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  1. Jodyanne

    Server ERROR Message

    What message. im getting The currently installed game is older than that of the server. Please update the client. But no updates are available.
  2. Jodyanne

    2nd post - same issue

    Maybe ask if a mod can be written to perform the functionality you are looking for.
  3. Jodyanne

    2nd post - same issue

    I never really thought that the end music was meant to be muted with the in game music.
  4. Jodyanne


    lolz... most games my ships end up being submarines.......
  5. Jodyanne

    Team Kill Penalties

    Newly installed mods can cause this if they are not correct for the version ships you are running. Also many other possibilities.
  6. Jodyanne

    Strange website issue...

    Try clear your browser cache and cookies if it happens again..
  7. Jodyanne

    Embrace the "PINK", there is no more shame.

    In a co-op game i launched torpedos and a friendly bot turned and drove straight into them. Yes it's my mistake, I wear the pink with pride.