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  1. Lightninger


    I would agree with this sentiment here. With fire resistance naturally going up the higher the tier is, DE becomes less and less useful as a skill to take. BFT helps you with the better reload as well as better AA, and better reload also means more shells overall, which also translates to more fire chance indirectly. As far as SI, my current 19 point captain with Khabarovsk has PM, LS, AR, BFT, AFT, SE, SI, and 1 unused skill point. The purpose of this captain build was for Random Battles where at times that extra heal was helpful. However, during Ranked Battles, I don't think that extra heal charge was used at all, and if you're messing around in Coop, you should never need to use it. I find it much more optimal to take smoke in Coop anyway. I am going to build a second captain for my Khabarovsk with my normal Russian captain build of PM, LS, AR, BFT, AFT, CE, and SE. Yes, I know everyone else says don't ever bother with any concealment on Khabarovsk, but if you've been paying any attention to my past previous posts, I am pretty much unique in how I play Russian destroyers and am willing to teach anyone interested in learning how to play them as actual destroyers.
  2. Lightninger

    good dd for scenarios

    Now for tier VII destroyers. The top destroyer for operations is definitely the Leningrad. It is tied with Minsk, Khabarovsk and Le Terrible for fastest ship in the game, but Le Terrible has a French speed boost making it fastest when using speed boost versus base speed. It has fast, solid shells, with AP that can easily citadel cruisers, decent concealment at 6.6 km, and fast 8 km torpedoes. The only real downside is you need to take MBM 2 and EM for knife fighting. It is by far the best destroyer to use in Ultimate Frontier, a top pick for Narai, and decent pick for Dynamo. Next would be the Minsk, Blyskawica, Gadjah Mada, Maass, and Mahan Haida, Jervis, Sims, Z-39 Shiratsuyu, Akatsuki (Will edit later)
  3. Lightninger

    good dd for scenarios

    I think I am going to have to split this into two posts, first for the tier VI DDs. The top destroyer for tier VI would have to be Anshan, fast reliable shells, easily capable of citadelling cruisers at relatively safe distances, top base speed, 8 km torpedoes, and the standard smoke works fine in vast majority of situations. Fushun would come in a close second with better smoke but torpedoes that aren't capable of hitting destroyers if you need them to, whether by chance or the destroyer getting too close. The main thing you want with these is make sure you have Main Battery Mod 2 and Expert Marksman to have your turrets capable of knife fighting. The next level of destroyers would be Gnevy, Gaede, and Farragut. The Anshan and Fushun are basically Gnevy clones, but Gnevy only has 4 km torps rather than 8 km. Then Gnevy has better turning turrets though with no need for MBM 2 and EM so has basically all the capabilities of the top two except not being able to use its torpedoes as much. Often times though, the longer range only gets to chance damage and sinks anyway. For the Gaede, which has a hydro which is situationally useful. One thing is you would need to take 150 mm guns to reliably citadel cruisers, which comes with the slower reload. The other thing with the Gaede is its shorter smoke can sometimes be problematic if you are the only destroyer. The other entry I would include here is the Farragut, with decent guns if rather slow lofty shells, which can citadel cruisers but need to be closer to reliably do so. It has really good USN smoke but its longest range torpedoes reach only 6.4 km. In the next category I would put the Aigle, Gallant, Icarus, and T-61. The Aigle has good guns which do a good job of citadelling cruisers but it also have lofty shells with a slow base speed. The torpedoes have passable range at 7 km, and it has a nice speed boost, if only situational as it has a very average base speed. One of its main problems though is its terrible detection as low concealment is at times very critical and you will also need MBM 2 and EM as its turrets are almost as slow as those of the Anshan and Fushun. Some would protest about the T-61 being here but there is a very good reason why. The reason the Gaede is better is because it can take the 150 mm guns to reliably citadel cruisers. The T-61 has only the option of the German 128 mm guns, which have very weak penetration and you need to be up close to citadel cruisers. This makes the T-61 much more torpedo dependent as the output from its guns aren't as great. It also will have the short German smoke. While it has an amazing torpedo reload, gun damage is much more reliable with torpedoes more often than not situational except when you are rush torping. In short, its weapons systems aren't the greatest limiting its carrying ability. The Gallant has the same issues as the T-61 with its guns, with even smaller guns, slow shells which are almost as bad as USN shell arcs and possibly worse. It has standard smoke, 8 km torpedoes so is decent enough there, average speed. Other than its weak guns, everything about it is pretty unremarkable. The Icarus would be slightly worse than the Gallant with the same problematic weak guns. What really hurts it though is no speed boost, only 7 km torpedoes and really short smoke which is even worse than German smoke. While it does have a short range hydroacoustic search, that hardly makes up for its weapons systems deficiencies. The Aigle can do all right with 7 km torpedoes as it has decent guns to make up for it but Icarus lacks that ability. The last category is basically the IJN destroyers Fubuki and Hatsuharu. They both have slow turning turrets, long reloads on their guns, but they do have decent penetration. These are heavily reliant on their torpedoes as their main weapon systems making them the least useful ones in operations. They have nice detection, average speed, and standard smoke. The Shinonome falls somewhere between this category and the one above having a decent number of guns but still with the same gun characteristics. A few replays for your viewing, sorted by operation. Defense of Newport Aegis Killer Whale Rapter Rescue Version 2 Now, there can be exceptions to the rule if you do find some specific route that works. There is one specific route found by one player in Aegis that apparently can make basically any destroyer do well, including the IJN ones, but is also dependent on your teammates not messing it up for you as well. Here are a couple of his replays.
  4. Lightninger

    good dd for scenarios

    Heh, Thanks for the compliment. I am glad that I have had an impact with my channel. I will make a detailed post about destroyers later with some videos included as I don't have the time right now to do a post.
  5. Lightninger

