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  1. Lightninger

    Is it even possible to get 5 stars on Newport's Defense?

    As SkullCowboy_60 said, I have made a video for almost all the Scenarios (been lazy finishing the one for RR) which I call Discussion Videos breaking down all the specifics of the Scenario. I have posted a thread for each here along with a master thread which you can find a link to in the thread SkullCowboy_60's post directs you to (my Newport thread). Anyone who wishes to get an invite to the Hoperations Discord, let me know and I will private message it.
  2. Lightninger

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    Well I'm certainly glad to see my videos are still helping even without me actively making new ones. The thing about Scenarios is they don't get outdated much and even videos for older versions of Scenarios can still be helpful. I'll likely get around to making videos again at some point.
  3. Lightninger

    Getting Depressed

    I'm glad to help. The Izmail is honestly a really fun ship to play, especially in Scenarios if you want to give it a try.
  4. Lightninger

    Getting Depressed

    If you meant the one SovereignDawg put here on the forum, that will help for Scenarios, though I have replays for each Scenario individually and you'll find the Vladivostok replays in the Ranked play list. Did watching my replay help in learning how to use the ship?
  5. Lightninger

    Getting Depressed

    First one correction, Izmail is good for all tier 6 Scenarios. If you would like to see how it plays, check my signature for a link to my YouTube channel. I do have something else you can maybe watch. I put up a couple Ranked Sprint replays in the Vladivostok that you can watch and think about how to play for the Izmail. If you don't want to take the easy route in Scenarios, the Izmail is much better at kiting with its turret angles.
  6. Lightninger

    Question about creating video content

    I have used both NVIDIA Shadowplay and Streamlabs OBS to record videos. Both are free and you can experiment with which one works better for you.
  7. Lightninger

    ops first time out..

    If you want to get it with a five star win, let me know. You can join us on Hoperations and get all the Scenarios to five stars.
  8. Lightninger

    ops first time out..

    If you want direct links to anything or can't find the videos, let me know.
  9. Lightninger

    Mercy Rule: how is the solution working out?

    Well I'm glad that the change I suggested a while back was implemented and certainly seems to have the intended effect. I had figured the max result would leave no more than 1 ship alive if a Mercy Rule did occur.
  10. Lightninger

    Take your 100 points back

    Well it certainly sounds like most are enjoying this suggestion I made for Coop to solve the Mercy Rule. WG implemented this a patch or two after I made a video suggesting exactly this, adding 100 points to the starting points for Coop. I'm curious how many people have seen the video and know this likely came as a result from it.
  11. Lightninger

    Starting points changing.

    Maybe WG actually listened to reason for once. Sounds like they are doing exactly what I suggested in my video I made about this subject earlier. I had made this exact suggestion, add 100 to the starting points to reduce 0 point wins in Coop and steamrolls in Random Battles. Same video as before if anyone doesn't believe me.
  12. Lightninger

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    The theory we have in Hoperations is the base exp total drops as you reduce the number of ships in the game, as before the base exp totals were approximately the same between a 4 ship division and regular 7 ship game, maybe slightly less but not too much difference. We obviously didn't test base exp totals for 5 and 6 ships. If anyone wants to do that on live, feel free.
  13. Lightninger

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    For a 4 ship division, based on the screenshots, it is a 51% reduction in base exp totals. For a regular 7 ship game, based on screenshots, it is a 12%-16% reduction in base exp totals.
  14. Lightninger

    Who have you seen in game

    Was good to see you. Was working on the grind for the Skane camo. That thing is bad enough in Co-op, definitely not even worth considering taking into Randoms.
  15. PTS Round 2 Live Server PTS Round 2 Base Exp total: 1,196 + 1,180 + 1,105 + 1,053 + 809 + 755 + 722 = 6,820 Live Server Base Exp total: 1,679 + 1,306 + 1,263 + 1,085 + 940 + 903 + 892 = 8,068 PTS 2 / Live = .8453 Nerf of 15.47% PTS Round 2 Live Server PTS Round 2 Base Exp total: 1,546 + 1,499 + 1,263 + 1,195 + 1,187 + 1,137 + 832 = 8,659 Live Server Base Exp total: 1,713 + 1,600 + 1,522 + 1,518 + 1,290 + 1,260 + 1,068 = 9,971 PTS 2 / Live = .8684 Nerf of 13.16% PTS Round 2 Live Server PTS Round 2 Base Exp total: 1,655 + 1,175 + 1,099 + 1,057 + 1,045 + 820 + 493 = 7,344 Live Server Base Exp total: 2,082 + 1,277 + 1,197 + 1,168 + 1,101 + 1,006 + 555 = 8,386  PTS 2 / Live = .8757 Nerf of 12.43% These are the results of full 7 ship testing on PTS Round 2.