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  1. Slammer58

    Player record reset

    Only way is to start over with a new account.
  2. Slammer58


    I run CAs mostly, so 2 that I always like to fly if available are November Echo Setteseven (for the extra AA) and Victor Lima because I love to give BB capts heartburn p.s. Don't forget to use the 25/50% off signals coupons.
  3. Slammer58

    Pin Up Video

    How often is the total view count updated? I know I've watched it a couple more times, but it hasn't changed in the last 10 minutes. Its stuck at 474957.
  4. Slammer58

    Do you buy flag using Coal?

  5. Some good news for that other Eagles group. One of my all-time favorite groups.
  6. Slammer58


    Grogheads (OK, shameless plug for a wargaming site I frequent, but it seemed semi-appropriate )
  7. Slammer58

    PT Boats

    If you want PT type bots/boats/combat, then go here.
  8. Slammer58

    Emile Bertin?

    Well, maybe time to retire my Emile. Gonna miss those 9km torps
  9. Slammer58

    So that rock looks like an...

    Who has time to notice this while dying?
  10. Slammer58

    How many times have you "died"?

    Old skippers never die, they just float away...(4634 times)
  11. Slammer58

    Have a code for July 4th!

  12. Slammer58

    ships staying "In Battle" after battle is done

    ...and now I see there are 2 numerous other threads about this.