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  1. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    The concept, while poorly used, is driven around time. Ala - you make 30$ an hour at your job, so why would I grind on a game for 86 hours to get a 12$ item, therefore I will invest my dollars into the game to get a higher return on my time.
  2. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    I just stopped worrying about even using my torp bombers, you can deal way more damage with your dive bombers and rockets, be all over the map, set fires at will.....torps are for scrubs. If you want to do damage in your CVs now you have to be aware, look for a damage con, and use Dbs and Rockets and farm fire damage. If you just get tunneled on the scrubbiest BB on the enemy team heading to the map border alone with your torp bombers you are going to deal no damage, waste a bunch of time and accomplish nothing by spending 8 minutes removing the worst player on the enemy team. Plus its kind of different for the Cvs, they dont all play the same, some are alpha damage ships ships, some are better at scouting and attrition damage, and others just have masses of lives to throw away with their high hanger caps. Im sure in the long run this wont be the best advice but as of right now Im finding that in random battles my time is far better spent removing low hp ships that have found cover, or by keeping a high tier BB on constant fire as apposed to out right trying to alpha kill anything with torps. Spend more time in the air picking your targets, or more time harassing enemy DDs as opposed to just launching your torp bombers every time and trying to kill a 60k hp BB with a 9k alpha strike.
  3. I don't think anyone is really sure yet. With the concealment reduction rework there is a TON of rethinking to do especially for the IJN and USN lines. With the coming radar changes the effect for most ships that use concealment to stealth torp (IJN) and cap camp (USN) it will be a bit before anything definitive arrives.
  4. If 2k$ on a video game made you have to file for bankruptcy, the fact that you are even on this forum is absurd. You need to seek counseling, not be making suggestions to WG on how they can keep feeding your addiction. In fact even saying something like that on an offical forum would be good cause from a PR standpoint to permanently lock your account.
  5. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Forum culture

    When it comes to any forum always make sure you have your internet preparedness kit ready, here's what I keep in mine.
  6. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    That pretty much sums up how WG and any company can avoid these kinds of issues. A lesson that has been taught again and again but people seem to keep forgetting. WG - we don't want to be scared to spend our resources...stop FOMOing us thinking you are building hype, all that was done was introduce a bunch of uncertainty. I don't think that you need to offer JB for FXP to 'fix' anything, that is just appeasement, whats done is done at this point. A 'fix' in my ind would be to come out 30 days or so from now and tell us some general plans for how you plan on releasing the next set of premium ships, personally I feel that you all have done a much better job over the last year communicating your plans for the game, gameplay wise, I think it would be great to see some of that translate into how you plan for us to acquire that content. It seems pretty clear from the tone of most of the 'angry people' that no one is lighting torches and marching with pitch forks over this but the lack of information effects people's bottom line and has basically put many of us into a mood where getting excited or prepared for new content is no longer that fun, I don't think that was really the goal anyone was after.
  7. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    No issue with the cash shop inclusion, what has pissed most of us off is the lack of information. I wanted JB months before release, I unlocked a French Dasha for it, I saw a FXP conversion sale so I spent 110$ on doubloons and converted the 750k FXP I would need for JB, based on the fact that T9 Premiums would "Never be sold for cash" and the precedent established by ALL OTHER T9 premiums. For them to come out with next to no warning, release the ship as a cash or coal ship screws my whole plan and pisses me off as now I have to not only spend another 80$ to get the ship (less than what I already spent to acquire her via FXP) but now I have to take it in the pants and just shut up and be happy about it. F@#$ that man, I've been a paying customer since beta and Im done with it now. I don't NEED a JB I wanted one and was willing to pay for it, now I have to pay for it twice because a group of around a table can't make a plan....hell no, I'll still play WoWs and consider it a great game for what it is, but Im done paying for it, when my premium expires I won't be reupping. I wont be unlocking anymore FXP cause why the hell would I? I have 1.4 mill FXP sitting there now, enough to unlock the rest of the T10 ships I don't already have, I don't have hours and hours of time to harvest all of these resources entered into the game. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS SAY HEY - We are considering adding more ways for you to acquire JB and ships in the future, BESIDES FXP*, coal or a premium shop bundle we know we said we would not be selling them due to X reasons but now we feel the game has matured and X reasons no longer apply....how was that difficult to do 60 days ago when they first started teasing JB release?!?!?! This is a constant problem from WG, not the first time I've blown over 100$ to not get what I wanted from a WG product, so I now consider there products fun* but a bad place to put my gaming budget. All I have to say to what ever coffee getter came up with this idea is..... You guys essentially just pulled your own mini 'and' always beats 'or' guys.....
  8. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    Put Bourgogne into the Premium Shop

