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  1. Its almost like they should have a ship that can get around the islands and spot the island humpers and flush them out... Maybe a sort of ship that doesn't necessarily need line of sight to get the job done. A ship that maybe has a slightly different play style than the rest to fulfill those sort of niche roles that the other surface ships cant provide, like indirect spotting, providing a sort of rapid response to different parts of the map. Oh wait a second.... They nerf hammered that ship into oblivion and now no one plays it.
  2. therealcomm

    Last patch had pretty good CV balance

    on this we agree. there shouldn't be 3 cvs in low teir. But WG caused this. TX is basically unplayable after 8.5. T8 is almost the same so where are people going to go? the lower teirs. By removing half the teirs for CV's it forces them to be more concentrated. Once again, WG created that. They diminished the damage output for CV's vs BB's so now they are forced to go after soft targets like DD's which makes it suck even more for DD's... again good intentions and catering to the "nerf cv" crowd has made it worse. I agree with your issues and I say WG caused them. Regarding what is fun. Some of us get bored of point - click- repeat. Its mindless and boring, CV's (the rts more than the current version) gave an alternative where you actually had to used your brain a bit.
  3. therealcomm

    Last patch had pretty good CV balance

    my bro.... "farmed" CV damage is a freaking joke. If your out solo that a CV gets to make ten thousand ninehundred and fourty two runs at you then thats a you problem... farmed my tuchas
  4. therealcomm

    Last patch had pretty good CV balance

    definitely fixed, thats why CV play numbers are spiking hard core. Definitely seeing CV's in every game again.
  5. therealcomm

    Destroyer AA cancer

    Wait, were supposed to account for invisible ships? How do we (CV players) counter this? they literally could be anywhere (prior to spotting them) and my point is that when they get spotted, they have shot down 1/3 of your squad by the time they load. No sure what lesson I've learned other than based on your reply your bias is showing through. I took your post as an honest neutral showing of the numbers but a responce like that shows personal animus
  6. therealcomm

    Destroyer AA cancer

    The other metric thats missing and hard to factor in is the concealment. With the Groz you dont even see it until half your squadren is blinking yellow and flak is all around you. As a CV (subjective view only) I'll risk droping on anything but a groz,m as far as I'm concerned they are a black hole, once your past the event horizon nothing will be coming back.
  7. therealcomm

    event No 3

    Bro's - Isn't this a little much?
  8. therealcomm

    Destroyer AA cancer

    The only thing I ever see you do on the forums is craptalk CV's like its your 9-5 XD
  9. therealcomm

    Planes crashing into ships?

    the problem with this right now... with the state of AA and the way CV's work only partial drops and almost every run being a single shot run. I, as a CV player would just ram my planes into your ships. I'd probably get more damage that way and I might as well as every attack run is a one way trip any way.
  10. therealcomm

    Pretty much given up on the French DD event.

    I agree with this. Most of the time in any game "events" are designed to spice up the game for the people that have completed everything else and need stuff to do. Or as a distraction to take focus away for some previously horrendous rework.
  11. therealcomm

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    So Notser was talking about instalty droping 3-4 planes with the upfront damage. What happens when 2 or 3 ships do this. Isn't that just an insta delete of the entire squadren? Or am I missing something?
  12. therealcomm

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    As a much hated CV player on thing I will say I am looking forward to with this... The Flak. The flak was getting to be a visual issue. When doing a torp run on 2+ ships (especially dfaa) Walls of flak would literally turn my screen black. To the point I couldnt even see what I was droping on with torps. I have to twist the camera around constantly to try and maintain vision through walls of black smoke. But ya this doesn't seem like it will be enough to bring CV players back to the game other than the initial sniffing it out. I really wish all the haters would actually play T8+ CV though. just play like 200 games or something (if you can stomach it that long) I get everyones feeling about "theres no counter play" If you play as CV you'll meet plenty of players that are damn good at dodging torps, angeling ships to avoid bombs, using speed to mess up your rocket shots, staying in groups to make a literal impenetrable wall of AA. But ya, I just dont see this bringing back the CV player base but hey, maybe thats the point.
  13. therealcomm

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    That upswing was from me. I was grinding for the unique upgrade (which apparently doesn't exist) So I played like 100 Hak games in the last few days. So ya, all me ;P
  14. oh yes, yes do this^