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  1. One of the Game Mechanics "I hate"

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Loved this!!! Please make torpedos behave as Radar!!!
  2. Hi all. Until some time ago, you were able to use scripts_config.xml, to access EU & RU servers using just 1 client (provided the servers were running the same version). Don´t know when but it changed. Today I tried to do the same copyng my scripts_config file to the res_mods, but seems something has changed. Anyone aware of how to change it? This is the original file <scripts_config.xml checkPing="true" debugInfo="true"> <space>spaces/00_CO_ocean</space> <offlineModel>PASC001_Erie_1936</offlineModel> <player entityType="Avatar" startDirection="1.0 0.0 0.0" startPosition="0.0 0.0 -313.0"/> <cursorScaleSpeed x="40" y="40"/> <server online="true"> <host alias="WOWS NA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.com/csis/wowsus" ids="IDS_US" realm="na" wgnrurl="https://na.wargaming.net"> <master addr="login2.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> <master addr="login1.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> </host> </server> <chat visibleLines="6"/> <writeCombatLog>true</writeCombatLog> <Dock3D>true</Dock3D> <CurseVoice>true</CurseVoice> <scriptProfiler address="" enabled="true" netSend="false" port="6666"/> <GameParams packed="true"/> <disableTrainingRoom>true</disableTrainingRoom> <targetPlatform>PC</targetPlatform> </scripts_config.xml> Where the lines pointing to the server are: <host alias="WOWS NA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.com/csis/wowsus" ids="IDS_US" realm="na" wgnrurl="https://na.wargaming.net"> <master addr="login2.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> <master addr="login1.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> </host> Does anyone knw how to change them? TIA
  3. Shimi changes in coming

    Seems IJN DDs will still be crap. With the exception of Akizuki, the line is a TORPEDO line, and its torps have the worse concealment possible. Paired with a 2 minutes reload time, you bring almost nothing to the battle. Pan Asian DD has the same concealment, REAL guns, and similar torps + RADAR for disputing caps. Either American or Pan Asian, and may be German DDs can do the same that Shima and other IJN DDs (the only exceptions are Kami & Kagero), or may be better.
  4. Love mine. Is the only IJN DD you can count on getting decent numbers battle after battle. Would love to have other IJN DDs performing as good as this one
  5. What's the best destroyer in each tier?

    Sorry, but forget about IJN DDs. All other lines can do the same than IJN DDs much more consistently At the moment you begin to battle against radar, hydro and good CV captains (tier 6/7) all what IJN DDs do can be done better by some of the other DDs
  6. Shimi or YueYang for Clan Battles?

    Actually, add the German one an they are the only DDs worth in the game. Shima & Khab are too much situational
  7. What is the best torp DD in the game at TIER 5?

    Kamikaze without a doubt Actually is the only IJN DD working. All others are just crap, being Kagero the only mediocre one (compared to what other tier 8 DDs bring to the table)
  8. Yugumo Get?

    Just DONT!! IJN line with the exception of the premium ships is crap. They are not consistent at all. I would do USN DDs and PA DDs. Gearing is a much better ship in almos every aspect.
  9. Got my 102K in Kamikaze in 1 or 2 battles.
  10. Today update

    What is in Could not found any reference in the forum. TIA
  11. Will IJN line ever be fixed??

    DDs in general, IJN in particular are very sensitive to the changes they made in other ships or in new featured introduced in game. As you mention a mediocre BB captain can still retain his star in Ranked, while a DD has to made a near (or actually) perfect battle to retain it. Back when there were only USN & IJN ships, USN DDs outguned IJN ones, but chances of homing a torpedo for an IJN DDs were far better. After several nations came into the game, all kind of balance was lost, and WG way to compensate was improving some already awful guns. Now with the exception of russian DDs, almost every DD has the same concealment than the IJN counterpart (give or take 300 mts), with better tools (Guns, hydro, even radar). while the only weapon the IJN DDs have are torps that take 1.5 minutes to reload and are absolutely situational.AND THEIR DETECTION IA ALMOST TWICE of the other lines. Keep IJN DDs as bad as they are, just give me Gearing torpedos and I'm done. I want my IJN DDs to be effective again. I have a lot of success on my Kamikaze, just because their torpedoes have a 1.4 detection range and at tier 5/7, reaction times for ships is much lower, so Kraken or 100K damage battles are not uncommon. I just got Gearing and found its torpedoes much more effective than Yugumo's (12k ones, ther short ones are sucidal, and the long range are useless). All i want is having WG admit they eventually have to fix this line. "they are working as expected" is not a fair response to someone who has been playing since closed beta.
  12. Will IJN line ever be fixed??

    They improved some really bad guns to make them less bad. Just a little less shittier
  13. Will IJN line ever be fixed??

  14. Will IJN line ever be fixed??

    Just make torps equal detection across the game IF, note big IF, IJN torpedos have to be better, just balance the ships any other way. Benson torpedos are much more effective just because the detection range is lower, and you get a lot more hits (because BB -mainly- have less time to react). Just strip off guns in IJN DDs, but give me decent torps. Just finished my Gearing, and its torps feel way better than Yugumo's. AND IT HAS GUNS