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  1. Granitebeard

    Why have so many good players.......

    Many of the older players are getting sick of how the game is changing.
  2. Stopped playing most of mine. I play very little now as the whole game is going down hill, but will say the last few I remember was the Brit DD. Third game in it and was being yelled at that I was playing it wrong, regardless of me explaining that I have not had the ship long. Sick of the people that sit at tier 10, getting sick of the game in general.
  3. Granitebeard

    Seriously, WG? [rant]

    Not for me, I use no mods except the useless driver assist tech they force upon. I pretty much crash every six to ten matches, good thing i barely play two or three now before calling it the week...
  4. Granitebeard

    Mini map mod to remove "last know position"?

    As has been mentioned, it is not an option in the game anymore. And now if the option is not in one of the bigger mods I have heard of I am unsettled even more. Trust me, I am not one of the come to the forums and start complaining about something like this without trying to figure it out for a few matches on my own. I do not see how not using this "tool" is not smart. I do not consider my self a genius in any form, but I can remember the last spot I knew something was fairly easily, particularly in the short time of a game. I there for do not need something to remind me that maybe two or three, perhaps even more, minutes ago a ship was here. As by the time that info become relevant, the ship will more then likely not be near that spot. I realize this is not always the case, but it could send people on a wild goose chase particularly in situations were there are a few greens left and maybe one or two reds. This is part of why I do not like this addition to the mini map. Another is that I feel it clutters up the mini map too much with useless info (again, I know I am the only one who thinks this).
  5. Granitebeard

    Mini map mod to remove "last know position"?

    I am sorry for coming to to a different section, where I would normally never go, and asking if there is a mod that can find an answer to my issue, seems redundant? I figured I would reach a different group. I would figure that if you posted in my other topic you would let this slip by and not give the same answer, which in no way is what I am looking for. I am glad that so many people like this feature, but to me it takes away from the game. It is not useful info if you pay attention and just enables... I was hoping to not have to go digging and seeing if this possible in all the different mod options, I was hoping that someone with a working knowledge of the mods would help someone who has never looked at mods before.
  6. So I don't use mods, but if there is one that can make it so I can once again turn off the "last know position" crap on the mini map, that would be great. Does anyone know if there is an option out there that will let me do this?
  7. Granitebeard

    Turn off last known position

    This is pretty much my thoughts and opinion on this function in the game. And I also agree on the crosshairs part I use the most basic one for me as well.
  8. Granitebeard

    Turn off last known position

    Not even remotely close to what I am talking about...
  9. Granitebeard

    Turn off last known position

    While minor, it is just another reason to add to the list to stop playing the game for me.
  10. Granitebeard

    Turn off last known position

    If it is there I can't find it... And to the others, it is not in the normal mini map settings. I understand most people like this, but it is something that really bothers me with how games are transforming these days. I have played games for years without this "benefit." Part of the fun for me, is making sure I am paying enough attention, to know where they were without an aid. In my eyes this game is a shadow of what it was, and this just makes me sadder.
  11. So I was traveling for work for about a month and had very little time to play. These last few days, I have noticed that the "last known position" setting for the minimap is on. I noticed in some patch notes that there were some minimap changes that happened. I went into the in match minimap settings and the toggle for this is now gone. How does one shut this off now? I am not a fan of it, and feels it distracts more than helps so would like to turn it off.
  12. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.5.: Rogue Wave!

    How do I turn off last know position now? This is a function I do not like and feel like it is taking away from the game (I know I am the only one who feels this way). But I would like to turn it off.
  13. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I have seen the videos (and laughed at some of them as the players are either trying to look like bad players or just don't understand some aspects of the game) and understand that there are mechanics that were just wrong, and I can agree that some mechanics needed to be tweak. Yes the f key abuse was bad. That being said, and maybe it is just my play style, but I never had a turn around of "seconds". I was multiple times reduced to just the two planes I had attacking a ship left at tier 8 and the time it took to return to the target ship from my CV was not fast enough to have an impact. Again maybe that is just me. But it drives the point I made about them. You will have the people with the skills to play them, and these will be the people everyone focuses on and makes them out to be OP. Then the people, like me, with lower skills of the play style that will make people cringe and feel that the CVs need to be more user friendly. By making it so the only way you are being effective (again, no tier 10 games in CVs for me) is going for ships two tiers below you, then I would just go play tanks were that is the case. This rework, and hotfix is not what the CV play style needed, and will in the long run make CVs played less. And when that one player with skill takes one out, people will still cry that they are too strong.
  14. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I fear this new hotfix will kill the game. Or at least for me. I still don't honestly understand the people that are saying that CVs are OP now. AA feels strong no matter what ship I play, and I always shoot down planes. In CVs I barely land hits until late in the game as getting through any kind of flak wall is nearly impossible. Sure I am only using my premium CVs, so there is that. The game is going to be worse than it was. Only the people with the skill to play these well will, and all others will stop faster. Thanks for making it easy for me to play other games WG. Shame about the UK CVs coming soon, would have probably failed those to tier 10 if it weren't for this patch.
  15. Granitebeard

    My turn to whine.

    I see them going to below pre rework levels. No way will more people play the poor excuses, and now worse, level of play than before.