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  1. 10 Second Reload is Ridiculous

    I had days of success with my Kagerou, but it's still hard. It's never easy to get a good game and if you're out of position for even just 10 minutes, consider your chance to deal any sort of damage to break even, gone. IJN DD's main targets are Battleships now because of the torpedoes. Try hitting a cruiser, just try. People say launch at Cruisers, just try hitting that guy. He'll sail right between your spread like it's nothing, and the brain-dead BB behind him gets hit despite now having a full 2 minutes to respond to my torpedoes. ~Hunter
  2. Adrenaline Rush

    Simple: I use it on my Yamato and Scharnhorst. My Scharnhorst has a 20s reload time, with Adrenaline Rush at 50% HP I get a 15s reload time. With my Yamato, I have a 26s reload with the reload mod, with Adrenaline Rush at 50% HP I sit at 22s reload time with those massive 18inchers. Adrenaline Rush is actually very, very good on Battleships because of their long reloads and less effective on shorter reload ships. ~Hunter
  3. I have yet to be nuked in my cruisers by a Fusou above 15km lol Because it is anything short of a blessing or a goddamn miracle of RNGesus that Fusou hits anything above 15km. ~Hunter
  4. 10 Second Reload is Ridiculous

    Ah yes, Minekaze. She's a small ship with an identity crisis. She doesn't know whether she's from the days of the old IJN DDs that had excellent torpedoes and terrible guns as a tradeoff, or the new line that has neutered torpedoes AND the bonus of crap guns too. Because IJN DDs cannot have anything nice or competitive. ~Hunter
  5. Premium shop...disappointing (rant)

    The only thing more disappointing than the Weekend Premium offers, is the space event. ~Hunter
  6. I rebuke this statement. I've been hit by GZ AP bombs in my Izumo and didn't take more than 8k damage. I saw a Biscuit take about 18k damage though. That was fun to see. Japanese battleships actually have some of the thickest deck armor in the game. ~Hunter
  7. There's quite a few Battleships in history that would like a word with you on being sunk by carriers. Ships they had NO defense against and could not even see to counter them. ~Hunter
  8. Premium ammo on the way?

    I cannot see how premium ammo would fit in the game for WoWS. Warships had at most, three projectile choices for certain uses. 1.) APBC (There's a few more letters to it, but lets shorten it down to this. Also referred to as AP.), these are Armor Penetrating Rounds that have a small Explosive Charge in them (Tanks also had them, but this made their AP soft on certain targets, but they caused massive damage and allowed for ammo-racks to happen.), these punch through the armor belt and the citadel armor if it still has enough kinetic energy after the armor belt, and explodes inside. Usually resulting in boilers being taken out. If this shell penetrates a magazine space, then well, HMS Hood and HMS Barham are at your service for what happens. This was also the primary anti-ship weapon used. 2.) HE. Battleships, Heavy Cruisers, Light Cruisers and Destroyers all carried HE rounds. For the cases of Heavy Cruisers and Battleships. HE rounds were used for shore-bombardment primarily, as well as bombarding air-fields and other landing zones, or in the case of the Island Hopping Campaign, leveling the top of a mountain filled with Japanese militants. HE on Light Cruisers and Destroyers had two purposes: Bombardment and Anti Ship. Light Cruisers carried AP as well, but also only for firing on other Light Cruisers and Destroyers. They used HE on larger ships, such as Heavy Cruisers or Battleships. In the hopes of starting deck fires (These would block secondary gun and primary armament range finders if the deck fire was large enough) or hitting the bridge to try and cripple the ship's chain of command. But it couldn't be used to SINK a warship. Most Destroyers didn't carry AP rounds and only carried HE. This was especially the case for Destroyers with Dual Purpose Main Guns. 3.) Special Bombardment Ammunition. Now the Japanese developed special bombardment HE rounds with loads of shrapnel in it for bombarding fields and bases to try and kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. Were they effective against buildings? Not that much really, normal HE rounds would be better as they had harder shells. (Henderson Field was up again 6 hours after Kongou and Haruna bombarded it for 8 hours.) The Japanese also created the special Type 3 Anti Air rounds for large main calibre guns. These were fired from their 203 all the way to their 460mm guns. (Musashi and Yamato both fired these in their respective sinkings.) I don't see any room for special Premium ammunition. It works for WoT because the nations all developed special anti-armor ammunition. Things like HVAP/APCR were tungsten core rounds that shattered upon penetration. Killing crew and knocking out modules. (Should actually do about half the damage of normal AP rounds.) HEAT rounds basically melted through your armor delivering a small core in that would explode inside the tank. This killed crew and had a high chance of nuking your ammo rack. (Should do slightly less damage compared to HE rounds and similar damage to AP.) Those are the two main types of anti-armor rounds that were developed in WWII. I'd advocate a limit for them, specifically because the time the mid tiers and early late tiers participate in, those special rounds were in short supply. It wasn't until the 1950s that APCR/HVAP and HEAT rounds became commonplace with AP being used for anti-bunker purposes. It's similar to how modern tanks carry AP/HE/Discarding Sabot. The Discarding Sabot is the primary shell of choice against enemy armor. AP and HE are primarily used for their anti-bunker and anti-light vehicle/personnel uses because you don't want to waste an expensive Sabot round on infantry or terrorists in a car/pickup/semi-truck. Although I am speaking under correction, I don't know everything about ammo used, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. But there is no precedent for premium ammo in WoWS. Not from a gameplay (We have HE for angled ships.) or a historical stand point. ~Hunter
  9. Spill it...your most played ships

