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  1. I unlocked the fletcher MOD 2 gun range using free XP and it showed range would now be 18K. However in game it only showed 16.3 after I selected the captains 20% gun range skill. So after contacting WGing support I was told the max range is only 16.3 so I lost the 2+ million credits to buy the Mod and the 25K free XP to unlock it. They said they can not reimburse me for that. Please correct this wrong information that is presently in the game
  2. The last two patches I sometimes will have an issue that when I attempt to put a captain into a Prem ship like Jean Bart I'm giving no choice except to recruit a brand new one. I will have to quit the game and log back in and then I see my list of other ships and captains to select. Tonight it took 3 tries before the lag in worked.
  3. ThinBluLine

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    I played one game which was enough for me to see how one Team can sat back and let us others get damaged then come in and kill the other two teams who are damaged now as they gather the filth.... CAMPERS are rewarded. I suggest that you loose health if you do not engage in game play against the bots so if you sit back and do nothing you lose your health making teams even.
  4. Yet another WGing mission to exclude people who prefer to play co-op than the other forms. Do you really think co-op players don't spend as much money on this game as others do. You already have what ....5 missions for those destroyers battles and all the other perks and rewards for ranked and randoms but yet co-op is once again left out . Thanks WGing and happy 4th to you also. # co-op players matter
  5. ThinBluLine

    Lag After Update

    I have had Port lag for the last 2-3 patches. It seems if I click most options like captain skills or check missions and when i come back to the port there is a 6-8 second lag most times
  6. WGing Its great your giving away a free tier 5 ship Exeter but the last set of missions doesn’t allow those of us that play only Co-op (and there are quite a few) left out being able to get the ship because you require 7 Achievements in part one of the last stage. Operations missions are not allow so that leaves only Random and Ranked games because achievements in co-op are very rare if at all possible. Usually your missions have been designed that co-op players are still able to obtain the rewards without playing randoms but the achievement requirement mission knocks us all out. Can you please take this into consideration for any future events. We already get far less credits XP and such in Co-op but that’s an option we accept when we click battle. Thank you