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  1. barbaroja_Ar

    Is FDG as fun as Bismarck?

    German BBs Konig and up, are all fun to play albeit there are minor difference on the playstile. May be the only outliner is Gneisnau. Being faster and nimbler.
  2. barbaroja_Ar

    Bots as teammate in Clan Battles

    May be you can even make :Popov a member of the clan. Never seen a level 10 bot not suiciding. But seems :Popov is one of a kind.
  3. barbaroja_Ar

    Bots as teammate in Clan Battles

    Would prefer to get with 1 less
  4. barbaroja_Ar

    Today's code from Youtube

    got a technical issue and not able to redeem
  5. barbaroja_Ar

    We need more WW1 era content

    somewhere I read tier 1 to 6 WG "pays you" to play and tier 7 & up you pay WG to play. This quite summarize the game economy. While I'd love to see historical lower tier ships , the game is working the other direction with lots of fictional ships
  6. barbaroja_Ar

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    For me its the typical "thing" you buy because its cheap, not cause you like it or need it. (and already bought her) Seems this will be the new WG scheme now on.
  7. barbaroja_Ar

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    A premium is a permium, but you will enojoy pizza much more
  8. barbaroja_Ar

    Aircraft Carriers underpowered

    ROFL Git gud & dodge If I that am mediocre player can do good in CVs, this is a troll, no doubt
  9. barbaroja_Ar

    Premium battleship indications

    absolutely yes to tie 6 there are a lot of good captain trainers almost in every nation
  10. barbaroja_Ar

    Premium battleship indications

    you must read this
  11. barbaroja_Ar

    super containers Useless rewards

    is there a place to see what prizes are there in the SC? My first SC almost 5 years ago gave me 300 yellow dragon flags. Not once I had a 300 flags container again. And prizes seem to be cheaper than before.
  12. if I'm online ping me for a division for ops
  13. barbaroja_Ar

    CV ranked

    This would really be awesome!! With all the lines and different characteristics of CA/CL in game, it would surely be interesting. You have tanks cruisers, sneaky cruisers, high DPM cruisers, heavy hitting cruisers, radar cruisers and smoke cruisers. And don't forget torp cruisers, even long and short ranged.
  14. barbaroja_Ar

    That's Right. I'm Namin' & Shamin'.

    It has!! Just after 9.4 or 9.5 release, some changes where implemented or bugs introduced. I was torpedo by a "friendly???" bot twice, couldn't dodge the first one and got massive damage, and the bot even turned pink. I was lucky when it fired the second one and was able to dodge it. BTW. Did you ever saw a pink bot at battle start? Seems they are not purging sentence in botland. Bots are getting too human, either they are too noob that torp in teammates direction or they are morons that do it on purpose.