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  1. USA Turn 7 Military Numbers: Navy: US Army: Revenue Cutter Service: Diplomacy: Order 200 Madsen machine guns chambered in 30-06 Also request a license to produce the Madsen in the USA. The licensing fee offered is 2% of the production cost as well as a contract not to sell the design to other countries. Order 60 Maxim Machine Guns from Vickers chambered in 30-06 Internal Affairs: Have Roosevelt attend the ceremony for the laying down of the foundation stone for the US National Cathedral. Establish the Aeronautical Division of the US Army Signal Corp. This division will have charge of all matters pertaining to military balloons, machines and kindred subjects. Invite the Savage Arms company to fulfill a contract to produce 30 Maxim Guns Invite bids from US arms manufacturing firms to produce 100 Maxim guns Contract Winchester and Remington to begin mass production of M1903(06) Springfield Rifles. Order the Springfield Armor to switch entirely to M1903(06) production. Production of M1905 .45 ACP pistols will be transfered to the Colt Fire Arms company. The production goal for the M1903(06) is for Springfield, Winchester and Remington combined to go from 76,000 rifles per year to 200,000 rifles per year. Military: As an emergency measure, add the M1905 3 inch field guns to the TO&E of light artillery battalions. These are the primary guns of the US artillery until newer guns become available and what they have been training with. So this should simply be a formality to ensure the units are equipped. Begin organizing 3 active Army Divisions of roughly 15000 men each. Each Division will have 4 Light Artillery Battalions attached, as well as 3 Infantry Regiments, 1 Cavalry Squadron, 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, 1 Medical Battalion, 1 Quarter Master Battalion and 1 Signal Company. Until otherwise stated all units listed will follow current TO&E. Call up 30,000 national Guardsmen for 1 year active duty. These national Guard Units will be formed into two Division's along the same lines as the regular Army division outlined above. The newly created divisions will be organized into the 1st United States Army: 1st Army: I Corp: 1st Infantry Division (US Army) 2nd Infantry Division (US Army) 3rd Infantry Division (National Guard) II Corp: 4th Infantry Division (US Army) 5th Infantry Division (National Guard) Recruitment/Construction: 10,000 into the Army Research: Browning air cooled Machine gun: Details PM'ed
  2. USA Turn 6 Military Numbers: Navy: US Army: Revenue Cutter Service: Diplomacy: Accept Russia's apology for the incident and arrange for the return of all Americans currently being held in Russian custody. Make arrangements for Russia to provide financial compensation to the families of the men killed. 25,000 USD per individual as agreed upon Warn Russia that USA will not be so forgiving in the future. Upon the safe return of all American citizens and property, diplomatic relations between the USA and Russia will be cut to a minimum. Welcome the Austria-Hungarian delegation to the United States. Hold a large ceremony for the Austrian Emperor including a 21 gun salute by the USN. Sign a mutual defense agreement with Austria Hungary. Request a mutual defense agreement with Ottoman Empire Send a message to the United Kingdom offering to mediate the dispute between the UK, Portugal and Spain. I am sure we can arrange for fair compensation to be paid to Portugal and UK in return for Spain seeing the return of his ships and personnel. Allow Spain to use the Philippines as a way point for his ships. In order to avoid upsetting the local population his ships will not fly their flag while they are in Manila Bay and will only be permitted to stay in port long enough to complete refueling. No shore leaves will be granted to the Spanish crews. They will then depart immediately for Guam. Request from Denmark a license to produce the Madsen Light Machine Gun Contact William Knox D'Arcy and offer him 200,000 USD for his Iranian Oil Concession. Internal Affairs: Send personal letters out to the families of those killed. Each letter will be personalized but follow the same general theme shown, "By now you have received the notification regarding the tragic and untimely deaths of your Son. As I write this letter to you, I feel how weak and fruitless any words of mine would be to assuage you of the grief must feel over the loved and lost. I am truly sorry for what has happened to your family. I have personally worked to safely bring home the men held in captivity. Many of them will see their loved ones again. I know this is of no comfort to you and yours. However, I cannot refrain from reminding you that your son died doing his duty, both to his comrades and this country. I hope that you will be able to find