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  1. Lighthawk1

    New ideas for historic Commanders

    I like that They're implementing historic figures, (Pan Asian guy, Dutch guy, Swedish guy, etc), but the issue is, other than being someone historic to that nation/region, they're not given anything uniquely special. Consider tweaking different skills that aren't common-place tweaked skills to the other run-of-the-mill 1500 doubloon commanders. What were those nations known for? Navigation? Give them speed or spotting boosts. Military tacticians? Give them damage enhancements (additional gun range, torpedo speed or damage, better AA, etc). Did said commander ever demonstrate any humanitarianism towards captured enemies? Give additional heal/repair consumable boosts. Make them stand out other than just "here's a famous name and face from history". It doesn't even have to be anything massive: just something that makes them more unique, and worth being acquired.
  2. Lighthawk1

    Karma revamp

    Bad idea. That perfectly sets up enabling divisions to harass and block other players from getting damage and XP (including those torpedo "c*ck-blocks" ), and the player who then scored lower because that division intentionally "worked" the rest of the team, couldn't do anything about it. This is division rigging, plain and simple. If you end up a lone player in a match with at least one division, you potentially could be forced to earn a lower score. And by your suggestion, you would have no recourse, other than hoping Support would choose in your favor if you had video evidence that showed one of them pushing you into an island and blocking you from fighting, or another one deliberately waiting to cut across in front of your torps to block your shots. Your suggestion creates too much opportunity for divisions to "stack the deck" against those other players who aren't playing in a division. Accept that karma is, for the most part, a useless metric in many instances. I've seen streamers with high karma commit a stupid mistake and die, even admit, "dammit that was stupid..." And at the same time, underdogs belonging to no clan, and having a low-to-zero karma, pull off a Hail Mary that secures a victory. What happens when the top earners of the team let their egos get the better of them, got killed and almost cost the match doing stupid stuff (like ignoring being out-capped because they all wanted to race to kill the enemy CV), and that low-scoring underdog saves the day but with a near-bottom score? Said underdog perfectly earned his/her own right to down vote the higher score players who nearly cost a match. Nobody would lose any sleep if it was abolished altogether. Sure, egos would get bruised, but life goes on. So will the game.
  3. Lighthawk1

    The Economy Changes Are Inbound

    Hmmm... So this plus this: WG Statement Regarding Decision to Leave Russia and Belarus - Page 13 - News And Announcements - World of Warships official forum " Effective March 31 2022 the company started the process of closing its studio in Minsk, Belarus and transferred its live games business in Russia and Belarus to local management of Lesta Studio that is no longer affiliated with Wargaming. The company will not profit from this process either today or going forward. Much to the contrary we expect to suffer substantial losses as a direct result of this decision. " And factoring in this: Collectively point to this: (paraphrased with permission from one of my colleagues) " ...BEFORE the camo eco/visual change takes effect, THIS kind of system to pre-buy perma camos, could cause an absolute feeding frenzy as players rushed to buy many of the favorable perma camos our esteemed streamer and CC MiniHannibal65 suggested. .... A lot of players just don't have those ships yet. But incentivizing an early perma camo buy, would push them to actually buy the ships later, where otherwise some of them might shy off because "aw damn, under the new system, it doesn't earn as much as if I bought it under the old system...." They might see less value in the ships with these special camos afterwards, and not pursue purchasing them. But holding that opportunity to pre-purchase the perma camos in front of players' faces, like holding a piece of steak in front of a dog... "come on, boy, you know you want it..." It could generate a really good (short term) feeding frenzy. ....., giving the opportunity beforehand, players who don't have those special camos as mentioned in the video, might swarm like piranhas to acquire them, if they knew they would get the better bonuses after The Change-over. " So, we're on 11.4 now, and this eco/visual split is happening with 11.6.... So now's the ideal timeframe for the WG/WoWs Marketing Department to get the go-ahead and push forward some kind of pre-11.6 perma camo sale event. The past couple weeks, a collective poll of 9 of the 12 members in my clan who responded with potential tallies, we're not looking at a small sum of doubloons, collectively, were we to just go and outright purchase which of the camos identified in minihannibal65's video he recommends, that interest us (mostly, for the ships we have but didn't buy the more expensive camos for yet, and 6 ships yet to be bought that they would like to have, plus said perma camos that go with them). So if 9 people can identify a sizable amount of "we would like to have all this stuff... please incentivize it before 11.6 takes effect.... ?" what would the global (non-Lesta-region) playerbase be interested in? It collectively probably is not a small sum, not by a long shot. So here's perfect opportunity for WG/WoWs, utilizing CURRENT CONTENT, incentivized to recoup at least "better than nothing" towards that supposed lost revenue, if there is any measure of trustworthiness in everything we've told so far about the separation from the "Lesta region" as well as the eco/visual split. IF it's offered before 11.6 goes live. Otherwise, missed opportunity equals missed revenue. Sure, we could just buy it all at the current listed prices. And maybe many players will do the same. OR, as all my above rambling points to, incentive it so even more potential players are reeled in. When you're going hungry and want to catch bigger fish, you offer the bait worth biting onto.
  4. Lighthawk1

