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  1. Terminator_1211

    Potential CV nerf?

    some slight exaggeration to make a point. Comment on the proposed change instead of a poor ad hominem.
  2. Terminator_1211

    Potential CV nerf?

    some slight exaggeration, but my point stands.
  3. Terminator_1211

    Potential CV nerf?

    I was thinking, what if the ability for carriers to maneuver planes during the attack run was removed (sort of like the RTS style) and forced the CV player to actually aim and predict the course of the target ship? Everyone else with main battery shells and torpedoes have to compensate for enemy player movement, and these have travel times that allow players to evade and minimize damage. Meanwhile, carrier planes can pull crazy turns even while the aiming circle is decreasing and smash maneuvering ships (regardless of class) with a full salvo every time. (hyperbole, but you catch my drift) For example, it's nearly impossible for a DD to avoid rocket planes from a good CV player from any direction except from directly in front, even while erratically evading. Or how a cruiser in the sights of a Hakuryu eats citadels no matter what they do or battleships being virtually helpless against torpedo bombers. On a separate note, the fact that CVs are a jack of all trades end-all counter to all ships is unreasonable and judging by the issues they bring to normal gameplay (making DD spotting irrelevant, punishing nose in ships, perma spotting DDs, unavoidable cruiser citadels, practically invulnerable planes, guaranteed damage, etc. etc. etc.) they shouldn't have been added to the game in the first place. (this is my personal opinion, don't crucify me pls) But that's besides the point, I'd think that this change would actually make plane munitions easier to JustDodgeTM while making CV play more skill based instead of the practically impossible to avoid 10k blaps we see in game. Of course the accuracy of plane drops would be increased and the time of attack runs would be decreased to compensate, but I think that this would make CVs a little more tolerable to play against. Thoughts?