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  1. This freeze on loading has returned with 10.8. I sit at "awaiting Players" with the countdown timer frozen. If I reboot PC and restart game, it picks up in mid battle. However, if I close game without rebooting and relaunch game, it remains frozen. I previously updated drivers and cleaned out unneeded active programs running in back ground, and refreshed internet modem and local router. This had no immediate impact, but the freezing went away after a few days while still running 10.7. It appears to be a server side issue. BTW - each time I cannot relaunch the game, I receive a penalty for "No Battle Contribution" so I continuously need to clear my PINK status, and have to put up with heckling through that process.
  2. pappytopp

    Game Freeze on battle loading

    roger thanks for the ideas rebooted router, modem and PC Looking for updated drivers now
  3. I have had this problem yesterday and today (8/25-26). I start a battle, Random, CoOp or Ranked, the game freezes while loading the battle before the Start Battle option. Some times I can reboot PC and get into game that is already underway, other times I cannot or the battle is over. I get penalized (8 games so far today). I have no other game issues, once the game does start, other than my poor play. Anyone else having similar issues with 10.7?
  4. pappytopp

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    I cannot connect - I get Server Temporarily unavailable for a few days
  5. pappytopp

    Update will not complete download

    I cannot download thru WGC - I get the Download speed reduced to zero non-sense. Any ideas. WOWS launches, but cannot download WOT or WOWS PT updates