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  1. Actually, only about 8 or 10 premium tanks are P2W in WoT. And they don't make up the majority, there's nearly 30 premiums in that game, if not more. (I haven't checked in a while, so I can't give specific answers, the numbers I give are purely the lowest number possible to not sound like I am exaggerating.) The majority of their Premiums exist as a stop-gap, a half upgraded tank, that's better than it's stock counterpart, but worse than it's fully upgraded counterpart. ~Hunter
  2. Okay, first point: Iwaki Alpha is the death pickle, a ship born and made for Alpha Testers as their Alpha Reward ship. I've faced like 4 since they were rewarded. It's a VERY rare premium to see, rarer than Yuubari or Ark-Beta or Nikolai. Little thing's a monstrosity, first cruiser to have smoke. Alas, almost no one plays her. Their buffing her too lol All the premiums I mentioned, apart from the tester rewards, were available for purchase at some point. During those times, they were over-powered. Kutuzov in her introduction was the best thing since sliced bread, and so was Payfast. Scharnhorst, I did have both her and Gneisenau, is objectively better, than Gneisenau. Her guns aren't that bad, they're pretty damn strong. I love my Scharnhorst more than ANY Tier 7 I played. Gremyaschy was removed because of how over-powered she was. Tirpitz is better than Bismarck because of her torpedoes. They make her strong, otherwise, the difference between her and Tirpitz would be Bismarck's better AA. And that is about it. The problem that we're facing, is because of these absolutely strong premiums, players have been spoiled. Expecting the next premium ship to be another tier wrecking god-mode ultra winner. Roma's stats right now look meh, but I'd get her purely because I like her more than Bismarck and she looks interesting to play with a secondary setup. I want Kii, I need a high-tier IJN BB Captain trainer. In fact, premiums are not supposed to be better than their same-tier counterparts. Kutuzov is still better than Chapayev because smoke. Belfast is as good as Fiji if not better because HE+Radar+Smoke. This is what it looks like, and that is the issue. The next bunch of premiums are probably gonna follow Kii's example, and I do hope so. ~Hunter
  3. My bad, I only played her once, and it disgusted me with how easy and strong she was. I am looking forward to the Fiji. I gave on Emerald and free XP'd to Leander lol ~Hunter
  4. Be nice. I have no idea what you're doing wrong, nor what I am doing wrong in it. I had no idea what I was doing, but she was just so damn easy to play I felt disgusted and stopped after one game. I just sat at A cap in Big Race, smoked up when I saw the red guys and radar'd when there was a DD in my cap circle. It was so easy, so damn easy. And fun, but ugh... no. i don't wanna play that ship again. I'm far happier just sinking them and making their owners regret taking them out. ~Hunter
  5. To be honest, I would like to see some average premiums released for once. Like Kii, she's in a good spot. Neither OP nor UP, she's average. A Battleship version of Amagi. Hell, would like to see more tier 8 Premiums and Tier 7 premiums that are between. They're better than their stock counterparts, but worse than their fully upgraded counterparts. This would work out well in the long run instead of just flooding the servers with Over-performing premiums. ~Hunter
  6. Here's why I say she's OP: I only ever played British Cruisers up to Tier V. I stopped at Emerald. I had no idea how high tier British Cruisers played. But I played the Payfast on a friend's account, and in my very first battle I dealt 150k damage with a Kraken. And I did it with VERY little effort. It's a joke how strong she is with very little weak-points. The most glaring being her armor, but, you know, that is remedied by her HE, Smoke, Radar, Hydro and Heals. If I remember correctly, you need to switch out Radar for Heals and vice versa. I expect Fiji to play somewhat similarly, just with no DoT, torpedoes and no Radar ~Hunter
