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  1. +1......that is a very good option.
  2. My concern is not for players like "Turbo"......for his sake it should be unlimited. However, there seems to be a group of "grinders" out there, and this group does not seem to care if they win or lose. They do not even care if they are the top player on the losing team. All they seem to care about is getting into as many games as possible. Therefore, a "grinder" such as this can sui-derp at the beginning of every match, gather as much XP as possible before dying and Q up in a different ship immediately after dying. This process would allow them to play as slightly more than a "bot" on all of the teams lucky enough to get them. Why would they do this? Well, for every 100 games that they grind, only 2 more wins than losses are needed to gain 4 stars per hundred (52-48). From Rank 14-1, you need 65 stars to Rank out. Therefore, a virtual AFK derping bot has the potential to reach Rank 1 if they play 1625 games. How many times have you carried a guy that got less than 200-300 XP on the winning team to victory? If that happens 2% of the time, he will get to Rank 1. Just some food for thought.
  3. Seems that the Mahan and Nagato have worked well for you. Will you use them from 5-2?
  4. So far, the player with the highest amount of games played to reach Rank 1 is 717. It is quite possible by season's end that someone with even more, much more could "rank out". Is that too much? Should there be a limit?
  5. Dasha Perova...

    Anime is not love?
  6. My Reaction To German Battleships

    Just another line filled with helpless burn victims. --- Khaborovsk 2016
  7. Looking to join

    Check under the Clan Recruitment Section of this forum. There are plenty to choose from. Recruiters from said clans are not always roaming these waters. It may take a while for them to see this. Good luck with your search.
  8. Seriously WG!?!

    That bot used all 7 reports on you as well......RIP
  9. Patch 5.8 up for download--Servers Up

    No Texas Camo or Arizona Flag yet
  10. Ranked Battles Super League

    They said that you could "stock up" on consumables, but did not say specifically what you would be getting.
  11. Seems that actions speak louder than words. You have played over 300 games in the current Ranked season. It would appear that you really like it!
  12. Team Battle Prizes?

    Would you care to share who told you this?
  13. 1.6 Million Cyber Dubs($6400US).........they would go broke dealing out that much cash.........actually, they would not. They gave away over 13,000 Kami Rs during Project R ($12US X 13000 = $156,000US) HAVOK (an individual clan) was given 1 Million gold ($4000US) for finishing 1st in the Second Campaign in WOT (Deescalating prizes given to Top 30 clans). They also gave away 3000 Tier 10 tanks in 3 different seasons (M-60, VK7201, Obj907). (3000 X $100US = $300,000US given away on 3 different occasions) Even in mini-campaigns, they gave away 1500 tier 8 tanks (IS-5).......($50US X 1500 = $75,000US given away) If those examples were not enough, WG dishes out roughly 80K gold per day to Clan Wars land-holding clans. During the 6 weeks of Ranked Season 4, WG will issue approx. 3.36 Million in gold pay-outs in WOT. (And 29.2 Million this year or $116,800.00US) Before you make a trip down the "server population" road, let me save you a trip. WOT NA averages roughly 3-3.5 times the population of ships. WG could afford it. That is most certainly not the reason, O-B-One.
  14. My 5th Kraken

    At what point does Kraken collection get boring?