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  1. alanbay


    have you guys played the shimakaze latly . not worth playing ,. so sad
  2. I really don't your right about that. and im computer illiterate and at 71 or 72  years old  I don't stop to learn except with things like this happen ( hehe) I do know some things but about games not so much. I sail and scuba dive know a lot about that. im on computer to exercise brain. thankyou  for letting post

  3. alanbay

    invisable ships.

    this is the first time I experienced anything like this and yea I was scared, I didn't know . thanks for explaining it to this old man I hope to see you sea dogs on the high seas good hunting and thanks for letting me post.
  4. alanbay

    invisable ships.

    honestly honest to all the gods and the creator ( you understand this, yes? ) to swear to gods and the creator im telling it like it was. I put smoke inbetween Wyoming and me. ( you understand this. yes? ) he see me I see him appear at 4km. that's pretty close . I should have had eyes in him all that time . you have to understand , my English is getting really gooder. hehe. thanks for letting me post
  5. alanbay

    invisable ships.

    honest to all the god and the creator, I exit my smoke at rear he shouldn't have seen me , but when I was in the smoke I couldn't see him at at all . it wasn't allways like that, but ok . I steal have a use for smoke. and whats up with this guy talking about 480 battles who cares about that. he should be concerned about why I haven't got a metal or some thing for shooting and destroying all islands in every theater I am a beast and more so when im in my Ark. B. thank you very much . as all ways thank you for posting
  6. alanbay

    invisable ships.

    so im in my Nicholas and see the Wyoming moving closer and closer to me so I move in position to about 6km. and blow smoke to hide me and go in to torp. mod. ( but a funny thing happen, ) the Wyoming moves within 4km. and goes invisible , as smoke spreads, I wait to see what happens but he is gone, I move out of smoke in opposite direction and the Wyoming pops up at 2km. from me at the same time I go out of torp. mod . :( yeah he nails me) . these are things that really vex me. visibility at sea level is about 7km. ( 10 mil.) thx for letting me post this
  7. yeah, yeah, i know  hazeG. thats way im vex over this  . please  forgive me for saying  but  i hope it happens to you so you well know  im not just a bad player  but  im a bad player who can at the  least describe what i saw was real. and  hay thanks for your reply  you scupper diver. hehe. 

  8. alanbay


    i wish i could say there was a island but there wasnt i know all the islands in all the theaters because i've shot and killed all the islands . no smoke just air. believe me ive played this game a long time . so like i say all ways, win or lose i dont care just try to do your best have fun playing if you can and good hunting all you rusty scupper captains out there . hehe
  9. alanbay


    i'm computer illiterate so please be patience. how is it a lazo can get withing 2.5 km. from enemy boat and not be seen. and when i see im up against three enemy ships that out gun me taking health from faster than you can spit.hehe, i'll abandon the battle, punishment or not. and seeing this punishment ( how childish is that ) WG thinks well stop players from abandoning the battle . well we'll stay in battle but the allies wont like it i promise you that, so good going getting players pissed off. its bad enough that a lot of boats exhilarate, stop, and tune faster than most sports car, they do this. so sad to see the game going bust. yeah its to bad we have a system we can play games on but have no one to run it in a proper way. thank
  10. it would depend on the theater your fighting in. i look at ships like rock, paper, scissors. i never rush in, and that way i can try to pick my targets and not let them pick me. i try to stay together for air support, and dump as much fire on enemy ship. 

  11. rule number one NEVER  PUT REALLY MONEY IN WARGAMING.  its a game to us but to WG its a business and they want the  money more than making  players  happy playing the  game

  12. what the hell WG are you really that incompetent. I like playing the  Ark. B.    in last patch it wasn't as bad as it is now. why don't you idiots just take the  boats without AAguns out of game. or do you like frustrating  players  

  13. alanbay

    bad managment

    been playing this game from the start . but no more warships can take there warnings and bad management and go to hell I quit.
  14. thanks for the info.

  15. post scrip, the patches take a while to get right  i thought. but  not sure.