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  1. Kestrel_Falcon

    Why so much Whining Gents?

    I fixed the grammar you kindly pointed out for me. Hmm, I wonder if there are Service dogs for disable Iraqi veterans who suffer from TBI other than specializing in PTSD? That dog could proof-read, correct my grammar and spelling too.
  2. Kestrel_Falcon

    DD meta really bad at the moment?

    I wished my Kidd was a tier 9 DD since current meta does not allow her to team up with tier 10 ships. I've found the Gearings' AA lackluster compared to Fletcher's AA. Now Russia has a DD with awesome AA.... the Grozovoi 4x4 45mm quad cannons. That using BFT, AFT and MFC AA along with defensive fire zpas those planes out of the sky.
  3. Kestrel_Falcon

    Why so much Whining Gents?

    The subs were fun during the Halloween event. Destroyers will have more to do hunting those sneaky subs.
  4. Kestrel_Falcon

    Why so much Whining Gents?

    Since the CV patch I've read allot of complaining that CVs are too OP, cruisers AA OP, BB's AA isn't there and Destroyers aren't spotting for the fleet as they get picked on my CV planes. What in the world are you guys going to do if/when the submarines are introduced?
  5. Kestrel_Falcon

    Where is Worcester's Seaplane?

    Crazy meta. My wife's uncle was on the U.S.S. Worcester when they did the med-float back in 1947-48
  6. Okay WG I am calling [edited] on this one. Where's U.S.S. Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk? The very least you could of done is have a static SC-1 Seahawk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Worcester_(CL-144)
  7. Kestrel_Falcon

    How did I do 0 damage with 19 pens?

    If I had a penny for every time saw "pen zero damage" came across my screen I would be one seriously rich SOB
  8. Kestrel_Falcon

    Is the Marblehead a good USN Cruiser trainer?

    She a good ship for tier 5. She performs great using a 19 point captain.
  9. Kestrel_Falcon

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Hence the mandated selection. No different than sports using skills/tactics.
  10. Kestrel_Falcon

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Nice try but no cigar. The focus in on skills/tactics
  11. Kestrel_Falcon

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    You have a point there! WG you reading this?????? Wargaming picks the tier level each season but they need to identify said list of ships to select from that season which WG provides to you should you not have that ship type in your port. Below examples: Season 12: Tier 7, BB: Colorado/King George V, CL: Shchors/Myoko, DD: Mass/Gadjah Mada Again, everyone has the same ships provided by WG should you not have one(s) allowed (locked-in) that season. It's about level playing ground.... in case water. Gimmicky ships are for randoms. This should be about your skills and tactics not an ACE up your sleeve ship
  12. Kestrel_Falcon

    I the massachusetts on the block for the nerf bat?

    I also made my build like Nosters too.
  13. Kestrel_Falcon

    I the massachusetts on the block for the nerf bat?

    I meant that was a Joke. I know where you are coming from on a secondary build.
  14. Kestrel_Falcon

    I the massachusetts on the block for the nerf bat?

    So that was a T-10 Co-op match? No seriously I had awesome matches as listed.
  15. Kestrel_Falcon

    Why doesn't co-op provide better rewards?

    The Public test server bots are actually smarter than the main server. The destroyers actually stay in their smoke. Not the usual yolo'n ones that release smoke and proceed to enemy players.