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  1. I got two Krakens in my IJN DDs today. I don't have any issues.
  2. Release All The Krakens!

    Kraken the next game today. 139,012 damage, 5 kills, win
  3. Release All The Krakens!

    Got another Kraken today in my Akatsuki. My fourth. BBs sailing in straight lines. A DD sitting in smoke. And an Atlanta thinking he'd be smooth surprising me from behind an island getting surprise torpedous as soon as he cleared the island. 120,533 damage, 5 kills, 2 solo caps.
  4. Radar through islands is stupid

    No, it's really not a massive CA nerf. It's removing an ability that should never have existed in the first place. It's not like we are making the ships lose armor or guns or torps or anything that actually reduces it's damage capabilities. Losing the ability to use radar hiding behind an island would not make my Belfast any less fun at all.
  5. Radar through islands is stupid

    I hate radar, even though I love my Belfast. But there is no reason for it to work if you don't have line of sight. That needs to be taken care of. I get why it works the way it works but it's just lazy that it hasn't been changed yet.
  6. Cleanup on aisle 3...

    It's a trap. You guys think you'll be super slick and surround them and get them then all of a sudden a bunch more will be behind you and YOU'LL be the trapped one.
  7. I'm going up Japanese DDs right now so it's been interesting. They can be devastating but they are a one trick pony. If you aren't landing torpedoes, they are worthless. They can't do much with their guns. They can't shoot planes down. I've made it to Fletcher with US DDs and at least that line has options beyond torps. Good guns, good AA, okay torps whereas the Japanese deal with good torps, but absolute crap everything else.
  8. Solution to getting torped over and over: Stick with ships who can deal with DDs. Hide more and you make yourself a better target for CVs as you have no additional AA help.
  9. Beginning of a game in my North Carolina, I had HE loaded and shot at a cruiser 20-21km away. Detonated him. Full health.
  10. Colorado

    No idea. Honestly, I liked the Colorado. Good AA, good guns. Just slow and low HP but it appears the HP issue is being fixed.
  11. Colorado

    What about the buff for the A Hull from 1.8 to 1.9?
  12. What a guaranteed loss looks like

    You also have an extra CA to counter DDs so...
  13. All my Russian ships are gone

    Did you switch servers?
  14. Honestly, I've barely noticed any changes with DDs. Radar still ruins high tiers like before. Smoke changes don't really change anything for me firing at people with HE.