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  1. I consider myself "casual " only due to the fact that I cannot play every day due to work. But when I am playing I play for the win . So I might not fit that label I guess.
  2. Are you still recruiting? I am looking for a clan with people I can division with. Some background. I have been playing game since mid closed beta. I am active on Forums even when I take a break from the game. I usually play evenings during the week ( EST ) DEPENDING on work , especially in the summer / early fall as it's our busiest time of year. So I can not be on every day. I have Ts and discord and can use them but I have a hearing impairment that makes this difficult at times . ( this disqualifies me from almost all clans it seems ) So I play mainly solo random , and PTS . I love this game but have left it for long periods because i just burn out and get bored playing alone . So I am looking for a Mature crowd that is not obsessed with daily attendance and who will accept a person with a handicap . Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Issue - Rude Players

    I pay very little attention to in game chat once past the start point. I'm too busy watching my map and all around me in my dd so I don't get ambushed by a sneaky island jigging cruiser .lol The only time I even notice it is at end of Match or if I died . Peeps can insult away .... I'll never even notice .
  4. Keeps popping up when I log on. I know it's some kind of event where your team must progress toward an end goal or take territories. So what's the benefit if any in participating in it. I have read a few posts about it . Mostly people complaining about losing.
  5. SuperTester applications

    I will do it later today. I am at work and on my phone. I'll have to wait until I get home and on my PC to put in the app. This will give me more incentive to play the game. While also helping out . Thanks for the info !
  6. Average Hours of Gameplay

    Pretty much the same with me. Although I gave up on the CB portion. Some days I play for a few hours , but then not play at all for weeks at a time. I tend to binge and burn out regularly . Lol
  7. Test Server Rewards

    Got mine , thanks !
  8. I myself gave up on CW . I am not a bad player , but not a great player either , somewhere in the middle . Also I am not a shot caller . I need the leader to be precise and detailed in what they need me to do . Give me the orders and i will carry them out to the best of my ability . I play mainly solo , i rarely even Div with anyone . So i need to practice with the " team " a lot to make it work for me . And there is where my main issue is . with work and RL i just don't have the time to dedicate to training , practice and not to mention the CW scheduling can be hard to meet . I left the game for almost a year , came back last season for CW . got disenfranchised again , and now a rarely even play . Maybe a battle here and there , then log out.
  9. What is poi?

    Umm.. My avatar .... and nickname ... lol
  10. What is poi?

    I watched my first anime in 1979 i think , " space battleship yamato " I have been an anime fan since . I don't like all anime . depends on the story , and if it keeps me interested . Most of the " kiddie " anime as i call them ( no offense meant to anyone ) are not my thing and i lose interest very quickly . I tend toward the darker more mature stuff . but do not often find that type . some of my favorites ... sword art online 1 and 2 knights of sidonia Berzerk Gate ARP . ( yes i loved this one ) a couple of historical based stories there are several more that i have watched and like. But as i said it's the story itself as well as the artistic style that i like the most.
  11. Clicking on General Discussion forum gives error

    How did you clear it ? nvm , i ran a cleaner through several times . It is fixed now .
  12. Clicking on General Discussion forum gives error

    mine has been the same for a few days now . all other sub forums work except General .
  13. Shimakaze: What does it bring to a match

    I am an IJN DD captain , i prefer them over any other line ( not yet tried the PA or German }. I use my Guns a lot , but it's situational . i rarely contest a cap , preferring to retreat , harass , and keep enemy lit up for allies , returning to cap once dealt with . That being said , i DO use the guns . quite a bit actually . I don't have all the statistics . etc. or the knowledge of all the statistical details being tossed around . I have played the shimmy many times On Test server over the years and i am still grinding toward her. The only thing I , as an average player , really think the IJN dd line needs is faster turret rotation . That's just what i personally would like to see . I think a faster turret rotation would give me a bit more offensive ability . maybe be a bit more aggressive. or just be enough to get me out of some bad spots .
  14. How do you counter radar in a DD?

    Guide to counter Radar .....
  15. Weekend spree

    I sincerely wish i could play CV . I have tried a few times since CBT but could never get the hang of it.