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  1. Kestrel_Falcon

    Compensation for technical issues in 0.11.1

    This is what I like about World of Warships, unlike most MMOs. They make things right and compensate us for the headaches we experience from a bad patch. Thanks, WG!!!
  2. Kestrel_Falcon

    Yuro does Bearn!

    Yuro is using the same build I using currently those fight patrols (8-9) can give tier 8 CV hell too. The french gimmick War Gaming introduced is protecting your teammates, and cap denial. I did some tests in COOP Bearn vs Bearn I cannot kill the bot CV. The best I can manage is 50-70% hit point off the CVs total hit points.
  3. Kestrel_Falcon

    Monthly Forum Event - Pot of Gold

    If my earlier post doesn't fit the bill since she has +30% (U.S.S. Missouri) then maybe you'll bite o this one.
  4. Kestrel_Falcon

    Monthly Forum Event - Pot of Gold

    I could have gotten more credits but those darn BOTS will Ram you. Grrrr! There were 65,300 hit points left in the match had that bot not rammed me. WG needs to fix that A.I. program to ram the same ship type/class.
  5. Kestrel_Falcon

    Commonwealth Enhanced Commander(s)?

    Shame if this is WG's direction. I prefer Commonwealth's unique ship play styles over the UK ones. Yukon is a weird one for sure. If WG doesn't plan on introducing any Commonwealth tech line, the very least they could do is plug-in missing tier ships using premium ships for sale. I am only missing Commonwealth ships that have yet been released.
  6. It has been years since the Commonwealth's Perth was released. Since then, numerous ships; i.e. a Battleship, cruisers, and destroyers been released. Yet WG hasn't introduced an enhanced Commonwealth Commander. Why? I recommend enhanced skill(s) for the below ships: Destroyers "fill torpedo tubes" -15% since a common them they only carry one launcher and "consumable enhancement" of +12-13%. Cruisers "Focus Fire Training" -10%/+35%/+1 and "consumable enhancement" of +12-13%. Battleship(s) "Vigilance +35%/+7% and "Furious" -7%/+7% Thoughts or suggestions are most welcome.
  7. Kestrel_Falcon

    Yet another Research Bureau question

    My method is a breakdown of the 3-month window. For the first two months, I am grinding credits/free XP. Then I have 30 days before the next reset time 2x I hit it hard using assigned 19+ skill Captains in my U.S. destroyer tech line. This is an easy street for me.
  8. Kestrel_Falcon

    Pan Asian Cruiser(s) a disappointment for me

    I certainly do not this tech line to be your "Go-To" ship. Am I correct? I see this tech line being a port queen for coal/steel/Xmas token. I would agree if this tech line had "Specialize Repair Teams" over "Smoke Generator" and "Hydroacoutisc Search" over "Torpedo Reload Booster". As for "Defensive AA Fire", I really don't care.
  9. Kestrel_Falcon

    Pan Asian Cruiser(s) a disappointment for me

    The above post was created by me (Kestrel_Falcon) not my wife. So flame me not her. Thanks
  10. Kestrel_Falcon

    PTS 0.11.1 pt2

    Great Going WG, sitting here for over 13 plus mins. See attachment. (Slow Clap, Slow Clap)
  11. Kestrel_Falcon

    Naval Battles question!

    Funny you have that text. I went into Naval battles once again to look for it. Just is not there. Werid! That is why I asked. Thanks. https://prnt.sc/26m023r
  12. Kestrel_Falcon

    Naval Battles question!

    In Naval battles, you can acquire a star by reaching a set goal in random, Coop, and rank battles. The question I have can this also be achieved in scenario battles? Thanks.
  13. Kestrel_Falcon

    Spotting damage using destroyer

    Got it, Gents. Thanks for the help!
  14. Kestrel_Falcon

    Spotting damage using destroyer

    Huh? Makes no sense to me.
  15. Kestrel_Falcon

    Spotting damage using destroyer

    So do they have to be hiding in smoke? or by me stay up front yolo'n will get the job done?