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  1. 57k damage in a Fletcher? O.o I know I only average 49k damage in my Kagerou, but I guess I was kinda hoping to see like, 120k damage for a Kraken and Legend of the Seas. Congratz though, Kraken in a DD is hard to achieve, and even moreso in higher tiers. ~Hunter
  2. I have a crossair in that position so I never saw it lol ~Hunter
  3. If you think this is bad, wait until Zeppelin comes in with her triple torp squadron, wake up people. This is how CV's were back in the CBT, killing ships with impunity and the community cried for nerfs and nerfs and nerfs. Most of them, BB players, the same as when we DD players were stronger than we were now. The only ship class that has gotten stronger since the CBT is the Battleship, the rest got comparatively weaker. Stop complaining, we needed things to cull the BB population. ~Hunter
  4. I did make a second post. I'm just tired of people complaining about a player's choice. I'm just happy knowing those players will just give me extra damage or XP when I see them or I can use them as meat-shields. A wise man once said on the WoT forums: Do not think of how you can die for your potatoes, but rather how your potatoes can die for you. ~Hunter
  5. Neither of these are wrong, I prefer doing a brawling setup on my BBs instead of using SE. But it's up to the player what they want to use. Just know that player's HP becomes your extra XP now. ~Hunter
  6. Actually, it is fine. Stop complaining, it doesn't impair the ship's ability to do damage in combat, rather allows them to survive longer. ~Hunter
  7. That in and of itself is a reason to buy the ship alone. XD Really liked Thea, she was the best in the entire anime. ~Hunter
  8. Please remove this response. It was an accidental double response. ~Hunter
  9. Have an upvote for this. And luckily, since this is supposedly going until 2018. I have enough time to secure both botes :3 I want Akeno on my Yamato and Thea in my Scharnhorst. Yes, all of this is elementary for IJN DD captains like myself, but as a very good Kagerou player (I'll actually play Harekaze exactly the same way I have been playing Kagerou. A Stealth Killer who only gets seen when I want to be seen), this is VERY, VERY sound advice. IJN DDs are the single most difficult destroyers to play in the game. Their torpedoes have excellent speed and damage, but are bad because they get spotted from three galaxies away. Their guns are primarily for self defense, but can be used as offensive weapons later in combat. I sometimes like being a little cheeky and using them early to wrack up some fire damage. And when things too hot, I stop firing and return to my 5.4km spotting range. The stealthiest of all DDs, and Harekaze gets this as well. Although my play-style differs from the usual play-style of IJN DDs, I use the torp reload booster and not smoke. The reason being? Smoke is just a gigantic radar magnet at the higher tiers. You pop smoke and all of a sudden get radar'd by a ship you can't see or thats close to you when you did smoke up because of a mistake you end up dying anyways. So I decided that maximizing my damage was the best way to play this DD. Swap out smoke for torpedo reload booster. Relearn the play-style a bit with some failed games, and then hit success knowing that, if you manage to target a single BB, that BB is guaranteed to flood out after you've hit the torp reload boosters. 30s later, here comes the next set of 8 torpedoes, and by then he'll have tried to dodge the first 8, position these in the path you predict he might go, and usually they'll hit for more flooding damage (Because of the insane flooding chances IJN torpedoes have ,and because I am a piece of cow feces when playing an IJN DD, I have flooding flags added to my ship for that extra screw you) Always ensure you position yourself on the flank with the most BBs and the least cruisers. Most games will have most of the enemy's BBs on one flank with one or two cruisers there and one or 2 DDs there, position yourself on those flanks. Never contest caps early unless you're in a Div that can watch your back. Use those flanks, and drops torpedoes on as many Battleships as possible. When you have choice, and the enemy BBs are pushing on a weak flank, the torp reload booster shines. Drop torps on two BBs, and then drop them again on the same two BBs. Now you get flooding damage from two sources. Anyways, that's my advice. Some of it is really situational, but it's those situational moments when an IJN DD is allowed to shine. Watch for them and try to for the most part actively avoid confrontations with other DDs that are not IJN DDs. ~Hunter
  10. Look, this is a serious discussion, as much as I like this character, there is no place for her in this thread. ~Hunter
  11. I play for fun, have 1100 WTR and a near 52% WR. That's me carrying 52% of my games with casual play. ~Hunter
  12. I play both Battleships and Destroyers. And if I am not up-front and doing something in either of these ships, I get bored. VERY bored. This is why I hate high tier, because everyone just camps at 16-26km and snipes. Destroyers do everything they humanely can to never get spotted and cruisers sit with the Battleships and snipe as well (They have the range.). So I don't know how long you spent in high tier, but low tier is better than that. At least to my experience. ~Hunter
  13. I can rest easy now. ~Hunter
  14. Kiyoshimo, my request? Just wanna know if you've accepted it. ~Hunter
  15. Considering I asked for my favorite German Battleship in all of German Naval History to be personified, I can ask for a little bit can I not? Hell, I know quite a bit about Scharnhorst, her history, and how many people died on her/jumped ship because they were afraid of her curse. As for the other part, I am a person that doesn't like certain parts that over emphasized as anime usually does. So I asked for modesty instead. Scharnhorst herself in terms of Battleships was a fairly modest Battleship, and was also weakly armed with 9x28cm guns instead of the 9x40cm or 41cm guns or even the 38cm guns that came before and after her. ~Hunter