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  1. Unless it gets down tiered in the USN cruiser split at some point.. it is almost hopeless in T10 battles. it's actually not a terrible ship. I like her. Yes the Citadel sucks, but she can also kit decently. She is also not bad at WASD hacking while keeping at range raining HE down on her enemies. Her AP does smack all the other cruisers at her tier or bellow. Above.. its a hell of a gun fight unless you go boom. When youre the low tier you need to play her as a support ship, keep your distance from BB's to allow maximum evasive maneuvers. American AP will surprise you.
  2. If any of you ever see my videos on youtube... you will see that I 150% of the time give it my all. A last stand feeling the majority of the time... it's me against the end of humanity! XP
  3. I play Tiers 1-10 and do what I want.. as much as I am a BB 2 best games were in the Phoenix and the Omaha with 9 and 8 kills.
  4. I liked it a lot. Some where needs to be the horn though.
  5. I'd love to see the heavy cruisers go down one. I love T7-9 cruisers.. Dropping in the Pepsi to 6 to me would be fine. I mean that going to be a ton of fun to me and i already love WASD hacking people and peppering them with AP and citadeling the hell out of other cruisers. She can also citadel battleship if your close enough and catch them off guard. I have beaten a North Carolina 1v1 with my Norleans. Terrible part is... i dont have the pics or video... dam you! But the NO can stand to be tiered down to 7. Throwing Wichita into 8 would make sense and I'd love to see here there. I remember CBT Cleveland.. she was a MONSTER... putting her up to 8 would be nice and having Brooklyn being T7. I hope this split happens semi soon.. like before end of year soon. As for Alaska I find it would be best at T7 battleship like the hood.. While it may practically be a battlecruiser.. having her into BB role would suite well until we see battlecrusiers get there own branch. battlecrusiers as a class would make more sense if we had say 15 v 15 games or more. IMO
  6. I think they are fine. I just needs more actual effects. I've said it before, but I feel the Taint in the upcoming halloween mission is a test bed for more effects visually.
  7. I feel the halloween operation is a test bed for night fights, reduced visibility and weather effects. Especially in the taint.
  8. Im all for heavy seas, but not to really influence the battle to the point of ships not being able to target each other. But i would love to see a ship come crashing down on the water from the roll of a wave... I would go as far to throw water droplets on the players screen when zoomed out as shells land nearby. The storms are very underwhelming in effects... I think it woukd be great to see water mist coming on or around the ship as the wind pick up. More rain is needed, more darkness to the map in general. Lightning would be nice. Fora better damage model visually im all for it. I say when you take torpedoes... There should be some giant wholes in your ship. Secondary explosions would be nice, and dp artillery i wish would be animated to attacking aircraft above i hate that they dont show that. Also AAA in General is underwhelming IMO effects wise.. It does need some enhancing. It woukd be cool to see torpedo bombers drop their torpedoes. Oh and while on the subject of planes.... Give stukas the dive siren! A centerline buttom wouod be very useful for ships with lengthy turrey traverse.
  9. To your first statement, yes except the standard at T8 of HE fire chances... the Monarch does not superseed other ships that much. The short fuse AP needs to be gone, and the 1/4 i would cut back to 1/5 to still give the RNBB a flavor of stronger HE, but the inconsistent AP is garbage.
  10. I think that the T3-5 needs to be hit with a slight nerf to HE, and the T6.... idk wth that's all about.. its worse than prebuff warspite... Warspite does well.. the QE is crap.. and the KGV... needs some more armor.. give it the 32mm deck and bow.. the T8 ... god aweful AP... T9 and 10 are coming up soon...
  11. I'm seriously having issues with this ship.. Below is me attacking a Baltimore that is giving me no angle... and my salvo looks pretty dam solid.. I walk away with 7500K damage.. while thats not bad per say... it's terrible in this situation... considering the Baltimore can fire both AP and HE at me faster and cause good damage, and at this point is able to tank damage... My shot placement was good. I am a BB main, and cruiser second. The Monarch is truly letting me down. This whole idea that I'm supposed to be able to have my AP shells detonate faster causing less overpens... this is not the case. This is constant with these RNBB's . These ships are under performing unless I'm doing something wrong, but this makes no sense. You can see 4 shells that are about to strike the hull of the ship. The shells dip down perhaps 1 more meter before impact. While this is towards the thicker part of the armor, I was 1 shocked I didn't citadel this ship, and 2 how in the hell did these shells overpen? These ships are under performing IMO.. and I see most RNBB's just using HE. I am switching between both, and with these kinds of AP damage... it's really putting me off of the RNBBs.
  12. I'm going to approve of this review.. as while I'm playing the hell out of it to grind it's captain for competitive, it really is worse than KGV at it's tier. Eat damage with a normal feeling repair, and a damage control that takes forever to come back.. take 1 torpedo and it can almost be dam near game if you get flooded. The Monarch leaves A LOT to be desired... I hope these ships get hit with a buff bat.. I 1v1'ed an Amagii... and in my NC, or my Bama, or even a cruiser I feel I would have won.,.. but not the monarch. You are absolutely correct about the consistency of AP... it's absolute crap. How the [edited] am I supposed to defend my self in a BB at mid to low ranges when my ship can either A) not hit anything, or B)land hits and either shatter, or pen for barely any damage... This ship is even more frustrating than the KGV. I'm not excited about the Lion, or Conq. My WTR is tanking because these ships can't carry... plus the fact that I have not mastered them yet.. Super cruiser Monarch... ready and standing by..pea shooter with a glass hull..
