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  1. Its even more fun when you set a king george on fire cuase lol f u and the HE shells you rode in on.
  2. If you really were trying to get better you wouldnt call the people that are trying to help you cyber bullies.
  3. I'd listen to it again maybe,depends on how much spotify would want to throw in a random song on me.
  4. damn that is some ear [edited], and I thought baby metal sucked...
  5. There are no women on the internet.
  6. If you play for stats why dont you play high tiers like real unicums?
  7. Putting IFHE on my British cruiser captain made the grind a hell of a lot easier
  8. Play USN CVs with AP bombs
  9. You can watch tragicloss when she streams or the many other WG CCers that stream and see it for yourself on twitch
  10. The biggest problem is people don't make their own judgements and let others do it for them like LWM or yuro. The moment they say something about a ship its like the community believes it came straight out of Serbs mouth and they dont bother researching for themselves. 🐑
  11. You cant tell us you built a new PC and not post specs!
  12. Remove the mods and try vanilla.