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  1. You have to be logged in to see the bundle.
  2. This has been my experience as well. With the exception of the first $3 x5 box batch I purchased, in which I received two Emdens, I did not receive a single duplicate buying $3 boxes one at a time. It took about 50 $3 boxes, but I received all of the ships I did not have on the list from those $3 boxes. Emden, Nikolai, Marblehead, Gremy, Anshan, Warspite, Arizona, Sims, Atlanta, Indy, P.E, Tirpitz and Lo Yang. I quit after receiving the last of the ships. I purchased a few $1 and $5 boxes, but just yielded camo/flags. All in all, with 100 days total of PT and ~16k in doubloons, it was well worth the expense.