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  1. seemed to kick you butt every time we ran against you, x-pn, EVEN WITH YOU RUNNIN' MERCS!
  2. -TxT- made green without any help, two night a week is all we need. For all you peasant teams that brought in a purple FDR merc, we hope you made green, or purple, or whatever you could not do on your own. -TxT- is all about comradery, friendship and brotherhood. We don’t need to bring in ringers to fight our battles. If we cannot do it on our own, we don’t need it, I would rather be bronze then have to bring in a purple merc. Our players are here to play, not sit on a bench while a KIA Purple FDR win our awards for us. But like I said, I hope you made your goals, more power to you!
  3. You Know, TxT only does Clan Battles 2 nights a week, sometimes three. The push to Green is kinda a big deal, fun for everyone, and tonight should have been an easy push, we started off by only needing to win three battles. Won the first tow with easy, then. Five games we run into a PURPLE FDR MERC. This is straight up BULL crap! I don’t whine about much, but this really sucks, for our team, so pretty much the game in general, and for anyone that has to put up with it. If this does happen next season, we will not participate in clan battles. I am sure the trolls will love this, it is simple, I won’t reply, but a vent, and out unanimous decision.
  4. mykil

    WOW Trojans, wth?

    another day, another IP address, seriously wth, every time it blocks a different IP address, WHY?
  5. mykil

    WOW Trojans, wth?

    is this a false , each and every time I open gaming center?
  6. mykil

    WOW Trojans, wth?

    there is a new download, I did not see, WOT's, still does not explain why my virus scan picks up a virus every time I open it?
  7. mykil

    WOW Trojans, wth?

    This is not when I log into the game, this is when I log into war gaming game center
  8. picture of my ping plotter when I fire up World of Warships, as well, Malwarebytes blocks trojans from this app as well. every time I open it, does anyone else get these? what the fuk is going on with the these guys that they need to hack our systems? you can see it the moment I open it, there is no download scheduled, so that is not a reason, you can see when I close it, then open it a second time, plane as day, WFT.
  9. mykil

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Honestly, the aim bots are more of an issue, Asian Clan seem to get away with Aim bots more than anyone! Not sure why. When you have a clan with an average of 56 % win rates, and in graf spee's can't hit side of a barn from 6K, then your team pretty much get taken out in seconds, every single shot is a cit from 16K away, this is an issue!
  10. does anyone no where I can get the mod that makes the map any size? this is really nice for 3 screen players, like me
  11. mykil

    UI sluggishness

    someone with a good sense of how to make the customer happy would be a good start...
  12. Easy Fix, Put a Button up, play with/withuot CV's
  13. So after only one day, will the whining ever stop? I am not sure what Wargaming is thinking, let’s chase away half our players and try to get a new generation? Just bought the Stalingrad, and the Kronstadt, they appear to be useless as tits on a bullfrog at his particular time. Seems like if this is a Russian game, they might wanna fix this. Can’t bring out a DD, you are spotted 100% of the time, kind of defeats the purpose. The only ships that appear to be any good and De Monies, Worcester and Minotaur. All anyone on discord does is whine about the planes in the sky, this is no longer a hobby, or a game, it is more like a job to play the game. I don’t understand, but I am sure I am not the only one. Can’t wait for the trolls to reply about how this has only made the game better, and I must be such a bad player… lol… the Division 2 is out soon, I am sure I won’t be missed…