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  1. Slammer58

    A question for WG on subs

    We're all gonna be pinks. I predict accidental TKs skyrocking
  2. Slammer58

    SC drought...

    Well, mines over as of today.. Got my first one in about 5-6 months. 100 VL signals
  3. Slammer58

    The Story of Philippe Auboyneau

    Based on today's announcement, we need Richard O'Kane, Dudley W. “Mush” Morton, Otto Kretschmer and Wolfgang Lüth for starters
  4. Slammer58

    Military Flag

    I do. Glad WG decided to allow those of us who acquired Murmansk from the HumbleBundle Closed Beta deal to keep him.
  5. Slammer58

    This is a Test

  6. Slammer58

    WG Birthday Code

    Thanks...and Happy Birthday WG!
  7. Slammer58

    How to get replays to work?

    Seems to be playing OK for me. Some glitchy graphics at the start, but its playing OK... Nice game
  8. Slammer58

    WoWs 50k Stream Codes

  9. Slammer58

    Why is my collections not on?

    I had this problem once. I was using some old mods. Try removing or updating all your mods.
  10. Slammer58

    Bojangles CLUB spotted

    Popeyes > Bojangles
  11. Slammer58

    5.6 Update 1MB Remains To Download

    This happened to me once before. I exited the update, restarted and it completed.
  12. Slammer58

    Shell type changing from HE to AP on it's own

    Do you have a programmable mouse and/or keyboard? Maybe one of them got accidentally reprogrammed.
  13. Slammer58

    The Deal of the Year!

    Well this kind of thinking may encourage WG to start putting out even more less than stellar premiums for us to buy so we won't get them either in SCs
  14. Slammer58

    WG surveys

    Also got this. Baled after the 2nd screen. Seemed a bit strange for a gaming company asking about my car
  15. Wasn't really anywhere to put this, so it ended up here... Such a disgrace and desecration Quote