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  1. Do you want to see replays of using the Anshan in operations?
  2. They had also announced new Russian destroyers that have not been implemented into the game yet. I can't find the original announcement page they made on the front page but there is this. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/whatsinthebox/ From the announcement page, they have this: "Soviet destroyer changes! Look for two destroyer sub-branches: "Destroyer Leaders" and "Artillery Destroyers" I'm guessing the new ships might be the artillery destroyers mentioned.
  3. Gadjah Mada very OP?

    I would say that's a property of the ship, which also is partly due to the increased number of guns as well, like gun range varies from ship to ship as you go up the tree on other nations.
  4. Gadjah Mada very OP?

    You do know that for the in game stats, the guns on the Gallant and Gadjah Mada are exactly the same right? Exact same reload, shell weight, shell speed, damage, etc. The guns on both ships are identical in every way. Feel free to check out the wiki for yourself. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gadjah_Mada http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gallant
  5. Nelson seems good for the Op.

    It's not that hard honestly if you know how to play your DD well. Leningrad excels with its good Russian guns and speed. You can check out the replay here: https://replayswows.com/replay/10293 I'm pretty sure you'll like my torpedoing the Cleveland as it comes in from outside the map as well.
  6. Nelson seems good for the Op.

    There's a reason I like to run the Leningrad or an Anshan sometimes in the tier 6 operations. Having a fast DD allows you to flex and pick up the slack when your teammates are pre-occupied or not trying get the priority objectives done. There's been more than a few times where it's been just one BB and myself in a Leningrad killing the Atlanta in the north side while everyone else is preoccupied with the Pensacola and low tier BBs farther south. Granted, a Leningrad doesn't have the twelve guns and DPM of say the Shchors for example, but there is a benefit. Plus, it's fun to torpedo nuke the Cleveland as it arrives into the map.
  7. Nelson seems good for the Op.

    Leningrad? Was it being played by me? I've been using mine a lot in the scenario and giving pointers on helping people focus the right targets.
  8. Thank you really, for what has to be one of the most amusing responses I have gotten yet. You might want to consider going to a doctor or rehab for what you have instead of looking for something weird to take. I’ll address your post in the simplest way possible to avoid any confusion. The problems with your response include: 1) You start with a personal insult and your focus on statistics. Statistics are a way to measure skill but only measure so much. 2) Sole focus on damage. Damage is a useful statistic but is hardly the end all of yard sticks to measure by. 3) My Izyaslav statistics also include games when I was still learning the game, which are clearly hard to separate out. My win rate when I was done grinding the ship was at 47% and since then have raised it to the current 57%. 4) Your focus on using Russian destroyers as torpedo boats. Any player with a good amount of experience will tell you Russian destroyers are gun boats first, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tier 2 or up at tier 10. You have a total of 13 battles in Russian destroyers on NA, plus whatever you may have in EU and public test server. Very likely, you probably do not have the experience to back up your words on how to play Russian destroyers. I can give you an example as well. One of the more recent games I played in the Izyaslav resulted in a win, with the result being that I had four kills and damage somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000. I get this result because I am countering, hunting, and killing destroyers. Those four kills were the four destroyers that the enemy team had, which included a Nicholas. They were so busy avoiding me, and trying to get away from me that my team was free to do whatever they wanted. Damage by itself does not necessarily mean much, especially when taken out of context. You can doubt my abilities all you like. I don’t play this game for statistics as you already kindly pointed out anyway. I do hunt and kill all nation DDs when playing Russian destroyers, doesn’t matter what tier we are talking about. And I would relish the challenge of dueling a good Clemson player in a training room. There is no shame in losing to the best players which simply means that I need to improve more, and beating them would just give me a nice screenshot for bragging rights.
  9. I already gave an answer in this same very thread. See post #12 and #14. As for the turret turn Crucis, that is easily solved with the right module and captain setup and a little practice. I destroy any nation DDs with Russian DDs in close range knife fights. It's not my fault if very few people even attempt to learn how to do it.
  10. I already answered this. See my last two replies above. Clemson is only a seal clubber against unskilled players.
  11. After learning the game, the game mechanics, and having some experience in DD play, I can count the number of times I've been killed by a Clemson on one hand (in any ship class I might add). So yes, any player who knows the game and has enough experience should rarely be killed by a Clemson.
  12. Nope, Clemson's meager gun range and with the highest detection range of any DD at tier 4 means it is almost always spotted first, thus makes it unsuitable. Only dumb players fall victims to the Clemson.
  13. T2: Storozhevoi T3: Derzki, (Storozhevoi using a division with tier 3 ships) T4: Izyaslav, (Storozhevoi using a division with tier 3 ships) T5: Okhotnik, Gremyashchy T6: Anshan T7: Leningrad, Blyskawica The fast ship speed, long gun range, and fast shell speed of Russian DDs makes them prime hunters for hunting down DDs of any nation.
  14. Izzy Tha Bizzy Beazty

    Yes, the method Flamu tells people to use, which is a "long distance support speed tank" is a beginner method. It is something even an average player can do with some practice, possibly even below average players. It is a very simple and easy way to play. I think you can agree to that. I do a lot more than that with my VMF DDs and if Flamu wishes to learn how I am up for teaching him. And yes, Sims can eat Minsk/Leningrad for non skilled players and the wrong setup. In capable hands, Minsk/Leningrad will blow a Sims away even at less than 7 km. I destroyed many a Sims in Ranked Season 6 with my Leningrad in knife fights in close quarters, and it wasn't particularly hard to do either. MBM 2 is one thing necessary for these knife fights and DPM doesn't matter if you don't land your shots, just like I told geser98. And just like you said about wiggling and keeping your guns on target. Practice that and you can kill Sims in knife fights with a Leningrad as well.
  15. I have doubts that my division mate needed to use his heal and can double check but I find it very unlikely he used a heal charge there.