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  1. Lightninger

    Is operation Narai still worth it ?

    There are two places that you can look for people interested in joining divisions for Scenarios. There is an in game Operations chat channel and there is also the Hoperations Discord, which is much less active nowadays but you can still check for anyone interested.
  2. Well, I would say this is a chance for them to expand the ships available to use so could include all Allied cruisers or even all Allied battleships as such a restriction on choices is very limiting.
  3. Well, if you have Discord and are willing to get on voice, there's a solution for this. Back before the CV rework, Hoperations had at least one division running every night, often more than one and we would be going for easily 2 hours, often up to 4. The Hoperations Discord server still is up, just not a lot of activity right now. That could change though with the return of these Scenarios. They probably were but I would say there is a logical reason why they would be excluded if they were as in World War 2, there were unlikely to be any Soviet cruisers doing any such escort.
  4. Hermes ship selection is Allied tier VII cruisers and French tier VII-VIII battleships. If you are seeing just those specific nation restrictions somewhere, that's because that was what available at that time. Same case for Cherry Blossom, tier VIII Allied cruisers. There would likely be more nations included like Dutch and Pan Asian when if those two Scenarios come back.
  5. My order of what I like to see most return would be Dynamo, Ultimate Frontier, Cherry Blossom, and Hermes, assuming they return in a similar state as they left. If anyone who hasn't played these wants to see replays from before they got removed. I can throw some replays from back in the day, or you can follow the link in my signature or search my name on YouTube as I had a channel going for a while.
  6. Lightninger

    No more "Insert Coin" achievement?

    We had tried to figure out spawn conditions for the paper ship a while back in Hoperations but subsequent play hasn't been able to confirm anything we theorized back then. There are no definite spawn conditions that anyone has been able to figure out yet.
  7. Lightninger

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    I've already made an image of the exact spawn box for the Extra Battleships a long time ago if you wanted to spawn them on purpose.
  8. I wasn't in any of my videos trying to show off anything expressly for economy farming purposes. So if the point was so people would be bad and not do well at Scenarios, then yes.
  9. Maybe success in terms of slow dissemination of content gradually, in terms of YouTube stats far from successful. You and I as well as many others know that the economy nerfs were still more to push people into PvP game modes. The tier 6 operations didn't really need an economy nerf, at most minor if any. There was also the nerf in rewards for doing operations in divisions less than seven ships which may or may not be justified as purposely making things harder for yourselves should still get better benefits that a full seven ship division.
  10. To answer your questions first: 1) The week format is fine for the current number of operations. If/when the removed scenarios come back and possibly new ones added, maybe shorten it to every four days or something or allow people to queue for two different rotations. 2) As of current situation, a random operation doesn't necessarily make sense in the context of using the Operations in rotation. With more returning or new ones made, a random probably would be interesting. There may be issues of whether people like perfect randomness or want options to remove certain things for each operation if it gets picked (like not ending up in a certain ship type). What can maybe be done for Random Operation that could make sense is that it would be for something like Halloween operations, (Saving Transylvania, Sunray in the Darkness, Terror of the Deep) or the PvPvE mode (Raid for the Filth). Now for suggestions: 1) Return the current removed Scenarios is one of the easiest obvious answers. 2) Remove the economy nerf that was done before to Scenarios. 3) Allow players to see more than one game mode in the interface to easily select which one they want to play. 4) Scenarios has been consistently removed from eligibility for more and more in game activities like the current Clash of Courage or many dockyard missions and directives. This change needs to be removed and make them more eligible for more things again. 5) Enable increased frequency of star rewards or add new periodic rewards that can be earned after the one time star rewards have been earned already. 6) Add the Hard and Very Hard modes in for the current (and removed) Scenarios, just like what has already been done for Halloween Scenarios. 7) Add new Scenarios for tiers that don't already have them, where you can select all ships for those tiers. For tier suggestions, one each for tier V, VIII, IX, and X and even tier IV as well. I made a number of suggestions for changes already in a past forum thread here that you can read as well, which includes how current Scenarios can be modified and improved. (Post #24) Making all the operations tier selectable is probably just as much work, if not more, than just adding new operations for current tiers that don't have them. Probably easier to simply make a new operation instead.
  11. Lightninger

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich: Good for ops?

    The PEF is a decent choice for Scenarios and I have a video showing how effective it can be in Newport.
  12. Nope, both the Benham and the Infernal camouflages are related to Savage Battle. Here are pictures so you can see. Benham with Master of the Water World Khabarovsk with Master of the Water World Kremlin with Infernal camouflage The Master of the Water World camouflage for Khabarovsk, Grozovoi, etc you had to buy but you were able to earn the Infernal camouflages free. The Benham's Master of the Water World camouflage came with the ship if you earned it in Savage Battle.
  13. This game mode was the Halloween event one year and it had amazing rewards the first time around. You could earn the Benham free and also a free tier VIII, IX, and X permanent camo you could link to any ship you wished the first time. The rewards are obviously not so good this time but it was a really fun mode the first time around, and I would think it will be really fun again, especially if you're dropping in divisions.
  14. Lightninger

    How good are these DDs ?

    Considering the article is titling itself the "best" in each tier, I would say that many of the choices are questionable and probably has an author bias. The best destroyer for you at each tier really depends on your playstyle.
  15. Lightninger

    Best Ship for "Defense of Naval Station Newport" Operation?

    I have a few videos I can show you back when I was running a channel. Ryujo Izmail Prinz Eitel Friedrich Anshan Other than these, your cruiser choices can vary based on your playstyle preference. The top choices for myself personally would be Budyonny, HuangHe, and Makarov.