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  1. bankaibahamut

    Are any of these SHIPS any good??

    Monaghan, depending how you fit it out, feels like either a Japanese DD or a typical US DD. I like it. I don't care what anyone else says, I really like Huanghe. It shreds planes, has great concealment, and flamethrower guns set tons of fires. Have D'Aosta, can't make it work no matter what I try. The Omahas are, eeehh, well, they CAN work, sometimes... Don't have the others, but I've heard mostly negative things about most of them.
  2. bankaibahamut

    Just got Blyskawica from armory...

    I'm pretty sure I have camos for a bunch of ships I don't even have.
  3. bankaibahamut

    Just got Blyskawica from armory...

    Yeah I had the eagle camo for her, don't even remember when I got it lol.
  4. ...And this was my very first game in it. BTW I'm only using a 4-point captain. This is just one game, but maybe this ship and I just click. Kinda sad I didn't get her way back when she first came out.
  5. bankaibahamut

    Bonus Codes

    Container codes from WG email, only one works per person, first-come first-serve. CREM-G636G-DBA9A CREM-G637F-3FSEB CREM-G637S-K7S3G CREM-G63GA-KNZZH
  6. bankaibahamut

    What the hell is this?

    WG finally got back to me, and their answer is I have to complete 6 missions to finish it, even though they changed it to 5 and I've done 5. I suppose that's what I get for actually trying to play their game, but hey, if you don't play for six months they give you free ships and other cool goodies! Whatever, screw Kansas, I'll get it and never play it, just let it sit in port forever.
  7. bankaibahamut

    Submarine changes are over the top

    As long as sub torps can still bypass torpedo protection, I don't care at all about any complaints sub drivers have.
  8. bankaibahamut

    What the hell is this?

    Filed a ticket immediately yesterday and, big surprise, they're ignoring me. Oh well, guess I don't get anything for my time, even though I jumped through their hoops like a good little monkey. I mean, it's not like there's a time limit on this event or anything...
  9. bankaibahamut

    What the hell is this?

    Checked my progress on directive 4, was 5/6. Now... Tried relogging several times and it stays the same. I'm getting really tired of these bugs and general incompetence.
  10. bankaibahamut

    Still no Tone...

    I seem to remember them showing a 3d model of Tone at one point WAY back, but I don't recall it actually being in the game. Am I wrong?
  11. bankaibahamut

    Still no Tone...

    I see no problems with this, very balanced, as all things should be.
  12. bankaibahamut

    Still no Tone...

    Hey hey hey, no puns in my Super Serious Somber Thread, ok guys?! /jk
  13. bankaibahamut

    Still no Tone...

    Another year, and still no Tone. I don't know if they are waiting to give it some kind of gimmick related to its planes, but now a certain other game (which shall not be named) is getting it, and that's just kinda sad imo. It's not like the Japanese tree is swimming in higher-tier cruiser premiums. I can only think of Atago (and its ARP clone) and Yoshino and Azuma (which are also basically clones) and those two can only be gotten with resources. Now that I think about it, most of the Japanese premiums are ARP ships, kinda funny in a way to me. Anyway, ramble over, do you think we'll see Tone anytime soon, or, well, ever?
  14. bankaibahamut

    New Tier 8 Italian BB spotted: IMPERO

    Wake me up when the full tech tree is released.
  15. bankaibahamut

    Another Fine Example of WG Balans Logic

    I don't think what anyone complaining on here understands is that WG will do whatever WG wants to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks. If they wanted to release KM carriers with 12 knot torpedoes, they would, despite what anyone says or thinks. Now, if there was a huge backlash against it later, and people simply weren't playing them or spending money, then they might (probably) change them. Remember, everything WG does is to generate money. Your happiness and satisfaction doesn't even come into play until it hurts their bottom line. So I guess either learn to live with what they put out, in whatever state they release it, or spend your time somewhere else.