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  1. Why is Hood T7

    Thats what I was saying about the cruiser level of fires and flooding. So lower duration to mimic that of the cruiser
  2. Why is Hood T7

    I don't disagree to that (adding of speed boost)... something like 15% for 60 seconds would make sense.. I just would think I'd like something other than battleship, and something not as weak as a cruiser. Keep the HP based on the battleship idea, just drop the heal add some speed and viola ! You have your battle cruiser.. she can dish it out, but can't take it nearly as much as a BB.. problem solved..
  3. Why is Hood T7

    I really enjoy the Hood. I think though that Battle Cruisers overall should have been what WG was trying to do with the original idea for the Duke of York. the idea of not having a heal with cruiser abilities, fire damage response etc.. would make a heck of a lot more sense for a battle cruiser than a full blown battleship. Beyond that she is a pretty good boat.
  4. been saying it for a while.. i play both
  5. I hope one day thatr WOWS is on par with like war thunder in terms of graphics..
  6. Epicenter

    need epicenter on ocean... make ocean great again...
  7. Gascogne First Impression

    Much better than Zoup.. The AP looks decent. I would have liked if WG stayed with the spaced armor idea they had for the cruisers. That would make for an interesting BB line. Do more damage on the angled ship than the broadside ship.. unless of course your guns and pen both the space armor and main armor before detonating etc..
  8. Roma Needs Some Love

    The only thing wrong with this ship is the dispersion, everything else is fine and works well for a trade off. The inconsistency of the guns makes it extremely frustrating. I couldn't hit a NO yesterday at 4 KM who was standing still... i mean come on.. The punchy guns are fine, if the sigma / dispersion was a bit better, then you could aim for those up armored spots on ships to trigger the detonation of the shells.
  9. What's your nasty division ?

    I'm surprised no one said this one... Triple Derpkurks..... They are one of the the ultimate troll divisions.. especially if you have a T6 game.. you can literally hold 1 side down all on your own bow in...
  10. Not the most graphically intense game at all... I want this game to get an upgrade in graphics, physics etc... stop the tater computers!
  11. I feel you didn't rep the ship too well. You shot primarily HE out of previous perception of the RN BBs.... You should have fired more AP, this isnt a great video. I call for a redo... the Derpkerk can hold it's own with AP, so I'm taking your video with a grain of salt. I'm not disagreeing that the fire meta sucks, because it does, and I hate it, and I hope the direction isn't truly that way.
  12. Good speed Excellent turning/ handling Superb turret traverse Meh reload Powerful guns Woefully inaccurate... The shells go everywhere, but when they do hit the do pretty decently. Aaa is not great. American ap bombs do great damage to her which is fine i mean all boats need some weakness... But the high citadel sucks, angling does help to reduce it, but like the monarch and high tier RN bbs... She cant take sustained fire. This is another get in with ecellent concealment shoot and gtfo... Problem is.. I wouldnt mind that, if the guns could actually hit something...
  13. I like the camera.. now they need to add it to the battle... I want to be able to watch the battle from the sea level.. not 30 feet above the sea level..
  14. More Ships per battle

    big matches would require maps to be larger. Go to the frontlines thread someone else posted..
  15. 7.1 Vive La France

    I'm excited for all of them honestly... I just fumble about in 4,5,6,7 range the most. The Alsace should be fun though.