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  1. Hunter_Steel

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    She'd only be able to overmatch 35mm armor. Nothing much changing there, except, her shells won't shatter against anything and will laugh at all turtlebacks in the game. ~Hunter
  2. Hunter_Steel

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    A fully refitted Tosa with a torpedo bulge and similar super-structure to Nagato. Her displacement is already more than Nagato's and Nagato already has 65,000 HP in Tier 7. Although there is HMS Hood with her insane 67,000 HP which Tosa would most likely be similar to if given a full refit. If Tosa isn't given a new set of boilers, her speed would probably drop to somewhere around 23kts or 24kts similar to Nagato. As such, she could be a good candidate for T7 with her HP, ranged and accurate firepower as her saving grace. Her armor is significantly worse than Nagato's though, 280mm belt vs a 300mm belt. Basically, I just want a good, fun Battleship to play with good guns and boasting lots of HP to soak up damage with. Tosa isn't all that good for T8, she's too slow for the line. I'd rather have Kii's sister Owari in T8 as an up-armored Amagi instead of the abortion we got in Kii that has worse effective horizontal armor in exchange for adequate AA and gimmicky torps, which, after the buff, are still going to be gimmicky as hell. ~Hunter
  3. Hunter_Steel

    Let's talk Torpedoes.

    In real life, a torpedo could rip the stern off a Battleship and blow a cruiser clean in two with a single hit. In game a cruiser can survive multiple hits from Torpedoes and Battleships actually take a lot less damage. Torpedoes at the moment are fine as they are. That 20k damage you receive is entirely your own fault for not following the proper procedure or just making yourself a genuinely good target for the DD. The game would be utterly retarded, if I send a 9-ton, 640mm torpedo speeding away at like... 60+ knots with nearly 700kg of explosives and all it does is take off less than a 1/5 of the HP that a Battleship or a Cruiser had. Lowering their Alpha damage is not an option unless you let me reload faster and buff that detection from a ridiculous 1.7km to 1.5km. I don't mind nerfing flooding damage. ~Hunter
  4. I play my Cleveland in T10 without an issue. Your argument is invalid. ~Hunter
  5. But... this is my Alabama lol ~Hunter
  6. Well, after nearly 4000 games, I have finally become part of the 1 Million Credit Club, however, it was on a loss: I attached the replay for any curious persons, but like. Damn. Both teams were retarded, and it wasn't till late game that my team finally floundered. However, despite all that, me and my division were having a good laugh about what was going on. The enemy team failed multiple times to kill just us two, and we as well as a few others on our team held off their entire Battleship push while the majority of my team died to a few ships around where the D cap usually is on Two Brothers. If anyone would like to take a look at the replay, please help yourself. We weren't even mad at this loss, we were just laughing hard as we saw how bad the enemy was and just how bad we were too lol ~Hunter 20181127_193710_PASB508-Alabama_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  7. Stop being salty. Just like testers who recieved exclusive rewards for taking the time to ensure the game works, comp players who played Ranked and CB should be rewarded with something that makes use of their skill. Hence Stalingrad. Are you seriously suggesting that this ship should be available to EVERYONE outside of Clans and Ranked players? That's a laugh. Random players get enough rewards doing missions and buying T9 Premiums. Let the more hardcore playerbase get something unique. It's like the goddamn Alabama debacle again where I still say even though I own one, that it should have remained an exclusive reward for the Supertesters. ~Hunter
  8. I like what I see, and I shall buy her. Despite the preliminary stats, I shall buy her when she's released. She'll make a good addition to my Tier 6 ships, and we've been in need of a German Battlecruiser in the game. ~Hunter
  9. Destroyers Master Race!