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  1. Hunter_Steel

    Time to limit the number of BB's per game

    I quite like having 5+ BBs per side with 5+ DDs per side. It means there's no cruisers hitting me with HE at 19-20 kilometres and dodging every salvo I put out. ~Hunter
  2. Literally what it means. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxcqX6Kfpy8 Your planes fly here, they die, that simple. ~Hunter
  3. Hunter_Steel

    24 cits on a cv

    Nice. I've shelved my Smolensk since the Captain Rebork. ~Hunter
  4. Hunter_Steel

    super battleship name

    Super Dreadnoughts already exist. New York, Fusou, New Mexico, Nagato, Nelson, Konig, Bayern. Basically anything that was faster and significantly more powerful than Dreadnought herself was referred to as a Super Dreadnought. The first ships to have this title were the 12-gun monstrosities that they were in their hayday. Yamato and Musashi were the only Battleships in the world that went from Super Dreadnoughts to Super Battleships. Ships like A-150 and H42 would've just been further developments of the Super Battleship title. ~Hunter
  5. Just go for the better WeeVee 1941, and even these are dead. I'll stick to my Haruna with her long legs, she brings something different to the BB Scene in T6. ~Hunter
  6. When was the last time you saw a Mutsu? I've been grinding the Pasta botes now, and I haven't seen a single Mutsu. I haven't seen a single Mutsu in the past 2 years infact lol This ship is statistically better in the soft-stats department, AA wise and accuracy if she gets implemented in this idea. ~Hunter
  7. Hunter_Steel

    Shikishima - Still worth the steel?

    Oodles of fun and big eruption boom sounds. We don't need a legit reason to use Shikishima. She's there, I want her, I will get her, I will use her and I will master her. ~Hunter
  8. Hunter_Steel

    Bringing up an old question about Mogami

    Rather give us Suzuya as the Tier 8 replacement for Mogami as she was during construction reinforced due to lessons learnt from Mogami and Mikuma, along with having never received the 155s and was put to service with the 203s from the beginning, while giving us Mogami as a sea-plane cruiser instead and giving us Mikuma as a Tier 8 Premium with 17km range. All Mogami needs is that range buff from 15.9 to 17km. ~Hunter
  9. Hunter_Steel

    Bringing up an old question about Mogami

    Wat? The 203s reload in 15s versus the 10s reload on the 155s. The 155s also have a better overall shell grouping and Mogami's DPM is higher with the 155s too lol ~Hunter
  10. I can get behind a reload booster XD ~Hunter
  11. For reference, do you know what her dispersion is at 21km? It can't be more than 230m though because it's only a 300m difference in range. ~Hunter
  12. Pulled from the wiki for reference. ~Hunter
  13. Tier 6 anyways has weak extremities lol, 26mm plating on a good majority of ships. Haruna would find herself slightly better armored compared to some of her peers due to the armouring around the casemate secondaries on most IJN Ships being like 150+mm of armour, then there's her central deck armour between the No.2 and 3 turrets being 70mm protecting machining spaces while the armour around the No.1 and 4 turrets would be 38mm leaving just the bow and stern exposed with 26mm plating. (IRL her 38mm plating stretched all the way to the forecastle and stern) Honestly there's potential for her to be an exceptional ship at Tier 6 capable of dictating her terms of engagement. And yeah, I am getting tired of the 12-gun dreadnoughts in Tier 6. Need more Fast Battleships/Battlecruisers here. ~Hunter
  14. Well that and the 2.0 Sigma up from the 1.8 Sigmat, the smaller dispersion and a faster reload. Basically giving her the ability to be consistent at ranges where her relatively light armour is less of a problem. One could quicken the rudder shift time as well to give her some better mobility for dodging incoming fire as the idea behind Haruna is to not "Bow Tank" or "sit still and soak up fire". Her job is to support the flanks while being constantly on the move so my idea was to give her all the tools necessary to do that job as well as help conserve her HP for the late game where she can then comfortably charge in. That would be my idea anyways. ~Hunter
  15. The one we have in-game is just a renamed Hiei. ~Hunter