some consolation in the thanks this great nation owes to you for the sacrifices your family has made. I pray that our heavenly father will take away the anguish and grief, and leave you only with cherished memories of the loved and lost. Yours very sincerely and respectfully, Theodore Roosevelt" Present the families of the crew of the SS Pittsburgh with congressional gold medals. For outstanding bravery and heroism in the face of danger. The crew of the SS Pittsburgh went above and beyond the call of duty in the defense of their ship. Their example sets the standard both for the US Navy and American merchant sailors everywhere. Commission a new medal to be created known as the SS Pittsburgh medal. The medal is only to be awarded to merchant sailors who demonstrate uncommon valor in the face of impossible odds. Pass the 1907 Naval estimate: 2 Delaware Class Battleships 20 million USD 3 B-Class submarines 1 million USD 5 C class submarines 3 million USD Military: Submit this design for Battle Dress Uniform to the US military for field testing with alterations to be made in response to testing. The standard variant will be tested in Eastern Washington during Autumn and Winter months while the warm weather variant will be tested in Southern Texas as well as Florida during the spring and summer months. The Cold Winter variant will be tested in Alaska during the winter as well as undergo further testing in Eastern Washington and North Dakota. The uniform will be judged based on how well it protects the wearer from the elements, comfort, and practicality. Have the Navy begin drawing up preliminary plans for the US Navy to conduct a large scale training exercise. The exercise will include several squadrons of warships operating simultaneously to circumnavigate the globe. This exercise will serve to provide the USN with valuable experience in long range navigation, operations planning, seaman ship and formation sailing. Begin expanding the coaling and shipyard facilities at Pearl Harbor and Guam to support increased Fleet operations in the central Pacific. Recruitment/Construction: Lay Down 3 B-Class Submarines Lay Down 5 C-Class submarines Recruit 50,000 men into the US Army Research: Browning Air Cooled Machine Gun: Details PM'ed
  3. USA Turn 3 Military Numbers: Navy: US Army: Revenue Cutter Service: Diplomacy: Russia's act of leaving the Hague Conventions is nothing less than an act of betrayal to humanity as a whole. By tearing up these conventions, the Russians have announced that they will wage war without any regard to civilians, prisoners of war, the weapons with which they use to wage war and flags of truce. The Russians in rejecting their obligations under the Hague Convention have pledged themselves to show no limits to the amount of barbarism that may be conducted during the barbaric affair that is warfare. It is a sad day when one of the great nations on this good earth, erases the line that separates humans from the apes. Sell 20 M1895 Colt Browning Machine guns to Ottoman Empire for testing purposes. Price will be cost of manufacturing plus shipping cost as well as a 5% Sell a license to produce the M1895 Colt Browning to Netherlands. Licensing fee with be 10% cost of production. Internal Affairs: Declare Devils Tower in Wyoming as the nations first national monument. Approve construction plans for Bataan peninsula. Contract with US firms to begin construction of fortifications. Military: Hold commissioning ceremonies for the 1 Virginia and 1 Connecticut Class battleship entering service. Also hold commissioning ceremonies for the 1st Tennessee class cruiser. Recruitment/Construction: Construct 100 M1897 75mm guns. Construct 100 M1902 105mm guns.
  4. United States of America Turn 2 Military Numbers: Navy: Army: Revenue Cutter Service: Internal Affairs: Sign the Antiquities act in law. This act allows the President to restrict certain parcels of public land that have historical or conservation value. Pass the Meat Inspection act and the Pure Food and Drug act. Military: Holding Commissioning Ceremonies for the 2 Virginia Class Battleships coming online. Hold Commissioning Ceremonies for the Connecticut Class Battleship coming online. Commission the St Louis Class cruiser coming online. Submit plans for initial building program for Philippine defenses. (details PM'ed) Adopt the French Canon de Modele 1897 at a standard 75mm field peice. The gun will be designated the M1897 75mm Gun. Adopt the German 15 cm sFH 02 howitzer as a standard 105mm Howitzer. The gun will be designated the M1902 105mm Howitzer. Send the designs for the M1897 75mm Gun and the M1902 105mm Howitzer to US steel and weapons manufacturers to prepare for production for the United States. Research: Cancel research for the Spokane class Cruiser. However continue development of the 7"/44 mount.
