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  1. monoace

    Småland: ¿Worth it?

    It is not worth 2 mill exp. Good Rate of fire Good torps Painfully slow turret rotation. Not very fast. She also has a 7km blind spot at the front of her nose (You cannon shoot your front guns at a ship that is 7km or closer)
  2. monoace

    Cheshire Is A Horrible Ship

    But I cant count ;w;
  3. monoace

    Killing Bot destroyers

    There is another problem, AI Torps arm on launch with the only exception being the CV Torp Planes that can hover over you for a long time.
  4. monoace

    If you don't like CVs...

    I like the Alabama
  5. monoace

    I have yet to see a single good Puerto Rico player.

    Puerto Rico is just a bad Alaska a tier higher.
  6. monoace

    Super Container

    Wait, Super containers exist???
  7. The mission is for the non Black version of the ships: Please note: you will receive the combat mission even if at the moment when you get a Black ship, you didn't have the standard version of this ship suitable for completing the mission. You can complete the combat mission by purchasing a suitable ship and playing the required number of battles on it until January 31, 2020.
  8. monoace

    Nelson: wrong weapons?

    Yea, just look at the Mutsu see, no.... fixed.... Torps.... Oh shoot
  9. monoace

    Le Fantasque vs Le Terrible

    I have played both ships on a Co-op gameplay level and a feel like the Fantastic is a better ship compared to Terrible ship. The names says it all :P
  10. monoace

    Ship Drops from Supercontainers

    Nope, Never seen one, They only drop useless flags.
  11. Just dodge But you cant dodge this: