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  1. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    The CV did ~26K damage....when I look at the total damage our team did, 284K...I was 124K of that, the Iowa was 70K, the cv 26K...the ENTIRE rest of my team managed ~66k damage. That is absurd, and no those numbers are not exact as I can not account for heals on all enemies but it can't be more than 40-50k off total. If this was a once in awhile thing, as it has been in the past no big deal, but this scenario played out in roughly 60% of my T10 games in the last few days. I just don't see how I can possibly be "The best player" on my team the majority of the time with garbage stats for T10?¿?¿ It is just a rapidly increasing trend that is having a pretty negative effect overall on the game for me.
  2. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    I think you are missing the point entirely. "Not reaching 1K base XP" was the best score on the entire team....that is the point. I already pointed out my t10 play is abysmally bad , I don't understand why i am consitantly the #1 person on my team. It is getting very frustrating that I am consistently topping the chart on my team with 1 kill and ~100k dmg, that should not be happening. If I wanted to just win, yeah, I'd go play 4-7.... The whole point is that I should not be #1 on my team in T10 so often with average scores like these....it's also a pretty hilarious example of just how OP Smolensk is.
  3. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    Hurt? No, not at all, I am distraught that I sank 1 ship in a Henry, had a PR of 700 whatever and got top the spot on my team.....that should not be the case, and it should DEFIANTLY not be the case 9 times in my recent game history, 1 single kill, sub 100k damage and top score on a team and the game over inside of 10 minutes. That's not even worth having a team for.....there is no interaction, I'd be better off with a team of AI bots, at least they point their bow at the enemy and return fire and would give some kind of engaging experience to play around. My T10 stats are abysmally bad overall, I should not be coming in first in nearly every game I play at T10. That's why Im done with randoms for awhile it's like the Filth truce has bled over into randoms but it's just for one of the teams, not interested in playing a game where 10 out of 12 people on a team in a T10 match don't even shoot at the enemy. It seems to be happening far far far to consistently and is far worse than at any point in this game's history as far as my experience goes. Obviously. I mean hell, the stated 9 out of 14 is only 64% And yes I am clearly complaining to complain, if I didn't want to complain I wouldn't have made this thread. There was however a very pointed reason for my my disdain though, and acting like a yapping dog about the clearly inconsequential parts of the post is silly.
  4. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    That is clearly not a data point, nor was it intended to be.....simmer down.
  5. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    I'd agree, I don't know if MM is the answer here. Personally I feel like the teams are to big. I don't find nearly the same issues in Ranked as I do in Random battles and generally find the games far more tense and fun. As far as being down a few ships early, if you have a div or 2-3 decent players on your team its not a big deal. I can tell you the 3 Man Sinop Div that I have been running for the last several days can typically win no matter how many early deaths our team takes. We loose when our team refuses to fight, and just runs away for the entire match. Again though it's not the losses that are driving me crazy. It's the TOTAL lack of anything approaching a team mate in randoms. In the game I posted above, the Iowa was the only person other than myself to in that game to ping any targets, actively tank by rotating repairs and heals, and try to setup some kind of front for people to fight around. He was the second ship in that game to come under fire and was 1v5 at one point and didn't die, I myself had to split to the other side of the map, and engage 5 people including a Montana at 9km from me to try and make anything happen, I bounced full volleys from him twice...I mean 9km from him and he can't even get a pen on me cause he knows how to aim that poorly. Both of the reward Icons are for Dreadnoughts on my team, the rest either instantly died to an obvious wave of torps, or just died with the only return firing coming from their auto secondaries. That Conqerour, Rank 1 mind you, never even got off the map border. He drove in a straight line all the way north along the map edge, then turned into the border to run way from an FDG, and eventually ground to a halt and died....that is the kind of thing killing my enjoyment lol. Loosing is fine but wishing you at least had some Bots on your team so you could at get some kind of supporting fire is just rage inducing.
  6. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    It's not about the loosing....it's about not having a team. Im the only one scoring a kill in the entire match 9 out of 14 games....that is not just "loosing" that's basically playing alone vs 12 I mean i wish I had the screen shot form a game I played last night, 6 BBs per side. ALL of my teams BBS on the 8/9 line driving broadside. The rest of us dead, I have the only kill on a poor Benson I nuked, and the BBs are running into each other as there is an enemy Shima on the 10 line torping them, no one shooting him. Full view of all the BBs, no one locking secondaries.....it's mind boggling.
  7. Well, I think I have finally reached the breaking point for WoWs, been supporting this game nearly daily since beta, but the constant 1 sided matches have become to much. For the 9th time in two days I have once again been the only person on my team to manage a kill and it just is not enjoyable anymore, the game lasted 6 minutes. I 100-0'd that Donskoi with 6 citadels, no one else contributed any damage to him at all, this is what 9 out of 14 games have looked like for me in the last two days and I just have had enough for now. I know its a major issue for others as well and is probably the primary thing holding this game back. WG you need to do something about your high tier MM, its a slaughter fest 80% of the time. Its either 2 competent players vs the enemy team, or you are basically just chasing the enemy to farm free damage in 8 out of 10 games. I really enjoyed the last few events, loved the filth raids, and loved the ranked seasons, but until Ranked comes back and the smaller teams make the game playable again. Im taking a hiatus.
  8. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Something is terribly wrong with Destroyer play.

