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    Stop coddling DDs, WG

    Well it would also help if Kurita's ships realized that the ships he was dealing with were soft skinned and could be wiped away with HE shells.His ships were slinging AP shells, cause they thought they were dealing with an actual battlegroup.

    [ALL] ModStation

    Has something happened to the "Splinter" Unique camouflage for all ships pack by Mebius_IW ? I have been looking around to find any updates for it and it seems to be the creator and the forum page for it has just vanished. Will there be any updates to it to match the current camouflages that have been added since then? The last time it was updated it was back during the World of Warships 0.9.3 version.
  3. I love the current options, as well as the inclusion of limiting ships to historical alliances. However, I think other ideas could be included, such as. Raids - A randomly generated scenario where an attacking team has to strike a harbor/city port or fortified position and then withdraw to a designated location. Similar to the already existing Killer Whale Operation. Though I believe this could be expanded upon to also include historical events similar to this. Such as the Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby, where the Germans made a hit and run raid on those ports in an attempt to draw out the British. In game the goal similarly would be to cause as much damage as possible within a time limit before an enemy fleet of random sized forces arrive to retaliate. Players would have the option to stand and fight until reinforcements arrive, or flee to a designated zone and escape. Though there would also be the option for an escort mission mode for a raid, but only in specific cases, such as the Zeebrugge raid where a set of old British ships were sunk as block ships to halt the use of the port by U-boats during WWI. Or the St Nazaire raid during WWII, where there was a dry dock which was for the Ocean liner Normandie, this same dry dock was big enough that it could have been used by the Bismarck class. When the raid occured Bismarck had already been sunk. So the worry was that her sister, Tirpitz would possibly make use of that dry dock. The mission was for the aging destroyer, HMS Campbelltown which had been loaded with explosives to ram itself into gates of the dry dock, blow up, and render the dry dock useless to the Kriegsmarine. Another would be supporting the Operation Jubilee, aka the Dieppe Raid. With the main purpose seizing and holding a major port for a short period, both to prove that it was possible, gather intelligence, and destroy coastal defenses, port structures and all strategic buildings. Campaign - A story driven mode based on fleet nationality, working you way through whichever branch (Type of ship) as time progresses. This would be nothing like the main Grind the Tech Tree brainless and tired nonsense. the play would have to gain prominence though their actions during the course of the campaign. Though unlike games where the player whole have a whole fleet in their hands, they would have a single ship and depending upon their actions, could change the course of the historical battles they take part in. Maybe even the war itself. The outcomes could range from your steriotypical decorated war hero or an honored commander who is remembered for their dedicated service to their country. Failure is also present which would also result in said player being forgotten and lost to history or even a PoW, though death is also always an option as an ending to a campaign. Amphibious Operations - In a similar vain to the Narai senario in operations. However, these would range from amphibious landings on a small island to a full invasion operations. During the course of such a mode, the player would have to avoid minefields, withstand enemy air attack, as well as small defensive forces. That is if there is any. There would then be a shore bombardment phase and providing direct support fire to soldiers and units on the ground until ground forces have pushed in land enough that the beachhead is secured. In terms of historical options, there would be the possibility to recreate landing scenarios like: European Theater of Operations The Gallipoli Campaign ( World War I, April-December 1915) - British and Allies’ attempt to capture the Dardanelles and eventually march on Istanbul, forcing the surrender of the Ottoman Empire and gaining control of the Black Sea beyond. The player would have to bombard forts, support the landings, and then cover the eventual evacuation. Operation Weserübung (World War II, 9 April 1940 ) - The German invasion of Norway. The players would have support landings and take out Norwegian coastal defense fortresses, however also avoid the torpedoes from the forts as they were capable of launching them. Battle of the Kerch Peninsula (World War II, 26 December 1941 – 19 May 1942 ) Feodosia landing, (29 December – 2 January) - Soviet forces established a bridgehead on the Kerch Peninsula which they maintained until May 1942, but failed to prevent the fall of Sevastopol. Operation Torch (World War II, 8–16 November 1942) - The Anglo–American invasion of French North Africa. (Potential of having Jean Bart as an enemy unit) Operation Husky ( 9 July – 17 August 1943 ) - Invasion of Sicily (Which in effect caused the collapse of Mussolini's regime.) Kerch–Eltigen Operation (World War II, November 1943) - The Soviet landings in Crimea and precursor to the Crimean Offensive of 8 April to 12 May 1944. Operation Shingle (World War II, 22 January 1944) - The famed Battle of Anzio, a Bridgehead pinned down until May 23, 1944, when a breakout (Operation Diadem - May - June 1944) allowed a move on Rome. Operation Overlord (World War II, June 6 1944) - The Normandy landings and the start to the liberation of France. Operation Dragoon (World War II, 15 August – 14 September 1944) - The Amphibious landings of southern France, which forced a German retreat and accelerated the liberation of France. Pacific Theater The Philippines Campaign (World War II, 1941-42) - Japanese landings on Batan The Guadalcanal campaign (7 August 1942 – 9 February 1943) - Which would would include key events (Some events may not be related to naval landings)such as: Battle of Savo Island (World War II, August 8–9, 1942 ) The Bombardment of Henderson Field (World War II, 23–26 October 1942) Battle of the Eastern Solomons (World War II, 24–25 August 1942) Tokyo Express runs (Battle of Cape Esperance)(World War II, 11–12 October 1942) Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands (World War II, 25–27 October 1942) The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (This battle has multiple names such as Third and Fourth Battles of Savo Island, the Battle of the Solomons, the Battle of Friday the 13th, or, in Japanese sources, the Third Battle of the Solomon Sea) (World War II, 12–15 November 1942) Battle of Tassafaronga (World War II, November 30, 1942) Battle of Rennell Island (World War II, 29–30 January 1943) (End of Guadalcanal campaign section) Battle of Tarawa (World War II, 20–23 November 1943) Battle of Makin (World War II, 20–23 November 1943) Battle of Peleliu (World War II, 15 September – 27 November 1944) Philippines campaign (1944–45) -Which would would include key events (Some events may not be related to naval landings)such as: Battle of Leyte (World War II, 17 October – 26 December 1944 Battle of the Sibuyan Sea (World War II, 24 October 1944) Battle of Surigao Strait (World War II, 25 October 1944) Battle off Samar (World War II, 25 October 1944) Battle off Cape Engaño (World War II, 25–26 October 1944) Battle of Ormoc Bay (World War II, 11 November–21 December 1944) (End of the Philippines campaign section) Battle of Iwo Jima (World War II, February 19 – March 26, 1945) Battle of Okinawa (World War II, April 1 – June 22, 1945) Battle of Inchon (Korean War, 10–19 September 1950) Alternate History scenarios (Amphibious operations that were planned but never took place.) Operation_Sea_Lion - (Physically impossible, downright silly and a Wehraboos wet dream, I know.) But for the sake of messing around and fighting overwhelming forces as a hardcore mode escort mission this could be considered for. I already know this most likely will be never a considered option. Operation_Zipper -British planned liberation of Malaya and Singapore (The war was finished before this could be launched, a modified version was used to retake Singapore). Operation_Downfall (Was set to begin in November 1945) - Planned invasion of Japan. Also sub operations namely Operation Olympic intended to capture the southern third of the southernmost main Japanese island, Kyūshū, with the recently captured island of Okinawa to be used as a staging area.
  4. Too all my fellow meme troopers. Its been an honor.But the war isn't over yet. It shall rage on till the Moderators pulls it from our cold DEAD HANDS!
  5. Eh i guess till an admin wakes up and finally shuts it down?
  6. THE Records been broken!!!