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  1. Buff the Belfast
  2. I play a good mix of cruisers and battleships these days with the rare destroyer (I suck at destroyers). I have felt the pain of getting wrecked while playing in a cruiser and not seeing incoming shots coming. And you know what? As a BB player, I have NEVER felt bad about crushing an opponent cruiser who was showing any broadside at all. Seeing a full health cruiser showing just enough broadside, sending a full salvo at them, and watching 2/3 of their health disappear from it fills me with glee. That's the cruisers fault for making themselves a big juicy target. The only time I felt bad about deleting someone was when I shot HE in an Iowa at a cruiser from 19km away and detonated him. He was angled.
  3. It's boring as crapto sail around, not see anyone, then have a 2 second battle.
  4. Hell no. Cyclones are a garbage game mechanic as it is.
  5. HE has long been underrated by BB captains. I'd rather do 2-3k damage per salvo against an angled BB and light him on fire multiple times than launch AP, do no damage 2/3 of the time and accomplish nothing.
  6. That sounds silly to me. How would that encourage people on the fence about buying ships to buy one? I'd imagine people playing clans are people already buying ships.
  7. Negative. But Scharns and Okhotnik's aren't clan wars eligible.
  8. I have enough dubloons to buy a full priced one right now...
  9. So only some people get rentals?
  10. So, I was on a work trip this week and when I logged on to the forums early yesterday, there were tons of threads about rental ships. I got super pumped up about possibly trying out the Scharn but when I logged onto the game, there were no new ships. Did I miss something? Was it just select people?
  11. Ethical? It's not a matter of ethics. Which is more annoying? Potatoes playing high tier. I love playing low tier and wrecking people.
  12. ...Is this not for everyone? Just logged on and nothing.
  13. When everyone refuses to push into a cap because a lone destroyer is there. When all the BBs go to one cap, don't push into cap, and wait until 5 minutes left in the game to go towards B. When I am with a large group and get focused in a CA. When in chat we agree on a cap, I start heading in that direction, then 75% of the team turns the other way. Watching a teammate with a rapid firing ship miss every single salvo over and over but won't lead more or less and the enemy isn't WASDing. Playing as a DD and getting focused by the enemy CV right off the bat, sending wave after wave to find and kill you, ignoring the CV and BBs wrecking their team.
  14. It's like once I use radar, I instantly get focused until I'm deleted even if my radar is over.
  15. Tier 1 cruisers only