    Well, that IS where all the BB's play from these days anyway For you average DD player the game goes like this...rush cap and confront a superior capping BB to whatever line you are grinding who has support from some British CA and a friendly radar cruiser, while your team points their ships at the map borders and watches the enemy team kill you. It really isn't in your best interest to be the first one in a cap anymore. The minute that cap starts changing colors, the CVs will be coming, the radar will be coming, and your team will be running. I typicaly pop into a cap and just run away imdiatly now, tends to burn a radr or hydro and get some people to reveal themselves at the least. Then scoop outta and wait until the guys who spawned at C get to A and the guys who spawned with me at A are getting to C. A played a meme worthy game yesterday, my entire team, myself included were dead with the exception of our 6 BBs and 1 CV that were all on the 9 line...the BBs ALL OF THEM sailing full broadside to boot. The hilarious part was that two enemy DDs go behind them and started torping them out. Game ended with me in my Henri managing the only kill in the entire match for my team on a poor Benson. I pretty much decided it was time to find a new game to play after that match.
  9. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Something is terribly wrong with Destroyer play.

    When they changed the smoke mechanics, DD play became pretty hollow anyway. Once I could no longer effectively support my team with my own smoke, they could no longer effectively cover me in an objective. I'd really like to see them reduce smoke fire detection rates for cruisers that don't have their own smoke. It would bring a lot more team play back to the game. Cruisers should be able to reliably smoke fire with <7KM detection ranges.
  10. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    wth is with izumos dispersion

    I have never, and will never consider German BBs....a line designed around secondaries making up for crappy main guns sounded like a bad idea at conception, and still sounds like a bad idea to me to this day. I enjoy my Scharny, but with the exception of Bayren the rest of the German BB line might as well just provide a fire works show spraying secondaries into the wind while blazing 3 fires on their decks eating massive super structure damage from 100mm shells. That is my opinion on them at least. I see far more people exclaim how much they love their secondary German BBs than I see people say..."Wow, this Izumo, totally the bee's knee's" I would say the thing that keep me from playing Izumo is exactly it's guns, not the configuration as I don't really mind the setup, most BBs don't get their rear guns in play unless you want to eat a lot of damage anyway, but the complete and utter disappointment I feel every time I shoot them. They literally do nothing but bounce or overpen, I can citadel a Yamato reliably in just about any T8+ BB given the proper opportunity, but in Izumo, nah might as well just full hp ram in that guy. Im sure not everyone has that issue but I would play my Iowa all day, every day over an Izumo.
  11. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    wth is with izumos dispersion

    No, I haven't outside of PTS, my German BB play consists of Scharnhorst and Tirpitz as they are both arguably better/just as good as their tech tree counter parts and Im not a big secondaries fan, and Kremlin is a thing now. I addressed your lot here....as I KNEW someone would drive by FDG snipe this thread. And as for Flamu, if you watch his streams regularly you will know that everytime he takes out Izumo, he says something to the effect, "Oh man yeah the buffs were needed, this ship is not so terrible anymore" and then precedes to complain about how unenjoyable the ship is for the rest of the battle. It's just an Anti-Fun ship for *most* people, especially if you are coming fresh from an Amagi....Im sure like all ships there are those that think its the best thing since honey on bread but that is not the general opinion.
  12. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    wth is with izumos dispersion

    Izumo is the original Free EXP sink. Even with some buffs to make it look playable on paper it will still always be a turd. It was my first T9, ever...I still have yet to grind through it some 4 years later. People will jump in and say it is a decent ship, which stats wise it's not the worst T9 BB, but I'd say it is probably the least enjoyable to play.
  13. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Yamato or Montana?

    Yammy if you want to do any kind of competitive, Monty if you play a lot of random battles.
  14. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Final Verdict on Italian Cruisers?

    Give her the armor layout of a Smolensk and she'd be great. Right now Mino gets citadels from basically every volley shot at her as she has a wide enough body and just enough armor to fuse every single shell that hits her.
  15. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Ive been told there are no hacks

    This is something that can be demonstrated in a training room. The game has a hard time with two ships right next to each other as there is a big difference between free aim and lock on aim and how shells respond. Its hard for me to say anything concrete but when I have played around with it in training room I found that accurately hitting the rear ship, even when you have locked on becomes a challenge when they are within the "coin catching zone" of a ship. So if they are close enough to each other where shells landing around them will count towards both ships potential damage, things get a little wonky.