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  1. Neighbor_Kid

    What is with these new sounds

    I like the sounds.. what I don't like is the turret traversing sound. When the new turret sounds came in.. the first part of the public test a while ago sounded good, but the second part and the release... ugh you can't even hear the turrets moving.
  2. Neighbor_Kid

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Hmmmm.... odd, I like the Early NC design, though the Florida is a ship that existed That could either have been done with its true 2x5 12" gun layout or it's 2x4 14" gun layout (proposed) at T4... I was hoping for Nevada to show up...
  3. Neighbor_Kid

    California in Premium shop (edited)

    It's dispersion so far is great. The real downside is that it's secondaries dont make up for the 34 second reload... those dual 5" turrets really should be at 8KM or 9 KM range.. imo. The ship aint bad though.
  4. Neighbor_Kid

    How do you like the new T10 Sashimi?

    Ship is complete trash.. nothing but over pens even at long distance. Also the penetration for no damage is so evident in this ship it's unreal. Waste of steel.
  5. Neighbor_Kid

    ST 0.9.6, sound improvements

    Please return the Fire alarm and bell as an optional item in the options menu. Also the turrets... you can barely hear them traversing. IMO return them to where they were before they changed. I noticed the volume of the sound was reduced in part 2 of the test server before they released.
  6. When you angle like you would with any other cruiser and expect a bounce.. but instead you get citadeled. Balans comrade
  7. Neighbor_Kid

    How to Fix the RN Heavy CA's

    Most times when i read your post I agree with it. This time I can't these ships are terrible. They do nothing better than any other branch besides maybe causing fires. the AP is terrible. Worse than the short fuse AP of RN BB's. It feels like the AP of the light cruisers do better. The reload time is stupid. I guess I get the idea of the anti HE spam, but for real?
  8. Neighbor_Kid

    What is the strength of the RN CAs?

    Nothing the Goliath is terrible. There is no reason to take this ship when compared to say the Hindi.
  9. Neighbor_Kid

    How about Larger Team matches ?

    I asked this during a live stream not to long ago. On anything that would be similar to WOT big battles. The reply was at 7:48
  10. Neighbor_Kid

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    Why is there a season of ranked in the middle of clan battle? Aint no one got time for this much boating. Cut the freaking events down.
  11. Neighbor_Kid

    World of Pre-Dreadnoughts - Index

    I honestly feel this should all be done, not as a separate game, but a lower set of tiers. As in expand the tier lists from T1-T20, the majority of the current T1-T10 moving over to T11-20 and the T1-T10 spots being reoccupied with the pre-dread era ships. Makes sense to me. It would expand a drastic amount of new content for tech tree's along with additional premium ships that WG could sell.
  12. I enjoy NO and indy quite a bit.
  13. Neighbor_Kid

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    T8 could have been fun, could have had so many different ship line ups....but the imbalance of the gun boat destroyers to cruisers... Aweful. If a destroyer is gunning down cruisers with ease.. There is a problem. The RU battleships. Ridiculous.. Again massive imbalance. I wanted a different tier, but this was a miserable experience. Gun boat dd's need to suffer more AP pen, and RU bb's need a nerf bat to their survivabilty. 6v6 was stupid. Dont try it again. Sucks how miserable it was at T8... The T6 test season was pretty fun.. This was such a polar opposite.
  14. I like the new turret sounds, weather around you etc..but one thing gets me, i feel even on ultra the sound is not there like it is on the live server.
  15. Neighbor_Kid

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    Wheres this from? I completely disagree. I do both full salvo and ripple fire. Ripple fire at targets kiting at an extreme angle. Salvo fire for non extreme angles, broadsides, and charging ships.