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  1. RBGZ_QC

    NA server connectivity

    Same. I'm at the same place as IT (Dev) since 5 years, and the network admin once tripped or got a wire stuck on him, and we lost the network for some time (the server room was pretty messy before he worked with us, it's not anymore). We all make sure to remember him from time to time to not trip on any wire this time. Errors happens!
  2. RBGZ_QC

    NA server connectivity

    Was able to get in a fight right now. Let's hope it's all fine now and no more wire trippers go by the servers today! Thanks!
  3. RBGZ_QC

    NA server connectivity

    As frustating as this may be, server issues are a threat to everything on the internet, as well games as websites. It's not like someone decided to just unplug some wires in the server room for fun... But yeah, if it's counted as a loss, I can understand your anger...
  4. Official post here:
  5. RBGZ_QC

    can't get in a battle

    Official post here:
  6. RBGZ_QC

    Server not working?

    Official post here:
  7. RBGZ_QC

    Removed from queue....

    My suggestion would be to delete the other post so that this can be tracked in one only. And maybe OP, edit your post to let anyone coming here know this is somewhat a server issue affecting all gamemodes and connection. Nevermind, official post was made here:
  8. RBGZ_QC

    Removed from queue....

    It's in all game modes since it's a server issue. Same goes for disconnecting and connecting back, give the same kind of issue most of the time. Yes, WG have no choice now, they must follow up with our request!
  9. RBGZ_QC

    Removed from queue....

    Same here, but were just able to connect back to server after several fail attempt, but can't start a game yet. I second that, I'll gladly take that Benham!