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  1. barbaroja_Ar

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    My bad, looking the other side. Sorry
  2. barbaroja_Ar

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    Task 1 is activated (i guess)
  3. barbaroja_Ar

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    Not working in Co-Op @Kizarvexis The xp
  4. barbaroja_Ar

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

  5. barbaroja_Ar

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    did in in co-op
  6. barbaroja_Ar

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    Done the task twice and got no stars. Something wrong?
  7. barbaroja_Ar

    CV Rework Feedback

    Sounds about right. You MUST be wrong, accordingly to WG everybosy LOVES the new CVs.... Planes feel to arcade. 2 weeks after release we will be suffering sky cancer again. Skills needed to use rocket planes is minimal, with almost no lost in planes & DB are just a little more complex. In my case AA on gun ships feel non existent. And selecting which side to reinforce after a turn is not practical using both key & mouse. More if using a DD manouvering to avoid rockets
  8. barbaroja_Ar

    Help on Baltimore

    Sure it is, but Cleveland feels much more confortable.
  9. barbaroja_Ar

    Help on Baltimore

    Helsey is on the way! Thanks
  10. barbaroja_Ar

    Help on Baltimore

    After a long time not playing it decided to give a try once more. This ship with a 14 points captain (PT, AR, SI, AFT) feels like crap. Turret traverse & reload is awful, can´t fight a same tier gun DD because it burns me down. Seems RNG is not with me, because setting a fire is impossible. Not enough islands in game to make this ship anything close to fun to play. Any hint in captain skills or playing tips, seems this ship is going to rest in the dock.
  11. barbaroja_Ar

    Direct feedback to Devs about upcoming IJN changes?

    Absolutely true. WG purposedly addresses IJD DDs torps & concealment (read radar) problems by continually micro buffing the only irrelevant side of the whole line, the guns. Unless after infinite micro buffs we get to Yamato´s guns, they will be always fixing the irrelevant part of the problem. With the millions of statistical data about IJN DDs gathered across all regions if they don't fix the problem is because they don't want to. OR they have the worst statistical analysts in the world.
  12. barbaroja_Ar

    Do you keep Algérie after grinding?

    Algerie & Schors are a must keep
  13. barbaroja_Ar

    Direct feedback to Devs about upcoming IJN changes?

    IJN DDs will never be competitive, it's by design, Its a feature, not a flaw
  14. Could not find the appropriate place to post this. Whenever I try to update the TST client (which I have already used) I got this message: Updating the game client is currently unavailable for your account. I used to log in PT with the russian account but cant find how to set it in WGC