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  1. monoace

    Le Fantasque vs Le Terrible

    I have played both ships on a Co-op gameplay level and a feel like the Fantastic is a better ship compared to Terrible ship. The names says it all :P
  2. monoace

    Ship Drops from Supercontainers

    Nope, Never seen one, They only drop useless flags.
  3. Just dodge But you cant dodge this:
  4. monoace

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    @TheURLGuy AI CV's in Co-op this patch or is it still - Soon™
  5. monoace

    USS Hill: What's the Point?

    You unlocked the Hill. You meant to say that you unlocked a free port slot right??
  6. A Protection Destroyer with 4 guns and no Torp's designed to protect a fleet being called OP... lol, Cant have a ship designed to protect other ships and you know... protecting itself.
  7. monoace


    I got 2 last week, that makes a total of 3 since I started playing. First one was 1,000 Dub's Second was worthless flags
  8. monoace

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    No, Admiral Makarov No money from me.
  9. monoace

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    No, just No
  10. monoace

    Too much bbs...

  11. But the carrier does defend their Primary asset by not being in the battle unless the players that are taking damage to their primary asset start dying because they cant attack from the other corner of the map.
  12. You can either play World of Warships or World of Warplanes, not both :P Sorry, Had to say it.... As it stands CV's have some of the best AAA in the game making it a big no no for CV on CV action. By being able to switch sectors on the fly literally will just make it broken, Unless the sector switching took ages and the negative effect on the non-reinforced side of the ship was massive to try and balance it. But then CV's will just hug borders and Islands more so.... I don't know about this one it has a little merit and the ways to abuse it are extreme, maybe if the AAA rework they're showing off happens then ok?
  13. I feel as though My upvote was not enough so now I will add an Upvote Gif (Due to already doing downvote gif's I feel that this is the way the forum will be heading and I'm ahead of the curve)