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  1. As others above have said remove your personal info immediately, otherwise prepare for a lot of spam, etc. Posting your PC specs might help including the new card info and your PSU info. Some graphic cards require 2 connections to the power supply. Its possible your card is not getting enough power.
  2. Super Containers

    I had a very long SC dry spell last year (~8-9 months). However, so far in 2018 RNG has been quite nice to me. I've received 4 SCs since the beginning of the year. First 2 were 100 Equal Speed Charlie London signals. Third was 1000 doubloons and the last one a couple weeks ago was 50K Free XP. For the curious, I've been alternating between Signals and Consumables. Now, when is #5 gonna drop??
  3. Devastating Strike (x659) Solo Warrior (x1) Diehard (x4) Unsinkable (x2)
  4. Collections not showing?

    Actually this is what I usually do. Never had or seen a problem from doing it...until I lost access to the collections.
  5. Collections not showing?

    Thx Drago, that did the trick
  6. Collections not showing?

    Yes, using a few from Aslains. I'll try updating them. Thx!
  7. Collections not showing?

    To clarify, I can only see the Hunt for Bismark collection. I can the see the right/left (<>) icons to move between collections, but nothing happens when I click on them. Seems like this has only been an issue since the last patch. Suggestions? Anyone else having this issue? TIA...
  8. I can't get results from AP...

    I usually try to aim at the waterline, while also trying to get the shells to hit under the smoke stacks and/or the turrets. While in my Emile the other day, I had 6 citadels on an Emerald from a single salvo.
  9. Lockups during Naval Station Newport?

    OK, played it a 3rd time. Died after 5 kills, 125K damage, locked up when I tried to switch ships in observer mode. Anyone else seeing this?
  10. Lockups during Naval Station Newport?

    I've played Naval Station Newport twice today. Both times, the game locked up on me. I think it was when I was trying to switch ships during observer mode after I'd been killed.
  11. Just saw a Turenne in a game...
  12. What's your comfort ship.

    While I can't say I always win in them, my go-to ships are the Konigsberg and the Emile Bertin. Got my first Solo Warrior in the Emile the other day .
  13. Game freeze/locks after update

    ...twice today so far while in game . Exited and got back in the 1st time, never got back in the 2nd game. Anyone else getting game lockups?
  14. After a dry spell of many, many months (6, 9?) today I finally scored a mythical super container (selected signals and camo). With my heart pounding and my mouse finger twitching, I clicked on the Open container button and to my wondering eyes did appear: Well, not too bad I guess and they will be used for sure. Getting the Okhotnik, Graf Spee, and 2300 doubloons in my $25 Santa crate splurge kinda helped lessen getting just signals in a super container...