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  1. Mesrith

    Who have you seen in game

    I started playing again for the first time in two years and have yet to see any familiar faces, although I've been scrubbing around at low tier. I wonder how many 2015-2017 players are still doing randoms.
  2. Mesrith

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    That's absurd.
  3. Yes, MM charts were changed quite awhile ago.
  4. After 40 games in the Nikolai, I finally did something that I thought was impossible: I shot down a plane!
  5. Max dispersion is 219m unless you have a different Warspite than I do.
  6. Minor correction, but it's a 7% reduction from 13.44m/km at max range. I'm not sure that listing it as such (m/km) is even valuable, as I don't think that dispersion being purely linear has been proven. Max dispersion is the only value we really know, so I'd just list it as dropping from 219m at max range to 204m at max range.
  7. Mesrith

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Atago

    Bump to remind you of needed updates. The faster rudder shift and addition of the heal have made it even better. Nice thread though, I like your review series.