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  1. When will paypal be fixed? It fails and then says use available options, which don't include paypal. I've not had this problem before.
  2. HansAW

    Go Team Rent a Potato!

    Yes the RENTALS are "generally speaking" RUINING what little sanity was left in Ranked. Ranked has always been a salt fest but when we have multiple rentals on one team and not the other, it's usually a guaranteed loss. One rental on my last game (of 3) said he "like his rental yammy". Oh good, I'm so glad, too bad he contributed little to our loss. I don't claim to be that good, but I'm not going to help our team lose by playing in a rental. Wargaming, I'm another person you've had go from spending too much money on this game to ZERO. Oh well free works for me now.
  3. HansAW

    NA server unavailable?

    Yes, down for me as well. Good thing they have a server status page.... oh wait... nevermind Just found this, at least they posted in announcements :)