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    Pochinki is my city
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    Not dieing to friendly fire.

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  1. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    What else could you buy with $73.34 USD?

  2. WG doesnt care, grats on thinking that just because you bought some stuff youre entitled.
  3. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    [H_F]HELL_FIRE recruiting members

    This is NA yo
  4. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A reddit post is NOT good enough WG!

    Not everyone checks the forums.
  5. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Clan Battle Tactic: AA Cruiser CV Escort

    Some clans just dont take a CV so they don't have to worry about escorting one and just escort each other to a single cap to get out flanked.
  6. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    How NOT to win Friends WG

    This sounds more like user error then WG error.
  7. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    [PSA] About being Dev Struck after Dev Striking a Dev

    Above the law komrade!
  8. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    Only if they are wearing a dress to the wedding.
  9. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A "What If" for ranked

    so clan battles?
  10. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Looking for a clan

    Then why post?. OP I would suggest checking out this discord for some clans. https://discord.gg/jhczGC
  11. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Stefán Karl Stefánsson - He was number one...

    He'll always be number one in my heart.
  12. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Will wows support raytracking?

    The game doesnt even support multiple cores...
  13. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A High Tier CV discussion....MMMMM...FEEL The VITRIOL!

    I only claimed CVs but it seems reading isnt your strong suit.
  14. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A High Tier CV discussion....MMMMM...FEEL The VITRIOL!

    Funny since you have your stats hidden.
  15. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A High Tier CV discussion....MMMMM...FEEL The VITRIOL!

    I dont require a CV to win for me but having a bad CV on my team is a detriment and helps the team lose as a whole since they can't support the team nor themselves and will toss their planes away at AA spec'd botes or try and hunt the CV and fail.