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  1. Navalpride33 continues to give misinformation or get all his dates and facts mixed up again it seems. To address the missing operations: Dynamo - 1st version was a limited time thing with temporary tier V destroyers and tier I planes but 2nd version afterwards was not temporary with tier VI-VII destroyers and Cossack with tier V planes. In no way was the second version meant to be temporary and we had it all the way until the CV rework. Hermes - Came out with the French battleship line introduction and was used to test the storm weather function, has historical basis in French sending shipments of gold to the USA. It was available all the way until the CV rework and was in no way temporary. Cherry Blossom - Came out with the American cruiser split, has a historical basis in an actual battle, and was used to test creating battles in night time. This was available all the way until the CV rework and was in no way temporary. Ultimate Frontier - There have been a few suggestions and some discussion by players on how to make this work. This is the same thing as my thread about the "Mercy Rule." Get your facts straight before you reply. Some of this stuff was already covered by my State of the Game: Scenarios video already obviously, including WG's desire to keep PvE populations low in favor of Random Battle. What they need to realize is that this is not how you get players back into Random, especially with the system of daily chains and directives they have now. Random is really inefficient for getting these done, especially if you get a lot of losses in one day. Most here probably already have seen my State of the Game: Scenario video, but if not you can see how much of it you agree with.
  2. Lightninger

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    I have recorded replays from Vader_Sama solo queuing in Defense of Newport. There are two in my thread for this operation here on the forum. I have it linked on the bottom of this post. You have a very good understanding of how this operation works. You can fill in the holes of what is missing by watching the discussion video I made. Feel free to browse the rest of my YouTube channel or go to the threads I made here on the forums.
  3. Lightninger

    Scenario Analysis: Aegis (Version 2)

    There is a lot more you can find routing through the link to the directory thread on the first post. Or you can go directly to my YouTube channel for which there is a link in my signature.
  4. Lightninger

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    I will send you the Discord invite link. And as to your question, are you talking about a full Hoperations division? or individually? partial division? and for win rate, do you mean a full five stars or any win? As in Hoperations, we consider anything less than five stars a loss.
  5. Lightninger

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    Can't join people in the in game operations channel or us on the Hoperations Discord?
  6. Lightninger

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    How many stars did you get? From the base exp, it looks something like a 2 or 3 star win. If you want detailed information on this Scenario, you can learn everything through the video I made for it.
  7. Lightninger

    Coop and the "Mercy Rule" - A Possible Solution

    But it is so fun rebuking the nonsense posts... And it helps give further clarification for anyone that may not understand the subject matter.
  8. Lightninger

    Aegis spawn question

    Just to give you a small preview. Here is the detail screen from the replay to come. Look at how much damage was received, which is more than the health that the PEF itself has to begin with.
  9. Lightninger

    Aegis spawn question

    The biggest factors that make battleships good for operations is speed, armor, and firepower. The Izmail easily the best for the combination of these three factors, which probably everyone can agree on. The Warspite, while accurate with its guns is slow at 23.5 knots, while the PEF is fast at 28 knots, with a decent armor scheme to deflect HE spam shot at it. While the guns may not be the most accurate, you can put a high point secondary captain into the PEF and have a combo of main guns and secondaries for good firepower. The Izmail and the PEF are the two battleships that can go out and wreck face in Defense of Newport, which should say something. I will have a replay of PEF in Newport later. You can look for it when it comes out.
  10. Lightninger

    Coop and the "Mercy Rule" - A Possible Solution

    I didn't change anything in the video. That is the original title screen that has always been in there. The substance has nothing to do with economics nor achievements and you clearly do not understand what the "Mercy Rule" is at all from everything you posted so far. I never mentioned anything about economics nor achievements in the video. The "Zero Point Win Condition" is exactly the issue everyone complains about, that there are ships leftover when the game ends. Everyone else can speak for themselves and give input on this when they see the thread.
  11. Lightninger

    Coop and the "Mercy Rule" - A Possible Solution

    While it may be true that a Random battle may not be able to finish in 3 minutes, but something like 5 or 6 minutes for a Random is still extremely fast and often very undesirable. You clearly did not understand my title at all as I am not changing anything. There is a victory condition that already exists in the game, where the game ends when the losing team's points go to zero. That is what I have in the title: The Zero Point Victory condition. Either you are playing dumb or you are trolling on purpose unless you really don't know that this victory condition exists. Everything I say in the video changes nothing in regards to the rules for Coop nor any other game mode. I also don't say anything that affects achievements nor economics. Before you respond, try to actually understand what the subject is.
  12. Lightninger

    Coop and the "Mercy Rule" - A Possible Solution

    Your answer here tells me one of two things, either you didn't watch the video or you weren't actually listening when you watched it. My suggestion that I made does not change the game rules in any way. Try actually listening to what I said.
  13. Lightninger

    Aegis spawn question

    Izmail is top, followed by PEF generally the top two BBs to use in tier 6 operations
  14. I know a number of people here on the forum know about my YouTube channel but I don't know how many actually pay attention and actively watch my content. I made a video in regards to the "Mercy Rule" with a suggestion, which won't necessarily to prevent all of them but likely minimize them. It should also help with slowing down and decrease Random Battle "blowouts" as well if implemented. Let me know what you all think.
  15. Lightninger

    Aegis spawn question

    One thing to note, you don't need to go south of the island in F5, as I use it as a sort of torpedo blocker and then go north of it. If you watch my Izmail Aegis replay, you can see how I do it. I will be making a tactics video for it later and already have a replay set aside for it. You probably wanted to stay a little south of this spot rather than continuously pushing farther north. You want to make sure you are trying to angle to as many of the battleships to avoid getting blapped like you did. The other thing was you spent way too much time zoomed in using binocular mode. If you are paying attention in my replays. I am constantly zooming in and out and watching my surroundings to have good situational awareness. I doubt it is worth the time spent to figure out what exact spot to turn the transports for a guaranteed fail in Aegis.