  7. So I've been doing a little thinking on this topic for a while now. The most glaring part I found, was the difference in premium vehicle positions between World of Tanks and World of Warships. (I have 13k battles in WoT and going onto 3k Battles in WoWS.) One of the things I have noted is this: In World of Tanks, Premium tanks are expected to be as good, if not slightly WORSE than their same-tier counterparts. Such as the STA-2. It's overall stats are better than the stock STA-1, but worse than the fully upgraded STA-1. It is decidedly in the middle, but still one of the best Tier 8 Premium Mediums to buy. Some tanks have broken this stigma though. The E-25, pre-nerf Type 59, Defender, Patriot, Skorpion G, Chrysler Tank and one or two others in the Tier 8 list that I cannot remember at the moment. Then there's others that are pretty good, but are not better, they perform the same as their same tier counter-parts, if not slightly more better, but with no major difference in stats. In WoWS, we have had a hell of a lot of premiums, moreso than not, that are better than their same-tier counterparts simply because of gimmicks given to them. Payfast, Missouri, Mikhael Kutuzov, Kamikaze R, Arkansas Beta, Iwaki Alpha, Imperator Nikolai I, Gremyaschy, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and Arizona(This one, many who have her prefer her to their New Mex, I guess it's because of the better accuracy.) And the moment a premium ship is released, that the stats say she'll either perform averagely (In other words, no better than her same tier counterparts), or she'll perform slightly worse than her same tier counterparts (Example: Kii and USS Kidd, and now the upcoming Roma and also the preliminary stats for Musashi.), then the community is up in arms and flames WG for releasing a crapbote because they cannot pad their stats in her. The interesting thing I note about this, is the difference in mindset from WoT and WoWS. In WoT, OP Premiums are the bane of the community, of the game. They skew stats, and provide a clear advantage when using them. In the case of the Defender or the Patriot. Both are OP, and both are played regularly, and both turned Tier 8 into something un-enjoyable. Meanwhile, in WoWS, we praise the existence of OP premiums because they print money faster, train captains faster, pad our stats and give us beautiful purple colours. Now, I might be tooting my own horn, and do not get me wrong, I am not calling anyone out on this, it was just something interesting I found, having come from both WoT and WoWS communities. Yes, there are many people that complain about OP premiums in WoWS, Payfast is called that for both a reason and a joke. But the overall majority of people that buy these ships and complain when WG decides they don't want to release an OP premium, are the reason we'll continue getting gimmicky premiums that perform slightly better or completely better than their same tier counterparts. Huh, post wasn't as long as I thought it would be. ~Hunter
  8. Yeah, no. Not a good enough reason. You're then confirming your team's loss. You guys had two Battleships to their one. Should've easily been able to sink their Montana and cruisers. You're Midway looks like a potato, there's nothing that can be done there, but it is not impossible to deal with a Midway's drops. Now leaving the game early instead of trying? You're confirming your team's loss and setting it in stone. Just like how in WoT people who suicide because they end up in T10 games are just setting their teams up for a loss instead of using some semblance of skill to try and turn the tide of the match. ~Hunter
  9. Admit it, you just suck in her. ~Hunter
  10. And then deal with the reports. You're going to have to play to make an impact, or suffer consequences of quitting without even trying to win the game. (I've won worse odds.) Blame the low hightier CV population for this MM. Which is also WG's fault as CV's are currently in such a way that the population will forever stay low. ~Hunter
  11. I would, but I am broke. I really would love to help preserve the only remaining Dreadnought in the world though. She's filled with History. ~Hunter
  12. I only have 2 problems: Magical Island Removing Radar & My IJN DD's torpedoes being spotted from orbit That's about all the problems I have lol ~Hunter
  13. I love my Kagerou. I don't think I'll ever sell her, I'll just train up another CE captain to take her current place, as she's absolutely beautiful to look at and to work with. She's by far my current best DD. 1400 WTR and a 60% WR in her :3 ~Hunter
  14. Welcome. Take most of the insults as jokes and the place seems like a far more friendly server. The American English might be hard to work with, but you'll get used to it. (Natural British English Speaker.) I suggest to just focus on playing, having fun, and sinking those British BBs ~Hunter
  15. I already bought her back on release back in August 2016. She's been my go-to premium ever since then. ~Hunter