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  1. barbaroja_Ar

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    Don't play CVs in Co-OP...
  2. @Ahskance Having the MMC & the Alpha flags will be a bonus level 2? TIA
  3. Sorry I don´t understand. I have several unassigned camos. In current scheme 1 unassigned permanent camo; after the change it will split into: a) 1 Permanent Economic Bonus, and b) 1 Permanent Visual, c) both will still have to be assigned to a ship. Is this right? What would I need to purchase? TIA
  4. barbaroja_Ar

    The good and bad of the game

    DITTO 8.0 was the beginning, can't remember if it was 8.3 (the last AA "fix") was the last straw. Since then mostly played Co-Op, except events like Halloween or Rogue last weekend. I love the art, and visuals are fantastic, but really not enjoying the game as I did as when the game was launched. I almost sure I would not recommend the game to a friend as I did in the past
  5. barbaroja_Ar


    Because no one would play them if they perform in the same speed/time scale as the other ships; you must understand this is when this is not a simulator, so it has not to resemble RL. The same way you have CVs & subs in the same game even when that happened only a few times IRL; but is historically accurate as CVs and Subs were part of naval history.
  6. barbaroja_Ar

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    Just the same as CVs, right??? I assume for you CVs are just perfect now.
  7. barbaroja_Ar

    Unable to redeem code

    Worked, thanks a lot
  8. barbaroja_Ar

    Unable to redeem code

    I´m unable to access the redeem page neither from the WGC nor the web page. Anyone else?? BTW, I´m playing without a problem
  9. barbaroja_Ar

    PSA: Free Community Tokens

    Just unable to redeem the code. Can´t access the page neither from the WGC, nor the web site. Anyone else??
  10. barbaroja_Ar

    Premium Ship Review - Dido

    +1 Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, When dows the next 2X RB season start? TIA
  12. barbaroja_Ar

    New MiniGame in WoWs!

    Don't worry WG will manage to fill those slots with useless 0 skills captains from the submarines. Done a cleanup last week, deleted over 20, but still a lot to delete.
  13. Hi all, I logged yesterday into my EU account and found a new collection, "Christmas and New Year Collection" . Is there anything like that in NA? Or the tree is our version?? How do you enable the collection? TIA Happy holydays