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  1. Slammer58

    What are your eyes set on?

    Just used the current resource coupon to pick up G.Kurfürst yesterday, so haven't given much thought (yet) what to do with the new coupon.
  2. Slammer58

    New Code

    Said "code activated", but I got nothing. Thanks anyway. Maybe its an old code that I already activated.
  3. Slammer58

    Monthly Supercontainer

    50 November Foxtrot sigs
  4. Slammer58

    RFI - No Value Camo

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/exterior-visuals-and-economic-bonuses/ Camos still have some value. You can sell them for credits.
  5. Slammer58

    Low FPS

    Do you have a dual band router? If so, you may be able to split your internet into 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. I believe Roku runs only on 2.4GHz and, with any luck your wireless/ethernet card supports 5GHz, so you might be able to eliminate the lag. We are using T-Mobile Home Internet. I split the bands. Our TV/Roku is happy on the 2.4GHz side and our PCs (the two that support 5GHz anyway) are happy on 5GHz.
  6. Slammer58

    Please ignore my b!tching

    Game dropped on me ~30 minutes ago. By the time I logged into the forum and posted, game was back, but battle was over. Seemed a bit too quick for the battle to be over. *shrug*
  7. Slammer58

    Server down

  8. Slammer58

    How many ships are there in WOWS?

    I think I've got about 120, and play maybe about 10% of those.
  9. Slammer58

    Russian Sub: L-20

  10. Slammer58

    Code Stolen from KOT

    And what does the code do? Thx.
  11. Slammer58

    No Birthday Coupon

    Happy Birthday? Mines today too. Actually got the birthday email yesterday, so check your trash email to make sure it didn't get flagged as spam. You may have to submit a ticket. Info on submitting a ticket can be found here.
  12. Actually you can grab a portion of the screen with your mouse (left click) and drag it to the left to see the rest of the tech tree. And if you just do a left click and hold, you can move the tech tree screen up, down, right, left.
  13. Slammer58

    Monthly Super Containers - April 2023

    November Foxtrot sigs x100
  14. Slammer58

    But my portal chips!!!

    I've noticed I've been getting/awarded PCs recently for reasons I can not fathom. Today, poof, 9 deducted for same unfathomable reason... ah, explained by Nevermore. Thx.
  15. Slammer58

    It's Alive! Living Camouflages in the Armory

    Well, RNG was on my side this morning. Star Kitakaze was #1 out of 124.