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  1. People are wondering how to implement transports in the convoy mode so that they don't just sail into enemy torpedoes and ram attacks. My solution is to randomly assign players to pilot these craft. It would be like someone given the bomb in Counter Strike. The transports will also need to provide health bonuses to the team to ensure that the team sticks with them.
  2. Bullpies322

    Ranked Qualification

    First off, I hate that ranked is the only way to get steel. I made it somehow to the qualification for silver league but of course I win 1 and lose 3 so I'll never move forward. These teams feel so different. I'm not sure what the best ship to play is but I've tried various bbs and of course the enemy team works together better and kills off our destroyers. I don't know how to progress.
  3. Bullpies322


    I feel like the main thing the enemy does is they work together and focus fire me. I spot one person and then realize after i fire that half the enemy team is upon me and its too late. I try to help my destroyer out but that normally doesn't work. They get killed and then I cant spot their destroyers or i get killed and the destroyer has no help and dies. It just feels so hopeless. Survival seems pointless when you let your destroyers die.
  4. Bullpies322


    I've watches ichase series, flamu, notser when he still put content out, and mountbatten. I know what ship class I'm most comfortable with. By the time you get spotted and fire back its too late. There just never seems to be a way to get an advantage over the enemy team.
  5. Bullpies322

    Disk Space

    Yeah, COD is stupid on its memory usage.
  6. Bullpies322


    This game is becoming ever increasingly more impossible. It doesn't seem to matter the strategy i use, I get slaughtered every single match. There is no way get better as it doesn't matter if I turn away, or not they kill me by torps or fire. There used to be a chance I could make an impact, but now I might as well just hit w and walk away as the skill gap has grown so much. Practice only makes perfect if you know what you're doing wrong, and what to do different. I know the mechanics of the game, but enemies always out smart, outgun, and outmaneuver me at every turn.
  7. Bullpies322

    Disk Space

    It's still way better than COD's 275gb!
  8. Bullpies322

    Disk Space

    Dang, WOT only uses about half that space.
  9. Bullpies322

    Disk Space

    How much disk space is World of Warships supposed to take up. My game is currently using 65gb of storage space on my sdd. I think this is abnormal or am I crazy?
  10. Bullpies322

    Carriers Are Too Difficult

    There's just no way to get better at this class. I had five losses in a row at tier 4. I try to go after the dd's but that doesn't work. They are so maneuverable and the planes are not so I miss or do very little damage. The battleships may not be able to maneuver well but they can still miss all but one torpedo if not all of them. I have never been afraid of carriers in my battleships. I don't see how anyone can do anything significant in these things.
  11. Bullpies322

    Carriers Are Too Difficult

    I used to play carriers back in the day when it was an rts. They were tough but you could make it work. Now it jus makes me want to take my computer and throw it out the window. The attack time is so small, the inability to control fighters, the damn flak clouds. There is no way to practice this class as co-op battles are too short, and Random battles you make a mistake and you lose the entire squadron.
  12. Bullpies322

    Missouri frustration

    I am getting very frustrated playing the Missouri. I never seem to be able to do very much damage. I can do great in my Massachusetts, but when it comes to my Missouri it seems so pitiful. Either the shells miss or they fail to do damage. The Massachusetts is supposed to have worse dispersion but this doesn't seem to be the case. I know this ship has a lot of potential, but how do you get it to perform?
  13. Bullpies322


    Where is the Alaska. She has been tested for months and I thought she was ready to go. No one has talked about her lately, nor the Prince Eitel Friedrich, nor the Jean Bart.
  14. Bullpies322

    Battleship help

    I was using ap on the enemy cruisers.
  15. Bullpies322

    Battleship help

    I was playing my Nelson today and I don't know how to improve but I felt that the cruisers sitting broadside in front of me were safer than I was. I fired what looked like good shots but I only end up doing about 7k dmg per salvo. I aim at the waterline and hope for the best. It is so frustrating because I know if I was in those cruisers I would have been obliterated. I feel like this happens more often than not in my other battleships too. I ended up doing 35k dmg before they burned me down. I don't know what to do.