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  1. Quincy71_GWP

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    I wouldn't call it an easter egg because it was real artwork. However, in the game, it was initially and incorrectly applied to the port side of turret 2. It was later moved to the proper place on starboard. However, they never fixed the image as George is written backwards as a mirror image.
  2. Quincy71_GWP

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    Bus jumping the Tower Bridge and the Tardis from Dr. Who
  3. Quincy71_GWP

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    Thor's Hammer (anchor)
  4. Quincy71_GWP

    0.9.2 Feedback CLs

    Being on the move does not negate hits. Every hit causes considerable damage that may have been previously avoided using her armor.
  5. Quincy71_GWP

    0.9.2 Feedback CLs

    Colbert is screwed. Previously, the ship could only withstand large AP if it was precisely angled. Now there is no reason to angle at all. It has zero defense regardless of angle. It is overmatched from every angle. Considering that it doesn't have smoke, like Smolensk, it has no means to defend itself. Combine the loss of armor with the effect on it's guns... the ship is nerfed into the ground. Makes it a total write-off of research points (time, effort and frustration and great cost in resources).
  6. Quincy71_GWP

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    USS Massachusetts LCP (L) Landing Craft, Personnel (Large) Only appears in port. Big Mamie did not carry landing craft. This is likely a reference to her participation in the Operation Torch landings.
  7. Quincy71_GWP

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    HMS London: Top of the ladders port and starboard. "Underground"
  8. Quincy71_GWP

    0.9.2 Feedback CLs

    Considering the IFHE and armor rework are going to have a grave impact on CLs, that is what I have been testing. While IFHE may no longer be necessary, the nerf to the CL armor is egregious. It is impossible to angle against anything without massive damage. I strongly disapprove of this armor change especially to these ships. USN 127mm seems to do little damage now as well.
  9. Quincy71_GWP

    USS California Release

    That answers that. WG, once again missed a historical opportunity to release a ship on a date that has historical significance to that ship. How much more significant can you get than floating your California '44 on the anniversary of California being put back into service?
  10. Quincy71_GWP

    USS California Release

    Interestingly, it is the only ship in the extended tech tree that doesn't show "soon", "test ship". It actually has a doubloon price of 9500 on it.
  11. Quincy71_GWP

    USS California Release

    I hope we see the release of USS California tomorrow. She was released from the yard Jan 1944 after being rebuilt. If there wasn't a more appropriate day to launch her... Let's see if this is a another missed opportunity.
  12. Clan battles are starting soon. Our membership has players who travel, do shift work and are in different time zones. This makes it a little difficult to consistently get our clan battle started. A few more capable players will allow us, and you... to compete on a regular basis.