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  1. Quincy71_GWP

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    If WG was married to History, and you the customer were their child; you would be caught in the middle of a dirty divorce.
  2. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    Honestly... they NEVER do when it comes to something this controversial.
  3. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    You being someone who doesn't even play the game anymore yet for some reason feel the need to stick around in the forums just to be a troll. More posts than battles. Interesting. Speaks volumes. Dismissed.
  4. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    It's those "trinkets" that separate me from someone like yourself.
  5. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    This tells me that you place no value on achievement. Sadly typical of today's society and latest generation.
  6. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    True. Many of these events have recycled their flags from the previous event. Lazy? yes. It take less than 5 minutes of time to produce a flag design. Part of the allure of an event such as this is to collect a special flag. The allure of the event is lacking because no special flags have been designed. But there is no excuse for using such a hard fought award flag. Like others said earlier... why not just hand out Iwaki Alphas, or Arkansas Betas, CBA or CBT flags? What is to stop that from happening? Nothing. Those hold no value anymore and clearly nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing off limits. The day the Jolly Roger 2 flag is handed out for 1 kill, is the day it will be retired from my fleet of 450+ ships.
  7. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    When I first posted this, I missed something in the article. I saw that the participants would get the flag for playing a mere 16 matches. After re-reading it, I see that this is much worse. If you sink a pirate, you get the flag. After enduring rank outs to obtain the flag, it has been cheapened to only sinking 1 ship. Just ONE ship. This is even more degrading to those that earned it. Why not use the "Talk like a pirate" flag instead? But to give the Jolly Roger flag of any level (1, 2, 3 or 4) for such an event is unconscionable.
  8. Quincy71_GWP

    Prepare thy booty

    The rank out Jolly Roger should not ever be handed out as a participation trophy.
  9. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    Same. All 450 of my ships fly the Jolly Roger
  10. Quincy71_GWP

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    I'd say it's those that didn't earn it the hard way would disagree with my post. Same thing with Flint. Nerfed into the ground after earning it the hard way. Nothing in this game is worth grinding for or sacred anymore. There simply aren't any rewards of value.
  11. Why couldn't another flag be designed as a participant reward? Like many of the long time players of this game, I earned my Jolly Rogers through many long ranked slogs. But now it is being given away for just 16 battles to any participant. Are any of the rewards earned in this game even valuable anymore?
  12. I earned my Jolly Roger flags the hard way through rank outs when they were still given. They were and still are the most prized of my in game awards. And now they will be just given away to pirate event players just for playing 16 battles!!! Are you kidding me? You couldn't make a different flag for this?
  13. Don't shoot the messenger but I'm seeing a serious slip in the management of this game lately. 1. Flandre released with a serious free look bug. Never acknowledged directly through WG, but they communicated only through the CCs and let them do the dirty work and take the heat for it. 2. Kong-Godzilla voiceovers not as advertised. 3. "Data center" outage. 4. Tomorrow is the 4 week deadline for update 0.10.4. However... silence. 5. Outrageous "plans" for super battleships (don't we already have OP BBs?), and subs in ranked. Anyone else care to add more to this list? Anyone else having serious trust issues with what is being developed, what we are being told/not told, general integrity of the management of this game? I for one have been having serious doubts as of late about the direction of this game. Actions and inactions speak very loudly. Sincerely, Dissatisfied Ultra Overlord of the Mega-Whales
  14. Quincy71_GWP

    Another Update, Another Annoying Bug

    After you close the client and wait to log back in, there is another bug once you enter the match. Your AA/Secondary will be off. But hitting "P" once then shows you have turned them off and the icon remains the "off" icon. Pressing again actually the icon off.
  15. Quincy71_GWP

    Another Update, Another Annoying Bug

    It does not fix the problem. This obviously is a brand new bug effecting many players as of today.