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  1. RogueGrizzly

    "Fastest" Line to regrind for Research Bureau

    Well you obviously didn't read my whole small question because literally stated ignore the "skill" aspect which to me wraps best line for you and fun together,. I was asking for by the numbers what would be the quickest. Jp gunboat DD was the answer and i enjoy that line. Also I dont free XP the line i even stated i only used it for Seattle because it is so bad and wanted wooster for ranked and clan battles which i didn't state but shouldn't matter. I also only Free xped the last 4th of it so get off your high horse. I already have the Alaska and other ships up for grabs on free xp are passes for me. So if i grind for the Ohio is it not the same as grinding free xp for a ship so... how is that a waste? Free XP ships currently Alaska i have it, Azuma sucks, Friesland DD with no torps and only a little different then line, same for smalland, Nelson dislike British BBs and already have lenin which is just a better version. So again I am a moron for grinding for a ship i want vs ships i careless about and even to your point of using free xp i do not use it for whole line or even whole ship. You also said I should grind all of the lines first... WHY? for ships i do not want like German CA, British CA, British BB, Chinese DD, etc. That is just a dumb argument to have with my question. I did not want to state all of the t8s and t9s i have that I am very close to getting T10 because not really the point but safe to say only line i would want that i dont have T8-T9 in the works for is Russian DD. So again sorry i do not want all of the T10s for lines i could careless about. It is also safe to assume the lines i do have that i stated are the one enjoy beside the Russian BB that I stated i disliked. Your other huge weird point was going after "By definition of the word "Grind" what your paying is TIME... Not Money, Not Free XP.. Time.. you play.." no duh. I already answered the free xp part. BUT the time aspect and grind aspect obviously wth. I only regrind 1 line at a time and I know it will take a bit that is OBVIOUS so not sure why you went off on that.... Guess you just assume everybody is less intelligent then yourself. There is a word for that I am not going to insult your intelligence and assume you can think of it. Cool I got called a moron for asking a simple question about which is the fastest (JP gunboat DD) so I can regrind for the RB more efficiently. HOW DARE I. also maybe so tricks for RB out there i did not know about so people would post about it. So literally every point you had I either disputed within my question to begin with, or left out because it was obvious and didnt want to have my post be wordy for no reason. Though seems i should be wordy so grumpy people like yourself do not go off on literally a simple question somehow tying it into age and intelligence?? Guess I should drop out of engineering University because I am a moron for asking about best way to save time on grind aka fastest/cheapest line. Not sure what you can argue at this point so just do not even reply. No need to be rude or go on a childish rant over a question YOU misinterpreted Everybody else thanks for the replys. o7
  2. What is y'alls opinion on the fastest or cheapest line to regrind for RB. I have already re-ground the US CL line and it took longer then i wanted. I want the Ohio and obviously this will take some time but might as well do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. I currently have these lines to regrind: US: CL, CA, DD, CV, and soon BB. Russian: BB. German: BB. Japanese: both DDs, and BB I have t9s for many other lines so others are options, But out of these what is the fastest or cheapest (free XP to get past the rough ships in a line, looking at Seattle). Now obviously skill of line is a part of this but lets assume this isn't a problem. Though I dislike Russian BBs, weird i know they are "broken" but i hate using them. I am leaning to regrind US DD and German BB. Thoughts?
  3. RogueGrizzly

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    Seattle is a fat slow Cleveland with a huge middle deck like its British. I swear it citadels easier as well. Wooster was my first T10 recently regrinded it.... I blew a lot of free XP to get past Seattle to get my OG HE spammer back. I do agree with the Buffalo somewhat but i enjoyed it. Best line T9 is FLETCHER and don't @me
  4. RogueGrizzly

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    I personally found the Seattle to be the worst T9. Izumo wasn't awful IMO grinned it pretty fast.
  5. RogueGrizzly

    Handsome ships.. Your opinion..

    Enterprise simple but beautiful Fletcher and KIDD handsome efficiency Kongo just cool mix of British and Japanese design Jean Bart for being different kinda elegance Gneisenau has really great low lines Funniest design: Atlanta where else can we put guns? Worst.... any British ship. I know this will get hate, but i just find them ugly. Why do they all have SO MUCH open space.. TEA? Warspite and hood are the only good looking British ships.
  6. RogueGrizzly