  5. United States Turn 1 US Navy: US Army: Revenue Cutter Service: Diplomacy: In a speech to congress and addressed to the people of Cuba, announce a shift in policy toward the sovereign and independent nation of Cuba. Speech: The following changes are to be negotiated with Cuba. I. The United States of America in keeping with standing policies established by the Monroe Doctrine, maintains the right to intervene to prevent foreign powers from gaining permanent lodging or footholds in Cuba. However, the USA does not retain the right to intervene in the internal affairs of Cuba. II. Cuba regains the right to enter in treaties and agreements with foreign powers besides the US. The government of Cuba is required to consult with the United States regarding agreements with other powers. However, the Cuban government is not required to heed advice rendered under consultation. The consultation being primarily to keep the American government apprised of ongoing developments in accordance with the Monroe Doctrine. III. All acts under the previous US military occupation that have been ratified can now be amended or repealed by the Cuban government. IV. Administration of the Isles of Pines shall be formally turned over to Cuba. Provided however that Cuba allows foreign businesses and previously establish private land ownership to be retained. Cuba retains the right to reposes private lands as public lands provided fair compensation is agreed upon by the Cuban government and the private owner. This section also makes provisions for land disputes to be resolved by third party arbitration. Send an offer to France to buy a license to produce the Canon de 75 modele 1897. Send an offer to Germany to buy a license for the 15 cm sFH 02 howitzer Internal Affairs: Hold commissioning ceremonies for the Virginia Class Battleship USS Rhode Island. Pass the Fortification Act through congress. The Fortification act authorizes construction of fortifications on territories deemed vital to the defense of the United States and its over seas territories. These Fortifications will expand upon previously approved construction plans from the Endicott and Taft boards. The Fortification act approves additional fortifications be constructed on Guam, Midway, and the Bataan peninsula in the Philippines. The Fortification act also authorizes the creation of Marine Base Defense units to deployed to US outpost. The act authorizes an expansion of 5000 men of the US Marine Corp. Research: Spokane Class Cruiser: Details PM'ed M1903 (1906): M1903 modified to use the new 30-06 round. Incorporates the same design features used on the 1905 version of the M1903. Smith Class Destroyer:
  6. United States of America President: Theodore Roosevelt Government: Republic Population: 78 million Ethnic Groups: USA has many ethnic groups ranging from all around the world. However, the majority of the US population are descended from Europe with many regions within the USA dominated by people of German, Scandinavian and Irish descent. Other major ethnic groups include Italian, Hispanic, and Native American. There are also growing population of Chinese and Japanese, mainly in the Western United States. African Americans also make up sizable percentage of the population with most residing in the Southern USA. US Navy: US Army: Revenue Cutter Service
  7. France Turn 23: Diplomacy: Sign an alliance agreement with Portugal Allow Austria to set up an Embassy in Paris Agree to build and sell 300 Dewotine 510, 200 S-35, and 200 Char G1FCM to USSR Agree to build and sell 1000 Renault AGOD heavy trucks, 500 Somua MCG Artillery trucks, 400 Laffly S15s, 200 Laffly S15Rs, 2,000 Citroën U23s, and 250 P107 Half-tracks to Sweden. Sell and turn over 6 Redoubtable class submarines as well as 1 Diane Class, 3 Bellone Class and 1 Amphrite Class to Germany. Sell 60 H.43 Biplanes and 30 S.510 Biplanes to Austria. Sell 2 Char G1FCM tanks to Romania Send an offer to the Spanish Republican government. France would like to propose an exchange. Support in the civil war in the form of weapons and supplies supply the Spanish with weapons and supplies. In exchange, France would like to acquire the Balearic Islands. Internal Affairs: Form a new military procurement and production department and place it under the authority of the Ministry of War and National Defense. The departments primary responsibility is to coordinate military