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  1. monoace

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    Devouring Swarm will consume all
  2. Current Clan Base: Open Positions: 29 -5% Post Battle Service Tier I-VI -10% Cost Research Tier i-VI +2% Battle XP Tier I-VI +10% Free XP Tier I-VI +2% Commander XP The more people in the faster we can expand. Thank you, Monoace
  3. Bumpity bumpity bump bump bump
  4. Do you want to be in a clan to have the clan lifestyle or just the rewards that come with being in a clan?
  5. monoace

    Primary AI gun dirrection.

    Yes they can, but not only that they can also fire their gun out the dire of the turrets as well.
  6. Black Vixen is a clan for people that want to play solo but want the rewards that come with a Clan Base. It has only just been created so it has a ways to go to get all the Buildings and Upgrades and this will take time, This time can be reduced with your help. Feel free to apply.
  7. monoace

    PEF Camo

    It's not that bad for the 5, tier 6 ships but then you need to get 1k base XP for the camo itself. I've managed to get to the camo playing Co-op because I don't play PVP but now I'm [edited] and forced into PVP to get it which if [edited]crap.
  8. When the Imperator Nikolai I is equip with the Rasputin skin the ship loses its horn completely. I have tried dismounting and re mounting the skin, without the skin the horn works but with it nothing.