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  1. Clan battles are starting soon. Our membership has players who travel, do shift work and are in different time zones. This makes it a little difficult to consistently get our clan battle started. A few more capable players will allow us, and you... to compete on a regular basis.
  2. First a little history about our name. TF-62 was the force for Operation Watchtower; the invasion of Guadalcanal and Tulagi. My Great Uncle was a sailor aboard USS Chicago and took part in the Battle of Savo Island. USS Chicago was the only surviving cruiser of five in that action where over 1100 sailors were lost. We are responsible family men and professionals who enjoy the game, the history and the thrill of competition. We are happy to develop newer players who show an aptitude to grow. We enjoy Clan Battles and have been successful considering our struggles of fielding enough players to reliably compete. If you are already in a clan and have the same problems, come talk to us. We use Discord for voice communications as well as posting screenshots, discussing in game mechanics and team coordination. Our clan base is nearly completely built. Clan battles requires tier 10 ships that you are proficient and competent at competing with. We like to know our members and communicate on a first name basis. Please ask any questions and check us out in the client. We hope we can welcome you aboard. Gregg
  3. Quincy71_GWP

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    Looks pretty proportionate to me.
  4. Clarity is not only required regarding the rewards but also in the interest of integrity. If you select a reward, will you get it or not? It's a simple question Wargaming. And one that only an official answer from you will suffice.
  5. Quincy71_GWP

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    The replay of the dockyard is awesome. But there is one thing that is very awkward. When the ship leaves the dry dock for the pier, it just snaps there. The dry dock should fill, and it should float out to the pier. It think it is a glaring oversight on what is an otherwise incredible animation. Ranked 1v1 is fine except for one thing that completely breaks it. Carriers. It is impossible to win against carriers. That is a terrible idea and probably the most broken thing I have ever experienced in the game.
  6. I get it that Black came out after Fletcher and it used the same model. A early model "round bridge" Fletcher. But since the Kidd was added, there is a model for a "square bridge" Fletcher. That is what the Black was. A "square bridge" Fletcher. In other words a later and improved design. I would like to see this inaccuracy changed.
  7. Quincy71_GWP

    Research Bureau not good enough rewards

    I don't think the RB is primarily aimed at those who need to regrind at all. They have known for some time that their most active players were out of new ships to buy and have been accumulating massive amounts of FXP, credits and other currencies. While you can certainly grind to get those ships, I believe the true intent was to keep those players who have run out of things to add to their games. If they didn't do RB, these players would leave.
  8. Quincy71_GWP

    Clan Battle Participation

    We are not a new clan. There since day 1
  9. Quincy71_GWP

    Clan Battle Participation

    We have the same problem with a few of our best players in MT time zone. Without them, we can't field a team.
  10. Quincy71_GWP

    Clan Battle Participation

    We can't get enough to actually compete let alone additional mandatory training. We are also a clan of career professionals. Most of us work varying schedules. We are a clan that likes to be personal with our members. Many of us know each other personally and not as internet friends. Those we have never met, we know about each other and their lives. We talk on first name basis not by IGN. Our core members have been with us since the clans were formed and have competed since season 1. We love to have like minded competitive players join. Those that don't last usually fall into a few categories: troublemakers, non-participants, and non-communicators. We will never have 3 or 4 affiliated clans because that is not our thing. We do not want that. We do not take all comers. Who needs that drama? But as a result, we have good people, good players and everyone is willing to learn and teach. But we could use more like minded players who desire to play competitively. The only requirement for us to compete is to be competent and show that you learn from mistakes. As we go higher in league, we play the more of the most capable players and less of the others. It's the nature of the beast in anything competitive.
  11. Quincy71_GWP

    Clan Battle Participation

    Clan Brawl is the most fun we have had in any mode. I'd like to see that on a regular basis. It also allows all team members to play.
  12. Quincy71_GWP

    Clan Battle Participation

    We have 25 members. We prefer to keep it that way to keep it personal. Members know each other. If we take someone in that doesn't participate in anything but only takes our clan base bonuses, they are quickly let go. Considering you have nearly twice the membership and can't get enough, our problem is exponential. We have only scraped together a team for 3 partial sessions. Or competitive members are at least dedicated and very experience. But we are always 1 short while we sit around hoping for one more. 8v8 also makes for inconsistency within your team. Just to play, we need to take a lesser experienced player just to play. Not the idea way to compete. Forget getting a B team playing simultaneously. I guarantee dual teams has become impossible for almost every clan.
  13. Quincy71_GWP

    Clan Battle Participation

    You don't gain points in a playoff. Win or lose. But you know this.