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  1. Lightninger

    Million credit club: Cossack

    Has anyone gotten over 2 million credits in random battle? I did it one in operations.
  2. Check my video out. I have already figured out completely how the spawns work.
  3. I am already running a YouTube channel primarily focused on Operations/Scenarios so why not? It is a natural subject matter for me to cover and while many players may not be paying attention, I do know there are people benefiting from my efforts.
  4. There are already places where you have organized divisions running everyday like the discord I am an admin for.
  5. Wargaming may not be making any instructions but I have been making analysis videos for each scenario on my YouTube Channel for every operation. Today's video is actually for Newport. Anyone who wants information on scenarios can watch the videos I make. Newport was actually one of the more time consuming ones to make for this video requiring a lot more slides. Were you the one who was asking about spawn locations that I made images on my imgur for?
  6. Lightninger

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Not an amazing game by any standard but look at the number of citadels. Heh.
  7. Lightninger

    Fix Defense of Newport Scenario

    I am not talking about the in game operations channel. There is an operations discord server that I am one of the admins for.
  8. Lightninger

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Does an operation no longer in rotation count for this? This is definitely my best result in Cherry Blossom by far, and even in a Permanent Night game.
  9. Lightninger

    Fix Defense of Newport Scenario

    This is why I looked for people to play with and has resulted in an Operations discord, so there isn't a need to play with random pickup groups or simply avoid the operation altogether in favor or other ones. While the regulars get on later in the evening/night, that doesn't mean people can't join and jump in voice during other times.
  10. Lightninger

    commander smoke screen skill

    Thanks for giving me a mention. My YouTube is still considered small compared to most others being very specialized. While it is mostly focused on operations/scenarios, with an emphasis on destroyers being a class many people can improve their play on, I have some other stuff mixed in as well. If anyone wants advice on game mechanics, how to play ships, etc, just let me know. I've taught at least a few people my more unique playstyle for Russian destroyers and they have been mostly happy with their results as far as I can tell.
  11. Actually if you look at some tier VI destroyers, some are better than tier VII. For ones I know offhand, Anshan 6.3 km, Gnevy 6.1 km, Fushun 6.1 km vs Leningrad 6.6 km, Minsk 6.7 km, and Blyskwica 6.8 mm. So buffing some tier VII destroyer concealment values only brings it to about equal to tier VI destroyers. Then you also have tier V destroyers like Gremyaschy at 6.1 km, Fujin/Kamikaze/Kamikaze R at 5.4, Okhotnik at 5.7 km. It doesn't seem that hard to balance.
  12. Lightninger

    Make Your Stand - Earn Exeter FREE!

    Heh, check hall of fame in the discord, can tell you how I did it.
  13. Lightninger

    Scenario Analysis: Narai (Version 3)

    While a major reason to bring a destroyer in Narai is to sink the Missouri, it's also important that it should be able to take care of itself for the most part or be able to clutch a win if needed. Damage on the Missouri can be compensated by your teammates, while being able to take care of yourself or do a clutch win is not as easily made up for. This is why Shiratsuyu is less optimal than something like a Blyskawica or Sims.
  14. Lightninger


    See this forum thread I made for Aegis. I address how to avoid getting transports sunk in my discussion analysis video. Sinking the battleships really has nothing to do with the transports. Basic summary is leave one escort alive (we leave #3) to let the transports go to the E line.
  15. Lightninger

    PSA: Stay OUT of the cap for Defense ribbons

    A DD can definitely farm defense ribbons. I do it all the time when I go to Coop. Go up to the edge of a cap and smoke when enemy ships are going through the cap.