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  1. What is the preferred one in the current meta?
  2. Super fun Matchmaking.

    This was a game I just had. Was actually a pretty fun round, the lead was passed back and forth. I the end my team pulled a win out of the game. The BBs actually did pretty well on both teams, as the DD swarms were occupied by each other for a large part of the game.
  3. Not a fan of the idea of a shrinking map in regards to the first idea, so it would be a hard pass for me. Also dislike the second idea due to the existence of smoke, and radar being a thing. I have always enjoyed standard battles, but would not mind the removal of epicenter. I would not mind seeing a version of domination that had cap points locked off on a timer with only one being available at the start and the other caps unlocking every 4 minutes or so.
  4. Team Killer Status

    So I turned pink yesterday, and have only been pink once before but I am finding one thing very annoying about removing the pink label. I get that if you cause more friendly fire your time till pink status removal does not lower. But there is something really stupid about this ramming damage counts as stopping the the battle number from lowering. This is pretty stupid as collisions in this game are mistakes, and not done on purpose. I have had two games so far during this round of being pink where some else bumped into to me. I hope someone in Wargaming sees this and gets its changed to something more reasonable such as the first 80-120 HP of ramming damage suffered does not count as team killer damage, this should apply for both pink and non-pink players. Thanks for reading.
  5. No I can not see the offer on twitch.
  6. I am in the same boat, linked my account and I do not see an offer in twitch prime. I am also from Canada.
  7. So this game just happened. I have never seen MM do something like this, it also ended up being a super fun round as well. No ship was destroyed till about the 11:30 point in the game. Also having a DD free game was a nice change as well.
  8. Thank you good sir for warning me about this. So I wont unleash the horrors that would be Ocean Epicenter on the masses.
  9. Any ideas why this is? Keeps saying, "Unable to sell due to technical reasons."
  10. Had to rebuild my PC, went to do a fresh install of the game, now I can not get it past 38% install just keeps hanging till it gives up. Also very slow download speeds with your new launcher.
  11. Well captain wise I have. 17pt ijn DD 10pt Russian cruiser 14pt ijn cruiser Feel I am good captain wise.
  12. So I have narrowed down what I want for my next premium ship, but what is the better pick of these. Mikhail Kutuzov ( seems interesting, but unsure do to smoke changes) Harakaze ( have played Kagero) Atago (have the non premium version, not sure how I feel about this one) Thanks
  13. Premium Camouflage

    Was thinking more about the cheaper running cost then anything.
  14. Premium Camouflage

    Does it ever go on sale?
  15. I think the big issue is not what ships are shooting HE, whether its a cruiser, destroyer, or battleship. It how easy HE is to use, plus all the bonuses it comes with besides the damage, like the module damage, fires, destroying secondaries, and AA guns. Compared to AP that takes some skill to use with less bonuses with the damage. I think the best way to deal with this is to rework how fire damage is done. Begin by detaching fires from HE. Instead have fires be possible by both HE, and AP. Set fires up like they work in WOT, so that any shells that pen have a small chance of starting a fire. Change it so that each ship has an individual percent chance of being set on fire. This would allow both HE, and AP to have more defined roles. AP-high damage out with chance of bouncing doing nothing, critical hits, fire chance HE-lower constant damage, impact on modules, secondaries, AA, chance of fire Just my thoughts.