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  1. Well I grind up to the t9 CVs. but I am really bad at it is there a video I can watch so something. It seem like I need particular help with managing all the squadrons. I seem to have problem using aerial view. The map view does not give me enough details and the aerial view I can zoom out enough and I seem to have problem going from the aeriall view to map view and back. In general I am really bad at CV I need help with everything. And it really did not help a few years ago when they change the control with cv (where you have to left click to select). Even a comprehensive control guide would help at this point.
  2. o.k. I just loaded world of tanks on my new computer. (had had not play WOT for years but had an accounts years ago). But now after the download of world of tanks. When I press the shortcut to launch either wot or wowships it gets me to the Gamecenter and then I have to log in the game center to log into world of tanks or world of warships. Is there a way I can not use the game center. Sort of when I want to play world of tanks clack world of tanks and to to the world of tanks launcher and when I clack world of warship just launch the warship launcher.
  3. If you are attacking an enemy plane can you disengage. Say you are attacking enemy boomer and you are already in a dog fight with it and you see many enemy plane coming your way can you disengage and run? If so how? thanks
  4. what is the difference between Atago and Atago B. I see both in the same battle.
  5. Steel_I

    data useage

    sound like I will be o.k. I have a 1000 Gbty plan or 1trigabite plan but wife watch netflix
  6. Steel_I

    data useage

    anyone have any ideas how much data world of Warship uses per hr. Just got new internet package. thanks
  7. hello, on the award of Halloween subs for completing missions/achievements you get awarded other subs. Do you get to keep those subs forever or do they go when the event is over??
  8. Hi folks, I am not not doing very well at close BB to BB battles. I am doing pretty good at long range. But See to be taking more damage and inflecting less damage to the other guy at close range. (even in a yamato) Is there some basic strategy, articles to read, video to watch. I know if the side of the other BB is expose to me I should try to cit it. But what if they are point their nose at me where should I aim for. If they are pointing their nose at me I usually aim at the super structure. I assume if I am at the hull with the nose pointed at me shell will bounce off (am I wrong). Another questions is if the side of the other BB is expose to me but at angle, at what angle will it like bounce and I should aim at other things, 45 deg? (rule of thumb question). And if I am aiming at other things what should I aim for.
  9. ok. I got enough skill to get the 4th captain skill on the yamato. The question is FP or CE. I perfect to fight at a long distance and don't get burn to death on the yamato (maybe mostly I am playing ranks games or maybe I learned to stay away). But on the izumo i got FP first because I got burn the death a lot when I first got the izumo. On the American high tier BB I have CE first. So what is your suggestion.
  10. Do you lose you ranking At the end of the season? does you ranking still show next to you call sign at the end of the battle after the season? And when is the next season next year?
  11. I am having a lot of problem dealing with high tier DD in a high tier BB like the yamato especially on a one to bases especially in rank battles. Not so much on random battles maybe there are other ships around where I don't have to deal with the DD on a one to one bases. Often I don't even see the DD just a hold bunch of torpedoes coming at me that I can avoid getting hit. Not so much a problem in lower tier random battles usually I see the DD fare enough away to put some distance form the DD and either avoid the torpedoes or destroy the DD before it gets me. In tier 5 or 6 random battles I stand better then a 50/50 against a dd. But in tier 10 rank battle I just get wipe out often don't even see them. Any advice here? Is there article or video I can watch. thanks