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  1. its a good thing i found subnautica ,this game is crap now it runs so sick, ill may come back in a year or so.
  2. the game is running good, the next time its running bad. im told it has to do with latency. but im computer illiterate so you guys know more than me about that. ships run good in battle than it seem the next one the enemy are super destroyers. battleship with breaks, torpedo plan hit battleship with one torp. and do over 43000 damage ( one torpedo ) this has never happen to me before. am i doing something wrong or what. one guy said the game is on probation. what is that all about. can some one tell me im loseing my mind. . hehe that i can believe. thanks guys.
  3. profiles

    thank you all for your input. im shocked having so many positive replies. you guys are an asset to the game. as for joining a clans im sorry but at this time its not the right move for me. but when i do . i well be looking for a clan with a code of conduct,honor. having the right character, and patience. at the moment im off the coast of Puerto rico involved in underwater search and recovery, so im on call 24/7 and cant commit. but when i sail back to pacific i plan to catch harbor on west coat then i would like to learn more about clans and how they work. thank you again be well.
  4. thanks for the info.

  5. the game has fallen in the pit of poop. I'm starting to get pissed off with the game to the point where I'm not helping player any more and yes I'm looking for new games out side WARGAMEING. there are so many changes in the game its losing players right and left. so sad. I'm never going to spend any more money on this game again. sorry but that's just how I see it and fill it.
  6. profiles

    so how do you look up other players profile? some players are very hard to believe. ( 75% win rates ) I have to see this. can you look up other players stats. ?
  7. fiji vs missouri

    are you guys kidding. the Fiji in the same random battle as the Missouri. what the [edited] guys. hehe , that is a really bad matchup. the Missouri can sink the Fiji just by looking in its direction. hehe . the pore guys playing the Fiji just stop playing he was so frustrated . I think it would be nice if you could look into this. thanks.
  8. russian boats.

    been playing the Russian cruisers, up to tire VIII. its a very bad line. very very weak armor. the guns light fires but that's about it. other allied boats well take the kills. you can try to go for the destroyers if there not being covered but if you have to push to get the DDs your going to lose. most of the time. in random battles if there are Russians boats those are the one to focus on very easy kills. just look at them and you'll sink them. any tier equal or higher, one or two salvo well take the russian boats out. you can hang back and support carriers but don't expect to accomplish missions in campaigns . I suggest not to play this line. you mite get frustrated. thank . post scrip. no reply please.
  9. post scrip. i know every time i put a new capt. on my Ark. B. i play every badly. ( hehe) but thats because the capt. has no XP.
  10. post scrip, the patches take a while to get right  i thought. but  not sure. 

  11. sim= simulation. a game  useing really stats. on boats. yeah i dont know  i do hope they come back, im not  in a clan or anything like that.but  its nice to work with other guys  in battles. thank for  reply. be well


  12. hi guys im not sure your geting this, i have a very hard time trying use this forum. but regarding the friends moving on to other games all i can say is these guys are very good with knowing how to play and there stats reflect they have very good stats. they all started in beta. its my stats that are bad. i do know that they filled out the survey when they quit. i tried to find the survey but didnt. one person said when i was in the chat room seem to think it had to do with the patch having issues, i dont know you guys would know more about that then me . but thank for your replies . that tells me im getting better at useing computer.
  13. Im losing players left and right . an other 4 guys stopped playing because they say the physics are not right. if that is true can you not fix it .
  14. im losing players

    the game is losing players. they say the game is not balanced and the graphics are not right. I finding the British and Russian boat are so weak, ( paper boats ) they cant compete in many missions and campaigns. I lost 4 friends who stopped playing the game. is it possible to work on fixing the issues before adding things that don't work . thanks .
  15. I have been playing a while now. and I'm very surprised a computer savvy person hasn't made a video on how to change the settings from right to left without losing common keys on pc keyboard. that said. I don't want to tell wargaming how to run there business, but I must say as hard as you guys try to improve the game. you fall short in some areas.