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  1. MelonFlavoredShells

    For the love of god, buff the Indianapolis

    A ship doesn't need a buff just because you struggle to do well in it. You aren't even asking for a buff, you're asking for it to become a completely different ship.
  2. What I meant was that it did not directly nerf any of the major characteristics of the ship. It's a soft nerf.
  3. It's indirectly reducing the defensive capabilities of the ship. If this was a direct nerf on the defining characteristics of the ship, then I'd sympathize with the OP a bit more. Edit: My point is that I don't think that a nerf of this scale warrants the sort of outrage I have seen, which seems to stem from its "premium" status.
  4. So basically, you're saying that these premiums shouldn't be touched because you can buy them? Have you ever considered that these ships might actually be over-performing and are detrimental to the gaming experience of others? I guess they can just suck it up, as long as they don't touch your shiny toys. A 15 second fire increase isn't even that bad, get over it.
  5. I always wondered why the success I've had with DoY's AP never seemed to translate to the KGV. Thanks OP!
  6. MelonFlavoredShells

    WG smoke is the dumbest idea ever!

    Preempting your own post by telling people not to mention things that refute your observations is a very honest way to argue. The only way you could make this post better is by lacking even a basic understanding of the mechanic you are complaining about.
  7. MelonFlavoredShells

    You Developers Need to Debuff Destroyers

    I'd recommend you get more battles under your belt and get some first-hand experience with destroyers before advocating for significant balance changes. You know not the beast you are dealing with here.
  8. MelonFlavoredShells

    PSA on positioning

    Telling people how to avoid overextending is far more useful than telling them why. Just saying.
  9. MelonFlavoredShells

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Even with good stats, people will still yell at you when they think they know better. Best to just ignore them and move on.
  10. MelonFlavoredShells

    If you are going to nerf BB AP then Nerf High DPM Destroyers

    I never said you had to enjoy destroyer gameplay. The problem here is that your lack of gameplay in destroyers is giving you an unrealistic idea of how effective they are at burning down BBs - particularly at extreme ranges.
  11. MelonFlavoredShells

    If you are going to nerf BB AP then Nerf High DPM Destroyers

    As is any BB player who doesn't at least attempt to understand DDs. Apparently, having a basic understanding of destroyer gameplay in high tiers is hard too.
  12. MelonFlavoredShells

    DD's in upper Tiers are OVERPOWERED against BB's

    It's almost like it was balanced this way intentionally, so that DDs would be playable or something...
  13. MelonFlavoredShells

    Tier 8 MM is more broken than ever

    Sharpening your own ability is important, since you are the only constant in all of your games, and thus it is the biggest factor in your overall performance. As far as teamwork is concerned, just being in support range of teammates and general coordination will go a long way. I can't really get into specifics though, as I'm just now returning to the game after being gone for a very long time. Try searching for some videos and guides on game mechanics and general tips, there's some good content out there.