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  1. barbaroja_Ar

    Sync Dropping

    In our clan Saturday night is when if there are enough online we try to sync drop. Always is much more fun if we are on opposite teams, and a screenshot posted in Discord if you killed one of ours is mandatory.
  2. barbaroja_Ar

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    It's a natural!! Congrats! What I meant was playing with human beings on your side helps you learn what to do, and don't. Basically learn just to aim withe bots and practice in lower tiers in random. I would suggest IJN, French, German and Russian ships (mostly cruisers) until you master "mostly linear" guns trajectory and then moving to US and RN.
  3. barbaroja_Ar

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    Hi, welcome Yo may want to try Training room where you can engage static and dynamic enemies. You will soon learn to aim. I won't advice playing Co-Op because bots are quite predictable and you will learn bad habits. If you have a tier 5 ship, try Scenarios, bots are different and you will learn wish your teammates. GL & HF
  4. barbaroja_Ar

    Public Test - 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Played 3 battler in IJN carrier, all of them autopilot beached me. No way to make it go backwards. and any new attempt to set a new course resulted in a new grounding. Last battle setted a course just in the middle of the channel, but its seems inertia keeps it going well past the waypoint and thus grounded me again.
  5. That's ranked and clan battles. Please DON'T But I would love someone from WG explain why +/- 1 is so bad.
  6. barbaroja_Ar

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    I meant, new tank additions, line changes, now wheeled vehicles pose a completely different environment than that when I bought the tanks, so they value in battle has changed.
  7. barbaroja_Ar

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    As it should be unfortunately. Had bought tanks in WoT that are absolute crap with the new meta. I prefer to have a ship become obsolete (PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS AS IF I LIKE IT) rather than being nerfed (and thus I must resign it can not be buffed)
  8. Usually don't respond this type of posts, because I believe this is ranting for ranting itself. But, Discord is a free software, you are always free not to apply as a Marauder, just play the game as usual. They are not forcing you to apply, only if you want to be a Marauder, and if you do, there are certain rules you must follow. Not that difficult. PS: Already signed in (fingers crossed)
  9. barbaroja_Ar

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    Applies to Kami (my precious) and any other DD with good concealment., in early stages of the battle, SPOT, it adds a lot of XP and it helps your team thin the red ones, when there are less ships in battle your torpedo chances grow up
  10. Hi all, WG has rejected ships buffs as the result of ships retraining. What are the "bonuses" you would like to have in the game that would make you regrind a line? My .02 Have the ability to select special skills you have on a certain captain (3 max as in special captains). 2.5 % increase per grind to a max of 7.5 % or 1 skill per grind to a maximum of 3 Make one of your captains special (in a specific nation) 1st grind on DDs 2nd grind on BBs and CAs 3rd grind on CVs and thus all the nation ships Any ideas / suggestons?
  11. most probably, actually she speaks a neutral spanish.
  12. barbaroja_Ar

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.6

    Much more feedback (really good tooltips) on what each setting does within the game would be appreciated
  13. barbaroja_Ar

    ST: Improvement of Battle Chat

    Thanks BUT!!! When are you going to fix the Mission button actually going to the missions??? And a big +1 to FIX THE CAROUSEL
  14. barbaroja_Ar

    This Sync Dropping is getting out of control.

    Not in my Clan, we race to be the ones who kill the other clan member and we share the screenshot in Discord. So far I´m third with 4 clan kills.
  15. barbaroja_Ar

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    My respects Sire!