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  1. Neighbor_Kid

    Destructible Objects in WoWS!

    Id love to see points of ships being blown apart.
  2. Neighbor_Kid

    Clan battles season Five?

    Id rather wait to 8.3.
  3. I wish the RN bbs were warspite like.
  4. Neighbor_Kid

    Stupidest thing you've been accused of?

    accused of using warpack during the test CB season with T6 ships in my AZ. lol
  5. go ahead down vote me as much as you want. We have done scrims with 7v7 with 1 cv and 1 bb in the mix and the maps felt very empty.
  6. Make it 8v8 with cv.. 7v7 with cv feels empty
  7. Neighbor_Kid

    Why doesn't Wichita have a heal?

    The ship to me performs well. You control when you want to be seen. I have no issues with it beside it not having it's old bridge.
  8. Neighbor_Kid

    WOWS Tactics Broken

    Anyone else having 502 gateway errors with the WOWS tactics website? Does anyone have an alternatives to WOWS tactics?
  9. Neighbor_Kid

    Soviet Battleships Tiers 8-10 and Lenin WIP

    My only thought is... they might have the old Iowa and Monty citadel where it was mad easy at any range to get a devstrike because the citadel was so high up. I can only imagine that this radar will help show the Soviet ships if they can move without showing broad side. 108k HP is alot, but if you have terribly weak side armor I can see where enemy bb's would wreck the hell out of soviet bbs.
  10. Neighbor_Kid

    Fed up with the pens for nothing

    Thats not true. I have had many upon many other games where shells hit super structures, and various other parts of the ships for pens and no damage. another game i had with the I think was the yammy too, had a charging richy on my rear and fire and threw 3 shells into his turret 1 barb.. no damage. It no OCD, or other [edited] it's never been so bad, and its only getting worse.
  11. Anyone else loosing their marbles when you get pens for no damage.. it seems to be getting worse every patch. Even when you're not destroying modules you still get pens for no damage. I broadsided a republic at 4 KM with a yammy.. 7 pens for no damage I about lost my mind. It's also hurting the competitive side a bit. Not only do we already deal with RNG for dispersion, but actual contact with the ship for nothing over and over? This needs to be resolved soon.
  12. Neighbor_Kid

    Who wants lower-tier Clan Battles?

    Heck I think T9 would be fun too.
  13. Neighbor_Kid

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    There are almost no tracers coming from the ships in terms of AAA. A good bit of flak explosions, but nothing else it seems.
  14. Neighbor_Kid

    Best ships for ranked t6

    Weevee ftw
  15. Neighbor_Kid

    Vanguard Review - Much Better but still Very Meh

    Very good ship overall.. The whole RN BB line should have been this way.. GIVE US RN BB REWORK!