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  1. Just noticed my 100 doubloons in my acct. Thx MR!
  2. I see it as well...
  3. 1 crate so far and got 20k FXP
  4. A free Commander respec
  5. Servers are up. Just connected...
  6. Just got mine, thanks WG
  7. 5000+ battles and no rewards as well...
  8. Just ended a game, and it crashed...
  9. We were both trying to finish off a red CA and he got in my line of fire, yes, yes it was all his fault! (I kid, I kid, totally my fault)
  10. I tapped a damaged Russia DD on my team that only had 24 (42?) HP with 1 HE round, and wham, into the 7 game penalty pink box I went. p.s. to the OP for hiz Kraken.
  11. Congrats, on your DS! Its is a fun achievement to get. Most, if not all, of mine have been unexpected. I remember a few where a BB flooded out right before/after I nailed a CA/DD. On my last one, I sent a Hail Mary shot at a near dead CA right after I had torped a BB.
  12. Same for me. Have seen this issue on and off over several updates....
  13. Got one myself this morning from completing one of the Hunt for Bismark tasks...
  14. Just now got a SC. My first in, well its been so long, I can't remember the last time I got one. Anyway just got 5,000,000 credits from selecting the More consumables choice...