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  1. Didn't realize so many players think it makes sense to smoke up and blast someone at point blank..... so much salt. -.- Im excited to see the changes in hopes of seeing more fluid and aggressive games. this also hits competitive good.... I hate the current smoke meta... RNcls will need to be compensated in a way but beyond that I can't wait! I do play as all ship class preferably Bb and ca/ smoke no big deal to me.... wasd hack all the way.
  2. brings about more immersion IMO... firing 16" naval rifles i'd imagine the ship would shudder a tid bit.. I know a bit of the community probably wouldn't like it, but i would say make it as an option!
  3. It's awesome.. I'd propose for some tid bit of screen shaking for the user when these guns thunder.. it brings in just a tid bit more of immersion, or at least make it an option. Perhaps some water droplets on the screen when shells splash around you, now that water splash effects look better. And some choppiness to waves would be great... so were are not just RC boats battling in the pond!
  4. Honestly I'd be the best voice overs as a captain....ask anyone in NGA !
  5. Well with DX11 my FPS is very steady at 75 FPS for the most part with the exception of New Dawn.. That maps seems to be hit hard for a reason I have no idea.. but the constant 75 is fantastic compared to the 60 with DX9 and the stuttering etc.. much improved. and excited to see new graphics and effects!
  6. I'd love Tier 5... I'd run around in the New York( I made the NY for range opposed to TX which is solid AAA build) The Konig, or the Omaha! I'f it was T4... I'd be runinng the Wyoming, Arkansas. With the Addition of RNBB 's im sue I'll run around with the Iron Duke and Orion..
  7. True, but the trade off would be that she's unable to bow pen many BB's from T6, 7, 8, 9
  8. she does have a giant super structure to be hit like warspite.. so it will probably take good pen damage to that area along with fires.. I dont think T6 will struggle so much as T5 would, but they could still potentially do a number on her.
  9. I feel like FP is garbage... while it reduces the areas of where fires can start.. i feel they happen more frequently because that 4th area just gets meshed with another area to make a large area to be set on fire instead of 4 smaller ones.. While it may be unprecedented, anything is possible. As they aslains mod shows currently.. KGV still has 32mm bow, but yes at T8.. while 1 can conclude that the tier lowering would possibly mean it's bow would lower too.. but there are examples that show that it may not.. Derpkirk being the best example.. where she sits.. she is one of the best bow tankers until you see a 15" gun. I feel the something similar would occur to KGV.. while it can deflect 16" rounds with a 32mm bow... when she sees 419MM + guns, the bow wouldnt stand it. Which would also make sense for the sheer lack of firepower as the ship is being portrayed to us. Unfortunately since we have not seen a WGCC video's yet... which im sure will occur soon we may be surprised.. If the releases are as I think they will be.. then RNBB's will be out either Aug. 30 of 31st. How have i come to this conclusion you ask.. lately WG has been doing 2 week public tests... for some reason beyond me.. i felt 6.9 was pointless for a double test.. but.. lately it has been the norm of 2 week PT. Anyway, when the PT concludes tomorrow, Dasha wll show her face on tuesday with a video letting us know about 6.9. 6.9 will drop on either Wednesday or Thursday. 6.10 which at 5.10 was the release of GERBB would be announced the next week on either monday or tuesday. session 1 will run till Aug. 21, and the 2nd session will run till Aug. 28. Which puts Dasha showing her self again on Aug. 29(tuesday) and the typical Wednesday or Thursday release.. At that point we will be able to see if all thoughts, complaints, compliments will be true. In any case.. with that whole shpeil out of the way... I would think we will start seeing WGCC video on youtube this upcoming week... these are just guesses though, but have some basis... there is a method to my madness! These videos will show us what we've been waiting for! I bet 1 Gold Doubloon that the KGV will keep a 32 MM bow!
  10. But there is a much higher change of causing multi fires per salvo due to the HE chance of RNBB's and if Warspite is anything to go by... your shells will likely land on target with an experienced played well at mid ranges as they are being meant to be played.. If the ships are as concealed sounding as they are making ti seems.. I can see KGV being what 10 KM range? At that range.. anything broadside is going to be hurting taking either 6-10 AP shells.. I feel like RNBB's at the later teir have IFHE as a stock options.. and throwing on the capt. skill of IFHE and Demo expert only makes them that much better... If you can't pen you can set fires on them almost none stop.. and with the majority of ships having a cool down of 1 minute plus on the DC you're looking at a ton of damage farming from setting multi fires... and the initial pen damage from your shells.. There have been plenty of times that I score 5-10K in HE shells in sheer pen damage on enemy BB's before a fire even starts. I think RNBB's going to have quite the niche, but will work well with it and their ability to rudder shift to deflect shells. Still... has anyone have the evidence that the KGV will have it's bow nerfed to 25 from 32? While the description on the main site does say armor vulnerabilities.. i have yet to see anyone confirm the actual armor of these ships. (this is a serious question not a smart remark)
  11. I feel 3.4.5 would be very balanced... with a few exceptions... the Kami K R would be a SOB to deal with... that concealment of what 5.4? and the torp range of 8? something in the realm.. would be a annoyance... but for the most part I think ships are rather balanced.. ranking has come to a point where it's almost completely impossible to carry a whole team by you self... (I have video of me doing it) but the introduction of some ships have turned it into a serious game of cooperating... but when you get those teams that are just terrible, don't listen, or think they can just go charging and think they will make it out.. your in for a rough time.. i've been stuck at rank 2.4-3.2 this ENTIRE week... and today is the last day to get out of this mess! My vote is for T5 for next season...
  12. I want the next season to be either T3, 4, or 5.....
  13. Thats how this season is going for me.. It blows my mind at some the irrational thoughts players have... oh sure.. I might as well go yolo against a cruiser with my DD... or players that don't shut up and keep insulting the other team whom they cause a loss for their own. I am so frustrated.. I have been at 2.4 and 2.3 several times.. and I am all the way back to 3.2 with today being the last do to do it.. i regret not ranking out earlier with the majority of non scrub players. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do because of the ship class you are playing to even get the highest xp to not lose a star... Example... I played in my De Grasse got a high caliber achievement.. and most times when you do get that high caliber or some type of achievement you manage to make it out with out losing a star... no.. I still get slapped in the face with a lost star even though I played my [edited] off. I am super salty with how some of these players are being carried so far up into ranked that it almost makes no sense how they go up there. My 2.4 rank out battles... were both miserable defeats.. there is nothing you can do sometimes when your team just sinks instantly.. This season I will definitely say smoke meta has got to change.. and the team to lose the fist ship will mostly lose. That is what I am seeing thus far. T6 is my favorite, probably the most balanced, but i feel skill level has dropped drastically into the last half of the season. I am so close... yet chances are that tonight I am not going to rank out even though I'm going to try even though it feels like I might throw my keyboard through my tv... which won't happen, but feels like I will...or the desire to do so.. Oh and RNG.. really has been pissing me off... someone PLEASE explain to me how in a warpite I land 3 pen's on a DD with HE for no damage.. someone please explain that [edited] to me... /Salty rank off... I do want team battles back my self... like.. what did I waste 300 gold on a team that I only got to use for what? like 2 months?
  14. I'm sure Lion will be fine. I'm just not a big fan of Monarch, I'm sure it's good, but I think Vanguard really should have been Tree line 8, or KGV with a 32 MM bow... The Hood's guns get up tiered against Iowa... and It preforms fine.. I don't see why the same guns on a ship with heavy armor and speed couldn't be tree line 8...