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  1. hthepatriot

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    This update make tier 7 to 10 Italian BBs become trash. Very long reload and low accuracy, plus cap damage for SAP on DD, trash secondary guns are all worst attributes of those ships. By the way they are also easy to catch fire even from German's HE
  2. hthepatriot

    Commander Skills Update

    It may be the last grab of money before the game die. Look at what happen to World of Warplanes and Submarines project in WoWs. When players switch to other game, everything will be will be useless
  3. hthepatriot

    Commander Skills Update

    I think I was stupid enough to spend my Christmas and New Year money on this company, they just keep doing worse and worse to players. Now I have more reason to quit this game. Time to switch to other games, may be I try Armoured Warfare
  4. hthepatriot

    Review of U.S. Battleship Branch

    I think they are pieces of junk. It is so painful every time I play in those ships.
  5. hthepatriot

    Update 0.9.4 - Bug Reports

    When I click to choose Ships from my Port it does not matching the ship I choose and its name, and captain. See attached pictures I click to choose Gearing and Ranger, however the ship name and its captain still showed Missouri. Moreover I feel Missouri is not earning any better credit compare to all other tier 9 premium ships for the same performance
  6. hthepatriot

    The Azuma is Trash 8.2.0

    I have hit Azuma with 05 citadels in one salvo on my Alaska at 17.5km range
  7. hthepatriot

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    After this 200% first win finish, My friends and I will take a break until those CVs reduce significantly in game. We just hate this patch and CV reworks so much. Time to play something else