownRat

    30% Off Coupon Suggestions

    I would get the Alaska or JB and i'm currently indecisive on which to get since i just got he coupon as well while i have the coal for jb but then theres Georgia
  4. FatBrownRat

    Opening 12 Black Friday Containers

    i only got the first crate from the mission and got tirpitz but i already own her so i dunno if i should feel happy or what
  5. FatBrownRat

    Is there an Azur Lane voice modpack somewhere?

    found this last week and it works fine https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/32057-azur-lane-captain-voice-demo/