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  1. archrist

    7.11 PT test part 2

    in this case mcdoob i agree. we are getting the wrong server but the server we are connecting to is set up for basically nothing to function properly. despite this though i can see upwards of 490 people online. so unless there are some very patient folks out there constantly trying and retrying then giving up i beleive there is an issue somewhere. it would be nice if this was actually being addressed by WG in some manner. at the moment ive seen not so much as a sniff in this direction. so it seems at this point that some folks just dont get to participate. which is always great when your testing new content . . .
  2. archrist

    Public Test 0.7.11 - Feedback

    I have been getting nothing but the normal tier 1 ships on pts. no exp given for a coop battle. no access to further portions of the tech tree due to a complete inability to advance. i have checked the integrity of the install twice. once as a stand alone and then again after i integrated the test folder into the wg gamecenter. in both cases i logged back in. after a long initial login time i eventually arrive at the harbor screen where i still do not have any ability to actually test the changes or even participate. is there a fix for this or is this being ignored. i know im not the only person dealing with this issue because ive seen others mention the same issue.
  3. archrist

    Dedicated Test Client cannot Connect to Server

    ty epic the email i got does not seem to mention that the test starts tomorrow for us in the states.