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  1. Udaloi Buff?

    Duplicate post from posting error. Ignore.
  2. Udaloi Buff?

    Duplicate post from posting error. Ignore.
  3. Udaloi Buff?

    Hey Haze, I have been teaching people how to play Russian destroyers as actual destroyers. If you want to to talk about how to use the Udaloi later, let me know.
  4. A video of how to block Ruan on leaving the exit area. My other tactics videos for this.
  5. Operation Hermes Bug

    This is not new and has happened since the last time that Hermes was operation of the week.
  6. Udaloi Buff?

    While I agree that the Udaloi is fine as it is, the original post does make a couple main points. 1) The Tashkent receiving Khabarovsk guns while nice erased the turret turn advantage Udaloi had over it making the two tier nines more similar. This does in a way sometimes makes the two play very similarly, especially with the lack of aircraft carriers, unless you are purposely divisioning with an aircraft carrier. 2) Average players probably struggle a little with the disparity going from Ognevoi (balanced normal destroyer) to Udaloi (gunboat hybrid) to Grozovoi (balanced gunboat). While a buff or two will make the Udaloi stronger, I don't necessarily feel it will become overpowered. Changes they can do include the following: (not necessarily all of them, just these are possible options) 1) Torpedoes: Boost the torpedo range up to 10 km like the Ognevoi and Grozovoi. This would likely just be a minor buff because of all the radar proliferation and you still get caught by Soviet radar (11.7 km) when trying to stealth torpedo. 2) Consumables: Split the Defensive Fire and Engine Boost into their own slots. They already did this with the Grozovoi and will make it easier to perform in the newer AA destroyer role and at the same time destroyer hunter role that it always has had. Without adding a heal like Grozovoi, this likely will be a minor buff as well. 3) Concealment: Give the A Hull concealment (8.6 km) to the B hull (currently 9.2 km). This will lower the minimum detection down to 6.76 km which means it still gets outspotted by other line destroyers which will still have better concealment, and makes for better ease of play for average players. This will likely also be a minor buff as well because the detection still doesn't match same tier destroyers in other lines. Whether the game developers want to implement anything like this is up to them of course but for ease of use for average players, these could be options for minor buffs to the Udaloi to make it match more with the Ognevoi before it and the Grozovoi after it. Whether they do want to buff and how they implement it is of course a totally different matter.
  7. It is very much worth your time to spend a few more minutes to get 5 stars on a win. If you're playing with a random pickup team and your teammates get sunk while getting those additional stars, it still benefits those heading to the exit. If you're tired of playing with random pickup groups, there's always the option of running with an organized operations division as well.
  8. Last bump on this thread for anyone interested in seeing this bugged version of Cherry Blossom. A few notes for you all from our experimentation. 1) Last Friday night we encountered this version one more time. 2) One time with 7 ships, one person went straight to aggravate the Zaos at their starting position right from the start of the battle. The Zaos will stay and even charge you as long as night time remains, and then will proceed the leave when day time arrives. 3) As stated previously, if you encounter this, the aircraft can be spotted on the mini map from farther away but nearly impossible to spot in normal view unless right in your face making any drops they get off very hard to dodge. 4) I'm a little surprised no staff has said anything about sending the replays somewhere. I guess this bug isn't a big deal. As for how to make this bugged mode appear or avoid it, no one in the division has figured out what causes it yet.
  9. Well a lot of the time he is longer distance from the ships, and when he is up close by the island, his main focus is to get the air base killed. With so few ships and in this bugged version, you had to really specialize what you were doing. It was my job to focus on taking down ships, especially since the Zaos stayed and there are a lot of cruisers. If you watch mine in the Charles Martel, I am not firing my shots as quick as possible, I am taking shots at the optimum times to do maximum damage per salvo.
  10. Since Lord_Zath said to post CC container results, here is mine.
  11. The second replay is up everyone. I am honestly a little surprised there haven't been more comments. UnseenSpectacle mentioned the replays don't give off the same intensity of how the battle went live so maybe that could be part of it.
  12. It isn't just having decent players though. We use voice comms with Discord to coordinate radars, focus fire, etc. That is also a very important part, possibly more important. If I had wanted to be sure of having 5 unicum players, I could have asked for clanmates instead to ensure a victory. Part of it is having decent players, part is knowing what you're doing, and part is having good and organized coordination. Any of these being lost with random pickup teams can easily result in a loss.
  13. Well I'm glad you liked my replay. Leningrad is a fun ship to use in Narai and I have a replay in Minsk I will be uploading on my own YouTube channel later. Let me know if you want to join up with the informal operations division (group) I am unofficial leader of. We've had an influx of people in the last few days and last night we had 3 full divisions going for a while.