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  1. I bought 1 mega crate and got the Huanghe. The one ship on the list I didn't want.....
  2. Ironrust

    CV refund period.

    Hoping one of the WG reps sees this post. I was wondering if there are any plans to extend the CV refund period for U.S and IJN carriers, another patch or two as the CV's seem to be not really in a stable place yet. The semi-regular global balance changes are making it hard to even make a choice, as some of these changes have been major, as there seems to be no signs of things settling down, I think a extension of the refund period would be a good choice on WG part even if it was for just one more patch cycle. If I missed something about this sorry for the post. Thanks for reading, Ironrust
  3. I think the patch threw things to far the other way now, especially at higher tiers. I think WG should aim for a 25%-30% min return rate on planes back to the CV. I was playing rather careful with the planes but in tier x match I got very few planes returning. I was in a tier 8.
  4. Anyone else have this issue? It's done 42% of the update but is telling me download speed has fallen to zero. It has not as I can do anything else on the internet so it must be a WG issue. Has anyone else solved this before?
  5. Ironrust

    New twitch crates.

    Did any one else get a message allowing them to get aid, giving them 3 twitch crates with 100,000 silver, 5 of a consumable, and flags? If so what are these from?
  6. What is the preferred one in the current meta?