production and procurement by utilizing all of French industry to increase production output. The department would coordinate with the private sector to make use of civilian production facilities to meet production demands for war materials. By contracting third party companies to produce material and equipment under license from the equipment's parent company. For example, if a large order for SOMUA tanks is placed and SOMUA cannot meet the quota, another company like Renault or Hotchkiss could be contracted to take up some of the slack to meet demand. Smaller contractors could also be recruited. This system allows for an increase in production output and also brings jobs to firms that are struggling business wise. Nationalize the Renault tank factories in Issy-les-Moulineaux to form the Atelier de Construction d'lssy-les-Moulineaux better known as AMX. Military: Issue the following as the standard TO/E for a French Infantry Division. Recruitment/Construction: 100 SOMUA S-36 200 47mm APX 200 Schneider 105mm 1936 field guns Construct 20 Bloch MB.81 Construct 100 Bloch MB.131 reconnaissance-bombers Construct 20 Bloch MB.220 Transports Construct 50 Caudron C.280 liason aircraft Order 400 Caurdon C.440 transport aircraft Construct 10 Late 521 Flying Boats Foreign Orders: Sweden: 1000 Renault AGOD heavy trucks 500 Somua MCG Artillery trucks 400 Laffly S15s 200 Laffly S15Rs 2,000 Citroën U23s 250 P107 Half-tracks Soviet Union: 300 Dewotine 510s 200 S-36 tanks 200 Char G1FCM Austria: Construct 30 SPAD S.510 Netherlands: 200 SOMUA S-36 12, 305mm/45 naval gun to be outfitted onto the Tegetthoff class battleship being built for Egypt. Research: Dewotine .520 Morane-Saulnier M.S.406 (Details PM'ed) Development: Potez 632: Details PM'ed
  8. Diplomacy: Warn Germany that failure to abide by the treaty terms, failure to pay the agreed upon reparations, can and will most likely be taken as an act of war. Germany's aggressive actions in Europe also threaten to void the mutual defense agreement which France signed in good faith. Good faith which Germany has failed to reciprocate. If Germany continues with its aggressive posturing, France will have no choice but to cut off diplomatic ties with Germany. Agree to lay down 2 Algerie Class Heavy Cruisers for the Soviet Union. Soviet Union will pay 110% of the building cost. Agree to send a team of engineers to Romania to teach them fortification building techniques. Internal Affairs: Open up a federal investigation into the defacing of the Mona Lisa and damage done to the Eiffel Tower. Cooperate with the local authorities and generate a list of suspects based off of evidence gathered so far by local investigators. Recruitment/Construction: Construct 2 Algerie Class Heavy Cruisers (For Russia) Lay down Jean Bart Build 100 Char G1FCM Build 150 SOMUA S36 Build 150 Renault UE Begin a program to upgrade all existing M1897 75mm field guns to the Amende standard. Programs target goal is to upgrade 200 guns per turn. Research: Joffre Class Aircraft Carrier: Details PM'ed Canon de 105mm 1936 Schneider: Detailed PM'ed Development: Renault R-40
  9. France Turn 18 Internal Affairs: Continue mining operations in Africa and Indochina Continue the highway development program in France and North Africa Military: Begin conducting test on the four Light Tank Mark IIs purchased from UK. The testing will focus on reliability conducting endurance test both on and off-road. The main focus will be on the performance of the Horstmann suspension. How well the suspension performs on road marches, ride quality and ease of maintenance. These test will be conducted over the course of two weeks with French tank crews and a small team of engineers evaluating the performance. After two weeks, the 4 vehicles will be sent to the Experimental Armored Brigade for further evaluation under operational conditions. Once testing is complete, a full report will be written up evaluating the performance of the vehicles suspension system and how is compares to French coil spring and leaf spring suspensions. Begin planning an expansion of the Maginot line into Belgium. The expansion will call for extending the main line east along the Luxembourg border to the French town of Verdun. From there the line will be extended North into Belgium along the Luxembourg border with the first phase of the extension ending at the town of Bastogne. Construction/Recruitment: Construct 10 Char D1s Construct 60 R-35 Construct 150 Renault UEs Construct 50 P107 Halftracks Development: Renault R-40
