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  1. Is it possible to get a Gremyashchy? Need it to finish my Gnevy collection. If not, Sims please.
  2. Thanks, I certainly look to have all the facts before giving out advice.
  3. Smolensk plays completely different from the destroyers. Remember I said to use a cruiser captain? Almost all the cruiser captains use IFHE. The reason to have IFHE for Smolensk is you have the luxury of smoke shooting which you will likely do a lot and can better focus on what part of a ship you are aiming for. A properly played Russian destroyer should not be sitting in smoke most of the time and many players are likely not able to focus on constantly steering their ship and aiming for specific target ship areas at the same time.
  4. IFHE is generally wasted points on destroyers except for a couple different lines, and the Russian destroyers aren't one of those. A cruiser captain would work a lot better on the Smolensk than a destroyer one if you're not giving it a dedicated captain.
  5. Lightninger

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    I did both aircraft carrier directive tasks running a Furious in Killer Whale. The new version of aircraft carriers since 0.8.0 frankly is boring to me with no real desire to play them. My games have not been spectacular like Vader_Sama's but passable. I have been able to get 100k+ damage pretty consistently in Killer Whale and I almost never touch aircraft carriers anymore.
  6. Lightninger

    4th Directive 10k base xp for CV

    Like Vader_Sama said, we default to Narai as that is the Scenario with the most benefits in general. We do switch to others when requested when someone needs something done that works much better in another Scenario.
  7. Lightninger

    Huanghe Question

    You can check if it is available in the armory. And it is definitely a ship worth bringing into Scenarios/Operations. You would ideally want a higher point commander. I've been putting my 19 point Anshan commander in mine when I take it out but am building a new one as the Anshan commander isn't quite optimal for Huanghe.
  8. Lightninger

    Looking at another T6 cruiser for Ops

    Best cruiser picks for myself would be Budyonny for tech tree and Makarov for premium.
  9. Lightninger

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    Hockey Ovechkin please
  10. Lightninger

    Scenario/Operation Rotation Schedule

    You're not the only one looking for the other Scenarios to return and new ones to be made as I'm sure many including myself are waiting as well. The emphasis on PvP and Random however is not something we can change.
  11. Lightninger

    Scenario Analysis: Defense of Newport Station (Version 2)

    Well, main issue being I only have the Jaguar right now and having grinded the tokens in Coop, I have some thoughts. I have a possible modified destroyer route in mind but cannot confirm it without actually experimenting with the ship myself. My top choice for destroyers are still Anshan, Fushun, and Gnevy for all the tier 6 operations.
  12. Lightninger

    Lightninger's Operations Directory & Conversation Topic

    New thread for Scenario rotation added to original post
  13. Lightninger

    Scenario/Operation Rotation Schedule

    Schedule of Active Scenarios 7/17/19 - Narai 7/24/19 - Raptor Rescue 7/31/19 - Aegis 8/7/19 - Defense of Newport Station 8/14/19 - Killer Whale (assuming same order) 8/21/19 - Narai 8/28/19 - Raptor Rescue
  14. Lightninger

    Scenario/Operation Rotation Schedule

    This is a thread to show the history of the Scenario rotation schedule. The 2nd post will have it so as to avoid constantly updating the thread itself. Link back to Directory thread.
  15. Lightninger

    French Destroyers and Tokens - Decisions to make.

    So far I only have the Jaguar so have not had a chance to experiment myself. There is a new thing we have been trying in Aegis that the Guepard may work for. As for the Vauquelin, Vader_Sama already has it and likes it a lot for Narai. He has sent me a replay to record as well. Until I experiment with the Vauquelin myself, I would so far say to avoid using it as the destroyer for four ship Narai due to the smoke issue, but it works for normal divisions.