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  1. No place to Install Mods

    How to google with the goose. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/142597-mods-not-working-in-steam/
  2. A Close Finish.

    Cant you give a tl;dr I dont feel like wathcing a replay
  3. world of warships

    Are you having a stroke?
  4. water cannons

    Nah if a friendly can't figure out how or when it the best time to put out fires let em burn.
  5. Convinced MM is rigged

    Youre using a 3rd party system... Stop being a cancer shithead and try to troll harder
  6. Hosho Strategy?

    Free xp past it.
  7. Im accusing WG of throttling downloads

    If I [edited] up and didnt google it first the guys at my last job would of hounded me for it.
  8. A Change in Approach

    Dont bother with crucis, he almost prefers just posting on the forums over learning the game.
  9. Im accusing WG of throttling downloads

    You claim to be doing IT for 5 years yet you couldnt google the problem?
  10. Langley Strategy?

    free xp past it?
  11. WG, why are you advocating doggy suicide? (Shippost)

    Its unrealistic corgies can't jump that far
  12. Where is my wubwub horn WG?

    What happened to my iwaki A horn with the wubwub? Now I just got a normie horn, this is unfair pls unnerf this. I wont spend another dime on this game till its fixed!
  13. Player skill level seems to decline on the weekends

    Never understood this, Most people work during the week and have less time to play during that( I work 50+ hours a week) Sorry I can't be as skilled as the kids that dont have to work to survive.
  14. Seriously WG?

    25k damage isnt a lot for a DD thats what like 2 torp hits?