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  1. Storms absolutely ruin games

    I enjoy the GREAT EQUALIZER.. hilarious how someone else said it, and I always say that when going into battle with my div/clan. I do enjoy the weather, the cyclone used to look cool, now I will say it is complete garbage. They really need to crank up the effects of storms like the thunderstorm in Hermes! i can't wait for that to get into randoms! What we need is more darkness, MOAR RAIN, and MOAR THUNDA... with LIGHTNIN!
  2. Armored Cruisers

    Hell the USS Tennessee could fit in with its modernization proposal. 3 8 inch 55 gubs in 2 triple turrets like the spee. I believe the turrets were to be similar to the style the pepsi. She'd work at t4. With a proposed speed boost of those plans. Think it was 25 knots.
  3. So far the Pepsi is looking to be a much more enjoyable ship than she is now. She is ok now, and I can go brawling with her against other cruisers. As for BB dancing.. keep your distance WASD around and you will still do fine. Being at T6.. I find she is going to be a ton of fun. I always said that many of the USN heavy cruisers if they were just down tiered by 1 would be fine. I'm excited for the changes coming.
  4. The Seattle's turrets are obnoxious.. they are so big compared to the guns that stick out of them!
  5. well hey if we're talking about direct control of planes... why not bring in a division of the CV and 2 other friends that can control the plane squads for you? I wouldn't say no to this at all. be battle stations pacific is in flight control?? heck if players get to control planes at all.. give me the ability to use AAA... too bad we don't have any more insight on CV's
  6. Im excited for this change. Cant wait to see it.... What we really should be arguing is why we cant control secondaries like wows blitz xp. Really though.... Until you see whsts going on all thoughts are pointless. Most players are begging for change... Wheres year of the cv!?... Well its coming just like you all asked for!
  7. Wheres the Witchita!!
  8. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    Too bad the usn split hasn't happened yet... Clev and balti would be fun.
  9. POLL: Remove BB Reload Horn

    I don't mind this at all. I like it. Adds more to the game for me.
  10. I'd rather the Wichita...
  11. I really wish the KGV was more like the Warspite with Normal AP ammo... at least I wish the Duke of York was like this... but no....
  12. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 13th, 2018

    I think I'd prefer Florida with its original design of 14" guns.
  13. After a while of playing I do have FPS issues. All I do is restart the game and the problem goes away.
  14. I enjoyed it. Bring the storm to randoms!! Or turn the cyclone into the storm effects... Or both.mm have a whole map change like cyclone with the thunderstorm effects( make it even better!!) And have random local storms that come through.... Though i think cyclone should work more like thunderstorms.. The 12 k detection is much better..
  15. So far the stock stats are making me very sad.. looks like the nerf batter is batting a 1000.....