    Karma system = Flawed

    I love playing CV mainly just Enterprise and Saipan, but I main CLs and DDs. I also mainly play these to get credits for my line ships. I only play CV maybe once a week because the abuse is incredible. Like OP said I have been called everything under the sun on winning games where I am top 3. I believe im a very good CV player many Krakens and I pretty much run out of fighters dropping them on green DDs to keep them alive and spot as much as possible... yet get cursed at by someone who went off by themselves and thinks they are more important then the team. Not sure how many times I have lost karma due to someone not understand the full battle as a CV can see and understand easier then any other ships and mad they didnt get help... on a win... with many kills and spots... I will get reported. This newest ranked season I got reported in a game that we lost but i was top of the team 95k dmg, 3 kills, etc... but CV gets blamed out of instinct. Sucks best credit earning ship you have to deal with the worst game experience solely player wise. I really wish they would do something mainly just make it so people who report CVs every game can't report anymore. On replays I have videos of some Krakens with CVs(also other ships) and one video of someone calling for my death... mainly because I didn't attack the smolensk.. in a t8 CV... when he was in smoke. The video shows it, but I didn't report it because its just words but it just sucks. It really is an issue, considering CVs are what 1/6 the ships in the games. DD torp, DD gunboat, CL, CA, BB, CV. That being said, i still report bad CV players when I play DD. So many CVs do not drop fighters... like its a button you are over me.... just push it. Yeah fighters suck but they will make the enemy CV not go near your DD for a bit. So do it. So i see both sides i understand the hate but when your CV is good and is trying, dropping fighters, spotting, doing damage. WHY grief just leading to worse players only playing CV. I look forward to subs... just so i can play my credit farmers in peace. Subs will get all the hate.
  7. I picked the JB. I have not regretted it what so ever. I love the ship. Have had some of my best games ever in it over the past month or so. Currently it is the ship I play in ranked because with the heavy DD and Mushi presence this season its nice to not be weak against either. Now I mainly play DD and CAs so kinda wanted something different and JB actually made me enjoy/ learn high tier BB play (currently on T9 German and Russian BB lines and T8 USN and JP BB lines). Jean Bart is just a really fun ship. Can have very good games most of the time in it, can capitalize on enemy mistakes (cheekin yammy), and create pushes that any other BB really couldn't. I feel like I would have regretted the Salem for the most part, great ship love heavy cruiser american line but just not as "fun". Georgia still maybe my next coal ship, but to me but JB was the right choice for me I think, in ranked and random I have killed more Peachie bois then been killed by them. (reload booster is god tier). Still only my second favorite ship behind the USS KIDD.
  8. Yeah I may end up waiting until it is official JB is leaving. The upcoming German Battle Cruiser has me interested and the Georgia-Monty hybrid thing that has been teased may be worth waiting for.
  9. I understand how the Salem is probably the best Coal ship solely based off Clan and Ranked Battles. Having the Wooster and close to having the Des just hard for me to justify getting a similar ship. When it does not bring enough to get me off playing the Wooster or Des (when i get it). The low service cost is a plus but other then that just kinda same old ships I already have. I also prefer the Light CA line of USN. Your points about the JB I did not consider. I am only T5 French CA at the moment, BB not even worth mentioning. So unless I choose to start going down the French line JB is kinda pointless in the trainer role and not a T10. I have been considering going down the French BB line because the Repub slapped me the most in Ranked. I also love playing the Vladivostok and the JB has a similar bow in game play. Either way thanks for the well thought out reply,
  10. Hi All, I finally have enough coal to buy one of these 4 ships which should I get? Salem: is not really in my running as I have a Wooster and Buffalo. ( enjoy them but don"t need another USN CA tin can) Georgia: The number of guns doesn't scare me on Peach Boi because I love the T7 Gneisenau and Mass secondaries sound fun. But is it different enough from main line USN BBs? Do the big guns overpen a lot? JB: Seems most "fun" and originally set on this ship until new ships came out. Have not even really started French lines so might be good to see if French worth going down. Yoshino: even worth bringing up? Seems like a "tanky" Zao which play style is kinda dead/not fun it seems Boils down to most fun and credit earnings which to do ya'll think is king?
  11. RogueGrizzly

    Toxic people

    Hi All, When people send in screen caps and stuff to try to get people to get banned does Wargamming look at the whole game? Asking because just had a game that had a player throwing, complain in chat, and go after the CVs ( one was me). Saipan and I dropped fighters till we were out and both had 100k game... but he kept at us even when we were trying to tell the team stuff making it hard for our team to communicate. I told the Saipan player i was +1 him because " im sure this inbred reported us". He then says he screen capped it. I shouldn't have said that but holy crap you can only take so much, calling us everything under the sun calling us trash etc, yet we were the reason our team won even dropped fighters on him . So just nervous Wargamming will look at just that and go after me.... when i was just defending myself from the most toxic player I have been around in awhile. Also should I upload my replay of the game or nah? I have spent money on this game so just nervous. Thanks in advnace, I know CVs are a hot topic and as a DD main i feel the heat from the CVs but i play CVs to get credits mostly.