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  1. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Asymmetric Battles Thread

    Youre not allowed to talk crapon the forum for any weegee game comrade. The beatings will continue until moral the money bags improve.
  2. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    On the CCTP&Missouri

  3. Hows the bottom of Weegees boot taste?
  4. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    What else could you buy with $73.34 USD?

  5. WG doesnt care, grats on thinking that just because you bought some stuff youre entitled.
  6. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    fix matchmaking first not a new sub line

    We dont need skill based match making although it would help people not to run into potatoes like yourself that think thats what the game needs. The subs are in a fun mode and its a test my WG to see if its viable just like every other event mode where they are testing features before putting them into the game. (Note wheeled vehicles in tanks, was in a fun mode and is now gonna work its way into the actual game over a year later)
  7. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    How NOT to win Friends WG

    This sounds more like user error then WG error.
  8. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    [PSA] About being Dev Struck after Dev Striking a Dev

    Above the law komrade!
  9. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    Only if they are wearing a dress to the wedding.
  10. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A "What If" for ranked

    so clan battles?
  11. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Stefán Karl Stefánsson - He was number one...

    He'll always be number one in my heart.
  12. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    Will wows support raytracking?

    The game doesnt even support multiple cores...
  13. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A High Tier CV discussion....MMMMM...FEEL The VITRIOL!

    I only claimed CVs but it seems reading isnt your strong suit.
  14. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A High Tier CV discussion....MMMMM...FEEL The VITRIOL!

    Funny since you have your stats hidden.
  15. CanuckTheCanadianGoose

    A High Tier CV discussion....MMMMM...FEEL The VITRIOL!

    I dont require a CV to win for me but having a bad CV on my team is a detriment and helps the team lose as a whole since they can't support the team nor themselves and will toss their planes away at AA spec'd botes or try and hunt the CV and fail.