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  1. Let's talk Asashio

    Asashio is pretty much a Kagerou, increasing her spotting range will kinda gimp her. We don't need a gimped IJN DD AGAIN. But we don't need DWT either. Just give her 16km torps and be done with it. ~Hunter
  2. Let's talk Asashio

    I just don't like him because his an egotist. >.> ~Hunter
  3. Let's talk Asashio

    There was a suggestion for Shimakaze to get DWT. I can see them as an "option" on the IJN High Tiers. But not 20km for Kagerou, more 16km, can go up to 20km with Yuugumo again. ~Hunter
  4. Let's talk Asashio

    Much like how it was back in the Closed Beta. We actually had a larger Cruiser population, but we also had IJN DDs with "Effective" torpedoes. USN DDs were your go-to Destroyer Hunter Killer machines and cruisers presented themselves as a much larger threat. Back before Radar and Hydro were any sort of gimmick thing. Back before camos and back before captain skills. Back when being a USN Cruiser meant something to your team's AA and back when carriers were better. I'd very much love to reroll to that patch but we cannot. So if we can at least make the balance similar to how it was, then it would be nice and in which case I agree with you. But my torpedo is bigger ~Hunter
  5. Let's talk Asashio

    Mouse and Flamu already proved different, but that's an argument for another time. Type of DD, you mean Kagerou or the ones that actively avoid Radar ships like the plague they are? Like I pointed out above, if they wanted to keep the long range torps on Asashio, give her 15/16km torps, with a 67kt top speed, 1.4km surface detect and 21k damage, with Torp Accel you're sitting with 12km torps that hit you at 72kts. This is fine, and still well within counter able ranges. I'm all for a VERY strong IJN Premium Torpedo Boat, but not one that's limited to hitting only two types of ships, that's not good for gameplay and will only be fun for as long as theres BBs in the match, but once those die... then... well? Yeah, you're now a speed-boat looking for a dock. ~Hunter
  6. Let's talk Asashio

    True, I play my Kagerou with the torp reload booster and no smoke, so I avoid contact with cruisers as much as possible, and put down a 15km no sale zone around ANY Radar ships I see on the enemy team. Except for Missouri, I like being Cheeky with Missouris lol ~Hunter
  7. Let's talk Asashio

    Out of all my games, my hits to Cruisers with Torpedoes is like... maybe 5% of my damage totals? I deal more damage to Destroyers and Battleships than to a Cruiser player, as they're the single hardest thing in the game to hit, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've dev-struck a cruiser with Torpedoes. I avoid them for a reason, they're not worth wasting a near 2 minute reload on. ~Hunter
  8. Let's talk Asashio

    I'm happy Asashio is coming, but 20km DWT makes her useless in anything other than a BB heavy match lol I'd rather she get 16km, 67kt, 21k damage torps with a 1.4km surface detect than what we see here now. AND with Kagerou's 6s reload time. ~Hunter
  9. Asashio finally made it to WoWs

    In this, you're wrong. B-65 is not in the game right now, Zao is a fictional culmination of a paper-napkin drawing and at the time, WG's refusal to put Large Cruisers in the game as Cruisers. (Moskva said hello 1 and a half years later.) I can actually see B-65 in game as a Premium with her 9x335mm guns. (the historical 13.2inch gun that was already being tested at the time. Hell, testing results of the gun were satisfactory that they were ordered to be used. The Barrels went missing after the war, presumably hidden under a shrine or scrapped to prevent the US from looking at them. They were reported to have a very high muzzle velocity, so somewhere between 880 and 920m/s.) That is B-65, not Zao. ~Hunter
  10. Bellerophon to Orion

    Orion is the single best non-premium Tier IV BB in the game right now. You should do fine with her. ~Hunter
  11. IJN Secondaries

    Sooo.... WG. It's been what, 3 years now? When can the IJN Finally start firing HE from their secondaries? I feel a missed opportunity in Musashi to make her the only IJN BB with HE 155s, but instead you gimped her with AP ones, removing a part of her damage, although the main guns are nice, I'm the fool who runs a secondary Izumo. (And doing great.) ~Hunter
  12. Earned one of the 4 French BBs

    My goal is Richelieu. But I wonder if RNGesus will bless me. ~Hunter
  13. We shall for all eternity miss our great Corgi overlord. ~Hunter
  14. How do you counter radar in a DD?

    Step 1: Learn Which ships in the game carry radar. Step 2: Avoid those ships for any foreseeable part of the game. Step 3: ?? Step 4: Profit. That is literally the only way to counter radar in the game using a Destroyer. ~Hunter
  15. Lyon and french BB's

    Yup, as a proud Scharnhorst owner since she was released, I can attest to this. She's not great at range, although I normally load HE for angled targets. Because of my play-style, I am not afraid to charge 2 or 3 ships at a time, I usually end up sinking two out of three before going down, but this is in a later part of the match where I enjoy being able to dictate my engagements. ~Hunter