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  1. The New WGC Launcher

    I have at least convinced 4 friends from WOT to start playing it. I really loved the idea of the game and applied for CBT and had been playing since then. Even spent some dollars on the game. Being an IT guy I like to have the running process on my computer at the minimum. I take care to disable any auto-update software/option. I dutifully check for updates manually so I can decide what and when install any software. Nos even the OS can install automatically. Passed both WoWp and Total War:Arena due to WGC. The installer for WoWs, WoT & WoWp is just the same so I can not understand the need (aside from pushing unsolicited ads into my view) for a unified installer. Really pissed off by this decision on forcefully moving to WGC
  2. With UI Scaling enabled. Ctrl+Target not working
  3. French nerf

    Tested Charles Martel in PTS. I have it in the game already. The nerf feels significant and the buff feels useless. it allows you to fire just 3 salvos in 15 seconds. Very situational. Does not feel worth the increased reload time. MHO
  4. How to Shimakaze

    This is bull****. As long as you can not launch them separately reload time is 2 minutes (give or take) with your argument, Alsace reload time is 3.75 seconds per gun.....
  5. The New WGC Launcher

    They are using torrents today and it is P2P, so, what+s the gain?
  6. The New WGC Launcher

    What is this then?
  7. Hi all, If I mount the Go Eagles cammo on the Baltimore & disable the display of the cammo in the Additional Content menu, all features of the cammo are removed, and the cammo is demounted. Shouldn't the switch just disable the display??? TIA
  8. “American Cruisers” collection

    Thanks, also in TYL crates?
  9. OK, but how do you get the crates to finish it???
  10. “American Cruisers” collection

    And how do you manage to finish it without more containers???'
  11. How do you use the .wgpkg files?
  12. Should I Quit the Line

    Never forget the russians lost to the japanese
  13. Should I Quit the Line

    Just got my Shima 2 weeks ago, after wasting 10K free XP to get rid of Yumo... What a mistake. You still have to grind another 30K for the 12Km torps an another 30K for the 8Km ones. The ship feel like a step down from Yugumo. I have a 19 point captain with PM, AR. LS, SE, TAE, RPF & CE. Reload time of the ONLY weapon you have (guns are useless unless you are against of an already dead enemy) takes 114.8 seconds (TWO MINUTES) to reload. so basically you just can fire 10 times in an average battle not considering your enemies must be stationary to hit them. Your role is detecting the enemy trying not to be detected by them. Yueyang has only 300 mts (7,11 Shima, 7.42 Yue) worse detection. He has FAR BETTER guns. The moment he is detected, he just pulls his RADAR and you are dead. Any other DD line is much more rewarding.
  14. Mikasa

    Did not ment to bugger... Fun ship only in Co-Op. Those guns accuracy is awful
  15. Cherry Blossom.....How to 5 Star it.

    Some suggestions 0.5 If doing this with friends, get 2 Charles Martel, and as many radars as you can pack. 1.5 Use your Charles Martel engine boost to rush in defense of the marines. 6.5 regroup after defending marines take turns for defensive AA