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  1. Don't forget we are on the North American server and forums. Most if not all are going to play the Clemson while the Izyaslav gets less attention here. Consider the Izyaslav the secret sealclubber few people know about. I myself consider it much stronger than the Clemson. P.S. There is an even less well known secret sealclubber that I use as well. If you want to know what it is, send me a message. No need to give away trade secrets after all.
  2. Do you think they'll do the same for other premium ship camos Lert? Like Leningrad getting the -10% to the cost of ship's post-battle service that tier VII ships get on their permanent camouflage.
  3. You can actually use a spotter aircraft to detect targets behind islands. There was one game where a Texas was hiding behind an island to cap it on Estuary and we lost sight of him because of a lack of DD. I popped my spotter plane on my ship, a Budyonny I think, and it detected him again at which we could keep shooting him again. Having DCCA gives two planes circling so you should be able to spot targets all 360 degrees around you and/or have fighter coverage against CVs if you're using catapult fighter.
  4. Your teammates didn't care that you and the BUNNY clan guy were trying to duel as they were just trying to win. You can duel people at any time you want if you have training room enabled. I've done a few DD duels in training room myself for fun with other people.
  5. I have a theory as to why it is a loss, based on what you said. How good is the computer you play on and how good is your internet connection? Maybe your ship sinking got registered first due to it being received by the server first compared to your opponent, thus it resulting in a defeat? Without confirmation on how good your computer and internet is, I can't say for sure.
  6. I stand corrected. Thank you for that info, good to know. P.S. From the wiki, Blyskawica 120 mm gun, 900 m/s velocity, 24 kg shell weight vs Gallant 120 mm gun, 808 m/s velocity, 22.68 kg shell weight. Not sure how much better it is at retaining velocity but the faster initial shell speed should help a lot. Leningrad is 130 mm gun, 870 m/s velocity, 33.4 kg/33.5 kg shell weight. Leningrad should still be better at retaining shell speed but the difference in time for the same distance would have to be tested by someone in the training room.
  7. I don't have WoWs open either, heh. Leningrad is my favorite ship in game, with random stats currently at 213 battles and 66.2% win rate, and 129 battles in ranked with a 64.34% win rate, you can say I know the ship very well.
  8. You can still stealth torp without CE but the window is much smaller. (7.3 with camo, vs 6.6 with camo and CE versus 8 km torpedo range)
  9. The Leningrad does greatly benefit from CE though, as the 6.6 km detection is competitive with Sims and Blys 6.7 km, better than Mahan and Maass, and the small difference versus IJN DDs makes them very easy to find, catch, and destroy.
  10. I actually use CE on all my Russian DDs except for Khaba, but then again, I don't play my Russian DDs like most people either. To use CE effectively on Russian DDs though, you need to either have better natural situational awareness than most or learn it. If anyone is up for trying to learn, feel free to contact me.
  11. Give it a try. If you're used to Russian DD turret traverse, (~18 seconds for 180 degrees) Leningrad shouldn't be hard to use. If you need practice, use Storozhevoi down at tier II with EM to practice and get used to it. The turret traverse at long range will be no issue with MBM2 and EM. Most people will probably need to practice to knife fight with the Leningrad though
  12. Fair enough, most players don't seem be very good at using Russian DD guns at close range and for knife fighting. I seem to be one of the few exceptions who excel at it. I can tell you that I can feel the shell velocity difference very acutely when on the other end of a knife fight using a USN DD. You have to use so much more lead even at 5 or 6 km.
  13. I doubt you put both MBM2 and EM when testing or didn't spend much time in that configuration, as having both makes your turret actually capable of staying on target when shooting long distance or knife fighting as you're dodging and weaving, leaving you able to fire when all guns can shoot. Having only one of the two makes a big difference. I might be persuaded to give a replay of my Leningrad knife fighting but that's giving away trade secrets, hehe.
  14. The Blys has the 120 mm British guns and I am pretty sure they lose more speed than then Lenin's 130 mms over long distance, but it does have better gun angles. The Blys does have faster torpedo reload but only has 2 x 3 torpedoes vs Leningrad's 2 x 4 torpedoes. The reload time per torpedo is identical (70 / 3 = 23.33, 92 / 4 = 23). The Blys has a minimum detection of 6.7 with CE and camo vs Lenin has 6.6 with CE and camo so Lenin is actually better than Blys.
  15. The Leningrad's turret traverse can be made workable with MBM2 and EM. I destroy USN DDs in knife fights with my Leningrad. The 3.7 second rudder on the Leningrad versus the 5.8 second on the Blyskawica makes it much better at dodging long range shots and dodging shots while knife fighting. You just need to learn to get used to turret turn speed. And yes, the Leningrad is better now. If you want to learn how to play the ship, feel free to contact me.