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  1. T8 Premium New Jersey

    Lower the citadel and I'll throw down $50 on it.
  2. More Ships per battle

    25 ship battles! Honestly, I think this would be fun.
  3. Having played IJN DDs finally, I get it. Torps are all IJN DDs have. US DDs may not do as much torp damage but their guns are definitely better. IJN torps should be less detectable. They are sacrificing survivability to go after the big fish whereas US DDs sacrifice going after big fish to defend themselves (including better AA). I played American BBs at first and I thought those complaining about IJN DDs were just whiners. But having played both lines now...I get it.
  4. improve radar

    Gotta be trolling.
  5. Darkest Hour

    I enjoyed it more than my wife, but she knows more about British history than I do. Would have liked just a little more backstory and I would have loved it to continue but a movie can only be so long.
  6. Ranked - 6 kills

    Just had an 80k, 4 kill game, 1 cap in ranked. BBs sailing straight. DDs sailing straight not changing speed. Luck. Torp reload booster ftw.
  7. Will IJN line ever be fixed??

    Wish I could have experienced this line pre-nerf. Been playing Kagero with torp reload boost. It's pretty much my favorite ship at this point.
  8. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    You were definitely spamming and it's annoying as hell. No he shouldn't have shot you but you earned your pink status by firing back.
  9. Stream Sniping (is it a cheat?)

    Unsporting? Sure, I can get along with that idea. Cheating? Hardly. Don't flaunt your movement and your team's locations and expect it to never be used against you.
  10. I've been playing almost all DDs lately. Never seen this before.
  11. Thought it was just name shaming. Actually there's nothing in there about starting threads like this.
  12. I let a lot of inappropriate chat and such go on, I don't care about that. I've been team killed by people who were just stupid about torping. But this was too much. Was playing ranked in my Kagero and the other Kagero beat me to the cap. I asked him if he had smoke cause I was rolling with torp reload. He immediately turns to port and fires off both salvos of torps in my path. If I didn't slam on my breaks, they would have hit me. Just missed. Just went back and looked at the replay. One of his torps hits our New Orleans who was zoomed downrange to attack the cap. I've never seen intentional TKing of strangers like this. Never seen this player before. Didn't say anything offensive to him.
  13. Ranked AFK's?

    Yet another one which killed us.
  14. Check your EMAIL!

    Oh, I see it now. I don't play WoT or World of Warplanes so I promptly ignored those.