    Well WG is into trolling these days, guess we can all jump on the bandwagon.
  9. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    So much this!!! WG's marketing Dept in action.
  10. WG is not the only game developer who's house is on fire right now, I don't think the fallout for Blizzard will be as bad as for WG though, people seem the sort of "quiet and resolved pissed off" this time around.
  11. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    You got that right for sure, now we are left with even more questions, so do we all use our free XP on other stuff that we don't want, wondering if suddenly WG will allow the JB to acquired with Free XP? Once again we are left with no information, making assumptions, scared to spend any currency. People have millions upon millions of unconverted FXP sitting in thier banks - WG releases FXP ships to sink some of that and give people who are near end game a reason to spend some cash. Now they are trying to repeat that with coal but they have no way to directly sell us coal, so they just opt to go back on thier "no direct buy EVER" statement to try and extract even more cash from anyone who was planning ahead for these ships. No thanks..... Not going to make anyone quit playing, but I'm certainly done "paying"
  12. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Would your scenario also not be solved by a simple release schedule from WG that included a reasonable ETA for a ship release date, and its cost? If you wanted to know whether or not to buy those ships you mentioned or save your resources wouldn't "Alaska - release date Feb 19' to April 19' ~220k coal 750k fxp" be enough information to make a decision on? If the release time rolls around and they want to add a currency like, oh hey its also gunna be in the premium shop as a cash bundle for ~30 days. Then great that has no real effect on your ability to plan things out, or get content during events that you plan on using later.
  13. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Im not "upset" im protecting myself from WGs lack of respect, lack of information, lack of planning and as such I am letting them know that I now consider them to be a bad investment. I have limited time and resources to devote to a game and if they can not provide adequate information so I can make sensible purchasing decisions then I will not be making ANY purchasing decisions. As someone who has spent upwards of 5K USD (ok I looked it up across my family accounts and gifts to friends I have spent nearly 10K since they allowed you to purchase beta accounts) on this game over the years and had every intention to keep making purchases their inability to to communicate information and unpredictable nature, coupled with precedent of going back on their word whenever it suits them has now proven to me that they are a bad investment of my capitol. It's not just about this event, but they seem to have 0 concept of the content they are offering as well. If they are providing one off content such as commanders and other things that they expect me to purchase, for use with future content, then give me no way of knowing how that content is going to be unlocked, that is really really bad business. Just more half way thought out WG scheme's with no regard as to what has come before, I don't think they understand the concept of a precedent, if they want to offer JB for cash going 100% against things that have been officaly stated before such as "we wont sell t9 premiums for straight money" then fine but don't take away the traditional purchasing method so you can run some "experiment" at my expense.
  14. Cpt_RickSchwifty

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Nah, that is garbage. WoWs has to small of a player base to just piss on everyone all the time. Making a calendar seems to be beyond WG's capabilities? I already wasted moeny on a french Dasha, and free xp conversion of 1.1mill fxp. Been playing this game since beta, purchased 3 tirpitz when it came out for each of co-workers I got into this game and was about to get us all a Leningrad but ya, no thanks done with the monetary support for a company that can't be bothered to make something as basic as a release calendar. All this decision says to me is that WG has in general no ability to think ahead and does not think a plan is a valuable thing for it as a company or me as a customer and has no respect for my time or resources.