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    KOS ranked random

    I have been playing this game for many years. I have watched the KOTS tournaments of Streams and dreamed of one day doing one. Well after alot growth and becoming good allies with another clan we have combined forces and are fielding a full roster with our top players. Do we expect to get to the top not a chance in hell. However we are going into this for experience, learn and have fun. However I digress. What you need to do is grow as an individual first and grow as a clan bc this isn't a competition to be dealing with the randoms of the game.

    Why the playerbase is so united against the NTC.

    It is tearing at my heart to think I may actually have to uninstall a game I fell in love with. I have met some great friends online here and even made some real life friends through my clan. But I CAN NOT support these combat buffs as a veteran player of this game. This is Assiant Commander MONKEYBOMBS1945 on stand by.

    Mouse's (very brief) feels on the (WIP) Naval Training Cente

    If this in it's current form goes live and gives anyone any kind of combat buffs I will deactivate and uninstall this game. I will not be forced out of the Competitive because I work a 40+ hour week job. This is my stand. Your move WeeGee the fate of this game is in your hands.

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    @Sub_Octavian from all of us at [TBOW] The Borks of War keep up the hard work. I'll admit many of us arent happy with this rework and its imbalances however their is no need to have ***hats taking it out on you. When the concealment change went through you went out of your way to ask the community to do a poll and you managed to do the rarest thing I have ever seen in this game. You managed to unite both the NA and EU servers. Hope when you come back to the forums you get the time to see how much of the community actually appreciates you for what you do for us. From the NA server this is MONKEYBOMBS1945 o>
  5. So as we all know since patch 0.8.0 came out a lot has changed. A lot of stuff we do care about and some stuff that we were looking forward too. I have noticed something else and im curious if its happening to others as well. Their seems to be a delayed response in the control responses. Rather it be in the throttle response or in the steering. I am curious has anyone else experienced this? Please keep it civil in chat merely trying to see if its more than me and my clan mate having issues.

    Level headed Feedback on the patch

    @Radar_X this post also describes the top tier perfectly most games im happy to break 70k lucky if i get a 100k game. Certain ships like the Mino are severally over powered with its AA. Lemmings are also really bad allowing dds even BBs to completely flank around leaving the cv or cvs completely defenseless. If that isnt the issue im seeing such passive gameplay that people are too afraid to push. It's a new meta and all but this isnt going to be healthy for the games life if this is the new norm.

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    I am asking myself where do I start on this reply. I have few pros and many cons. To get this out there before anyone has a chance to say something I was part of the first group of people to be selected for the closed BETA of the CV rework and participated in all 3 test including PT. Now that's out of the way I will begin. Ill start out about tearing into the new patch. Right off the bat UI at port was wonkier than usual. What i mean by that is slow to respond and crap as always. Nothing new here so launch into battle and immediately see a high population of CVs again not complaining new patch means people are playing. However here is where the fun begins immediately you can tell right off the bat that your team mates are expecting to be able to do the same amount of carrying as you could with the RTS style. Next the CV UI is bugged all to hell (whats a WeeGee patch without bugs). We pull off a win no problem. So I re-queued and what do i get as teammates for the next 3 games. A bunch of morons who leave an entire flank open so that even a Iowa can sneak around and get into the back field where the now nerfed cvs are running for their lives trying to do little chip damage to scare off this BB and soon their after spotted DD. Oh almost forgot to mention being disconnected twice during the match. {i.e attached pic} Now the for some good things. Honestly the coin obtained from the old cvs was nice. Not that i was credit poor but needed the FXP for the coming AK. If teams had common sense they would help top tier CVs by taking out strong targets like the Minotars or weaken the DMs and the Worcesters. Also teams need to realize a CV will not be able to carry you to victory anymore if it is the last ship alive. Unlike the RTS cvs these CVs don't pose the necessary Alpha to carry so don't blame the CV for your loss when you as a surface ship failed in your job to make a CVs life easier. So to conclude my over all opinion at the moment is negative however, once things settle i hope its more positive.
  8. I also want to remind everyone tomorrow after this patch drops the new Ranked season starts. Keep that in mind as you cast your vote for our against this change.
  9. Currently talking to my friends who are players on the EU server and also I am actively watching the EU forum post of this. They know we are in support of keeping the current system. Keep up the good fight.

    Black friday crates or Christmas crates

    Christmas crates give you more of your moneys worth. You'll get a crap ton of economic flags, premium time and higher chance for premiums to drop.

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    I don't understand why everyone is crying. This sprint rank was by far the funnest ranked I played. I was relaxed and I had an Ally that I could communicate with in voice comms. The only luck you had to worry about is the MM and if you had the team you had to carry or would work together. Outside of that it was all about your skill level. As you can see the OP premiums didn't carry me to victory it was my Bogue that did the job. Now if they could add the division mechanic to Tier X ranked that would be nice. This is MONKEYBOMBS1945 signing off from Corgi HQ

    CV's in Ranked... WHYYYY

    I hear your complaints but what really makes it a broken class. Honestly tier 5 CVs is about the fairest fight any match can have. I ranked out in a Bogue. Its all about knowing how to position,spotting, little bit of luck and about trusting your team mates to help protect you since your top speed is only 17-19 knots. Never play a cv if you have anything under 12 pts invested into a captain. Heck for half my matches i had forgotten to reequip my modules on the ship. So dont call a class broken if you dont understand how to play it.

    Yarrr, Pirate Stats & Meme Thread

    Pirate Crew Member 41 reporting in after visiting Davey Jones locker.