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  1. big_gun_lil_hull

    Low Zao damage explained?

    no he saturates where as ap can go through some saturated areas. this the reason i can face tank a conqueror with a salem and win. just keep shooting ap into the super structure and pwn
  2. big_gun_lil_hull

    snow flake crates not appering

    i also never recieved a t10 crate :(
  3. big_gun_lil_hull

    Public Test 0.7.11 - Feedback

    I have been getting nothing but the normal tier 1 ships on pts. no exp given for a coop battle. no access to further portions of the tech tree due to a complete inability to advance. i have checked the integrity of the install twice. once as a stand alone and then again after i integrated the test folder into the wg gamecenter. in both cases i logged back in. after a long initial login time i eventually arrive at the harbor screen where i still do not have any ability to actually test the changes or even participate. is there a fix for this or is this being ignored. i know im not the only person dealing with this issue because ive seen others mention the same issue.
  4. ty epic the email i got does not seem to mention that the test starts tomorrow for us in the states.