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  1. Hunter_Steel

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    Ara ara my [edited]is blasted ~Hunter
  2. Hunter_Steel

    Siegfried First Impression [NoZoupForYou]

    Pocket Battleships Never Existed ~Hunter
  3. Hunter_Steel

    More and More Passive...

    I find that strange, because a ship that camps behind islands in a CV heavy match gets deleted by said CVs. ~Hunter
  4. Hunter_Steel

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    As I did say in my OP, I felt more comfortable in this than the Zao. Probably because between reloads I can angle quite well in fact. It reminds me somewhat of how Kongou plays in T7, similar concept. I guess that's why I feel so at home in this ship, because she plays very similarly to how I played my Kongou ~Hunter
  5. Hunter_Steel

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    Well, technically I did it to show the community that I am willing to learn how to play the ship since I want to do better and know I can. Rather than be like some players who will vehemently defend their bad play giving others that have subpar win rates a bad name as terribads who refuse to learn. I put that out of the way so that posts can rather be constructive and helpful instead of being derogatory and demeaning. I welcome both criticism and helpful advice. Honestly, I prefer this to my Zao because she's slightly tankier. ~Hunter
  6. Warning: This is the review of a sub-par cruiser captain who just so happens to enjoy playing this ship and pretty much my experience in her. So I've played like 14 battles in my Yoshino. Yes, I have a measly 43% WR (Joining my Yamato for the worst WR High Tier BB that I have that I enjoy playing), and have found that I do in fact quite enjoy playing her. Yes I do suck, and these are the ramblings of a sub-par Yoshino captain (I do intend to improve, my biggest problem is I have poor positioning which leads me to shoot at the wrong targets instead of being in place to shoot the right targets and punish careless pushing, this is something I am actively working on, luckily I still have time to fix my WR.) But overall, I have no complaints of finally having a Premium ship that I can actually challenge myself in. Been having way too much fun in my Alabama, Scharnhorst, an Z-39 because they're really strong for their tiers and require minimal thinking to actually do well in. But Yoshino requires an active thinker, much like the Zao, but I prefer this to my Zao, since I feel like I can actually handle a few shells thrown my way even though her external armor scheme is identical to Zao's. Like, it's not hard to damage farm in this ship, but simple damage farming doesn't win games. That's something I'd like to rectify, I want to damage farm AND win games. I've no real complaints about her mobility nor about her firepower (Wonky AP but I've smacked a bow in North Carolina for 12k from 19km away so there's that), her dispersion's been fairly consistent for me so far, the HE is definitely lovely and the turret traverse is actually faster than Zao's. The reload is what you'd expect from a Large Cruiser, and the speed is pretty good. The 20km torps as well are great zoning weapons, I've been delighted every now and again when I get torpedo hit indicators after I launched the torpedoes a good 2 or 3 minutes prior. Her income isn't bad, and like most T10s, you kinda need to break the 100k damage barrier or else you're not going to be happy with the credit income. Sniping from max range all the time also doesn't do well for your end game score, it's not a bad idea to push into caps later since this improves your end game results a fair amount. I haven't really had the opportunity to test her AA, but I was satisfied in the few games that I could actually test it, it's pretty decent for an IJN Capital Ship. Armor could be better, I'd not say no to 30mm plating on the bow and stern and 32mm plating amidships, I mean, this ship was supposed to have Yamato style armor with a really thick deck and everything, but as she is now, she's pretty good. With the IFHE nerf coming in, the Henri Meta in CW will probably subside giving this ship a niche she could probably fill. I dunno, the better players could give a better opinion on that. Overall opinion from a pleb who's trying to be better, I love this ship and I wouldn't trade her out for anything. I hope there's at least a few satisfied Yoshino captains even though I know many were disappointed that we didn't get a Japanese Stalingrad. ~Hunter
  7. Hunter_Steel

    Yoshino in Co-op

    You're not meant to take hits. Also, it's not if you're lucky. You need to bait shots into your belt so they just harmlessly bounce off. ~Hunter
  8. Hunter_Steel

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    Nothing really changes when a Fusou is blapped from 20km by a Nagato or a North Carolina from the same difference. ~Hunter
  9. Hunter_Steel

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    Tier 8 is where the challenge to high tier somewhat competitive gameplay begins. Where you regularly meet the biggest guns in the game. Your mistake was buying a T8 ship before you had any experience in Tier 8 ships, let alone how a tier 8 Russian Light Cruiser is supposed to play. WG has never, and will never implement 1 tier spreads, and quite frankly I do not want them to do so. Also, if you know what you're doing, T8 ships can do just as much damage with the same potential that a T10 ship can. I can use an Alabama do deal the same amount of damage that an Iowa can. It's simply about knowing how to play in high tier. If you're worth half as much as your salt, then you'd know that if you play decently well, you'll do a lot in a T8 Premium, especially since it' a T8 Premium because of the Economical bonuses you get from killing T10 ships. ~Hunter
  10. Hunter_Steel

