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  1. I like what I see, and I shall buy her. Despite the preliminary stats, I shall buy her when she's released. She'll make a good addition to my Tier 6 ships, and we've been in need of a German Battlecruiser in the game. ~Hunter
  2. Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    I literally, have never once, been pink in this game. Ever. Like, ever. Not even when I played the CBT and friendly fire was more common. Hell, the last time I hit a friendly with a torp was one and a half years ago. Even when these situations happen, I hold my fire and move away. I'm probably more careful about where I fire than most people, and thus to this day, remain pink free. (I have TK'd three people in this game by accident. Still not pink.) ~Hunter
  3. if WG is intent on keeping Yamato's citadel as high as it is, then I want Yamato's original heal back, the one she had nerfed back when it was just her and Montana. ~Hunter
  4. Rip Van Wrinkle awakes-thank you WG

    I see absolutely nothing wrong in this. Like, zero. I've spent over R2000.00 (South African Rand, which is around $190.00 by you guys) on this game to buy Scharnhorst, Free XP to Nagato, Free XP to Cleveland and to get 3 days of premium time. I have no problems with it if a returning player after a year long absence gets bribed back by a Scharnhorst sitting in their port, or anything like that, I'm a paying customer, and I am not petty like that. Complaining about these things is bad practice, instead of welcoming the player back and praising WG for giving them an incentive to play, you complain. Cannot keep everyone happy though. Welcome back to the game man. Hope you enjoy it. The new branches are all pretty fun and unique. ~Hunter
  5. You can do insane damage with each tier to be fairly honest. These are my stats, damn look how much 2 months away does to me XD My WTR dropped from blew to green D: In any case, as you can see, I'm just a 51%er. By no means a good player, but also not a bad one. Currently trying to improve to be a good player. My average damage also isn't really good. It's subpar. ~Hunter
  6. Below 48% WR, has terrible damage numbers (sub 50k damage) and dies early in most of his matches while having terrible singular ship stats too. ~Hunter
  7. If you count dying early in most matches (He wasn't a DD player, he was a BB player) helping, then yeah. The point I'm making, is that you can be bad, and can still have a high WR depending on circumstances. ~Hunter
  8. Unlikely, the rest of his stats were terrible compared to mine. Sadly he left before the Closed Beta ended and I couldn't help him improve. But up until then, when we sailed the same ships, I had the better stats in them. His overall WR was the only thing that was better than mine. ~Hunter
  9. Sub 51% WR, here, I have seen guys with 55% WR's and garbage other stats. WR isn't a good indicator of one's skill. My older brother is a solo player, and has a higher WR but me, however I beat him in 1v1s all day, every day. He's not a better player, his teams are just carrying him. (I've been playing this game since the Closed Beta, and others have been playing since it's inception. My opinion does hold some weight.) If anything, I like to look at the package. If I see a 60% WR, I generally expect a high damage and K/D ratio. However, does he pad his stats or does he work for it? In this game, a person's overall stats can be heavily swayed just by one ship. If a guy has played 2000 Battles, has a 60% WR, high damage and high K/D, and his most played ship with almost half his total battles is Belfast, Arizona, Kutuzov, or Scharnhorst, then I can see he's really only played the OP/Gud ships and his stats aren't truly indicative of his skill. (Another reason I'd like to feel good about my skill is I have a 60% WR in Izumo and a 61% WR in Kagerou. I'd like to think that mean's something.) Overall, to answer OP's skill, yes and no. One would physically have to look at the player's profile to get an understanding of his skill because you need to see what ships does he play that could influence his stats, or is he generally good in pretty much any ship in the game. (A True Unicum can make pretty much any ship sink, a Unicum who padded his way to purple via P2W ships or blatantly OP ones will most likely only have sub-par to average stats in most tech tree ships.) So long story short, Yes and No. You have to do research into the player to be able to properly raise an opinion of their skill without actually 1v1ing them in a training room to gauge them. ~Hunter
  10. Supertester reward ship idea

    I like the idea of giving them exclusive ships, as it is a tangible, permanent reward for their time and effort. ~Hunter
  11. YES THANK YOU No to edit all my comments in this thread that mentioned Yamamoto XD ~Hunter
  12. I should've been more specific in my answer lol Precisely this, and this also wasn't even known in Japan what Yamato's true capabilities were. The factory that produced the 46cm guns and the factory that produced the shells were under heavy NDA or die orders. I also blame part of Yamato's incapability in Leytte Gulf to Kurita not knowing the extent of what his country's two most powerful ships could do. And so, mistakes were made, now they both lie peacefully at the bottom. ~Hunter
  13. To be fair, Kurita asked the top of the admiralty on Operation Ten-Go to tell him what size guns were on the Yamato, because he wanted to know exactly what his ship could do and exactly what kind of a beast he was using. The Yamato class were like Battleship X (USS South Dakota) that pretty much had everything about them classified. Their SHP, tonnage, gun size, even her armor was heavily classified to only a few individuals at the very top of the totem pole. Basically, nobody knew what the Yamato Class was until the US discovered the documents and declassified them, the American Admiralty were happy they weren't in a slug-fest with her. Uh... there's such a thing as Overmatch. Against Broadside Targets, the 16/50s perform pretty well. Against Angled targets, pretty well. Bow on targets, forget it. That's Yamato's thing. WG would have to rework their 14.3 rule for that to happen. ~Hunter
  14. Scharnhorst vs Warspite

    You're asking whether you should buy a Tier 6 Premium over a Tier 7 Premium. The two aren't comparable. Scharnhorst currently is the best Tier 7 Premium you can buy that isn't the Belfast. Warspite is arguably one of the better Tier 6 Premiums. ~Hunter
  15. Supertester reward ship idea

    I agree with giving STs a unique, and exclusive ship. Perhaps not a historical ship though, something paper. People won't cry about that. The whole Alabama mess wasn't WG's fault but the players and Alabama fanboys who nearly burnt down the forums whining about it. And while I do own and love my Alabama, I didn't buy her, and never would have bought her because I firmly believe she should have stayed as what she was meant to be, an ST Reward. Perhaps we could give the STs Kronshtadt's sister or Stalingrad's sister. Or one of the early Shiratsuyu sisters that had a super-firing turret on the forecastle instead of the aft section. There's many, many ships, historically significant, historically insignificant, paper ships and ships that people either plain ignored or gave no attention to because they didn't really achieve anything. I'd pick from the paper ships because even if the ship is ignored by many or not known by many, THERE WILL BE SOMEONE TO COMPLAIN. At least we can all agree that a paper ship wouldn't really be splitting hairs. ~Hunter