    500th Anniversary of the Swedish Navy

    Well, They will sell him as a 14-point for US $17.99, so if you just don't have the time, there's that option. I'm in the situation where career requirements have me in a catch-22: can't make the time to do a lot of these grinds, but the job easily makes these things affordable to buy outright... but then again, I'm back to Square One as to not having as much game time as I'd like to. While $17.99 for a 14-point does make him seem overpriced: all the 10-pointers are 1500 doubloons, suggesting a 14-pointer should be about 2100 (if we math it out at 150 db per level). But this is a historic character with a unique voice over, not just a face to go with a national flag.... now we just need a few more Swedish ship options to utilize those 14 points. Would be nice if that price included a courtesy addition of that Vasa Patch. Wargaming.net Premium Shop
  5. ....World politics still suck? Does that count?
  6. Lighthawk1

    Permacamo's to purchase!

    That is some painful luck, to have that many duplicates thrown at you... Word of advice to all who haven't learned the "trick" yet: never "cash in" your duplicates in a collection to build remaining missing pieces, until you have enough duplicates to build how many vacant pieces you still need: every open slot, is a chance you'll get an actual piece instead of a duplicate, so the more open slots you have, the more opportunities of a full piece instead of a dupe.
  7. Lighthawk1

    Permacamo's to purchase!

    I'm not even close to completing the campaign for Shinonome yet. I'll most likely skip her camo, as the IJN mid tier destroyers just aren't really my thing. I already own Graf Spee and Warspite, so there I'm committed to 10K already (thanks, Mini..... ). I'm more than likely going to do the AL mission for Lady Eugen now instead of Ms Hood, and since that 25% doubloons discount coupon is fast approaching, it'll be Eugen and her camo, and Spee and Warspite's... Yeah, I'm gonna need to invest in some doubloons. All of these, though, I wouldn't need an early Store option. But I do think it would be a profitable endeavor for the benefit of other players. Perhaps instead of an all-out perma camo store, some time before this change takes effect, WoWs could just sell the perma camos: maybe for a month prior, all the Kobayashis could be on sale in a bundle and singly, and all the Nationals could be on sale also in a bundle and singly. It's been a successful business template for countless other perma camos: players buying them up even when they didn't even own the ships yet (for me, it was Fuso and Nagato Castle Samurais last time). Put these out on the market for an entire month or two (two would be more ideal, probably), doubloons or cash.
  8. Lighthawk1

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Azur Lane Intro Pack

    It's a guaranteed commander drop, the article on the portal says so: Loot drop contents: 1x Azur Lane Premium container Access to the Azur Lane Dorm Port and two special combat mission chains that will ultimately reward you with 3x Azur Lane collection containers; the Manjuu flag; 9x "Azur Lane – Siren" camouflages; and one of two Commanders with 6 skill points—Prinz Eugen or Hood. Claim Each Azur Lane Premium container includes (the percentage indicates the drop chances of each group of items): 6x "Azur Lane – Siren" camouflages — 100% One Azur Lane Commander with a unique voiceover and 10 skill points (Dunkerque, Jean Bart, Saint Louis, Prinz Eugen, Roon, Admiral Hipper, Bismarck, Littorio, Zara, Shōkaku, Yukikaze, Azuma, Yat Sen, Sovetskaya Rossiya, Avrora, Chapayev, Belfast, Nelson, Hood, Neptune, Formidable, Baltimore, Enterprise, Cleveland, Montpelier, or New Jersey) — 100% 12x signals of the same type (Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra, Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan) — 100% 100% commander drop chance. Yes, it kinda sucks if you completed the mission 1st time around, you don't get to do the chain again for the other commander (Eugen, Hood), so it's a one-or-the-other, but not an opportunity to earn both. That being said, I received Neptune. Yeah.... she'll be going in another boat, I don't even have the tier 7s unlocked for the UK yet.
  9. Lighthawk1