    Battleships: Scharnhorst - 248 Kongou - 145 Nagato - 140 Cruisers: Myoukou - 113 Mogami - 108 Furutaka - 81 Destroyers: Kamikaze R - 72 Minekaze - 57 Kagerou - 52
  10. ST Stalingrad Initial Stats

    It depends really. Scharnhorst was designed to carry 15inch guns, but by the time Scharnhorst's design was finalized, the 15inch guns were not ready, they wouldn't be ready until 3 years after Scharnhorst was laid-down. Instead, they opted to just improve the 11inch guns and gun-turrets on the Spee. Required much less time, money and effort and Hitler wasn't willing to delay the project until the 15inchers were ready. They didn't sacrifice anything really, just the guns weren't ready. The Alaska's didn't trade anything, their entire design philosophy was to "Hunt down and kill Cruisers, and run away from Battleships." Quite literally, the original design of a Battlecruiser. However, a Battlecruiser in an era of 42,000 - 80,000 ton Battleships that all had a top speed of between 27kts and 33kts which all had 14, 15, 16 and18.1inch guns and belt armor thickness ranging from 300mm all the way to 410mm (Scharnhorst sits right in the middle at 350mm belt armor and Yamato at the end with 410mm.) would've meant that the ship would've had to be designed with: Under 300mm belt, 14inch + caliber guns and a 34kt + top speed. Capable of hunting down Cruisers, but unable to fight Battleships on equal terms. The Large Cruiser concept comes from: Cruiser levels of armor, by this time we seeing Cruisers getting thicker belts. The Myoukou, Mogamis and Takaos with 140mm belts, and Tone with a 170mm belt, the American CA's with their 120 and 140mm belts, and the Hippers with their 140mm belts. Cruiser Levels of Firepower: 13inch guns, 12inch guns, 11inch guns and 10inch guns, all guns that would've been regarded as Battleship caliber in WWI and pre-WWI have now been debunked as Battleship caliber weapons. Couldn't even slap them onto a modern Battlecruiser and call them Battleship Calibre because they simply weren't anymore. So? What do you do? You can now mount them on a completely new class of ship with a 180-190mm thick belt, at 34kt top speed and call them Large Cruisers using a Cruiser protection Scheme with armor just thick enough to ignore 8-inch guns. Now you practically have a Large Cruiser. Put her in a fleet of Cruisers and you have a flanking division with a "Cruiser Leader" essentially. Similar to how the line between Light Cruisers and Destroyer Leaders started blurring, since Destroyer Leaders started to carry Light Cruiser calibre guns. Had the world Navies not gotten rid of Battleships and Cruisers, they naturally would've done so themselves as these new ship classes began to take over. Over time, as technology progresses. 12inch and 13inch and 11inch guns would've had Battleship levels of Penetration with extremely high muzzle velocities and very, very long ranges. We're talking modern artillery ranges here, 60+km. So essentially, thats where the Alaska's, B65 and Kronshtadt come from. B65 and Alaska with both quite literally designed with the philosophy of: We're having trouble with Heavy cruisers, build ships specifically designed to murder them. B65 had the added clause of: After Murdering the American Cruiser screen, move in to sink their carriers. They were not designed with fighting Battleships in mind at all. Hence why they can kind of be called Battlecruisers, but you also cannot call them that. By WWI standards they are, by WWII standards they are Cruisers as Technology goes forward. That, and I hate using outdated terms. Battlecruiser fell into non-existence as Fast Battleships started to replace even Battleships. The Super-Battleship Yamato is classified as a Fast Battleship, and she was built with Battleship murdering as her intent. As such, do they fit into the game as Battleships or Battlecruisers or Cruisers? No, they should, since they are premiums, be their own Class of Ship, the Large Cruiser. ~Hunter
  11. ST Stalingrad Initial Stats

