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  1. Slammer58

    Space-X Spashdown 08-02-2020

    Apparently one minor issue that will be addressed next time...maybe with a few water cannons https://www.foxnews.com/us/officials-caught-off-guard-as-recreational-boaters-move-into-drop-zone-for-returning-spacex-capsule
  2. Slammer58

    Space-X Spashdown 08-02-2020

    Watched it live. Glad it all went smoothly. Congrats to the astronauts, SpaceX and NASA . Brought back lots of memories from when I was a kid younger and watched the Apollo splashdowns in the Pacific. Amazing that they can now splashdown much closer to the USA. Welcome home gentlemen.
  3. Slammer58

    Ships you Adore.

    Mogami w/155s and Konigsburg. Used to love the EmileB until she got nerfed.
  4. Slammer58

    receiced a SC today

    Also had my first one today in some time: 50,000 FXP.
  5. Slammer58

    Finally got a SC with a ship thanks WG

    Never gotten a ship from a SC but just got 50,000 FXP today in my first SC in long time
  6. Slammer58

    Ships Captain

    19 pts? Maybe move him to a higher tier Premium/Special comparable ship of the same nation?
  7. Slammer58

    5 Years

    Same. Coming up on 8 years
  8. My avatar is something that I stumbled upon somewhere somewhen on that thing we call the internet. It struck a chord with me and I use it proudly on this and other sites.
  9. Had the same problem a couple days ago.
  10. Slammer58

    Hmmm.... how come, or why........?

    They also have done them when major game updates had a big impact on gameplay. I think they had free re-specs when they re-did CVs and IFHE. Would not be surprised to see one eventually offered due to subs...
  11. Slammer58

    Hmmm.... how come, or why........?

    On the plus side, WG does do free Captain Re-specs every so often.
  12. Slammer58

    Hmmm.... how come, or why........?

    WG economics
  13. Slammer58

    Number next to "Port"

    Is the red circle actually next to "select port" or is it right near your account name? The one near your account name is the number of unread News articles. Click on your Account name and you will see News in the dropdown. The News item should also have a red circle with a number in it. If its actually next to "Select Port" it may indicate you have new ports to select from. Been so long since I went through the low levels, I don't remember if new ports are added gradually as your access level increases.