  13. After going on with KGV and Monarch.. While I will still play them because I will want to get better at their meta.. and it does pose something different to do.. I think that WG really did F*** ** the RNBB T6-9. Who thought this was a good idea at WG? BB's just staying back and slinging HE at other people.. It's not that fun.. if I wanted that I would have stuck to cruisers. Also.. who the hell thought that it was also a good idea to switch the branch to play differently at certain tiers. W T F is that about? What other lines do that? None of them! German BB's all of them take heavy damage, and repair good, while not being citadeled, hurt bad to torpedoes and all around their idea of good secondaries comes into play. USN BB's They are to me the average fleet. While I am US Bias... all of them are decent at turning(excpet iowa and montana) Have pretty decent guns, mildly accurate, and can take a hit on the chin and keep going IJN BB's they all are the snipers IMO They have the rather accurate guns at range, and deal significant damage with AP, but can also brawl in quite a bit of situations, but really IJN, KM, USN can all brawl. RNBB... Nah bra... at T7 and up.. no brawl for you. You even think about getting close and it's your end! ... You may not need to be citadeled to suffer substantial damage.. you don't.. Who the hell needs a citadel when you take so much damage from normal penetrations. ... whats the deal with the heavy switch? You go from good armored warships to this mediocre BB at T6(QE because warspite is hands down better) And you just flip the script into hey now you get to be a giant super cruiser.. whoopie do.. Seriously.. I won't stop saying this.. but I really anticipated Hood Playing how the KGV plays.. Hood can TANK, KGV CANT... whose got more armor? KGV.. This way of playing from this point at T7 should have seriously been considered for a battlecruiser sub branch. I think that would have made so much more sense than it does to give it to heavily armored battleships... Hell I would expect Alaska to play this way. They would have been better off with giving these ships terrible turret traverse.. heavy armor, and good rudder shift.. and even given them the gimmick of RNCL's with only AP rounds... I would have been happier with that, than I am now with this idea of HE slinging. It's terrible. Hell you guys did it for the T3-5 .. Why did you just 180 and go off the deep end? This is something that the WGCC's should have flipped their noodles over and not just the dam GZ! These ships do make me SMH... Why can't I even do what they were advertised for? Why can't I be sneaky and get that punishing AP hit on enemy BB's or even Cruisers? This whole .15 second delay is so stupid. #1 It's [edited].. i get just as many over pens as I do with normal BB's, and when they do Pen.. they don't deal great damage. I get more citadels with HE against cruisers than I do AP.. I've been playing this game for a long while. You can ask anyone at NGA I'm most definitely a competent player. I can brawl with a bloody cruiser practically, but these ships you don't stand a chance.. almost no chance of getting the hell out of the situation you got your self into. I can fight my way out of a majority of situations and get away to repair.. these ships at the higher tiers barely allow you to do that. So far as I've seen.. since the AP performance is SO TERRIBLE I'm practically forced to stay in the back and sling HE at people. Why is it so bad? Why are the shells all over the board? Why can't I rely on my guns to deal the damage that is necessary at clutch moments? Why can't I get that sneaky out of no where broadside attack that WG said these ships were going to be good for? Not only in penetration, but in accuracy wth is the deal with the guns just outright missing at dam near point blank range? This problem was addressed like 2 or 3 years ago that BB's were having some weird problem of being terrible at close range encounters... it was fixed.. why the F is it back with the RNBB? Why am I putting 6-10 shots down on the enemy who is 5 KM away from and I'm walking way dam near dead if I'm not.. only to be killed on the retreat.. and only dealing MAYBE 5K if I'm lucky? What is this? Armoring... what? What Armor do I speak of? Oh none.. that right! Because who the hell needs armor in a battleboat fight.. not me.... -.- One of the most heavily armored ships.. and light cruisers pound the crapouta it.. heavy cruisers pound the crapouta them, and BB's annihilate them all while being angled. ... CVs? Hell you get terrible torp defense.. by Sky cancer is a whole other thing... Everyone gets murdered by a decent CV player so I won't touch that. You might as well just remove the citadel because you eat regular pens for breakfast and they come flying outa your rear leaving you to sink into the abyss.
  14. At this rate how terrible the T7-9 are in the RNBB's im sure the very soundly armored Vanguard will get hurt by everything..
  15. I hate it... I can't come in swinging I have to stay back and bleh away with HE.,... Really T7-10 how they play out should be for how battlecruisers play... I'd much prefer Warspite like characteristics.. and thats what I thought would happen... but nope.. I also dont even understand why they switch it up mid branch.. like why? None of the other BB's lines do that.. Why the F would you do it to this one.. WG really screwed this line.