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  1. Survival build is fine, but I prefer my full damage build to use secondaries on pretty much all my ships except the Alabama, which is using a full AA build. To me, having to build survival, is boring, because I love brawling, it's why my Izumo is setup for secondaries, I know, heresy, but yes, that is just how serious I am about brawling in a BB, Alabama is different. ~Hunter
  2. I quite like Myoukou out of all of them. ~Hunter
  3. Discussion was laid to rest a year ago, it is no longer relevant. ~Hunter
  4. This thread is literally a year old. ~Hunter
  5. And then you have me, I've been playing since the first day of the CBT, and I still do not have a Tier 10 lel I'll be getting my first Tier 10 soon, and I worry about credits all the time since I run premium consumables just to make my grinds easier and my battle-time easier. ~Hunter
  6. It would never happen because HE is supposed to have lower damage than AP. AP penetrates to the inside of the ship and explodes there while the HE only explodes outside of the ship. And no greater fire-chances please, we already have world of cancer-fires. Hell, fire-damage shouldn't even be a constant form of damage in the game. But you know, the cruiser-snow-flakes during the CBT didn't like the kinetic AP damage we had and liked fires more so WG gave us what we have now. ~Hunter
  7. Give me her and Prince of Wales so I can re-enact their sinking. Only problem is we don't have Japanese Land Based Bombers to sink them with. But yes, I would love to have her. She's a historic ship, and one of the few Battlecruisers that were still operational at the time. ~Hunter
  8. I do see the problem. With how torpedoes are now, if the Battleship community dropped in numbers, I wouldn't have as much food in my Kagerou as I do now. Especially in higher tiers with radar, hell, I wouldn't want to end up with 3 radar ships on each side followed by 3 more cruisers, 3 Battleships and 3 Destroyers. The current numbers work for me at 5 or so cruisers per team with 4 to 5 or even 6 Battleships per team and 2 or 3 DDs per team. ~Hunter
  9. Fubuki was great, both in Tier 8 and Tier 6, I had her both times. The only problem is that she is sluggish, and that's about it. ~Hunter
  10. Play through Izumo, she'll teach you how to work with a sluggish Battleship and how to essentially play Yamato. Otherwise you'll end up trying to play Yamato similarly to Amagi, and that ain't gonna work. Also, Izumo is nowhere near as bad as people say she is, she's quite the joy to sail. Just be prepared for Tier 9 play as it is cancerous without a Div. ~Hunter
  11. It boils down to interest. I had absolutely no interest in playing those two ships as I simply have no interest in them in real life. The only Iowa I have interest of is the Missouri, since she was the first Battleship I ever saw. The South Dakotas because of their reputation, and Colorado because I need to have a collection of the Big 7 in my port. It's the same reason my grind for the German BBs stopped at Gneisenau. ~Hunter
  12. I love sinking Kutuzov's sitting in smoke too :3 ~Hunter
  13. I'd say to get her since she's one of the only South Dakotas still floating today. Poor SoDak got scrapped as her payment for being the most decorated warship in the USN and also sitting with the most planes shot down in the war, not to mention, while she may not have fired her guns at that time, she's the only South Dakota to have actively engaged an enemy Battleship (Kirishima in the second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.). So yeah, the SoDaks also were regarded as the best Treaty Battleships, and Alabama is the last treaty BB before the Iowa Class as BB-60. I can also say, I am slightly biased, but I do love my Alabama. ~Hunter
  14. I had 3 options, so I put in 3 entries lol ~Hunter
  15. Never have, never will fear a Bismarck XD It's just a fat, soft target. ~Hunter