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  1. I was on line a couple of hours early sat , sun and mon mornings 4-5am. Saw corgies on the forum saying they were in game but did not see a one. Gave up and played ranked the next hour. Next time I hope to be able play more popular times.
  2. Thank you for the reminder Corgie Captain 150. Hope to see you as bait i mean friend to defend or maybe target😎
  3. Last time was great. Am looking foward to this but because I am in the land down under working for a US co. That has local finacial year end and corporate 1/2 year reporting to be done this weekend I will proably be working and only be in game 1am to 5am pacific time. Any Corgies prepared to get feet wet then would be appreciated. Thanks Niko and Corgies and Enjoy all. Tmaco
  4. For me he was firstly "The Saint". His work in all his roles gave me much enjoyment. Thank you sir . Rest in peace.
  5. Ships on specials tab.- hood ultimate only
  6. Sorry new phone/fat fongers no slur intended. I ment HMCS HAIDA.
  7. YES of course she deserves to be in game. She is a Tribal, a commonwealth Tribal ay that so a bit different to the standard UK ships. If Gallant is in at t6 then t7 please. I am Australian and would love there to be HMS Ashanti in the UK tree and a way to have both HMCS Haida and HMAS Arunta. But I doubt that a snowballs chance in Surfers Paradise. So HMCS Jaida gets my support in tje Commonwealth tree.
  8. James Joyce and I love it
  9. I have 6 IJN dd's sitting happily in harbour. Tiers 2 to 7 inclusive. 4 are schedualed to be re balenced with two dropping a tier and being spread across two branches. Do I expect to just see this change or does it mean I also will have the "replacements" at base level added? Or is the "compensation" in another form??
  10. I like the purple Koala. His name is Bruce.
  11. remember how they handled the Omaha class with Murmansk and Marblehead. Also those lovely IJN destroyer clones. We may end up with Ashanti, Haida and Arunta all in the game.
  12. Perth was never a race horse.
  13. G'day. I'm playing from just out of Wagga Wagga (Wiradguri for many crows) in NSW. Just coming back to ships from my WOT tour. (They brought out the AC1 and AC4 exp. What can I say. "I had to do it".)
  14. I was passing the book store on the weekend and because I am waiting on HMAS Perth to appear in game I noticed a book. "Cruiser - Life and Loss of HMAS Perth and Her Crew" by Mike Carlton. Next to were two of his other books "Flagship: the Cruiser HMAS Australia II and the Pacific War on Japan", and "First Victory". This last is the story of HMAS Sydney and the SMS Emden. The Emden is in game Perth is coming soon. Sydney is suspected to come as a low tier ( mission reward or gift premium)match for the Emden. And the Australia could be part of or represented in the British heavy line or another premium in the "Commonwealth " tree? Anyway the books look good story photos and drawings, and I checked they are also available on au and us amazon for kindle much cheaper. As I have money put aside to buy Perth and Belfast I will go e-book cheap versions.
  15. Dont forget "exchange service" there are usually commonwealth officer and non-coms for that matter found in each others service. I eemember a USN offficer having an important job in British service in the Falklands incident and an Ausyralian was in command of coalition land forces in Baghdad for a term. So I dont mind sharing with our mates.