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  1. Granitebeard


    It is had to take this kind of post seriously. I feel there was enough suggestions in all the other threads to make something worth while. Wade through all of the "ERMERGERD CVERS TER STRENG" and the "QQQQQ CVs to weak QQQQ" posts and listen to the people giving what they see from both sides. There were plenty of "hey AA seems a little too strong, could it get dialed back a little to help the CVs out" along with the same people saying "He this feature( F key returns for one) that is too strong, that needs to go" and the list goes on and on. Instead the approach around this seems to be to take the biggest complaints from from the loads whinings of not CV ships and implement that against CVs. What the rework has been out for less than a month and the CV nerf bat has come down hard on CVs. I remember being in a group during alpha testing asking for things, and they didn't go into the game until after the game was in full release. Why make such knee jerk adjustments to something so new? This has been said many times, but the CV game play is going to go back to a select few, who will be really good at it, as the only ones playing the class. Why not give it two or three months once the hype of the rework was gone and see how things compared.
  2. Granitebeard


    So WG put CVs up on the execution block and said "hey here's something new to try" basically allowing the community to choose the fate of them. At first, the community started to give them a by and allow them to keep living. But WG listened to the the complaints about their strengths and not their weakness. So WG made the distance to the CVs being safe further, and added more weapons for the executioner to choose from when it came time for the deed to be done. And once again asked for the community's opinion on the new hotfix. Again cries that it was sliding the wrong way went up, along with cries that things were still too strong for the CVs. Again, the cries of strength over weakness were listened too over the weaknesses. So now to get to safety and be a usable class in the game CVs are given a tightrope walk over a pit of razor sharp rocks where one slip and the class is gone. Some CVs were just coming to light as well and will never know what their full abilities might have been. Way to make the game worse WG... Now I won't even try to play the new RN CVs... Not in a meta like this. I guess my one maybe two games a night thing might keep happening...
  3. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I have seen the videos (and laughed at some of them as the players are either trying to look like bad players or just don't understand some aspects of the game) and understand that there are mechanics that were just wrong, and I can agree that some mechanics needed to be tweak. Yes the f key abuse was bad. That being said, and maybe it is just my play style, but I never had a turn around of "seconds". I was multiple times reduced to just the two planes I had attacking a ship left at tier 8 and the time it took to return to the target ship from my CV was not fast enough to have an impact. Again maybe that is just me. But it drives the point I made about them. You will have the people with the skills to play them, and these will be the people everyone focuses on and makes them out to be OP. Then the people, like me, with lower skills of the play style that will make people cringe and feel that the CVs need to be more user friendly. By making it so the only way you are being effective (again, no tier 10 games in CVs for me) is going for ships two tiers below you, then I would just go play tanks were that is the case. This rework, and hotfix is not what the CV play style needed, and will in the long run make CVs played less. And when that one player with skill takes one out, people will still cry that they are too strong.
  4. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I fear this new hotfix will kill the game. Or at least for me. I still don't honestly understand the people that are saying that CVs are OP now. AA feels strong no matter what ship I play, and I always shoot down planes. In CVs I barely land hits until late in the game as getting through any kind of flak wall is nearly impossible. Sure I am only using my premium CVs, so there is that. The game is going to be worse than it was. Only the people with the skill to play these well will, and all others will stop faster. Thanks for making it easy for me to play other games WG. Shame about the UK CVs coming soon, would have probably failed those to tier 10 if it weren't for this patch.
  5. Granitebeard

    My turn to whine.

    I see them going to below pre rework levels. No way will more people play the poor excuses, and now worse, level of play than before.
  6. Granitebeard

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    OK, SO I sold my CVs because this new play style is not fun, nor is it easy. Basically we have what we had. Only a select few will be really good with this new play style and these nerfs have made it worse for those of us not at the upper levels of skill. Maybe the Hak was OP, I did not play it. But these changes make me want to play CVs even less and that means I am now playing WoWs less...
  7. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Officially sold off my CVs (not the premium ones). I have done more damage lately, but the feeling of complete uselessness even as top tier CV is not worth playing. With the RN CVs in the hands of supertesters, I am very sad that I won't be playing the new RN CVs unless changes are made to the CVs that are for the better.
  8. Granitebeard

    Yet one more cv thread

    Oh I understand, I will admit I was bad at CVs before hand, but now.... Thinking about selling the premiums unless they change something...
  9. Granitebeard

    Yet one more cv thread

    Yep tier 8 CV can't do anything in a tier 10 match... this was bad... very bad...
  10. Granitebeard

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I took part in both the CV public test and it is nice to know my input was not listened to in any way, but I am just one person. New CV game play is awful. Control over ship and planes make it so you feel useless. Not to mention the the auto pilot goes super wonky at times. I set new destinations for my CV and it put me in reverse for no reason... Can't hit anything well and the new aiming is not fun. First to matches did 3~7K damage and I am not sure how I pulled off 100k damage in my second time out in the tier 8 IJN, but I noticed placement in tiers is a big part (was a tier 8 fighting tier 6s). AA is too strong for a tier 8 CV in a tier 10 match, but to weak for a tier 8 CV fighting tier 6s.... Not to mention there is no good way to "dodge" and attack the flak... Honestly, thinking about selling my premiums (probably won't) but if I can't acclimate to the new CV game play, they will all get sold and not played. I am with those who feel the WG should of just taken the CVs out of this game if this is the route they think is best... I thought they were OK, both as a player of them (poorly) and against them before. Now they seem like more of a hindrance to the team regardless of their skill.
  11. Granitebeard

    something seems broken with AA performance

    Hard to believe people only shoot down 1 plane... I touch one flak cloud in a CV and lose 4+ planes. AA OP...
  12. Granitebeard


    I think the saving grace is what ever damage control part III and repair party III is. Perhaps, really fast and long action times on both? who knows at this point, but as a UK fan boy I will get it no matter what.
  13. Granitebeard


    People know that she is slated as a tier 8 premium (probably free xp) ship right? Big thing for me is the DCP and RP 3 that she will have access too. https://thedailybounce.net/2018/09/21/world-of-warships-supertest-hms-vanguard-full-details/
  14. I would guess it comes down to the player. To me most everything you listed goes by unnoticed because they have little impact to what I want to see in the game. The ones I left here, to me, make the game worse. But that is my opinion, and I realize that in the eyes of everyone I am wrong. It is a game, I just don't want it to be a game where they take mindfulness and critical thinking out of the players need. My thoughts are more in line with Zarth12. WG needs to go back to something more basic and stop pigeon holing things and make the game more balanced for all ship classes.