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  1. Hunter_Steel

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Ah, here come the 07 guys crying foul again. Even in the old RTS days, there's was nothing Tier 6 players could do against a Shoukaku or Enterprise or Lexington. ~Hunter
  2. Hunter_Steel

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Ask this question again in a full Tier 8 environment. You are using what is widely regarded as the most OP CV in Tier 8 and there's the a reason you can't buy it in the shop anymore. ~Hunter
  3. Hunter_Steel

    Help Me Understand?

    Game mechanics: Destroyers are the most fragile surface ship in the game, so they need good stealth to be able to spot for allies and survive without being yeeted out of existence in the first 5 minutes. Secondly, Torpedoes in this game are heavily nerfed versions of their RL counterparts. Here you don't lose half your ship from a single torpedo, and you can heal back the damage and repair the flooding if any caused with the push of the button. The IJN are known for throwing massive torp volleys at American ships, a good example is in WWII at the end of Guadalcanal. The IJN's retreat was covered by a wall of 112 Long Lance torpedoes, largely in-effective since they only hit two ships with one torpedo each. So it's just a game mechanic. You'll understand it more if you play DDs especially at higher tiers. (there the max range of torps is in excess of 10km.) ~Hunter
  4. Hunter_Steel

    New tutorial videos? Kagero

    Say that again after you've actually played them and Learned to play. I laugh when I see Kagerou's and Yuugumo's with smoke. It means that they're about as harmful as a ninja armed with a cotton swab. I did so well in Yuugumo I ground through her in 9 battles. ~Hunter
  5. Hunter_Steel

    New tutorial videos? Kagero

    I can tell you something the Video doesn't: Take Kagerou and Yuugumo, ignore the option for smoke entirely, and run Torpedo Reload Booster. ~Hunter
  6. No, I got the point, that's just his attitude with the post. ~Hunter
  7. Honestly, this is what I get out of this thread: "I'm Self Entitled and Believe that the Pixels I spent money on belong to me and aren't the intellectual property of the company that provided me a set of pixels on a permanent lease. Therefore any changes they make to it are breaking my self-entitled law and I feel they are wrong." ~Hunter
  8. Hunter_Steel

    Shopping at IKEA for Victories in Ranked

    If you use the Torp Module instead of the aiming module, you get 12km, 80kt torps. Yes, it was a mistake. ~Hunter
  9. Hunter_Steel

    Shopping at IKEA for Victories in Ranked

    Skane is quite good if you use her decent concealment for Tier 7 to scout and then bully other DDs out of caps. IJN DDs like Shiratsuyu make good targets. Your torpedoes are also good area denial weapons, don't actually have to hit anything either. ~Hunter
  10. Hunter_Steel

    What are the chances this will come back?

    I'm proud to have done my part by earning this flag. But at the same time I kinda wish it didn't give bonuses because there's no point to NOT flying this flag. Every other flag doesn't have bonuses so I can't fly my CBT flag over this one. I wish my CBT flag gave bonuses like the Alpha tester flag did, but unfortunately it doesn't, so there's no point to flying it over this flag at all lol It literally sits on ALL my ships. Side Note: I own a flag that people who didn't do the missions when it arrived or joined the game after it arrived has. ~Hunter
  11. Hunter_Steel

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    And here I am, waiting for SAP rounds on the Italian Navy BBs that were never announced. ~Hunter
  12. Skane. I've never played the EU DDs. I never had a captain for them. So last night I saw I had enough elite XP to give myself a 10 point captain and bought Skane which I free-XP'd to when they dropped. I must say, the Swedish DDs are quite strong, or maybe I'm just having experience with Skane in the limited environment of Ranked where Haida's and Blyskawicas are the go-to choices. My first two games were rough as I was figuring the ship out, and then the wins started rolling in. Only played something 6 matches last night. I'm certain that my now fully armed and operational Skane will carry me through ranked. She definitely took some getting used to, but she's a joy and with 12km, 80kt tickle torps, becomes a force to be reckoned with as ships refuse to push. ~Hunter
  13. Hunter_Steel

    no more money on this game

    Maybe it's because I learned to adapt and not be bothered by it anymore while the rest complain that they can't just bow in anymore, or lonewolf BB anymore. Majority of complaints come from Island Humpers and Backline Snipers. And I, as a DD player, find that the biggest issue I have with CVs (I play all the other classes too), is rocket planes. ~Hunter
  14. Hunter_Steel

    no more money on this game

    I can't help you then, I can't convince you either. My experience is vastly different and I play mostly DDs this season. ~Hunter