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  1. barbaroja_Ar

    What a crock of Ship.

    They don´t want you to play CO-OP. There was already a big base of CO-OP mains, with the "successful" & "balanced" CV & AA changes there is a lot of player either moving or playing more CO-OP. As they can´t change the economy of CO-OP (with what WG has already done, not sure of this) to further limit your income and XP, they are playing with all other thing they have in the mechanics to make it much unenjoyable for you. The solution to this is quite simple, but yet they won´t do it. They are occupied adding bugs to randoms. If they only take 6 months (patchs) to fix the long list of bugs they have in the game....
  2. barbaroja_Ar

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    this could have been easily achieved in a special XXL campaign. hardier, grindier if you want. the mechanics was already there. the only problem with campaigns is that you can not pay to finish them, which is the whole purpose of NTC/RB
  3. barbaroja_Ar

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    regretting the 500+ premium days I have. if WG will push as it seems all into a pay to advance as PR scheme showed I will need to look for another game. I've already almost moved out of ransoms so unfortunately there is not much more for me in this game.
  4. barbaroja_Ar

    Ships with built in Base XP modifier?

  5. Hi all. Being grinding Base XP for the PR, I've read that Sims has a higher Base XP modifier. Is this true? if so, are there other ships like her? TIA
  6. barbaroja_Ar

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    This happens often on your 5th ship!!
  7. barbaroja_Ar

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    Played Bismarck, Tirpitz, Loyang, Cossack and Kagero, had victories and defeats in all. It depends a lot on your enemy and his skills. And your skills!! All in all it was fun
  8. barbaroja_Ar

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    On all the maps I played in PTS there are 2 caps that intersect. The tick runs really fast if you are in that intersection. Played a lot of battles wining and losing. All of my defeats were due to my mistake. The major problem is that the win or the defeat are all yours!!!! No one else to blame!! This will be the first ranked I will enjoy.
  9. barbaroja_Ar

    Clan chat window history bug

    This and other bugs are part of the cultural heritage of WOWs and so being preserved patch after patch.
  10. All in all, finally your win rate will show you if you are improving. Consider that on average you assist with 1/12 of the win. BUT. You may focus yourself in dealing damage and particularly killing red ships. The more damage you deal to enemies, the more you are helping your team. To deal damage, you must learn how to position in battle, which flank to support, what's your role based on the ship your are sailing, when to engage and when to retreat, are you using the correct ammo? Etc. If you can manage that, then your damage average will increase, then your kill ratio and finally your win rate. Take your time and enjoy!!
  11. The explanation is quite clear. Assuming the math is correct.
  12. barbaroja_Ar

    citadels with the Gorizia, HOW???

    Co-op AP and hunt enemy cruisers
  13. barbaroja_Ar

    Are you having fun?

    Not particularly unhappy. But worried about the migration the game has taken towards a console game. May be I'm wrong but feels the game is getting shallower in order to make it more like a FPS. I admit it was fun when Tanks began to fly in WOT. But it was the last change I played before moving to WOWS. I wasn't invited to test subs yet. But have a feeling it will definitely break the game as we know it. Im sure someone will say "adapt". But in my country there is a saying, "one million flies can't be wrong, eat crap". Not sure if I want to adapt to a game no longer has what attracted me that was naval warfere. Sill investing real money on it. But don't know how much longer.
  14. Hi all, Currently grinding through Directive 4. Half way through IJN & KM missions. Playing Harugumo Y GK mainly. Does anyone have a good strategy to maximize grind? TIA
  15. Are invitations still being sent??? Seems I´m on a really bad luck streak!!!