  10. France Turn 17: Military: Diplomacy: Denounce Germany's occupation of Danzig as unlawful and a direct violation of established international treaties. Purchase 4 Light Tank Mark IIs from the United Kingdom for trial purposes Wonder what the heck the British are trying to accomplish by letting countries out of the treaties. Its almost like they are trying to surrender their naval dominance once and for all. Send a proposal to the Belgian government for a joint defensive line extending the French Maginot Line up through Belgium along the German and Dutch borders to the Belgian Coast. Recruitment/Construction Begin mass producing the MAS-36 rifle Lay down 4 La Hardi Class Destroyers Build 100 Dewotine 510 Build 150 Renault UE Chenillette Build 50 P107 Halftracks Build 50 P107A Halftracks Research: SOMUA S35A: Details PM'ed 47mm APX Anti Tank gun Development: Canon de 75 Modele 1897 Amende: Details PM'ed Renault R-36: Details PM'ed Gnome-Rhone 14N Radial Engine
  11. France Turn 15 Diplomacy: Agree to build 1 Jean d'Arc cruiser for Argentina Sign off on a trade agreement with Japan. Export 20,000 tons of rubber for the agreed upon price of 40 million USD. Sell 4 Chastang Class destroyers to Netherlands for 2 million USD. Sell 50 Char D1s to Poland. Internal Affairs: Allow Renault to release the R-35 for export. Continue mining projects on French North Africa. Continue mining coal and other minerals in Indochina Pass a colonial labor law act. This act is meant to spur economic development in Indochina as well as increase the quality if life for natives of Indochina. The law enacts limits on work days. The average work day for plantation worked will be limited to 10 hours a day. The average work day for miners and factory workers will be limited to 12 hours a day. Employers will also be required to provide their workers with two, 15 minute breaks per shift. A minimum wage of 10 cents per hour is also being enacted for the colony of Indochina. These reforms will allow workers to earn money which they will then spend on products imported into Indochina as well as made within Indochina itself. This will help further the economy of Indochina. Although these reforms may seem to hurt employers and business owners, allowing workers a rest period as well as additional incentives will help increase productivity making their business even more profitable while lowering operating cost. Recruitment/Construction: Lay down Richelieu Lay down a single Jean d'Arc cruiser Order 40 R-35s for trial purposes Construct 50 Char D1s Construct 100 P-107 halftracks Construct 50 P-107A Construct 50 Opel Blitz Research: Char BD: Details PM'ed
  12. France Turn 13 Diplomacy: Purchase 2 Mogami Class Light Cruisers from Japan Sell a production license for the P107 half track to Italy and Japan. 10% licensing fee on top of cost of production. Military: Form a new experimental armored Brigade. This unit will be a fully mechanized force intended to experiment with the concept of mass armored formations supported by motorized infantry and artillery. The formation will be made up of two armored battalions with 56 Char D1s each for a total of 112 Char D1s. There will also be an armored cavalry battalion made up of 42 AMR 33 tanks. In addition to the armored battalions, there will also be two battalions of motorized infantry consisting of 882 men each with each battalion having 56 Opel Blits trucks as their primary movers. The Infantry battalions will also have company and platoon sized formations detatched to the tank battalions. These units will be equiped with 70 P107 Half tracks. There will also be 2 light artillery battalions equipped with 75mm howitzers. Each battalion will have 24 guns each and be equipped with 24 P107 half tracks acting as prime movers and and 16 more acting as supply and ammunition carriers for a total of 80 half tracks. This new unit will be commanded by Colonel Charles De Gaulle. The unit will carry out field exercises testing the feasibility of fully mechanized forces. The unit will also test the idea of massed tank attacks supported by mechanized and motorized infantry units. Recruitment/Construction: Lay down another Algerie Class Heavy Cruiser Lay down 1 La Galissoniere Class Light Cruiser Lay down 2 Mogador Class destroyers Construct 50 P107 Halftracks Construct 50 P107A Halftracks Construct 100 Opel Blitz Construct 100 Dewotine 510s. Research: MAS-36 Rifle La Hardi Class Destroyer
