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  1. After a dry spell of many, many months (6, 9?) today I finally scored a mythical super container (selected signals and camo). With my heart pounding and my mouse finger twitching, I clicked on the Open container button and to my wondering eyes did appear: Well, not too bad I guess and they will be used for sure. Getting the Okhotnik, Graf Spee, and 2300 doubloons in my $25 Santa crate splurge kinda helped lessen getting just signals in a super container...
  2. Yup, select the Openbucks option for payment. You can use Subway, CVS, Dollar General, and Obucks...
  3. Had a $25 Subway card burning a hole in my wallet, so used it up last night/early early this morning. Bought a Santa's Big Gift 5 pack first and got (in order of opening): 15x Red Dragon flags, Okhotnik w/10 pt captain, 1000 doubloons, 15x Frosty fir camos, ...and Graf Spee w/10 pt captain! To finish up the Subway card, went back and bought 3 more Santa's Big Gift and 2 Santa Gifts. Got (in order of opening): 50x Equal Speed Charlie London flags, 300 doubloons, 15x Frosty fir camos, 1000 doubloons, 15x Frosty fir camos. Not a bad haul. I feel like I got my $$ worth...
  4. Also, make it easier to mount multiple signal flags. Let us be able to do something like hold down the shift or ctrl key, then click on 2 or more signal flags. Then we click on the mount button to mount multiple flags all at once. Its a bit of a PITA to have to mount each signal separately...
  5. I got 50 Zulu and 50 Zulu Hotel signal flags. Thanks WG!
  6. 2 so far this morning. First one when I exited a battle, second one when battled ended.
  7. Like the title says, I'm starting to see disconnects when exiting a battle. Just seeing this since last patch.
  8. @ OP, does your laptop have a dedicated graphics card? If not, the laptop is probably using some of that 4GB (not 4MB, right? ) RAM for graphics. Not sure how much gets allocated for graphics, but it won't be 4GB, and certainly less than 2GB. One thing you might try is one of the mods that uses compressed graphics. I think Aslains mod has it.
  9. Need 100 doubloons?

    Just noticed my 100 doubloons in my acct. Thx MR!
  10. Opening Pumpkin crates

    1 crate so far and got 20k FXP
  11. Failure to connect....

    Servers are up. Just connected...
  12. 5000+ battles and no rewards as well...