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  1. Leningrad = $$$

    Heh, well I'm not an easy one to beat when I'm playing my Leningrad, regardless of what equivalent destroyer you want to try in. If you want my builds for Kiev and Tashkent, I can let you know those as well.
  2. Leningrad = $$$

    I have a dedicated 19 point captain for my Leningrad, which earns me elite commander experience. Personally I recommend this captain build for the Leningrad PM -> LS -> EM -> BFT -> AFT -> CE -> SE for a full 19 point captain.
  3. It's really not that hard to do in a destroyer. I've had to go north solo in a destroyer at least a couple times. You use your low detection to get on the Kolberg's broadside to get citadels, or if no good angle, it's not hard to dodge it's return fire. Then you just speed boost the Kaiser, torp it up close, then leave.
  4. He's talking about Ultimate Frontier in that quote, where you start on the eastern side of the map and go north.
  5. You could lose stars for any of the following: 1) Killing 18 Buildings, ship count doesn't matter 2) Killing all ships in base, ship count doesn't matter 3) Killing all 5 transports, ship count doesn't matter 4) Killing both outside CVs, ship count doesn't matter 5) Killing the 1st & 2nd waves, ship count doesn't matter 6) 50% (there is a bug requiring >50% depending on how many ships are alive, like 3 out of 6 doesn't win) of your surviving ships must survive. Technically this is your win condition anyway. Ship count only matters for how many ships are remaining. You can win with only 1 ship left as the 50% doesn't matter if you only have 1 ship anyway. You still get 5 stars as long as you completed all the other objectives listed.
  6. I go up the side and kill both the Cleveland and Atlanta with torpedoes and guns. Just last night I had a new damage record in Ultimate Frontier of 246k in the Leningrad. And for Killer Whale, having AA in a destroyer is not a concern if you know how to dodge the CV torpedo squadrons. There have been many games now where I will have torpedoes dropped on me by CVs easily 7-9 times when I'm playing Anshan/Gnevy/Fushun and I dodge all the torpedoes. Taking out the forts should really be a given as you're going to take damage by them no matter what ship you're in if you ignore them. @Arvanna_1 was actually in two of the games where my division was doing the operation before we switched, both times with me being in a DD. Don't know if he remembers it or not. Most of the time when I run DD in Killer Whale, I actually come out on top of the team as well.
  7. Or if you want to spend a little effort, you can find some people who like to run operations and form an operations division. You could say I informally run an operations division and most nights we can get 4-7 people in the div at any one time. My ops div will sometimes wait until even after the 5th reinforcement wave and farm the damage off them before going into the exit. As long as you have capable people who know what they're doing, you can take as long as you like. Of course it does help that we have voice comms as well but at this point very little needs to be spoken out loud. Generally the southern entrance can be a sub optimal place to enter, as it isn't hard to get yourself torpedoed and focused leaving you on low health or sunk. I actively discourage people from doing so as the risk can easily not be worth it. I know you like to say DDs are not useful for operations, but I have said many times before if you know what you're doing and you're using the right ship(s), you can excel. I often come out top of the team in a destroyer and my operation div mates have done the same after some instructions from me on what to do. There are also replays for Narai and Ultimate Frontier recorded already, which I can give a link to if you want to watch. There are many ways DDs are more efficient for each operation that cruisers are simply incapable of doing. If you want me to name some examples, I would be happy to. Leningrad excels in Ultimate Frontier if you know what you're doing. If you want a replay link for one recorded (of me in Leningrad, surprise surprise) let me know. And a destroyer actually helps speed up getting out of the base in Killer Whale. My operations division almost always runs a destroyer to optimize efficiency and we are usually heading toward the exits of the base before 13 minutes left in the battle. I have run the Fushun a number of times in Killer Whale already and the torpedoes do damage and kill the transports. If anyone wishes to learn how to use a destroyer in operations, any of them, let me know. And if you're interested in joining up with an operations division, send me a private message, or message me in game letting me know. Lightninger
  8. For myself though, if they buffed it and moved it to tier 6 as a Soviet premium, I would get it for more elite captain experience farming in Operations if nothing else.
  9. People who are getting Makarov aren't necessarily using them in Random battles. My Makarov has ~400k experience sitting on it at the moment from using it to farm elite captain experience in Operations, for which it is very useful for.
  10. That happened when a division I led tried Ultimate Frontier last night. You are saying all of them (other than the current weekly) have the same problem as well? Before the change when the weekly was still Hermes, this happened with Aegis, but there were others you could still run, as we did Killer Whale, Raptor Rescue, and Ultimate Frontier.
  11. Hermes Operation Permanent?

    I guess I should be flattered then, heh. Well part of the issue of course is 99% of the time other DDs brought in are either completely terrible (torpedo based) or still less than ideal (basically anything not Russian or Russian-derived) for Operations. The few times that I've seen others bring the right DD in, they don't usually play smart with it and die early or accomplish very little. That said I have made the Gaede perform decent for Aegis, but that is the only Operation I would try German DDs in.
  12. Hermes Operation Permanent?

    There are players like myself who perform great in DDs and also get the objectives done easily with no cost to the team. If you want replay proof, I can link you to videos for Narai and Ultimate Frontier already recorded. That said, playing a DD is likely not ideal for most players, and only a select few DDs are suited to being used in Operations as well. And it will definitely be fun to try the Leningrad in Hermes if given the chance.
  13. I like to send these replays of Leningrad and Anshan/Gnevy/Fushun in Operations since there is a myth out there that Youtubers recite and is also often said on the forum here as well that destroyers are not good for these. These replays show off that destroyers are actually really good for these if you have a capable person using them (especially for taking care of objectives and addressing problems/emergencies) and it lets others try to copy or improve on the method I have already developed if they can. Of course Narai is no longer available so this would just be something fun to watch.
  14. Chasing the 1750 base xp

    It is the starting base experience on the left side that is not modified by premium time, which is the 1236 xp, which should also show as the xp amount that you see as the amount you earned on the team screen.