    My Review Of IJN Yoshino

    If spec'd for rudder she gets an 11s shift. But the fun bit is her good 11.9km concealment which is currently the best out of all the Large Cruisers in the game. ~Hunter
  11. Hunter_Steel

    My Review Of IJN Yoshino

    So I came back to WoWS after a 3 week break following the end of CB season 5 I think it was, simply because Yoshino dropped. Immediately bought her and I have zero regrets. Granted I have not played the game in a while, but I must say, I do enjoy the ship. I am most definitely not the best captain in her, and I am trying to re-learn how Zao-esque play-style. But I am genuinely having fun in one of the most beautiful ships to grace our game. I actually thought the 20km torps were a gimmick, but they're genius for preemptive strikes. Currently averaging around 80k damage a battle which is higher than what I got in my Zao, but that's because I just simply suck in the Zao, actually dislike playing it even in CB, but I like playing this ship a hell of a lot more. ~Hunter
  12. Hunter_Steel

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    I'm crying because now we're gonna go back to Island camping because the NA community has lost the idea of pushing actively. ~Hunter
  13. Hunter_Steel

    Kind of disappointed in the Georgia

    30 seconds is quick? Little Georgie can do 26s and if you put MBM3 for reload, you can cut that down to 24s. It's pretty damn solid, set up Jon Doe and you have a winner. Most important is her fun factor, if you're having fun in her, then good. ~Hunter
  14. Hunter_Steel

    LAST CHANCE - Azur Lane Collab!

    What's disappointing, is that, during this whole farce, WG has not responded to us about WHY the commanders were bundled and never sold separately, effectively alienating a large portion of use who actually want to have them, but cannot afford these insanely expensive bundles. This is one of the few times you've actually disappointed me on content I really wanted WG. ~Hunter
  15. The only time BBs actually fired HE at another target in WWII was when Kirishima and Hiei fired HE at Helena and that was the only reason why she wasn't sunk outright. And the only reason they fired HE was because the IJN Admiral (Keep forgetting his name) was too slow to order the change of ammunition from HE to AP for anti-ship combat. Secondly, I played CVs in both the pre-rework and post-rework states, I come from having experience in both, and CVs did need a nerf with destroyer interaction. Destroyers, particularly the higher tier ones are hard enough to play as is because Radar, Hydro and planes used to keep them from doing major amounts of work. Radar keeps them from caps and Hydro keeps you from running into torps (Laughing at all the T10 BBs that run into torps spotted from the cap circle). The difference in both classes now, is that, unlike pre-rework, an unskilled CV is more forgiven for making mistakes. Yes, he loses damage output, but he can still do damage. My shortest match to date because of a mistake I made belongs to the early days of when I was grinding my Kagerou and haven't played DDs in T8, and I got removed from the match within 2 minutes. I did 600 damage and lost a crapton of credits as a result. But the difference here, is that I was dead and unable to help my team. We did also lose that match. CVs are different. They make a mistake and can still remain relevant for their team providing spotting and keeping enemy DDs in check. If you want to increase the spotting of a destroyer, you have to then increase it's survivability. Ever played an Ognevoi without CE or concealment modules? It's painful, I've had to play my Ognevoi without a trained commander and a 7km spotting distance isn't fun to work with. You get spotted easily, and then get deleted quickly. It's very unforgiving and makes the ship very unfriendly to play. Most destroyers only get 12km torps at Tier 9 and 10. At tier 8 you're dealing with 10km torps. There is a point where one has to look at things objectively. The only OP DDs are DDs like Daring, Gearing, Khaba and Harugumo. They cause grief, they cause rage and are rather easy to play. Kagerou is regarded as one of the worst DDs in Tier 8, and I enjoyed her immensely, easily my favorite Tier 8 DD. Unicum stats in her and made enemy teams' lives hard. But is she OP? Hell no, one mistake and it's back to port for you. You need to balance these things while making them still fun and engaging to play. Nerfing Destroyers into the ground is not the option, and neither is nerfing CVs into the ground. Destroyers have enough counters and nerfs against them, CVs need to be adjusted and AA interaction needs to be re-done. If a Destroyer goes unchecked, then that's the fault of the Cruisers and especially Gunboat Destroyers for not doing their jobs making sure DDs don't get past. I will not accept a nerf that would unbalance destroyers vs other classes. ~Hunter