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  1. I run them as gunboats HE/spam....I am interested to know if you think the Grosevoy (spelling is wrong I know) is a good hybrid boat to run.  I have the xp saved up but never bought it.

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    2. D_I_P_Scout


      Lol, I am at work also, married with three little ones at home.  I do use Discord and I am in the CST.  My game time is here and there (when I can swing it).  I would just like to see your angle..it has to put people in a twist to see it played well that way.  Plus I might be able to do better in my Khaba that I struggled to so hard to get and seems worse than the Tashkent.  I will look for you in game.


    3. Lightninger


      Heh, I've been putting many people here on the forum in a twist with my advice. I have had several accuse me of giving bad advice previously. If you want to see a replay of me in Kiev on Youtube, I'll send you it in private message.

    4. D_I_P_Scout


      Yeah, would like to see that.  People get it fixed that ship has to be played one way, and anything different seems heresy.  A good player studies all the angles and, like you, finds opportunity in making their own style.  It might not work for me but that doesn't make it wrong.  The good thing regarding your style is that it allows you to play as a cap contesting ship when it might be needed.  One DD one each side...your Kiev, vs. Lo Yang etc...  int that case the run and gun is not helpful to the team.  Knowing how to do it makes it at least an option.  This is the key to my interest.