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  1. Captain_Avatar

    Super Containers - Myth or Legend?

    I always choose more resources for the coal mainly , I can't remember the last time I got a SC.
  2. My son purchased a WoWs gift card at wal-mart for me. when i went to use it , it was not listed in the gift cards on the premium shop page . Can anyone tell me how to redeem it ? Thanks in advance for the help .
  3. Captain_Avatar

    Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    +1 I got a chuckle at all the all the handles. Some of which i have not heard in years lol <<old SeaBee and on topic , i don't need recognition in game or outside of game . But thanks for the nod .
  4. Captain_Avatar

    game crashing at battle start

    I tried the force quit it when the game crashed the first time . It did not work I couldn't even tab out. PC locked completely up. The only way out was ctrl/alt/dlt. Also tried closing with task manager. Game didn't just crash on battle entry count down but also on the crates screen. Tried to give a DEP exception to the game also . Could not do it. The removing the clan emblem patch did work.
  5. Captain_Avatar

    game crashing at battle start

    ok i'll try it thanks that worked !!! now i just have to play 20 battles in co-op ony for " leaving matches early " penalty ..sighs...
  6. i have tried everything , even uninstalled and reinstalled game . everytime i load a battle it locks up and crashes at the battle countdown. it gets a "critical error " that says something about big world encountering problem . i took a SC to post but i now cant find it lol. any way , if anyone has some suggestions on a fix it would be appreciated , thanks
  7. Captain_Avatar

    T8 MM again

  8. Captain_Avatar

    Why are my guns self-firing?

    Thanks Mudd didn't know that myself about the allied damage.
  9. Captain_Avatar

    Why are my guns self-firing?

    Afaik your main guns cannot self fire. Your secondaries however do. Once an enemy comes I to secondaries range. They also will still fire if an Allie comes between you and enemy. Lol ninja'd
  10. Captain_Avatar

    How helpful is the forum for you

    Lol I have been around since closed beta. I just take long breaks from the game now and then when it starts to get too frustrating. And I also play on the Eu server and spend a lot of time on the PT server. Over all I love the game but at times I have to leave it for a while. But even when I am on a break I still visit the forms regularly. I am far from disenchanted with the game .
  11. SC ? I haven't seen one of those since shortly after the containers first came out .........
  12. Captain_Avatar

    Question about Captain Skills

    The Commander training thing has always been a pet peeve with me . I will never understand why you can not transfer a Captain back to a ship he has already been trained in for free . Did he forget his training ? I believe once a Capt. has been trained for a specific ship he should ALWAYS retain that training . but i guess WG needs that 500 gold profit for " retraining" lol
  13. lol since i am hearing impaired the language matters not to me . The only thing i can " hear " in game are the sound affects of the guns . So a pretty Captain that speaks only Russian ? sure why not ! i'd rather her than a salty John Doe any day ! rofl.
  14. I visit the forum almost everyday . even when i take my breaks from actual game play i still visit . I rarely post , just kind of lurk around here. lol reading through the whine posts , rant posts , i quit posts , and the hilarious troll and funny posts. there is an amazing amount of very helpful information here. I learn new things pretty much everyday , some about ships i dont yet have , some about ships i do have . strategy , aiming , etc. etc. and it has helped me greatly . and the community is by far one of the best i have ever had the privilege of being part of . Just wanted to let the community know they are appreciated by some of us . Thanks How about you ?
  15. Captain_Avatar

    Could use some help with Yamato

    Yes i knew there was a DD in that area and i was taking a risk turning back around toward B . it might have been the wrong move but it was a calculated risk . and i was sure i could minimize the damage by taking 1 or 2 in the midships zone. the goal was to circle back and get that German BB and the DD if i could . keeping them occupied and from flanking the rest of the team and recapturing A for some strange reason the German BB NEVER even turned his guns on me .