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  1. barbaroja_Ar

    The container system really sucks

    Its Small Container now
  2. barbaroja_Ar

    Worlds Oceans Month - 1.68 million destroyed?????

    Missed the memo, Thanks
  3. barbaroja_Ar


    Worked with a fresh download
  4. barbaroja_Ar


    Done it, will try again
  5. barbaroja_Ar


    @Ahskance do we have any news on this? Is it going to be updated or should we move to Aslain? TIA
  6. barbaroja_Ar

    NA Server down?

    Same here
  7. barbaroja_Ar

    When does Update 12.4 drop?

    I would prefer half the containers than today with the 10K doubloons ones
  8. I know, just had one of those "fun & engaging" battles, not your fault
  9. I really like how you expose your ideas and suggestions, clearly and unpassionately. Please find another pastime than writing on the forum. The game is still recovering from CVs, subs, flags & bonus changes, etc. , none of them working properly and you want to add another poorly implemented mechanic?? Since 8.0 give or take, the game has been a continuum of poorly implemented glitches.
  10. barbaroja_Ar

    Is This Game Going Down The WOT Path

    You will know WoT's downfall started with flying wheeled vehicles. When you notice hoovercraft or hydrofoils hope there is another WG game to switch to
  11. barbaroja_Ar

    ModStation Re-Install?

    Same, but only in 12
  12. barbaroja_Ar

    State Yer Name

    Mine come from the Age of Empires game. Frederick I aka Barbarossa thus Barbaroja in Spanish, AR stands for Argentina. As a Rush fan it might have been Red Barchetta.
  13. Fewer players enjoying Scenarios if not in a division! Rework working as intended.
  14. Same day!! I always wonder how many of those players still remain