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  1. Premiun destroyer: Leningrad or Okhotnik

    I made a few posts in this previous forum thread that will be of some help. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/147539-ifhe-on-okhotnik-and-leningrad/ To answer your main question though, (and I saw you already got the Okhotnik) both of them are worth getting. Leningrad is very strong destroyer (and to me is the strongest one in its tier) with competitive concealment, great guns, stealth torp ability, excellent speed. If any destroyer has carry potential, this is one of them, granted you want a high skill captain to go along with it preferably. I ground out a 12 point captain with the Murmansk before even using the Leningrad once. It is also my favorite ship in the game so I guess I could be a little biased sometimes for it but that aside, there's no denying how good it is. And unlike what @Crucis says, it's not just a run and gun ship. If that's how you want to choose to play it, that's fine, but you're not using it to its full potential. Okhotnik is strong in its own right, with second best concealment in its tier. (only beaten by Kamikaze and look alikes at 5.4 km, and is a hard counter to them as well) It has a crazy amount of guns and torpedoes for insane alpha damage. It can carry a game sometimes if things go badly, but is far less capable of it compared to the Leningrad. This a ship that I take out to have fun and troll in, while still being a major pain in the butt to the enemy team. If that was all tl:dr, Leningrad is a very strong destroyer, is a ship I pick when I want to play serious, kick major butt, and win. Definitely worth the purchase. Okhotnik is a ship with strong alpha, strong in a different way, and is simply fun to take out because of it. Also worth the purchase. If I were to pick one, it would be the Leningrad, and I would strongly encourage you to also get it. And @ZARDOZ_II, you are correct as I do have two replays of the Leningrad in Ultimate Frontier uploaded in my own channel, and Lord Zath also has two Leningrad operations replays uploaded that I sent to him, one in Narai and one in Ultimate Frontier.
  2. I would take EM(captain skill) and MBM 2(upgrade), gets your turret turn down to 19.1 secs for 180 degrees. This allows you to knife fight as well if you decide to learn how in a Russian(or one in Pan-Asian colors) destroyer.
  3. This weeks Port def Scenario

    So now you're resorting to personal insults when you are unable to refute a rational, logical response?
  4. This weeks Port def Scenario

    Just yesterday I did 159k+ damage in my Anshan in the very first game I ran yesterday in my Anshan in Newport, which is probably the highest damage I've done in any ship for this operation. Playing a destroyer in Newport (and any operation) is about playing smart. You need to play smart in any ship type though as well, whether destroyer or not.
  5. This weeks Port def Scenario

    You mean you wish the people bringing destroyers 1) Brought the right ones 2) Knew how to use them. I've been top of the leaderboard in every operation so far where you are able to bring destroyers. I even got complimented by somebody one of the times I brought a destroyer into Newport yesterday.
  6. That's fine. If that's more comfortable for you, I am not going to recommend otherwise. For myself, I simply don't need PT, so I take PM.
  7. Priority Target vs Preventative Maintenance really depends on your ability to have situational awareness. If your situational awareness is good, you don't need priority target. If your situational awareness is poor, you do need priority target. I rarely ever use smoke for myself in my Russian DDs, and especially so in Randoms. With the use of premium smoke, I hardly ever even get through the 3 I have so Superintendent is useless to me 99.99% of the time. And the Anshan is a Gnevy in Pan Asian colors, with 8 km torpedoes (not DWT), with some minor differences so yes it is very much primarily a gunboat. And no, it does not have Pan-Asian smoke either.
  8. My Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC85uXS6bvbFqp7Y7L5QeYIQ And corresponding Imgur albums https://lightninger.imgur.com/ It's all operations videos so far but I'll likely be uploading replays for a request soon, and maybe some ranked replays in Kiev as well. Anshan captain (it has a dedicated 19 pointer, got it way before the Pan Asian line came out) http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000100001010001000000010119 Skills taken in this order: PM -> LS -> EM -> BFT -> AFT -> CE -> SE You can switch to have CE before AFT first if you like. Taking AFT first just gives you more offensive power to let you level up your captain faster. Upgrades: Main Armaments Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 1 Main Battery Modification 2 Propulsion Modification 2
  9. I have replays uploaded on Youtube where I am using destroyers in operations, a good number being the Anshan. There is no commentary but it should be pretty clear what I am doing. Let me know if you want a link to my Youtube channel. And honestly, I would encourage you to try running destroyers in operations if learning is what you are after. I can also give you my upgrade and captain setup if you desire.
  10. Russian captain quests

    I would recommend running the current weekly operation (Defense of Newport Station) a few times. It should be very easy to accomplish this doing this. And while the boosted PM and EM is good for tier 2-7 and Tashkent (assuming you are using MBM 3), HA is a completely unnecessary skill for the DDs. You also don't need PM nor HA on the cruisers. As @Landing_Skipper stated, this captain, and the upcoming matching one are both best suited for battleships. Honestly, I would have preferred something like a boosted PM and say SE or BFT for a DD captain.
  11. If either of you want to learn how to play the Russian DDs (and obviously Anshan and Fushun) at a high level, I have been teaching people how to do it. I have already had teaching sessions with 6-7 people and have had feedback easily from 4-5 that they have been very happy with what I taught them. @Fishrokk, if you want my comments on that replay besides Zath's, let me know.
  12. What's the deal with Minsk?

    I can't teach you how to do that in one forum post. And a good number of times, people don't actually try it when simply posted on the forum. If you actually want to, I will do so over voice to go over upgrades, captain skills, playstyle, tactics, strategies, and also to try it out in training room, etc. Russian destroyers actually have the the highest skill floor for destroyers, while most think they have a very low skill floor.
  13. What's the deal with Minsk?

    That's what everyone is taught to do. Learn to play the ships a little better and you will smash USN and Pan Asian DDs in knife fights as well.
  14. What's the deal with Minsk?

    As for Leningrad versus Minsk, the gun differences are these: Turret turn Minsk: 30 seconds base, 19.1 seconds minimum Leningrad: 27.69 seconds base, 18 seconds minimum Gun range: Minsk: 12.2 km base (assuming fully upraded), 14.64 km maximum Leningrad: 11.56 km base, 13.9 km maximum
  15. What's the deal with Minsk?

    If he uses EM and MBM 2 on the Minsk, just like he does on his Gnevy, turret turn won't be an issue at 19.1 seconds, even when knife fighting. I know because I have the same on Gnevy, Fushun, Anshan, and Minsk.