    Best Crusier for Secnario

    I would recommend Budyonny, Shchors, and Chapayev. With the high velocity shells and good AP for easy citadels, I find it much easier to carry in the Russian cruisers. I would note though that it is much better if you have IFHE. Here are some video examples of what I mean for you to watch if you like. Budyonny: Killer Whale Aegis Shchors Narai Chapayev Cherry Blossom
  6. ST. Operations updates. Updated operations "Newport", "Narai", "Aegis" and "Killer Whale". In operation "Newport", aircraft carriers Zuiho, Hiryu, and Lexington were replaced by Myogi, Yamato, and Baltimore, respectively. Zuiho -> Myogi - This will likely not change too much in difficulty probably. Hiryu -> Yamato - Likely increased chance to lose a star from the base losing a building as last wave battleships already do it from long distance. Adding another battleship will only make it more likely. Lexington -> Baltimore - Possibly easier? Baltimore may be a little harder to kill than a Lexington --- In the operation of "Narai", enemy Ranger is replaced by battleship New York, and the possibility to use planes is removed from Lexington. Also, the appearance of enemy ships is ordered in this operation. The same ships will appear at a certain time now. Lexington planes non operational makes this easier obviously. Ranger being replaced by New York also makes this easier likely as one less ship to torpedo the transports coming in. --- In operation "Aegis", all enemy aircraft carriers are replaced with lower tier Japanese battleships, and the allied CV is replaced with Baltimore. I am curious if the battleships replacing the aircraft carriers are the Kongo, Fuso, and Amagi you can spawn yourself like seen here or completely brand new ones. This video is outdated by the way as the battleships now move erratically after they spawn, possibly because of my video? --- All the enemy aircraft carriers were replaced by Germany/Japan battleships with lower tier in operation "Killer Whale". Aircraft carrier in base replacement - Mixed, no longer need AA but a second battleship to possibly citadel cruisers is also problematic. Bringing a second destroyer for torpedoing a battleship may be something to do. Aircraft carriers outside base - Likely easier as much easier to spot and detect and no constant need to dodge air dropped torpedoes. ---- At least these are my thoughts on how the difficulty of each operation will likely change.
  7. Lightninger

    Operation Raptor Rescue : Does the CV AI cheat?

    I made a video for how to kill Carrier Haoto early in the game with the old version of Raptor Rescue. I'm sure that it still applies for this new version but I would not recommend it unless you have a full division. It is better to take two ships in to kill the aircraft carrier as well. I have done it alone in the Makarov, but that is also with using a 19 point full AA captain. If you guys want to see a full replay (or full replay set), I can put more videos in here or give my channel link.
  8. Lightninger

    Hero of Dunkirk + Raptor Rescue = Pain

    He also might be talking about Defense of Newport. Aegis has three carriers that spawns, and the possibility of an Amagi with two other battleships if you go into the spawn box. Newport has an Izumo that spawns but only if you rescue your friendly carrier.
  9. Lightninger

    DD's in Raptor Resque

    Since you mention it, here are the videos I made for the new version of Raptor Rescue using a destroyer. Original Route in Anshan Northern Route in Fushun Just another good game, this one in Gnevy. New tactic for new version. And if you want a spoiler for the new secret achievement, you can watch this.
  10. Lightninger

    Best music while playing

    I would suggest listening to Thunderstruck while playing the Missouri
  11. Lightninger

    Operation Dynamo

    You also don't need a USN destroyer to do well. I reconfigured my Minsk to be AA specced. You can see the result.
  12. Lightninger

    Operation Dynamo

    You don't need to wait if you want to join an organized operations division/group. We even have our own discord. Just tonight we ran Dynamo, Narai, and Aegis. We will switch around operations by request and we have helped people get 5 stars in operations they need them in. Almost everyone is welcome to come join us as long as you behave and work with the group. There is only one person I can think of right now that we wouldn't accept. If anyone is interested, just send me a message.
  13. Lightninger

    How to Tier VIII Kiev?

    Most people on the forum will advocate a no concealment cruiser type build. If you want to learn how to play it more like a destroyer, send me a private message.
  14. Lightninger

    Khabarovsk Guide by Rannith

    Don't let the others posting here get you down. If you want to discuss how to use use a Khab as a destroyer, feel free to send me a message. I also use it primarily as a destroyer as well.
  15. Lightninger

    Ognevoi: How to Play Advice

    Despite what everyone tells you here, I would counter and say it is more of a hybrid destroyer capable of both using guns and torpedoes. It doesn't have the fast speed of most other destroyers in the line but the guns are still good. You still have four of them, just in a different arrangement. I like to use my classic gunboat captain build, which is also a good one for AA purpose as well. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000011010010000000100119