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  1. So after 9.6 this problem has resurfaced for me. Not only did the dockyard not work but neither did Armory or Naval Battles. Tried reapplying the patch but that didn't work, which isn't surprising since a different executable than 9.6. I fixed my issue by changing my display from Windowed to Full Screen. After that, all issues disappeared. Just for fun I switched it back to Windowed and it still seems to work fine. I have no explanation for this. Hope this helps.
  2. Patch applied. No change. Still doesn't work.
  3. When WG added ridiculously OP Light tanks and autoloaders at every turn, they turned the game into a grown up version of Mario Kart meets Doom. I left and have only been back for maybe 5 games in 3 years. They're now turning WoWs into Boom Beach. As an Alpha tester, I'm sad to see this game heading down the same path as WoT but the writing is on the wall. The change to CV's has now made the game so frustrating, that it's not entertaining anymore. So I've played my last game and am uninstalling. Thanks to the great majority of you that have made the last several years playing what was once a fantastic pastime.
  4. Same for me. Two of the last three games haven't registered. Going on Liberty for a bit.