  13. Military: Hold Commissioning ceremonies for the Surcouf. Make Lieutenant Colonel Charles De Galles book "Towards a professional Army" mandatory reading in all military academies and war colleges. Construction/Recruitment: Construct 100 P107 Half Tracks Development: P107A: Details PM'ed 47mm SA36: Developments PM'ed Research: Dewoitine D.515 Details PM'ed
  14. France Turn 8: Diplomacy: Accept design for Rolls Royce Meteor from UK Internal Affairs: Contract Gnome Et Rhone to produce Merlin engines under license. Continue mining operations in Algeria and Morocco Begin planning a development program for the Central African republic. The objective is to build a road system and railroad center from Tunisia, down through Algeria cutting through Niger, Chad and finally ending in the CAR capital of Bangui. A second transportation system will split off from Algeria into Mali. The objective of this program is to provide the infrastructure needed for industrialization of the French African colonies. This program will bring jobs to the individual areas as well as allow access to the unexploited natural resources. In order to provide port access to the land locked territories of Chad and CAR, a railroad will be build extending from the Cameroon port of Douala to the CAR capital of Bangui. Give work incentives for the African Development program to French citizens. Provide similar incentives for development programs planned for France itself. Construction/Recruitment: Lay down the Dunkerque Class battleships Strasbourg Construct 50 D.501 Fighters Construct 35 Char D1s. Construct 25 P17 half tracks Construct 100 Opel Blitz
  15. France Turn 7 Diplomacy: Send the Suffren class Cruiser Colbert to the Saudi port city of Jiddah as part of a friendly visit. The ship is meant to help honor the anniversary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabias unification. Agree to full fill an order of 250 Char D1s for Germany Send a flotilla of French warships to participate in Germany's Fleet Week. The French Flotilla will comprise 4 Courbet Class Battleships, 1 Suffren Class Heavy Cruiser, 4 Aigle Class Destroyers, and 6 Chacal Class destroyers. The fleet will sail to Wilhemslaven and stay for two days before moving on to Hamburg where they will participate in the festivities for 2 days. The Fleet will then move up the canal to Kiel where it will be in port for 2 days and then finally it will sail for Kongisburg where it will remain for the remainder of Germany's fleet week before returning to France. Invite the former American Territory of Somoa to join the French Empire. Congratulate Hawaii and Alaska on their new found independence. Send an offer to Guam to make them a protectorate of France. Their government will have partial autonomy within the French Empire and France will have the right to develop bases and industry on the island. Internal Affairs: Mission Accomplished! Belgian rebels surrender to the Belgium government and the Belgian Congo falls back under Belgian Control. The French Blockading fleet is to return to Brest where the crews will be honored for a job well done. The divisions deployed to the border along the Congo will be pulled back to their home bases in France and North Africa. Hold a military parade in Paris to help increase moral. A company of 16 Char D1s as well as a company of 16 AMR 33s will take part in the parade. One of Frances Super Heavy Tanks, the Char 2C will also take part. Continue to mine resources in Algeria and Morocco. Have French oil companies begin setting up operations in Madagascar to start developing the Bemolanga oil field. Military: Form a new military command designated Army Region South. This group will have its headquarters in Toulouse and be primarily responsible for protecting the French border with Spain. Roughly 150,000 soldiers will be stationed along the border. Two divisions (30,000 men) will undergo specialized mountaineering techniques. They will receive training from local mountain climbers and survival experts. Mountain climbing and cold weather warfare will be the divisions specialties. Construction/Recruitment: Build 100 Dewotine 501s. Construct 200 Opel Blitz Construct 25 Kegresse Half Tracks Construct 25 AMR 33 Research: Richelieu Class