    The Kongou's were Battlecruisers up till their 1935 refit. Which turned them into Battleships because their speed dropped to 25kts. They were reclassified as Fast Battleships following an extensive refit in the 1940s to all four ships that gave them new oil-fired boilers which gave them a speed of 30kts, higher than their original designed speed of 27kts thus reclassifying them as Fast Battleships. ~Hunter
  12. ST Stalingrad Initial Stats

    Ships in the Amagi Class Battlecruisers: Amagi, Akagi, Atago and Takao (Takao was originally named Ashitaka.) Ships in the Kii class: Kii and three unnamed sisters. Kii was planned as a FAST BATTLESHIP. Not a true Battleship, but a fast Battleship. Hiraga based Kii's design heavily off of Amagi's to shorten design time. Pretty much all they did was increase the armor thickness from 250mm to 290mm, and this with a 30kt top speed placed her as a Fast Battleship. So no, Kii is not a Battlecruiser, and most definitely not one of Amagi's sisters. But the lead ship of the Kii Class Fast Battleships. Here's the quote from wiki " The Kii-class battleship was a planned class of four fast battleships to be built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1920s. Only two of the ships received names. They were intended to reinforce Japan's "eight-eight fleet" of eight battleships and eight battlecruisers after the United States announced a major naval construction program in 1919. However, after the signing of the Washington Naval Treaty in 1922, work on the ships was suspended; one pair was cancelled in November 1923 and the other in April 1924. " ~Hunter
  13. ST Stalingrad Initial Stats

    According to the physics of aqua dynamics: The longer and thinner your ship, the wider the turn circle. The fatter your ship, the tighter the turn circle. Hence why Alabama, North Cal, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, Wyoming and pretty much all the Tier 3 BBs have tighter turn circles than some cruisers, some same tier cruisers and most IJN Destroyers. And why historically Iowa had an 800m turn circle and Yamato had a 640m turn circle. Kii was designed as a Fast Battleship. Not a Battlecruiser. Amagi was the only Battlecruiser design among Japan's 10x16inch gun designs. ~Hunter
  14. USS Helena aka The Machine Gun Ship

    I doubt she can suck worse than Yorck did upon release, if anything, she'll be more serviceable. I'll use her for cap contesting in a div with a Fiji. Smoke-up, fire away. ~Hunter
  15. USS Helena aka The Machine Gun Ship

    lool yeah. I'm spoiled because the best looking T6 DDs in my opinion are the closed bridge designs found on Fubuki and Hatsuharu, not to mention they have beautiful silhouettes. Had I started on the USN DD line, I guess I wouldn't have minded them earlier, but back in the beginning of the Closed Beta, I started on the IJN DD line. :P ~Hunter