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  1. Bullpies322

    Missouri frustration

    I am getting very frustrated playing the Missouri. I never seem to be able to do very much damage. I can do great in my Massachusetts, but when it comes to my Missouri it seems so pitiful. Either the shells miss or they fail to do damage. The Massachusetts is supposed to have worse dispersion but this doesn't seem to be the case. I know this ship has a lot of potential, but how do you get it to perform?
  2. Bullpies322


    Where is the Alaska. She has been tested for months and I thought she was ready to go. No one has talked about her lately, nor the Prince Eitel Friedrich, nor the Jean Bart.
  3. Bullpies322

    Battleship help

    I was using ap on the enemy cruisers.
  4. Bullpies322

    Battleship help

    I was playing my Nelson today and I don't know how to improve but I felt that the cruisers sitting broadside in front of me were safer than I was. I fired what looked like good shots but I only end up doing about 7k dmg per salvo. I aim at the waterline and hope for the best. It is so frustrating because I know if I was in those cruisers I would have been obliterated. I feel like this happens more often than not in my other battleships too. I ended up doing 35k dmg before they burned me down. I don't know what to do.