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  1. I have been ready an anthology of naval alternate history stories, Those in Peril, from Amazon kindle shop. A lot of fun stories. USA joins ww1 on Germany's side and see what Jutland looks like? Or 1928 off New Jersey and HMS Hood and HMS Nelson and the rest of a british squardron are sunk by USN defenders including first successful flattop actions. Have a look and enjoy. Tony
  2. tmaco


    You can get a double whammy with the Shropshire. she served first part of ww2 in Royal navy then after Canberra sank she transfered to RAN. Earning Battle honors in both navy's. Personaly I would prefer HMAS Australia to be a commonwealth premium.
  3. There is a link with the introduction of canned beef and the expression "Sweet F A" when there is nothing to be found. At the time the first canned meat was issued to the Royal Navy, a little girl went missing. Her name was Fanny Adam's and according to her friends she went with a stranger who offered her sweets. She was never found and the sailors used to say that they could find as much real beef as how much Sweet Fanny Adam's was found. That is nothing at all. Of course the words for the initials FA are often substituted now days.
  4. tmaco

    WoWs fans seriously try World of Warplanes!

    I am a 46% WOWS player. Love it but.. I beta tested WOWP and spent my teen years as a aerobatic assistant instructor in sailplanes, but could not fly WOWPs and either have fun or win. So gave up. With 2.0 release I tried again and had a ball and was getting 50 to 60% win rates. It is not a flight sim in any way but it is fun now. Most of the time zone I play in there is usually only 2 to 6 human players across both teams. Aggressive DD players will love the quick fix. Even the new bombers are fun.
  5. tmaco

    Warship Wednesday - The Commonwealth

    I have all three. Perth is my most played ship. Took over from my Gremy a while ago. Vampire is my favourite but I am grinding the RN DD's so she dose not get out much. If the subs and appropriate counter measures come there would be an argument to add in a late service HMAS Arunta.
  6. tmaco

    Free Camo Code

    Thank you
  7. Current Australian NRL ladder has Sharks 4th and Sea Eagles 13th. Next direct match between them is 5th Aug 2pm Sydney time. Will this be in line with WoWS Sharks v Eagles comparison same time ?