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  1. Hunter_Steel

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    I was looking forward to DoY. ~Hunter
  2. Nah, I appreciate the Whales of this game. Omega and Space Whales are half the reason the game keeps running, so I don't grief them. The people who might grief a friendly PR are the same people who grief friendly Carriers for playing CVs in the first place and then cry when the CV doesn't help. Had a match where a guy TK'd a friendly CV in Tier 10 and the enemy had an uncontested Midway for the ENTIRE game. Guess how much that helped? But honestly, don't pay them much mind. Send the replay and screenshots of chat and other evidence to WG Custer Service and they'll take it from there. ~Hunter
  3. Hunter_Steel

    PSA: A Message from Sub_Octavian regarding PR

    @Femennenly Please tell Sub, that this apology, is not an apology. It is utterly scummy, and extremely insulting. This very event, which gives impressive rewards, for the entirety of the single 1% of the playerbase, is utter horse feces. It shows that WoWS' devs did NOT listen at all to our concerns, and are determined to let the PR event go on like this. Sub_Octavian's response, shows just how utterly unconcerned they are with our pleas, and the snow-flake event is stupid since it's a downgrade from last year's event. Sincerely, a very angry paying customer who physically CANNOT give WG more than 4 hours of my day. ~Hunter
  4. Hunter_Steel

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I won't buy a single premium booster for Puerto Rico. I'll instead invest in Santa crates/Premium time to make my grind to Venezia less taxing on my time of only 4 hours a day. Some of us work, and some of us, like myself, work well into the Holiday season. ~Hunter
  5. Hunter_Steel

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    So, for the price of a single Tier 10 Premium, I have to grind out enough credits and experience across multiple classes, 1 of which I don't play, to grind out and buy NEARLY FOUR TIER TEN ships from Tier 1. In the course of a month. What? If I don't use Premium time, I could grind from Tier 1 to Tier 10 in a single month, but to grind out the resources for 4 of them? lol no. Sorry WG, I don't even make the money needed to boost this enough. You've literally made the Puerto Rico grind available only to the no-life players on your player base and the extremely rich members. For much, much less effort, I can get the Stalingrad from Clan Battles in two seasons. But for the Puerto Rico, which isn't even as good, you expect me to grind all that? Sorry, no. I'll buy Christmas containers, but I won't spend for Puerto Rico. Even Flamu isn't impressed. ~Hunter
  6. Hunter_Steel

    Wargaming Epic Fail

    Dude... read forum posts and patch notes. WG knows of the issue and is working on a hotfix. No need to public shame. I guess people are just THAT entitled. ~Hunter
  7. Hunter_Steel

    What in the ever living hell, WG?

    I can agree with @Lert's anger. I myself come from Dutch Descent, my family immigrated from the Netherlands to South Africa 300 years ago, I too am very disappointed in the lack of anything Dutch related. Hell, they could make a Tier 6 Premium Dutch ship could be Design 1047, a Dutch Scharnhorst or the 1913 Dreadnought proposal for Tier 5 if they want to do paper. There's also multiple real life Dutch ships that served in WWII against the Japanese and Germans. So I too am behind Lert's rant. ~Hunter
  8. Hunter_Steel


    IFHE on Yoshino and you make most cruisers blush with your HE alpha. Since not even Kremlin can resist it. ~Hunter
  9. Hunter_Steel


    If I had broadside targets to shoot at, I would. Unfortunately since I followed the fleet, I had to shoot at all the angled or bow-in targets instead. So HE it was. I actually would've had MORE damage than I did with AP if there were broadside targets. Also, one thing to remember, I'm the only one on my team with a High Calibre. ~Hunter
  10. Hunter_Steel

    Alabama or Massachusetts

    Alabama. I'll never trade out my 'Bama for anything else. ~Hunter
  11. Hunter_Steel


    So here I am, thinking to myself, why do people dislike the Yoshino. I mean, yes, if you have Stalinkek there's almost no point to having Yoshino except for 20km torpedo memes and IJN HE on 310mm guns. But over the last few months since I've gotten her, I am finding myself quite enjoying her still. I've even taken her through Clan Battles and now doing Ranked, and honestly, she's not doing poorly. Now the result itself may not be all that impressive to some unicums, but I see it as decent since I myself, am not a Unicum. And Yoshino is a ship that rewards good play and punishes bad play. ~Hunter
  12. I dunno man, I've taken my Yoshino into Clan Battles and I've no issues. That 60mm plating is worthless in the face of my IFHE build, and it's a legit decent build for a max range HE sniper. I don't get 4k HE salvos anymore, my HE smashes that plating with 10k salvos. IFHE for Super Cruisers is a legit way to build them. Kremlin cannot get in a good salvo if they cannot hit you in the first place, I build my Yoshino for rudder and stealth. It's not rare that I end up as one of the last ships around, I simply just don't let myself into a position where I can get hit by anything decent while returning the hurt, as is the way to play her. So honestly, I have no idea why your experience is so bad when mine has been amazingly positive. ~Hunter
  13. Hunter_Steel

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - Win a Black Ship Bundle

    Wait, do the codes have to be alphanumeric and is there a specific format to them too? Because my code keeps on being rejected .-. ~Hunter
  14. Hunter_Steel

    Zero damage penetrations

    The Zero damage ribbons should be turned into Module Hit ribbons. I know when I hit AA guns there's a little indicator above the ship that appears showing me that AA modules were damaged or destroyed. But a zero damage hit ribbon hits something, but has ZERO indicator of what it hit or did and just sits there. Which is the irritating part. Just turn it into a Module Hit ribbon and the complaints will be gone. Don't award a penetration Ribbon for a module hit that does zero damage. ~Hunter