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  1. Kestrel_Falcon

    AA Bug on Ostergotland!!!!

    Thank you for replying back to me. Good to know.
  2. I wished that CVs could choose between loadout depending on ship/class types during battles. Don't all gun surface ships choose between HE/AP....right? So, Carriers could select Tinny Tims for CL/CA, some BBs, and HVARS for DD/CL while in the match. Also, this would include HE/AP bombs too. Additionally, WG should add a CV enhanced skill to Adm. Halsey, Jr since he WAS the Aircraft Battle Commander of Carrier Div 2. Moreover, bring back his Flagship U.S.S. Enterprise for sale. Okay, I'm ready to be flamed.
  3. Kestrel_Falcon

    Puerto Rico's Citadel?

    Thank you for explaining this to me. I was amazed by how PR tanked per Yuro's build.
  4. Kestrel_Falcon

    Puerto Rico's Citadel?

    I watched Yuro's YouTube video on "How to Puerto Rico". I learned that She has an additional "casemate armor" of 114mm that I didn't know about. All appears is the 19mm citadel deck. So where did this (114 mm) come from since It doesn't appear in the Armor layout? Would some be kind enough to school me on the casemate degrees etc? The citadel top appears at water's edge and doesn't seem to be above. Was there a stealth buff WG did to Puerto Rico?
  5. I had experienced this bug once before on PTS (9.2) when I activated Defensive AA Fire I consumable. Reported the bug in the PTS (9.2) forums. Naturally, I thought it was fixed until today. Also, I operate a vanilla WoWs game. So yeah no mod pack installed.
  6. Kestrel_Falcon

    120mm guns IFHE useless

    All my ships that have 120mm cannons inflict damage to enemy ships. Strange.
  7. Kestrel_Falcon

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you War Gaming for the kind offer.
  8. Kestrel_Falcon

    DDs please do your job

    Guys!!!! He said BBs so brainless, so easy, and so boring to play!
  9. Kestrel_Falcon

    0.9.3 - MM Improvements

    thx for the catch, Guy. On it
  10. Kestrel_Falcon

    0.9.3 - MM Improvements

    Just so that we are clear about one thing..... WG's text read, "two aircraft carriers per team will be considerably reduced" they did not indicate eliminated. The way forums posts are reading one would think it was eliminated.
  11. Kestrel_Falcon

    Question on the free Premium Tier VI ship

    Yeah....... sigh shame though I collect ships. Thx for replying back to me.
  12. Kestrel_Falcon

    Question on the free Premium Tier VI ship

    I didn't receive the missing tier VI ship. Instead, WG issued me the Mutsu which I have a was credited 6,500 doubloons.
  13. Kestrel_Falcon

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    Using Skane she does win in 1 vs 1 knife fights
  14. Kestrel_Falcon

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    2 million free XP for a sup-par ship that has slower torps worst CE for that must have radar? No thank you. I rather use the free XP towards the new Russian heavy cruiser line. Or towards the upcoming CV, F.D. Roosevelt should War Gaming decide to place it in the Research Bureau.
  15. Kestrel_Falcon

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    Thank you for sharing your experiences using the tech tree Pan Euro Destroyers. My complaints are the horrible torp arcs, lack of gun range and DPM. What is done is done.