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  1. Team Deadly Assassins has existed for over a decade in the online gaming arena. Our experience, dating back as far as 2004, is tried and true! We played 1st person shooters to include Nova Logic's "Joint Operations" , all the "Battlefield" series from EA games, RTS games such as "Rome Total War" and more! Now we enter the WARSHIPS community! We are training in the off season to prepare for the next Clan Battle season. Looking for six member recruits with no egos with an openness to learn and improve where they are weak and strengthen where they are already strong. Must be 16 or older! Clan Commanders and recruiters reading our ad and potential members alike... feel free to stop by our discord to schedule scrimmages to help improve all involved! You can find our discord here: https://discord.gg/ZWxJbFM Team Deadly Assassins, "More than a name... endowed by truth!" Trademark, Clan Commander [TMDA]