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  1. I wanted to share something I learned tonight. If you want to use the 30% off coupon, make sure you use it by going through your account. You cannot access the coupon through the in game premium store in game. I got my coupon yesterday and did not use it right away. Tonight, I decided I would use it to buy 25000 doubloons. I went into the store and selected the item. There was no coupon showing but I thought I had to click on select and would be able to apply the coupon but instead the game just took the payment and gave me the doubloons. I ended up paying full price. I don't know if this is an oversight by WG that the in game Premium Shop does not allow the coupon to be used but it has left me feeling ripped off. TL;DR Do not try to use the coupon through the in game premium shop. Buy through the store on the web page in order to get the 30% off.
  2. URD1

    Scapa Flow views/thoughts

    9 German sailors when the German High Seas Fleet was scuttled at the end of WW1. 833 when the Ark Royal was torpedoed in WW2.
  3. You have a typo in this announcement. It says USS Lexington opens. @iKami
  4. How does damage work with torpedoes. I was playing in the North Carolina in Coop. I was sunk by a bot Scharnhorst who hit me with 2 torpedoes that did 46,664 damage. I assume this is a devastating strike but there is no indication. Since the torpedo has a max damage of 13700 and the stock NC has a reduction of 19%, this means that the torpedoes average over 2x their normal damage. This seems like overkill. When does a Devastating Strike occur? Is it RNG based? I have enclosed a screenshot of the damage screen.
  5. Maybe it is. In my experience, it has a worse WR than Randoms although that may not be true in the CO. My WR is terrible in that ship. 4 wins in 16 games so far. Well after trying Volron's advice, it is good advice for this ship.
  6. When did you last play this scenario? The buffed the AI a couple of cycles and it is much harder, especially when people bring DDs to it.