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  1. Hunter_Steel

    Prinz Eugen vs. Hood, who did you pick?

    *Cute and hyperactive Nanoda sounds intensifies* Gotta love Yukikaze. Can't hate her. ~Hunter
  2. Hunter_Steel

    Prinz Eugen vs. Hood, who did you pick?

    Eugen because I already have Hood lol ~Hunter
  3. Hunter_Steel


    Yes, in fact I do tell my Car Mechanic what I suspect is wrong with my car. I always check to make sure it is something, and is it something I can fix myself. Why? Because I don't trust my mechanic to fix only the one thing that is wrong with the car if I don't tell him what I think might be wrong. The playerbase has offered suggestions, and WG is taking them into account. However they ignore threads like these ones. Suggestions to remove an entire ship class are automatically thrown out. Why? Because they are not a solution that brings profit. ~Hunter
  4. Hunter_Steel


    First actually provide what you say is wrong with CVs and submarines. And then write up a way to fix it. Devs aren't gonna just wave a magic wand and voila, the game is magically fixed. ~Hunter
  5. Hunter_Steel

    When will the sub rentals stop?

    There's so many bigger issues, and people complain about rental subs lmbo ~Hunter
  6. Hunter_Steel

    Just a shame...

    I'm quite happy that the Island Camping Firehosing CLs with Radar can't do that anymore. Makes my DD Life and my BB life and my Large Cruiser life so much easier. ~Hunter
  7. This is the most likely option with the T8 variant probably either being Takao or Mogami's sister ship Suzuya. Suzuya and Kumano were built from the beginning as 203mm armed Cruisers. While Mogami and Mikuma were converted to Heavy Cruisers. ~Hunter
  8. Hunter_Steel

    Ready to quit

    Its okay, I free XP'd Emile Bertin after I got frustrated with her stupidly slow reload. I had loads of fun with the T6 though. 10/10 would buy again. ~Hunter
  9. Hunter_Steel

    New AL Waifus inbound.....

    Being reminded of this, I wonder how New Jersey would sound when she's set on fire. She's so calm and cheerful in Azur Lane, and I don't see her freaking out over anything like Niimi does. (Same voice actress for New Jersey and Z-23). ~Hunter
  10. Hunter_Steel

    New AL Waifus inbound.....

    This is actually more Kantai Collection's thing where there is a design criteria stating the girl's figures need to correspond with their displacement/armour/engine capacity/size. For example Conti de Cavour is the smallest Battleship in Kancolle right now because she was one of the smallest Battleships in the world. Colorado as well is also a smol girl because she was the smallest of the Big 7. Iowa currently is the tallest of the shipgirls because Iowa is the longest of the Battleships build (270m vs Yamato's 265m and Bismarck's 250m) while Yamato's figure is fuller than Iowa's because Yamato was a thicc ship IRL and the heaviest Battleship ever built (Musashi slightler thiccer). In AL there is none of that, considering we have the Queen E's being lolis, the Nagato sisters being lolis, the Colorado sisters being fully grown women and the Nelsons being fully grown women as well with a top heavy issue. (Although apart from Sheffield, Edinburgh, Queen E, Lolispite and the Royal Destroyer corps, pretty much all the "adult" ships are all top heavy.) All things considered, with AL there's no "design philosophy" nor any real correlation for designs. Artists draw their concept art, and AL's board selects what they like best. A good number of the lolis get prioritised because AL's CEO Lin is a self proclaimed lolicon and also cosplayer. Ark Royal in AL is her self insert into the game. ~Hunter
  11. Good. I have no sympathy for island camping radar cruisers. ~Hunter
  12. Y'know, to be honest, the UP rockets were trash IRL too ~Hunter
  13. Can we normalize 9km no fly zones like they were back before the CV rebork broke them? ~Hunter
  14. Hunter_Steel

    DevBlog 310 - Closed Test 0.11.4, New Ships

    Hey Ahskance, can you tell WG devs that they shouldn't experiment with two concepts. Take Repulse's concept and use it intact, she's the first proper British Battlecruiser and the entire line should follow her example of being ranged kiting ships with standard HE and decent AP. Its a concept that works. We've already got brawling Battlecruisers in the form of the German Battlecruisers. ~Hunter
  15. Hunter_Steel

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    We'll see you over the Christmas event. ~Hunter