    PSA: Special premium camo after conversion

    The take-away here would be, certainly current camos with additional bonus have that baked into their price. Taking that additional bonus away and making the camo sell itself just on its visual appearance alone, probably will discourage more players from buying some of them: why would I spend 4000 doubloons on a perma camo with no additional bonus, than any 2000 doubloon camo the same ship has? That additional bonus is what "sealed the deal" for many players who bought high-end camos. Separating the two now, economic and visual, suggests visual-only camos should no longer cost as much per tier, unless they are of considerably higher artistic quality. For a lot of us then under the new system, WG/WoWs will have an extremely hard sell justifying any future perma camos asking for 4000+ doubloons, if there's no additional bonus other than visual appeal. It's a pity, really: that many players jokingly agree, the Art Department carries this game. But under this new system, stripping away additional bonuses from their camos, in a way belittles and de-values their artistic effort.
  10. OK, that works. In all my matches so far, I've got 2 that actually scored any flood damage so far tonight, and they were barely over 1000. Didn't even know R could stop it that quick. Guess luck was on their side they had it ready.
  11. The game isn't going to pull in any worthwhile revenue on a tier 2 1912-era ship that can't do combat missions. It's the WW2 Sydney is where the money is.
  12. Seriously, is this broken? I don't remember it being this difficult to cause flood damage before. With or without flags (Juliet Whiskey Unaone, +15%; Victor Lima, +4%) With or without commander's skill (Liquidator, +30% chance of flooding). This has been both with regular torpedoes and Pan Asian deep water. These are just some examples of what I've been dealing with all evening, trying to get flooding damage done. Which so far has been zero, even though it's telling me I caused floods. Torpedo damage isn't the problem. Why is it even registering as a flood hit, if there's no flood damage at all? Every match I've gone back thru today, that shows a flooding indicator in addition to a torpedo hit, shows zero flooding damage. So.... WHY? Why does it even register a flood if there's zero damage displayed (no, hovering the mouse over it doesn't show any damage, either).
  13. Lighthawk1

    Leningrad Gone

    It's understandable that Alpha and Beta ships should stay solely in the hands of Alpha and Beta testers (IOW, those DON'T belong in the ship containers, fair enough). But definitely, there have been more premium ships added to the game, that those containers in the tokens shop don't fully list in their drops. Everybody isn't rolling in tens of thousands of excess community tokens, so adding more of the recent ships to the container drops won't kill their overhead when it comes time to launch Black Friday containers again. ...Speaking of which, don't they do those in June or July, also? They did last year....
  14. Lighthawk1

    Feedback on ...What you like about WoWs!

    An enjoyable thing worth liking: when the game redeems itself. I had to walk away from it for a period because I was apparently not "in the groove" for a while, and it wasn't worth the aggravation. So a 6-week hiatus focusing free time elsewhere. Logged in a few hours ago and saw those 2 really easy Twitch missions for 400 tokens each were still up for a few more hours (one for 10 citadels, one for 10 main gun hits). Maybe it was my poor decision to decide to push Kotovsky to an OCD-required 25 missions before selling her finally, that added to my aggravation tonight. But even picking better ships, STILL had that aggravation and just didn't have any matches that felt "in the groove", despite being in upper ranks in several of them. I expect a chat ban within the next few days, whatever, because I didn't hesitate to let other players know what I thought of the experience. So, sacrificed off Kotovsky finally. Was gonna call it night. That gut feeling hit me: I absolutely loathe the Jutland containers, because I think they are the most poorly rewarding drops of any container: 1000 coal each, no Collection, and paltry rewards. If it drops a camo, it's one. One. Single. Camo. And the Jutland camos aren't even impressive stats. Long story short, ages ago from somewhere, I got that "To Honor Skagerrak" perma camo for the tier 3 Konig Albert, despite the ship not being available except solely from Jutland containers, and the drop chance for K.A. was abhorrently poor for a tier 3 ship. Back to that gut feeling, I thought, "I'm just gonna waste the coal on 10 containers, and call it a night." 10th container, there she was: my 10000 coal tier 3 Konig Albert, that can't do any combat missions. And since she's not in the Tier II-IV ship containers as a drop, well, there's one less rare ship off the bucket list. And best part, I now have justifiably no reason whatsoever to ever touch another Jutland container ever again. No more temptation. Probably won't even play the ship. It's just the point of capturing that rare one.
  15. HMAS Sydney. Yeah, she got "sucker punched" by a commerce raider (Kormoran) pretending to be... not a commerce raider. But I'd still grab her up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Sydney_(D48) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_auxiliary_cruiser_Kormoran If she's a modified Leander, and we already have that, it doesn't seem like modeling Sydney would be an overly-time-consuming effort.