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  1. Victory at Sea - Pacific

    I've seen other games mentioned in the OT forums, so hopefully I'm not violating any protocol. If so, mods, please delete this post. Just letting everyone know that there will be a followup game to Victory at Sea, one based in the Pacific. New game coming in 2018 is Victory at Sea Pacific. Check out the video on the Steam page. I think some of you may recognize the ship at the ~30 second mark.
  2. Graphics Question

    There are several mods that change the look of the tracers. How they will still look on lowest graphics settings may not be any better than what you are seeing. You may just need to try a few...
  3. So what do I do with this here...

    The T6 Cleveland was one of my go-to ships for Operations (that needed a T6 ship). Always seemed to do well in them when I sailed her into battle...
  4. SC rage

    I'm guessing....salt?
  5. Trouble creating an account

    Seems it was some kind of Chrome issue. Tried creating the acct in IE and it worked fine
  6. Trouble creating an account

    I created a new gmail acct just to use with the new WoWS acct. As far as I've seen on the forums, WG seems to be fine with us having more than one account. If that has changed, someone please let me know. Thanks!
  7. Trouble creating an account

    First off, yes I have submitted a ticket. Just curious if others have had a problem creating an account, if its a known issue and are there any workarounds/fixes. So, Gamersgate is having a sale on Starter packs for new accounts. I bought a starter pack and went and tried to make a new acct (because I can/want to ) using the Gamersgate Invite code. I get no red flags/warning when trying to create the acct, but when I hit Continue, I get a perpetually spinning wheel icon. Ideas? Thanks...
  8. Victor Lima change??

    Has it always had a 4% chance of causing flooding? I thought it was similar to India X-ray and increased chance of detonation? And seems WG increased the shell calibers for both flags to 160 from 152? or maybe I'm just membering wrong
  9. Tech Tree Premiums Updated

    Thanks! ...and you also 13Assassins!
  10. Tech Tree Premiums Updated

    Anyone know/remember how many the Atlanta costs?
  11. Doing/attempting 3 small purchases in a short time span may have raised a red flag or two with your cc company...
  12. Tirpitz left her mark on Norwegian trees

    ^Ha, that would also serve to keep the curious locals at a distance.
  13. Just an interesting footnote...
  14. Space Battles...Cruisers only ?

    dont think it'll work for co-op
  15. As others above have said remove your personal info immediately, otherwise prepare for a lot of spam, etc. Posting your PC specs might help including the new card info and your PSU info. Some graphic cards require 2 connections to the power supply. Its possible your card is not getting enough power.