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  1. Ommi

    Disappearing enemy ships

    try to update your client to 9.11 and see if it still happens, mine works fine after 9.11, and im sure the glitch happened because my potato pc, not related to patch or halloween mode at all. hm
  2. Ommi

    Possible Bug Fixes

    wow, after update 9.11, my issues about ping, modem, router, obsolete drivers and laptop that might causing lots of glitches and bugs in9.10 are gone now, without i even touching any settings or drivers, very nice.
  3. rip, i cant even finish daily mission anymore, 1 normal game, after that everything start to glitch
  4. try game where theres lot of smoke ship, i noticed, my game freezed whene there lot of smoke and my fps dropped bellow 25, and it trigger the glitch
  5. this still happening to me, just cant play anymore, maybe its time to move on :(
  6. look at gun reload above consumables, it says, 5.0 21 and gun loaded
  7. your consumables and map also freezed, it happened to me too, i hope it get fixed soon
  8. thank you for the suggestions, as i have more than 10k battle i think i know how the game mechanic as los etc, and this glitch happen just after i update to 9.10. before it never happened. for ping, im from asia and having stable 100-180 ping.
  9. everythin in screen is freezing, even enemy ships dissapearing
  10. you r not the only one, before 9.10 it was fine 20201030_145329_PBSB510-Thunderer_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay