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  1. Current Australian NRL ladder has Sharks 4th and Sea Eagles 13th. Next direct match between them is 5th Aug 2pm Sydney time. Will this be in line with WoWS Sharks v Eagles comparison same time ?
  2. OK. How about HMNZS Black Prince, Bellona, or Roylist. The 3 modified Dido class with increased AA loaned to NZ after ww2. Their ww2 life might have been POM but they served NZ well for the start of the cold war and out performed the RN Town class cruisers in AA trials. So would be an interesting alternate to Fiji or Edinburgh??
  3. HMAS Vampire inbound

    Are you sure it is a premium or the first hint of commonwealth tree? Like the pan asian dd tree coming?
  4. I got the camo and premium time immediately no flags yet.
  5. Hey mate. "Up there Cazaly!" Welcome from Wagga
  6. Total War: Arena?

    I did a few alpha games. And I played a few of the original total war series of games. My biggest issue was the game center and updates. My second issue was more to do with distance and response times playing from Australia. These coupled with the really good dedicated twa fans in the alpha meant that slow noobs are just fodder. And neing fodder is not fun. The cbt is better and has improved ui but maybe obt will be the start of fun and it will shine.
  7. My first Nelson game. I was at 6k to another broardside Nelson. One salvo of ap and I did not citadel him but did 45000 hp damage.
  8. Separate WOWS account from WOT account

    Thanks for the info. I had not heard that before. I will await the net result. I will also test my Old ASIA WOWS account tonight. Funny thing I did a test last year for EU, ASIA & NA for both WOT and WOWS. I got ping of max 100 for all WOWS servers, but WOT was 180 NA west. 300 NA east, 320 EU1 & 340 EU2, ASIA was 230. When ping was stable/dtatic all are playable just adjust coordination and leading. If any fluctuations the 300 plus was not worth the pain.
  9. I play both WOT and WOWS. Mainly WOWS now. I am from Australia and ping for WOWS is fine, NA west on wot is just ok mostly ( 190 not good) but NAeast is rough (350+). WOT is consolidating servers and say possible degradation of connection may result for us long distanced players and server transfers may be available. If WOT is not playable I would be tempted to move it to Asia but not for WOWS. It is great on NA for me. Would Wargaming be prepared to split accounts so I would keep playing both or do I just drop WOT?
  10. I never said I believed it. But it is the only time I have heard anuone give a use for the Karma system. But if you want some real estate I do have 11 acres of prime hillside close to town. All services, has wombats, wallabies kangaroos squirrel gliders possums and alpacas all living there. Just wont mention the fire damaged swamp where the brown and tiger snakes breed that comprises most of it.
  11. I was told it has a small influence on super container drops once Karma exceeds something like 90.??
  12. RIP Roger Moore

    For me he was firstly "The Saint". His work in all his roles gave me much enjoyment. Thank you sir . Rest in peace.
  13. Personal Offers (?)

    Ships on specials tab.- hood ultimate only
  14. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Sorry new phone/fat fongers no slur intended. I ment HMCS HAIDA.