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  1. thank you good to know these things
  2. i like the different missions but i must say some times its just to many in one battle. everyone going in different directions. everyone just cant work together. i have a new Iowa boat no upgrades, completely stock, the capt. needs to be retained. and the campaign missions for me is to sink a enemy destroyer in random battle with a battleship. i don't care if we win or lose i just want to sink the DD. hehe. my point is, why stay in battle that has no DDs. my mission is a failure. players with special mods can see I'm the weak guy on my team. that tell them I'm stock so its an easy kill. hehe. whats your take on this? thank you for all your replies. i hope to see all you on the high seas. have fun playing and good hunting.
  3. where do I go to ask questions on how to use controls for the pc computer and keyboard . ? I'm trying to change controls for a left handed player. and im finding out if my issue isn't with the game its not a concern with WG. if you have the time ill explain. I want to aim AA guns and secondary guns on a target. the way ive done that before is to press the ctrl key down and use the mouse arrow to click on target. may it be a ship or plan. first of all collision avoidance is turned off. enable AAguns & secondary are check, priority target, and track the locked target is checked. in the settings. the camera settings under the controls section . artiillary camera I use, the numo ( left handed.) tactical map M key , that's all I actually use.. if anyone can help my email is alanbay9@gmail.com thanks.
  4. why ask for my evaluation, opinion on a battle if they don't ask what the reasons are. it sound like a trump move.
  5. thank you

    1. RipNuN2


      Happy to help anytime alanbay :Smile_honoring:

  6. an answer to my question, I cant find. can you get flags in co-op battle. ? where can I find the answer
  7. where would one go to read up on the campaigns, tasks. one task where your asked to sink one enemy ship with your ships torpedoes I did but the task isn't checked off. do have to do this task more than once to get credit? I cant find any info on this . thanks for the help.
  8. military of the month flag
  9. then I'm grateful for the military month flag. thank for your help.
  10. I never stay in zoom mod. that is a death sentence. number three rule all ways know what is around you . the DD was about 7 to9k. from me. but your right as soon as the DD came into view I fired over him I should not have done that my bad.
  11. quick question, does the victory day flag give you any benefits. didn't see any. but other player said there were three benefits. thx for your reply
  12. well its true. and did I mention if the enemy ship is near a island on other side salvo falls short to . but I doubt you would be able to see the different yet. you only have 2k in battle. P.S. you thinking so much about stats. tells me just how new you are.
  13. so I'm aiming at the enemy phoenix about 13k from me when a allied DD moves in between us.. my first salvo fall half way be tween the DD and enemy cruiser..... but my second salvo damn near sank the allied DD. how sick is that . lol. O all the time I'm aiming at the cruiser. and then wargaming gives me a warning. sick. it seems every patch or what ever you call it, the game moves one step up and two back. it sure throws off your play. I have over 9k battles so I pretty much know when thing are off. thank for letting post.
  14. I haven't played the Kami. R. very often. but if I was to judge it. it wouldn't be nice. when it comes for the smoke . by the time laid smoke down it didn't give any time to get in position to attack. if I could I would resend the gift. I find there are other destroyers that are friendlier. more fun and exciting so I would buy this destroyer. I'm just saying. thank for letting me post.
  15. at the start of battle I was hit and my steering was taken out. but I didn't know this there was no sound of shell hitting me no crew member sounding off that my steering was hit. and I didn't see any signs on my monitor. except when i went to turn my ship and then I saw the notice show up. question; is there a way to turn up the volume of crew members reporting any hits on my boats?