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  1. Hey, Had a search and couldn't find mention of this.. One thing I am sure I have seen in historical footage is ships hosing down other ships when alongside one another. I doubt it would happen while under active bombardment, but it's a game not simulator. I know this might be hard to balance (and maybe tying this into the damage control ability would work best) but it might encourage team play. Obviously the ships in question would need to be sufficiently close, and might limit it to destroyers acting on other ships. Edit: in regards to putting out fires on allied ships.
  2. CosGit

    G'day, Never much of a forum bod, excepting to lurk about and read things. Played a few battles in WoT, was a buy-in for WoWs CB. Enjoying the game! I work in IT (bit of a family tradition now). Never served (medical reasons). From other games (not much recently, having to be an adult and such) usually go by Cossack or CosGit. Looking forward to sinking gloriously in a ship near you. Regards, Cos.