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  1. Last month I got 50k free XP and a USS Texas.
  2. Every game today. Multiple kills every game, above average damage every game, all wins.
  3. Winning After that, it comes down to how much damage I put out based upon my tier and ship type. For example, when I'm in my Belfast, I'm aiming for 75k damage. If I'm in my Montana, 100k or bust. I suck at DDs so anything about 40k is a great game for me.
  4. This. These missions are absurdly hard.
  5. Did you not see my beautiful thread on receiving a Texas?
  6. Hi neighbor! I'm planning on making a trip to the USS NJ soon. Saw the Midway while on vacation, next is the NJ. I live near AC so it's not a far trip.
  7. The only thing the Bismark is better at (In my experience) is close in brawling and that's purely because of its secondaries. Otherwise, AA is drastically better in the NC, guns are MUCH more accurate and do more damage. My stats don't show it, but I was still learning at the time. USN BBs were my first line so I made plenty of mistakes back then. Things are much better now.
  8. I'm too aggressive and I rely too much on my teammates following me in and pushing. Too often I get burnt because I go in and BBs just hide far from caps. As a result, I get boom or bust games. I'll do 10k damage and get annihilated fast and then I'll have 100k games. Luckily, I tend to run higher than average on damage more often than not so that's my only saving grace.
  9. Only way to do well in a German BB. Too inaccurate from range to snipe.
  10. That's the only way that I'm aware of.
  11. DDs by far have it the hardest. I play the big three (CV's just tired me out despite doing well in them). No armor, crap guns, and God forbid you make it to radar levels. The fact that radar can prevent you from doing sneak attacks from behind an island is by far the biggest crippling issue. Within LOS I'm fine but it's just too hard to be sneaky all the time at higher levels. Battleships by far have it the easiest. I felt like I didn't even have to try in them. Cruisers are a mixed bag. With modest battleship support, they can be wonderful. But too often battleship players just do their own thing and are too timid which leaves the cruisers out to dry.
  12. Hm, did not know this. Figured that's what the OP was intending to do, prevent the enemy team from getting points in the game for the kill but with this evidence: There's no point.
  13. I suck with Japanese CAs. I wasn't great with the T6 and while I've only had 1 game at T7, just similar problems. I'm not AA spec'd though. I just didn't see the point with this ship.
  14. Hm, hadn't thought of that. I need credits and despite there being a decent credit/dubloon offer in my specials section, that'd help.
  15. Honestly, from New Mexico and lower, I fire a fair amount of HE. Especially from distance. Angles usually aren't good anyway as they sail towards you so AP is worthless at that range, especially against BBs. Even if they heal and don't burn, that's one less repair they have the rest of the game. I've also found sometimes with BBs, turning the ship can be faster than rotating your guns all the way around.