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  1. Lightninger

    Operation Raptor Rescue : Does the CV AI cheat?

    I made a video for how to kill Carrier Haoto early in the game with the old version of Raptor Rescue. I'm sure that it still applies for this new version but I would not recommend it unless you have a full division. It is better to take two ships in to kill the aircraft carrier as well. I have done it alone in the Makarov, but that is also with using a 19 point full AA captain. If you guys want to see a full replay (or full replay set), I can put more videos in here or give my channel link.
  2. Lightninger

    Hero of Dunkirk + Raptor Rescue = Pain

    He also might be talking about Defense of Newport. Aegis has three carriers that spawns, and the possibility of an Amagi with two other battleships if you go into the spawn box. Newport has an Izumo that spawns but only if you rescue your friendly carrier.
  3. Lightninger

    DD's in Raptor Resque

    Since you mention it, here are the videos I made for the new version of Raptor Rescue using a destroyer. Original Route in Anshan Northern Route in Fushun Just another good game, this one in Gnevy. New tactic for new version. And if you want a spoiler for the new secret achievement, you can watch this.
  4. Lightninger

    Best music while playing

    I would suggest listening to Thunderstruck while playing the Missouri
  5. Lightninger

    Operation Dynamo

    You also don't need a USN destroyer to do well. I reconfigured my Minsk to be AA specced. You can see the result.
  6. Lightninger

    Operation Dynamo

    You don't need to wait if you want to join an organized operations division/group. We even have our own discord. Just tonight we ran Dynamo, Narai, and Aegis. We will switch around operations by request and we have helped people get 5 stars in operations they need them in. Almost everyone is welcome to come join us as long as you behave and work with the group. There is only one person I can think of right now that we wouldn't accept. If anyone is interested, just send me a message.
  7. Lightninger

    How to Tier VIII Kiev?

    Most people on the forum will advocate a no concealment cruiser type build. If you want to learn how to play it more like a destroyer, send me a private message.
  8. Lightninger

    Khabarovsk Guide by Rannith

    Don't let the others posting here get you down. If you want to discuss how to use use a Khab as a destroyer, feel free to send me a message. I also use it primarily as a destroyer as well.
  9. Lightninger

    Ognevoi: How to Play Advice

    Despite what everyone tells you here, I would counter and say it is more of a hybrid destroyer capable of both using guns and torpedoes. It doesn't have the fast speed of most other destroyers in the line but the guns are still good. You still have four of them, just in a different arrangement. I like to use my classic gunboat captain build, which is also a good one for AA purpose as well. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000011010010000000100119
  10. Lightninger

    Grozovoi — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    Out of curiosity, a full fledged guide written by who? I have a completely different playstyle for Russian destroyers from most and the Grozovoi has so many different ways you can build it for different purposes as well.
  11. A few weeks back when Operation Narai was reintroduced, someone made a thread asking how to go about killing aircraft carrier King. I know its been a while since then but it was fun making a few tactics videos for this purpose. The videos will be from a destroyer perspective and most are for what to do as a destroyer as that is what my channel is focused on, taking destroyers into operations. To start with the basics, the general tactic should be to send two ships north to kill it. The main reason is if only one goes and gets sunk before accomplishing the task, there is a very high chance of losing the star. Now on to a basic tactic you can do with a destroyer. One very easy thing you can do is to send torpedoes into King's path as it proceeds to exit the base. This leads to two outcomes, most of the time turning west toward you as shown here. There is the rare occasion where it will just keep going straight and die to the torpedoes but it doesn't happen much. Now if you don't get there in time to turn King, or you feel it is too dangerous to do so, there is something else you can do in a fast destroyer. The cruiser and destroyer escort both turn away before the first island it reaches so you can simply go around the north side of the island. You just simply intercept it as it goes behind the island up close and personal with a gift of torpedoes. Now if you're feeling really confident in your abilities and you're taking a destroyer with hydroacoustic search, you can try out this tactic. You first start with turning King with torpedoes as illustrated above. You smoke up to get undetected, then turn on your hydro to spot King as it turns west into you. Do it right with the Maass and it is an easy kill. Trying this with the Haida can be a little problematic as you have a shorter range hydro and have more risk of getting spotted, especially when firing your guns. Let me know if there are any questions or you have any input for any reason.
  12. Lightninger

    need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Yeah, we have one guy who kept crashing on the second wave of base ships in Narai but it got fixed somehow at some point. If you and your clan mates want to try running with us let me know. I have full replays and tactics videos for basically every Operation on my YouTube channel. This week I am uploading tactics for Narai.
  13. Lightninger

    need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    What I was talking about is something completely separate from the clan, as it is actually a discord server for an informal operations division (probably more a group now) that I am the unofficial leader of. There is at least one division running most nights now, quite often two divisions and on the occasion three or more. I heard we recently had some people forming a division more during the day as well. The server has 50+ people who have already joined. If anyone wants to run with a consistent operations division, just let me know. We have helped people get 5 stars in every operation as well for any that they don't have 5 stars in. Anyone can just let me know if interested in running with us.
  14. Lightninger

    need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Why be so concerned about having to carry? I've extended many an invitation to come join up with an operations division and have an easy, fun time. We even have our own discord server now. I can only think of one person who would not be welcome and I won't name any names obviously.
  15. Lightninger

    need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Blyskawica will work fine. I'm going to take this operation as an opportunity to level up the captain on my Blyskawica myself, along with the captain on my Minsk.